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One Big Happy Family

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    As I got ready for dinner tonight, I knew it was silly for me to be feeling anxious. Ridge and Hank were probably my best friends in the world. Ridge was family, and had been around for every major (and minor) event in my adult life. He'd been a co-parent to my son in many ways, and it made sense that Brody always called him "uncle" since Ridge was more like a brother to me than anything else. And though Hank hadn't entered the picture until Ridge and I were in our 20s, it felt like I'd known him forever as well. The two of them had been together longer than most other couples I knew, and somehow they still seemed madly in love. 

    That dynamic hadn't even changed much since they added Bill into their relationship. Even after more than a year into their throupledom, I was still getting to know Bill in some ways. His imposing physique sometimes distracted from his kind eyes and gentle smile, and I could see he truly loved my cousin and Hank. It was a very mature kind of love, I'd come to realize. The kind that wasn't shy about the form things took and didn't give a shit about how it might be perceived.

    So I knew the three of them would understand what we were about to tell them at dinner, and I knew they'd celebrate us with their whole hearts. But truly, I just wasn't sure how to actually say it. Make a big announcement, or speak more matter-of-factly? I tried to push away my apprehension and relax as we all got seated at the restaurant table.

    This place had big booths with a good amount of privacy, and the six of us fit comfortably at the table, three on each side. It was as if the booth was built for two throuples eating together. Ridge was seated across from me, Hank was across from Brody, and Bill across from Dylan. The last time we had all been together like this was before Thanksgiving.

    "It's been way too long," Ridge said, echoing my thoughts and looking at the three of us. "I've missed you guys. How is it already February?"

    "I know, right?" Brody said, "Once school started again, it's all been a blur for me." My son smiled at me and then at Dylan. "A happy blur for sure," he added.

    "Yeah, I can't believe you're 22 now," Hank added. "I was surprised you didn't throw a party for your birthday last week."

    "I decided to have a more… intimate birthday this year," my son smiled at me and our mutual boyfriend.

    "Might as well. We had our hands full last week anyway," Hank continued.

    "Yeah, your nephew was in town, right?" I asked Hank. I'd met his nephew Shane before, and I knew just what a "handful" that naughty boy could be, from personal experience.

    After talking about Shane's time in San Francisco for a while, we ordered a few appetizers and the conversation turned to the three of us.

    "So what have you all been up to?" Bill asked Brody, Dylan, and me. "Seems like things are going as well as ever. We missed you at Christmas, Dylan, but I know how family obligations can be."

    "We've been... really good," Dylan replied, looking over at Brody and me and raising his eyebrows. I could tell he was trying to give me an opening to finally come out with what I was going to say. I took a deep breath and decided to just get on with it.

    "Yeah," I said, "things have been great, in fact. We've... um... we've decided that we're a full-fledged throuple now, like you guys. We've all gotten even closer since the holidays and it's been pretty wonderful."

    There it was, I'd said it out loud and shared the truth with somebody else: I was dating my son – in addition to our mutual boyfriend! 

    The three men across from us smiled in a loving and happy way, each acknowledging us and offering congratulations. After a clinking of all our beer glasses,  Hank looked at us with a smile but also a little puzzlement.

    "Not to take anything away from your announcement there... you guys all know I love you..." he began, "but... how is this news, exactly? I mean, haven't you guys kinda been this way for a while now?"

    There was a moment of silence, and I could see Ridge looking at me with a glimmer in his eye and a slight smirk. He knew what I was saying, but I was going to have to put it more starkly.

    "Well, Brody and I in particular... have gotten closer since the end of the year," I said, looking at Hank and Bill as I spoke. I heard my son let out a soft chuckle as he leaned into me subtly, and I glanced over to see that he was staring down at his beer glass. Like me, he felt safe to talk about this with them, but it was still a little strange to be speaking about it.

    "Oh, I get it," was all Hank said. "That's..."

