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Naughty Nephew Visit

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Cowritten with: Tom R

2009 | RIDGE:

    Lately it felt like the apartment I shared with my boyfriend Hank was a hotel. We enjoyed having a spare bedroom for guests, but for the past month it had been almost constantly occupied. First Hank's parents came to San Francisco for a visit, then mine arrived just a few days after his left. After that, my cousin Thorne and his son Rickie stayed with us for a while some repair work and painting was happening at their place.

    That wasn't as stressful as the parental visits of course.  Thorne and I were like brothers and Rickie had stayed over at our place many times before. We were all pretty casual around one another, hanging out in our underwear most of the time. I loved that Rickie called us "Uncle Ridge" and "Uncle Hank" even though he wasn't technically my nephew. But like Thorne, I was an only child, so Rickie was as close as I was going to get.

    Hank, on the other hand, had an older brother, who happened to be the next person on our guest list. He was bringing along his son Shane, Hank's nephew, to check out two of the universities in San Francisco. Shane was 17 and a junior in high school, scoping out where he wanted to apply for college. I hadn't seen either of them in several years. I'd had a mild crush on Hank's brother since I'd first met him. He was a total jock, always in great shape and loved getting attention for it.

    Despite his looks, Hank's brother had a hard time staying in relationships. Every few months, he seemed to have a new girlfriend. However, that never seemed to cut down on time for his son, who he had full custody of. As far as I could tell, the two of them were tight, and I knew Hank's brother was probably feeling sad at the thought of his son moving away soon.

    When I'd last spent time with Shane, he'd been about 13 and was still figuring himself out. Since then he'd gotten taller but stayed skinny, and he'd adopted a look that we might have called "goth" or "alternative" when I was his age, but nowadays they referred to it as "emo." He had floppy hair covering one eye, wore tight black jeans and either black or white T-shirts emblazoned with the names of bands I didn't recognize. I definitely got some gay vibes from him, but maybe it was just that he embraced his feminine side a little and that was a contrast with his jock father.

    Regardless of their difference in styles, Shane and his dad often had their arms around one another if they were standing close. It always seemed like they had secret in-jokes that they'd quietly laugh about with one another while cuddled up watching TV. They'd arrived yesterday and after we got back from dinner, I'd asked if Shane wanted me to make up a bed for him on the couch.
   "Nah, I'll just crash with dad in the bedroom," he'd replied with a smile. "Don't worry about it, Uncle Ridge." I was surprised that a boy his age wouldn't jump at the chance to NOT sleep in the same bed as his father; but it meant we didn't have to tiptoe around someone sleeping on the sofa in the mornings, so I certainly didn't question it.

    Before going to bed last night, the four of us had been hanging out in our underwear, watching a movie. Hank's brother had some plaid boxers on and I was enjoying frequent glances at his bare chest and muscled legs. The boxers were loose enough where there wasn't any tightness on his bulge, but I could still tell he had a decent endowment, and I wondered how similar his cock was to Hank's.

    Shane, on the other hand, preferred boxer briefs which left very little to the imagination. He certainly had nothing to be ashamed of, filling out the pouch quite nicely. His pale, smooth chest contrasted with his father's tanned and hairy torso. Despite his wiry frame, Shane also had a good amount of muscle tone, and I wondered if he worked out at school or with his dad, since I knew he wasn't on any sports teams.

    This morning I was the first one up, and after making a pot of coffee and some French toast, it was time to awaken everyone else. We all had obligations and appointments to get to and I didn't want anyone to be rushed. After stepping back into our room to nudge Hank awake, I walked across the hallway and knocked on the spare bedroom door twice before pushing it open. The father and son were both still asleep, with the sheets and blankets covering their lower bodies. The morning sunlight was bathing their bare chests in a soft glow, and Shane was resting his head on his dad's arm. It was a heart-warming sight, not unlike what I'd seen when peeking in on Thorne and Rickie recently. I usually didn't regret Hank's and my decision not to have kids, but every now and then I was prompted to wonder what it would be like to have a son of our own.

    Shane and his father stirred and mumbled an acknowledgement when I mentioned that breakfast was ready, and then I shut the door. As I walked back to the kitchen, I realized that I'd seen Shane's boxer briefs on the floor by his side of the bed, and his father's boxers on the floor on the other side. Were they sleeping naked? That wasn't so strange, I supposed. Or maybe they'd changed into pajama pants or sleeping shorts. I shrugged it off, though the thought of the handsome dad and his cute son cuddling nude in our spare bed kept tickling at the back of my mind.

