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Getting Wet at the Aquarium

Category:  FATHER-SON  |  PUBLIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R

2009 | RICKIE:

    It was a long walk down the busy street, looking at old buildings as we headed toward the aquarium. Dad was talking about Cannery Row, the name of this place and also the name of some book he said I would read in school in a few years. It wasn't super interesting but I tried to soak in some of the info.

    The last cannery on the row had been turned into the Monterey Bay Aquarium – the real reason we were here. I knew it was going to be cool no matter what, but right now they had a baby great white shark here on exhibition. It had been on the news and a few other kids at my school had gone to see it. So I'd managed to convince my dad to make the two hour drive from San Francisco, and he didn't even need much persuading. I could tell he was excited too.

    The aquarium entrance was amazing. They still had some of the old cannery machines on display, but then as we walked through the door we saw some life-sized killer whales suspended right above us. My attention was pulled in five different directions and I pulled Dad around the huge space just checking everything out. I was ready to head down toward one of the exhibits when I heard a rumbling sound come from my belly.

    "Dad," I asked, "Can we get something to eat?" My father's eyes narrowed and he glared down at me, looking amused. I knew what he was thinking. I'd barely eaten breakfast and had been too wrapped up in my video game to have any of the car snacks he'd brought. But rather than scold me, he just smiled and we walked over to the aquarium's restaurant that was visible from the entrance area.

    It was really more like a cafeteria, the kind of place where you grab a tray and tell people behind the counter what you want. Since they were still serving breakfast food, we both got pancakes. After paying the cashier we went and sat at a table with a view of the ocean. Even though there weren't any actual waiters, I saw a few restaurant employees walking around, dressed all in black. They were cleaning up tables and refilling water glasses from pitchers.

    One of those people came over to our table and asked if we needed more water. He looked like an older kid, maybe someone in college. I had a hard time guessing how old people were, but he was old enough to have a job here so he must have been pretty much grown-up. I was focused on my pancakes while he and Dad talked about the view and some other stuff I didn't pay attention to. They both laughed and then the guy left. My father dug into his pancakes and we ate quietly, the sounds from the crowd out in the aquarium echoing all around us.

    The restaurant employee came back a couple more times, once to offer us more napkins (which we didn't need) and another time to refill our waters again. He and Dad managed to make each other laugh each time, but I didn't understand what they were talking about, their comments seemed sorta like jokes that I didn't get.

    Later, I was almost finished with my pancakes when Dad got up quickly. He glanced at something behind me and then put his hand on my shoulder.

    "Rickie, I'm gonna go wash my hands, they... got a little sticky from the syrup," he said, sounding distracted. "You finish up and if I'm not back, just go sit over by the bathrooms and wait for me." Before I could respond, he was gone. I was a little surprised, but lately Dad had seemed more willing to let me be on my own, at least for short periods of time. I took a few minutes to finish up my pancakes and then headed over to the area in front of the restroom doors. There were some benches and a few small models of sea creatures on display.

    After a while, when Dad hadn't come out of the bathroom yet, I realized I'd seen the same people go in and come back out in the time I'd been waiting. Where was Dad? I started to worry that maybe he'd meant some other restrooms I hadn't noticed, and now he was looking for me there. But I was pretty sure he'd meant these… I decided to just go in and check for him.

    I approached the swinging entrance door, but right before I stepped up to it, it opened and the young restaurant worker walked out. It surprised me, since I hadn't seen him walk into the restroom (and I'd been waiting here for a while). His lips looked funny, like they were somehow more red than when I'd seen him before. For a moment I thought he might be wearing lipstick until I realized it wasn't makeup.

    "Hi," I said, figuring he would recognize me. When he looked over, his eyes almost popped out of his head. His expression was pretty funny, actually. But then he blushed as red as his lips and he got a serious look on his face.

    "Um... hi," he said haltingly, and then dashed off. Which was sort of weird, but I just shrugged and pushed open the door.

    When I entered the restroom, Dad was at the sink washing his hands. He turned and saw me, looking a little surprised but happy to see me.

    "Were you washing your hands this whole time?" I asked, in a tone that let him know I wasn't going to believe that.

    "No, you goofball," he said, chuckling. "I got in here and realized I had to do more than just wash up. Sorry I took so long."

    "It's okay," I said as he walked over to the paper towel dispenser. Then I noticed something that I had to point out. "Your fly's open!" I said to my father, pointing at his pants.

    "Whoops," he said, reaching down quickly to zip it up. "Now, wanna go see that shark?" he asked.