    "That's hot as fuck, is what it is," Bill interjected, smiling his gregarious smile. "I'm really happy for you," he said, raising his glass at us briefly before taking a sip of beer. "To all of you," he added, and I saw him look at Dylan with a smile. Dylan just smiled back at him, and looked pleased as he took a swig from his own glass.

    The two of them had always gotten along well, almost from the time they first met. They even seemed to have a few inside jokes or something along those lines; like right now, I sometimes sensed an unspoken understanding the two of them had. I wasn't sure what the deal was, but it certainly made me happy that the two newest members of our unconventional family were getting along.

    Bill, a mischievous look on his face, looked at me and Brody and said, "So I'm sure this means that the two of you kiss."

    "Uh... yeah," Brody answered, perhaps a little surprised at the question but not hesitating about answering honestly.

    "Can we see?" Bill said, grinning like the shit-stirrer that he is. Ridge and Hank both stared at him for a second, probably caught off-guard by their partner's brazenness. But then they both turned and looked at my son and me, waiting to see what we would do. There was a dare aspect to it, of course. We were in a public place, and there was the risk of running into people we knew here; though in this booth we were fairly well concealed from the other patrons.

    I just smiled and turned toward Brody, and after a brief and wordless confirmation that he was okay with doing it, we leaned in and went for it. It was unquestionably a lover's kiss, though we didn't get as intense as we might have at home with Dylan. It lasted for a good ten seconds, and when we broke off and I turned back to look at the men at the other side of the table, I almost laughed. I think they all had been holding their breath as they watched my son and me making out.

    "That's... wow," Hank muttered, and I had the sense that he was reaching down to adjust himself under the table. Ridge looked pleased with everything in a very tender way, and Bill just looked pleased with himself, presumably for convincing us to do what we'd just done.

    "So..." Hank continued, about to ask the question I knew was on all their minds, "have you two ever... fucked?" I opened my mouth to reply, though I wasn't sure what else to say besides "no."

    "We haven't," Brody said, beating me to the response. "Not yet anyway," he added, darting his eyes to me quickly and then back across the table. "But dad's cock is absolutely amazing to suck on. Not like I have to tell you guys that, though." He looked right at Ridge and Hank as he said that. Ridge had just started to take a sip of his beer at that moment, and he suddenly coughed a little and had to wipe his mouth with a napkin.

    I just smiled at my son's ability to turn the slightly awkward moment back around on his uncle. I'd never actually told my son that I was an occasional sexual partner of my cousin and Hank. But it didn't surprise me that he'd deduced it at some point over the years. 

    "Well," Ridge said, having recovered from his own moment, "I guess we're all just one big happy family, aren't we?" The six of us smiled and raised our glasses once more.



    My two boyfriends and I got back to the apartment and it wasn't long before we found ourselves in Thorne's bedroom, standing close and taking turns giving one another tender kisses. All three of us were well past tipsy after all the beers we'd had at the restaurant, right in that zone where you're feeling floaty but still have your wits about you. We had just "come out" as a throuple to others (in this case, Ridge and his boyfriends) and being semi-public about the true nature of our relationship added to the excitement and arousal. 

    Thorne gave us both one last peck and then said he was going to jump in the shower real quick. Brody and I alternated between making out and watching his father undress. I loved being able to watch a dad and son admire one another so openly, without feeling shame or apprehension.

    While listening to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, Brody and I pulled one another's clothes off and fell onto the bed in a naked embrace. After some playful rolling around and kissing, he got up on his knees and moved to the head of the bed. He leaned forward and grabbed onto the headboard with his hands, sticking his ass out toward me as he looked back over his shoulder.

    "Fuck me now," he directed, and I could see the carnal hunger in him. I was quick to oblige and a moment later my cock was sliding in and out of his tight hole. Brody was moaning softly in pleasure as I got going, and I saw him glance over at the open bathroom door. The shower was still running but Thorne would be emerging soon, and I knew something Brody absolutely loved was his dad watching him get fucked. Very often, especially lately, Thorne was involved in some way; filling his boy's mouth with the cock that created him, or maybe fucking me at the same time as I plowed into his son. But sometimes he did what each of us liked to do now and then; he just sat back and watched. And those were the times when Brody would get off the fastest, fucking back onto my cock when I was hitting his special spot and making himself cum while looking right at his dad.