    At breakfast, Hank's brother got a call on his cell and stepped back into the bedroom to take it. When he returned, he looked glum and told us that he had to fly back home for a work emergency. We all talked about options and decided that since Shane already had the college tours set up today, he would stay with us one more night and then fly home tomorrow. Hank was working all day, but my plans were pretty flexible so I offered to accompany Shane to the campuses. His father seemed extra grateful for that, and appreciative that he could leave his son with us.

    The two of them retreated back to the spare room, with Shane saying he'd help his father pack. They shut the door and things were fairly quiet in the apartment as Hank and I showered and cleaned up the kitchen. When they emerged, Hank's brother was in his suit and pulling his small suitcase behind him, while Shane looked relaxed and a little bit sad to be seeing his father leave. The two shared a long hug and some giggly whispers at the door and then Hank left with his brother, who he'd drop off at the airport on his way to work.

    That left Shane and me on our own for the day, and we set off to see the first school. The tour was pretty mundane, and as we walked around on our own I could tell that the teen wasn't too impressed. We grabbed some lunch before heading to the other campus. While we ate, he told me a little about his life, how he'd had both a girlfriend and a boyfriend in the past, and was pretty sure he was more into guys. He kept looking at me a little flirtatiously but I wasn't sure if I was reading it right, and I didn't want to say the wrong thing and make myself look like a fool.

    The second campus was much more interesting, and Shane really hit it off with the tour guide, which helped a lot. The dude was only a few years older than him, and it seemed like there were some sparks between them, though they both tried to keep it cool in front of all the other prospective students and their parents. After the tour officially ended, the guide offered to show Shane the dorms, which of course meant his own dorm room and some of the other facilities. With a smile, I told Hank's nephew that I'd meet him at the library in an hour.

    Shane arrived at the appointed time looking very pleased with things, and on the way home I asked him how his tour of the dorms went.

    "It was really cool," Shane said, looking wistfully out the car window. "I met his roommate and we all hung out for a bit. He showed me some of the other rooms and the different layouts. We went over to the dining hall. It seems like a really great vibe, everyone was really nice."

    "And did you and the tour guide... get some alone time?" I asked, feeling nosy.

    "Nah," he said after a moment. "I think he and his roommate had a thing going, or at least that's how they seemed."

    I felt like there might be something more that he wasn't telling me, so I continued with the questions.

    "Is he your type?" I said playfully.

    "He's hot and we... umm, I mean I could imagine having some fun with him," Shane answered, smiling. "But I actually go more for older guys."

    "Oh, I see," I said, then asked "How old are we talking?"

    "I'm pretty open to whatever," he said in a coy tone. We talked about other things for the rest of the drive back to the apartment. We walked in and both collapsed onto the couch, tired from all the walking we'd done. It would be a few hours before Hank got home.

    We put a movie on, but there was no denying that the conversation in the car had added some sexual tension between the two of us. As the movie played on, it became pretty clear neither of us was really paying attention to it. Every time I looked over at Shane, he seemed to be staring me down with a grin on his face. Then suddenly, before I could really react to it, Shane jumped onto my lap, straddling and facing me. I decided to go with the flow, leading to a long makeout session while the teen wiggled his ass around on my hard cock and I had my hands all over his smooth body.

    "Will you fuck me?" Shane finally said, breathless in between kisses. I mumbled an affirmative response as our lips pressed back together, and began to remove his clothes while we continued to wrestle tongues.

    "This isn't your first time, is it?" I had to ask. I tended to go pretty hard on bottoms and I didn't want to do more than he could handle. Shane laughed when he heard the question.
   "Uncle Ridge," he said, still chuckling. "This won't even be my first time today."

    That took me aback a little, since he'd said he hadn't done anything with the tour guide. Maybe the roommate? Or maybe he'd just lied earlier, if he wasn't sure how I would react. I wasn't going to worry about it – I was just pleased to know that I wasn't dealing with a novice as we got down to business.