2022 | THORNE:

    At the hotel's check-in desk I was being helped by a handsome guy, probably in his 30s, who looked like he'd spent the last ten years at the beach. His skin was tanned and his hair a light blonde, slightly shaggy, giving him a surfer look.

    "Okay, so that's one room, two nights, for three people..." he said, trailing off as he tapped a few keys on his computer. I looked over my shoulder and saw Brody and Dylan walking up to stand next to me. My son stood in front of our boyfriend, and Dylan wrapped his arms around Brody's chest.

    "... and a... king-size bed?" the clerk said, looking up and noticing the two younger men for the first time. "Is that right?" he asked, looking at me quizzically.

    "Yep, that's right," I said, amused at the fact that he was second-guessing what the screen said because we were three adult men, one of us twice the age of the others. This was our first weekend trip as... well, as whatever we had been since New Year's. Were we a throuple? I wasn't sure if that was the right word. It worked for my cousin Ridge and his two partners; but somehow it didn't seem like enough to describe how things had evolved between Dylan, my son, and me.

    "Do you... need to have a cot brought in?" the clerk asked, though he had a glint in his eye and I could tell he was picking up pretty quickly on our situation. The more obvious part of it, anyway.

    "Nope," I replied with a flirtatious tone. "The bed will be fine for all of us." The man across the desk smiled and looked at me, seeming a little dazzled, before tapping a few more keys. Then he looked like he had an idea.

    "Oh! For February we're offering a 'sweetheart package' with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne, delivered to your room," he said, looking pleased to offer this to us, even though February didn't begin until after the weekend. "Shall I set that up for both nights?"

    "That would be wonderful, thanks," I said. "Just make sure that they –" I began, and he finished the sentence for me as he typed into the computer.

    "... send three glasses. Of course, sir," the clerk said, and then eyed me with a knowing look. I'm not sure if he was gay or straight, but he looked impressed, which made me chuckle a little. I reached for my wallet so that I could grab my credit card, and I realized vacations were going to be a lot more interesting from now on.

    We strolled around the aquarium, which hadn't changed too much since my son and I were here over ten years ago. It was in a historic building so that was no surprise. They had a few new exhibits of course, but the three of us really just enjoyed wandering through the darkly lit corridors, enjoying the beauty of all the sea creatures while taking turns holding hands in various configurations.

    The crowd was light, maybe because of the cold weather, but it made for a more tranquil experience. Eventually, we found ourselves at the biggest tank in the aquarium, visible through a two-story glass wall. It was truly awe-inspiring and I stood for a long time watching a sea turtle glide through the blue water.

    "This is where they had the great white that I saw when I was a kid," I heard my son whispering to Dylan. The room was kept pretty dark and soft ambient music was piped in, so it felt like a place for quiet reflection and hushed voices. There was even an upper level of seating that could be reached by a ramp curving along the back of the room. I noticed Brody and Dylan wandering toward the ramp, and after a final glance at the turtle, I turned to follow them.

    It turned out there was no one else in the upper area. Since we had it to ourselves, of course our first instinct was to start making out. The three of us embraced and got lost in some intense kissing, which was still mind-blowing even after a month of doing this all together. The fact that one of the men I was passionately tying tongues with was my own son added a whole new dimension to the experience. Dylan was an amazing kisser himself and the connection between the three of us felt so powerful when we did this.

    After a few minutes of that we stood and held one another, staring into the deep waters teeming with fish and other sea life. My hand slid down Dylan's back to the waistband of his track pants. Our hotel was only a few blocks away and we'd decided to keep it casual this morning as we got dressed. I was glad for that right now since it was extremely easy for me to slip my hand inside and slowly knead one of his asscheeks. I felt him flex his glutes and my fingers found their way in between the mounds of muscle, sliding into the crevasse in search of his tight hole.

    Dylan sighed deeply as I slid a finger into him. There was no resistance but it was still tight, and he leaned his head into my chest. Brody couldn't see what I was doing but he could tell there was a change in the energy. I could feel him pull himself tighter to me as he also turned his head to look at the seating area behind us.

    "Come on," my son whispered, and nudged us toward the part of the space furthest from the access ramp. Anyone coming up the ramp would be facing the opposite direction and we'd have several seconds before an interloper might turn to see us. It was perfect.