    When Thorne did come out of the bathroom, drying himself with a towel before tossing it aside, he was already hard and I knew he was expecting to find us doing exactly what we were doing. I wondered what his plan was and my heart skipped a beat when he climbed onto the bed, not up by his son's head and not behind me, but right NEXT to me. His thick cock slapped against one of Brody's asscheeks as mine was pistoning in and out of the hole just a few inches away. Thorne started pressing his dick forward against his son's firm glute, matching our motions quickly.

    Brody looked back at us and just moaned louder, trading eye contact with his father for a moment before turning back to face the headboard. Thorne put an arm around my waist and leaned in close.

    "You mind if I cut in?" he said playfully, and suddenly I had butterflies in my stomach. Was this really happening? Right now?!

    "Not at all, Daddy," I replied, and I slowly withdrew my prick from Brody's opening as both Thorne and I looked down to observe. My cockhead popped out and Brody kept his hole open and gaping. I saw the edges of it quivering as a single thread of sticky precum remained connected to both his asshole and my piss slit, stretching longer as I kept moving back.

    In a swift motion, Thorne's hand swept downward with two fingers extended. The tips brushed against my cockhead and then moved to Brody's hole, bringing the string of precum back to where it belonged, and sliding into the fleshy opening right before it clamped shut. Throne's fingers were in past the second knuckle and he immediately started working them around inside his son, eliciting more moans and other sounds or pleasure from the younger man.

    Thorne and I had played with Brody's ass together on a few occasions and even taken turns rimming him, but as far as I knew this was the first time his fatherly fingers had gone in so deep. As hot as this was, I kept hoping it was only a prelude to even pervier things to follow.

    Thorne withdrew his fingers slowly and – having already begun to move aside – I assisted the father in spreading Brody's cheeks even more, giving us a good look at the pinkness that awaited Thorne as he brought his cock closer in. Thorne was copiously dripping precum as his cockhead made contact with Brody's asshole, and he took a moment to moisten the opening by moving it in a small circle, teasing his son before the big moment.

    "Wait," Brody said suddenly, and in a flash he'd flipped over onto his back, barely needing to pull away from his father's dripping hard-on. He smiled at us both and then said to Thorne, "I want to be looking at you for this. I'm ready, Dad."

    After pulling Brody's legs around himself, the older man lined up his cock once again and pressed its purple head up against his son's wet and quivering hole. I was treated to the sight of that cockhead sinking in and disappearing inside, followed by the first few inches of Thorne's shaft.

    "Oh god! Just... go slow... like that," Brody was panting, his words coming fast and sounding almost desperate.

    As his father pushed further into him, Brody gasped even louder and I saw him grip Thorne's arms tightly and tilt his head backward. His eyes were closed and he was taking a deep breath, trying to relax and open up more. Thorne was both longer and thicker than I was, and I knew it had been a long while since Brody had bottomed for anyone besides me. His ass needed to get used to his father's cock, but something told me that it wouldn't take too long for that to happen. I gasped a little myself as one of Brody's hands left his father's arm and grabbed my hand. He squeezed it tightly and it was amazing to be even more connected to them right now.

    I was feeling a lot of things right at this moment, but there wasn't a shred of insecurity or fear about what was happening. Thorne was giving his son a gift that could only come from him. Nothing I could do would ever come close to what the two of them were experiencing right now, and I felt so incredibly lucky to even be a part of this. My own fantasy was coming true, right before my eyes. I'd wanted this for myself at the beginning. Selfishly, I knew, and so I'd tucked away the idea of this ever happening, only letting the thoughts come out while I jerked off.