    As it turned out, Hank's nephew really knew his way around a fuck. After we traded quick blowjobs, he got on his hands and knees and offered his cute ass to me. I bent down and grabbed his cheeks with my hands, spreading them to better expose his hole. Although young, one look confirmed for me that he wasn't a virgin. I could tell this pucker had seen its share of dick. And it still looked a little red, no doubt from whatever fun he'd had earlier in the day.

    I dove in, working my tongue into him as he moaned and purred. Soon, I found that I was tasting cum, which really put me into overdrive. A minute later, I was balls deep in his ass, making him squeal in pleasure and excitement every time I slammed into him after pulling back. He took everything I gave him, up to and including a thick load of my own. I left it deep inside Shane, getting off on knowing that it was mixing with some other guy's cum. We made out for a little bit while we cuddled on the couch, and then got cleaned up.

    He helped me get dinner started and kept bumping into me playfully while we worked. Not long before my boyfriend got home, Shane looked at me with a little seriousness in his eyes.

    "Hey, do you think you could wait to tell Uncle Hank about... this... until after I leave tomorrow?" he asked. I knew Hank wouldn't care about what had happened, and would probably want to hear all the details. But clearly Shane wasn't as comfortable with that, and it seemed like a reasonable request. It's not like he was asking me to keep it a secret or anything. I almost asked him if he was going to tell his father, but then decided that wasn't for me to know or to have an opinion about.

    "Sure thing," I answered, giving him a playful pat on the rear. When Hank finally returned from work, I could tell he probably noticed that something had changed, but he didn't comment on it. I couldn't wait to tell Hank what had happened, and I decided I'd share it with him during our own extended fuck session that would be occurring as soon as we finally had our apartment to ourselves again.



    I wasn't sure what to expect from my nephew's visit this time around. I'd seen Shane plenty of times over the past decade but it was always at holiday gatherings and family events. We were able to catch up on those occasions and it always made me wish he'd ended up going to college in San Francisco so that we could have had more of a relationship. But Shane had gotten a scholarship from a good school back east, and earned a business degree before settling down in New York City. We'd never discussed the fact that Ridge had fucked Shane that time that he stayed with us before graduating high school. But Shane knew that I knew, and he always got a little glint in his eye when Ridge was around at those family events.

    The main purpose of my nephew's visit this time was business. He and his boyfriend of several years were starting a company together and they had come to San Francisco to talk to several potential investors. Their company had something to do with cryptocurrency and other related stuff that I didn't even try to understand. It was enough to see that they were excited about it, and apparently they had enough going for them that it was worthwhile to come out here and raise funds.

    Even though they were doing well, I'd insisted that they save money and stay with us at our apartment. Ridge and I were now joined in our relationship by our third partner Bill. Bill had never met Shane, but he was intrigued when he heard the story about Ridge fucking him all those years ago. 

    This time around, Shane and his boyfriend Diego had been staying in our guest room all week but we'd barely seen them at all. They were up early for breakfast meetings and out late with potential investors having drinks. It wasn't until the weekend that we all finally got to have some downtime together. As the five of us relaxed and shared a joint in the living room, relationship dynamics became one of our first topics of conversation. Like many of our friends and family, the two young men had plenty of questions about how things worked between Bill, Hank and me as a throuple. We answered honestly, and felt we could be even more open than usual since we were talking with two young, gay New Yorkers who'd certainly seen plenty of "alternative" relationships. Indeed, they confirmed that they had an open relationship and often hooked up together or on their own with other guys or couples. Ridge asked what type of guys they liked to look for when going out together to find someone.

    "We usually go for older guys," Shane replied, and I caught a steamy exchange of glances between my nephew and my longtime lover. Everyone in the room knew about their past dalliance of course, but no one had spoken about it since they'd been staying with us.

    "Yeah, I seem to recall that from when you were here last," Ridge replied in a sultry tone, then took a hit off the joint and passed it to Shane. I caught a moment of added heat between them as their fingers touched during the handoff. "Though that didn't stop you from getting it on with that tour guide when we were out seeing the schools."

    "Tour guide?" Shane asked, looking confused as he clearly was trying to remember some of the details.

    "Yeah, remember you and that college guy were into each other and you went back to his dorm room after the tour?" Ridge said. "You never told me what went down but I know there was a load of cum in your ass when I was eating it out that night."
   The raunchy statement elicited a laugh from everyone, though Shane seemed to be thinking back intently and smiling wistfully.