    I felt Dylan gently guiding me to sit down on one of the benches at the highest part of the seating. From here I could see most of the glass face of the ocean tank, and even the tops of a few people's heads that were standing right up at the smooth surface gazing into the water. Happy to let the two younger men figure out the logistics, I just relaxed and felt my fly being unzipped and my cock taken out. I wasn't sure whose hands I was feeling, gently stroking my hardened shaft and tugging at my balls.

    "Suck him," I heard Dylan whisper, though still with a firm edge. He reached over and pushed my son's head down. Hands moved around and then I felt the wetness of Brody's lips and tongue as he began to lick me up and down. After a moment he slurped the dickhead into his mouth and then started slowly taking more of my cock.

    As he did this, my hand moved back to Dylan's ass. Since I was seated and he was standing next to me, I didn't have to reach far. I tugged down the track pants to expose his cute ass as well as his throbbing cock. It was conveniently just a foot in front of my face, so I leaned forward slightly and popped the head into my mouth. Dylan was already leaking precum and I savored the salty taste of him as he let out a long sigh while I fingered him. His hand was still on the back of Brody's head, and my cock was still sliding down my son's throat.

    My son and I both enjoyed sucking cocks for a bit, and then Brody pulled off, perhaps after some subtle signal from our boyfriend. I released Dylan's dick from my mouth and withdrew my fingers from his ass as he stepped away. Quickly, he backed  toward me, standing between my legs facing away from me, and braced himself to sit down on my cock. My son was still on his knees and had scooted back, but he still had a front-row seat to my rock-hard member disappearing up into Dylan as he lowered himself into my lap.

    About twenty seconds later I felt Dylan's ass come to rest on my hips. He let out a breath and started the subtle writhing and grinding that this position lent itself to, and that we both loved. I watched as my cock-craving son crawled forward to fill his throat again, this time with Dylan's engorged dick. He was trying to be quiet but I could hear his soft, hungry moans as he deep-throated our mutual lover.

    I got into a slow rhythm and was gently fucking Dylan into my son's mouth. Leaning forward and burying my face in Dylan's side, I reached out and grabbed the back of Brody's head, making sure I was pushing him down as far as possible on the cock he was swallowing. I heard him start to gag but he didn't pull back, and I knew that my son could handle it.

    When I finally pulled my hand away, he released the cock with a wet gasp and took a moment to catch his breath. He moved his face back down again but this time he went a little lower. I soon felt his tongue on my balls and he began to lick up the middle where my shaft emerged. Quickly, he reached the edge of Dylan's stretched hole and I felt him get to work there with his tongue. Between Dylan's tightness and the warm sensation of my son's mouth, the effects were mounting and pressure was building inside me.

    "Fuck..." was all I whispered to indicate that I was starting to unload inside Dylan as we both looked out at an ocean sunfish slowly swimming past, behind the glass. I felt several powerful spurts paint his insides while we heard people below us having low conversations, expressing awe at the natural beauty that surrounded us.

    As my cock pumped, Brody kept lapping around Dylan's hole, and I knew he was being rewarded with bits of my load that were leaking out. It was the reason he was down there. My son had told me that my cum tasted better than any he'd ever had. Luckily, Dylan's feelings hadn't been hurt by that. In fact, he made Brody repeat it quite often while he watched our boyfriend lap up the sperm that created him.

    The feeling of Brody's tongue must have been doing crazy things to Dylan as well. He let out a grunt and grabbed my son's hair, pulling him back up onto his cock. I felt Dylan's ass clench around me tightly and I knew he was pumping his load down Brody's throat. I could hear my son's eager sounds as he swallowed our boyfriend's cum. When Dylan was done, I felt him relax and he stood slowly, pulling off my cock and quickly sliding up his pants to keep any jizz from dripping out of his ass and onto the aquarium's carpet.

    As Brody stood, I saw him pull a hand out of his own pants. He looked at me and opened his palm, showing me the load he'd caught from his spurting dick. I had no doubt he'd been extremely turned on by messing around with his father and boyfriend while we sat only a few feet above more than a dozen people. I grabbed my son's wrist and pulled his hand to my face, which allowed me to quickly lap up my boy's load. I hadn't declared it as openly as he recently had, but my son's load tasted incredible too. There was something special in its flavor, maybe just my body's reaction to its own DNA as it slid down my throat.

    After I cleaned up his hand, I stood up alongside the two of them, and we slowly made our way back around to the ramp that went down to the main level. Halfway down, my son stopped me by putting up his hand, though I wasn't sure why. He looked at me and grinned, then reached down to pull my zipper up. I smiled at him and we exchanged a quick kiss before rejoining the other guests and resuming our romantic getaway.

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