    But after New Year's Eve, the possibilities had multiplied and I'd been wondering – and yes, hoping – that Brody and Thorne would be open to connecting with one another in this intimate and incredibly intense way. And here it was, unfolding with all of the sparks and fireworks I'd wanted for them (and myself). I was breathing fast, jerking my cock but totally focused on the familial communion I was witnessing. I barely noticed as a surge ran up my spine, and it wasn't until I felt the wetness on my fingers that I looked down and noticed that I'd shot a load onto the sheets below me. My cock throbbed in my hand, letting me know this wasn't over, and I started to wonder how many more times I could cum watching this passionate, incestuous fuck.

    My two boyfriends were settling into a slow rhythm now, and it turned me on when I realized that their breathing was synchronized. They drew each new breath together, and as they stared into one another's eyes, both father and son had a look that was somewhere between amazement and delight.

    "I love you, Dad," Brody said as he exhaled, still locked in eye contact with Thorne as they brought their faces together for a brief kiss.

    "I love you too, Son," his father replied afterward, sounding like he wasn't quite sure this was real. "More than anything, forever." I felt Brody's hand grip mine even tighter, and with one more deep gasp from them both, I knew Thorne was now balls-deep in his son's ass. They stayed like that for a moment, frozen in ecstasy and fulfillment.

    Brody pulled on my hand at the same time that Thorne reached around me with his arm, and they pulled me in toward them. My lips found theirs and I gladly joined them in another kiss. My entire mind was overloading and time seemed to slow down. While my earlier orgasm had subsided, the same buttons in my brain were being pushed again, and pushed hard. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was cumming again, and it took all my strength to suppress that surge. The time would come, but this fuck was our focus right now.

    Thorne began to pull out and thrust in more quickly now that he could go all the way. We all knew that he liked to pound an ass good when he was really wound up. I'd felt him slamming into me so many times, and I knew Brody loved to see his father work me over like that. We all also knew that Brody liked being fucked that way. I always did my best to give him what he needed. The times during the past few months when I'd get to nail him like that, with his father right there watching, had been some of the best fucks of my life.

    Brody wrapped his legs tightly around his dad's waist, and it seemed like he was trying to push his father's cock even deeper into himself. He was still holding my hand and every time Thorne's cock sank back into him, Brody would squeeze my hand tightly.

    "Fuck me, Daddy," I heard Brody say softly, and my heart swelled even more. "Breed me... please, Dad." He sounded desperate but I knew there was no reason for him to beg. I could tell from the change in his breathing that Thorne was about ready to grant his son's wish.

    "I'll give it all to you, Rickie," Thorne said in between gasps, "Every fucking drop." I knew this was one time Brody wasn't going to object to the use of his old nickname. Thorne was almost there.

    "Dad..." Brody said even more softly. If I hadn't been pressed up against them both, I might not have even heard him whisper, "I wish you'd been my first."

    "Oh... fuuuck," Thorne cried out, perhaps being pushed over the edge by what his son had just said to him. He stopped thrusting and I felt him pulling Brody as close as he could, his cock delivering his thick daddy load to the deepest place inside his progeny.

    I lost control right after that, and felt myself shooting cum onto the intertwined bodies of my two lovers. Brody was moaning along with us at that point, and I figured that feeling his father's cock pulsing and creaming within him had triggered his climax as well. I was surprised he'd lasted this long.

    The sounds of our lovemaking filled the room and when the peak of the incredible moment had passed, the two of them slid into an embrace and a kiss, which was quickly extended to encompass me. My sensitive cock was sliding in between their two hips, softening now but still oozing out a trickle of cum. There was sweat and semen covering all of us, and we let ourselves fall back onto the bed to bask in the postcoital haze together. Throne's cock was still buried in Brody's ass as they relaxed their muscles, and I knew they'd be falling asleep that way. Neither of them was in a hurry to let go of the new depth to their relationship, even as they knew it would be happening again in the very near future.

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