    "Oh right," he finally said. "I did have a load in me that day when we got home. And I had another one added in there soon afterward."  He winked at Ridge and they both smiled big.

    "Well you probably know from hearing us this past week," Bill said, "that there's a lot of loads being exchanged in this house. Most of them taken by your Uncle Hank." I smiled as everyone in the room looked at me. I had never made a secret of being an insatiable bottom and cocksucker, though I'd never specifically discussed it with my nephew.

    "Yeah, we've definitely heard," Diego said with a smirk. "You guys go well into the night sometimes. Glad to see you've got the stamina."

    That was followed by mock outrage by my boyfriends and me, objecting to Diego calling us old.

    "That's not what I meant!" he laughed. "I just mean with there being three of you, there's more stamina needed to keep up."

    "Maybe we should show you just how much stamina we've got," I teased. That statement sat with everyone for a moment. I think we'd all felt like something sexual could happen, but no one was quite ready to say it until that moment. Perhaps there was some awkwardness to the situation since Shane and I were related, but that didn't weird me out and I figured my nephew probably felt the same.

    Indeed, it was Shane who took the next step. He stood up and walked over to where Ridge was sitting. They stared at one another for a second, and then my nephew straddled my longtime partner's lap as they fell into a deep but tender kiss. I knew from Ridge's retellings that this was just how they'd started their fun the previous time, and I had to smile at the similarity.

    While that was going on, Diego stood up and walked over to Bill and me, grinning mischievously and looking back and forth between us.

    "Which end of me do each of you want first?" he asked, sounding a bit cocky but also sexy as fuck. He was already unbuttoning his shirt, giving us a view of an extremely hairy chest.

    "Well that depends," Bill answered, groping at the enormous bulge in his pants. "Which end can take the most cock? Because there's a lot to be had here."
   There was the usual gasping and pause for awe when Bill got his cock out. At nearly a foot long, my lover's cock had long ago earned him the nickname "Big Bill" and I never got tired of seeing the expressions on people's faces when they saw it up close.

    We soon ended up in a mutually pleasurable configuration for everyone. Shane sat on Ridge's cock, bouncing on it while facing the rest of us. Diego was in the same position with me on the other end of the couch. I held onto his hips and tried to pull him down on me hard with each thrust, though my cock already felt wedged in as deeply as possible.

    Both Shane and Diego were leaning forward to lick along the sides of Bill's shaft as they rode us. Ridge and I couldn't help but lean forward ourselves at times for a quick taste. Though it was never quite a full-fledged quadruple blowjob, Bill's cock had room for all of us and before long he shouted out that we were about to get a load of cum to share.

    Ridge and I, spoiled as we were by our lover's immense endowment, backed off a little so that Shane and Diego could enjoy Bill's jizz. The two young men continued to bounce on our cocks while Bill coated their faces and filled their mouths with his thick load. It was quite a sight, watching my boyfriend cum all over my nephew's face. Shane was a handsome young man who looked so much like his father, especially now that Shane was also rocking a more conservative haircut and style. 

    My brother had always claimed to be 100% straight and he certainly fucked enough women to prove that many times over. Yet my pervy brain couldn't help but fantasize about Shane and his dad possibly crossing the line together. As I watched Bill's cum dripping down Shane's face, I imagined my own brother cumming there. It was that kinky thought that finally sent me over the edge.

    Diego moaned and fucked down on my cock even harder once he knew I was shooting my load into him. Ridge followed suit in cumming not long after, and then the younger men both lifted themselves off our cocks and stood facing one another, cum dripping from their faces and asses.

    Shane and his boyfriend came together in a passionate kiss, which was followed by more kisses all around… including a surprising and fun one between Shane and me. My nephew was grinning when we both opened our eyes and looked at each other for a few seconds before going back to making out, this time even more fervently. I'd always been secretly jealous of Ridge for having such a sexually adventurous family, with people like Thorne and Brody in it. Now, as I kissed my nephew while my boyfriend's cum still dripped down his face, I realized that my family could be just as fun. 

    "You should visit again soon," I whispered to Shane before burying my tongue back in his mouth.

    "Sounds like a plan," he smiled. "Maybe next time we'll invite Dad as well."

    "Have you and he ever… fooled around?" I whispered just loud enough for Shane to hear me.

    "No, nothing more than share a bed naked. Not yet, anyway," my naughty nephew winked at me.

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