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A Dad's Loads

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Cowritten with: Tom R

2009 | SHANE:

    I woke up naked in my uncles' spare room, alone in the bed and hard as a rock. The dream I'd been having quickly faded, but I recalled enough to know that I was getting fucked in it. That was no doubt the cause of my throbbing erection. No wonder I was having dreams like this, after getting fucked twice yesterday in the span of about five hours.

    First, I'd hooked up with a horny college stud who'd just finished giving me (and a group of other prospective students) a tour of the campus. After the tour, he took me back to his dorm room to "show me around," and instead showed me off to his roommate, who jerked off and while watching the tour guide breed my teenage hole.

    Then later, I'd ended up with my Uncle Ridge's dick in my ass after spending the day with him. He was the one who drove me to the campus tours, since my father had to return home on a work emergency. Uncle Ridge wasn't my biological uncle – it was his long-term partner Hank that was my dad's brother. I'd known Ridge since I was a kid, and I considered him family just as much as I did Uncle Hank.

    After my sex-themed dream, I got out of bed and pulled on my boxer briefs. I was considering going out into the rest of the apartment without putting on any other clothes, but given that I could hear at least two voices coming from the other side of the wall, and that my hard-on hadn't even begun to go down, I decided to put on my shorts as well. Good thing I did: as soon as I stepped out of the room, I almost bumped into a kid who came running down the hallway. He spurted to the bathroom and shut the door behind him. I was shocked; I didn't expect my uncles to have any friends with kids this age (which if I had to guess was about nine).

    After shaking my head, I turned the corner and found Uncle Hank and Uncle Ridge in the kitchen, having coffee with another man who looked to be around their age. He looked somewhat familiar, but maybe that was just because he looked a lot like Uncle Ridge.

    "Shane!" Ridge said happily as he glanced at me, briefly turning his eyes from the eggs he was cooking. "Good morning, sleepyhead! I think you've met my cousin Thorne before. We invited him and his son Rickie over for breakfast." 

    The handsome man stepped forward and extended his hand, saying, "Nice to see you again, Son. I think it's been a few years."

    "Yeah, I think so too," I replied. "Good to see you again. Your son's quite the speedster." I glanced back at the hallway where I could hear the toilet flushing.

    "That he is," the father responded with a sweet look in his eye, and then chuckled. "Especially when he forgot to piss before we left our apartment." I laughed a little in response, and as I went to sit down at the table, where several glasses of juice had already been poured, I caught Thorne checking me out from the corner of my eye. I wondered if he could tell I was still hard under my shorts. I knew Thorne was also gay, and he was exceptionally handsome, so I certainly had no problem with him checking me out.

    Over breakfast, we chatted casually and I gave everyone a quick rundown of my campus tours yesterday (leaving out the part where I got fucked in the college guy's dorm room). The three older men had plenty of comments concerning colleges, unlike Rickie, who seemed bored with the conversation and kept repeating he wanted to go to the beach. As was often the case in San Francisco, the beaches were cold and foggy today, so Rickie's dad had to come up with an alternative solution if he wanted to keep his son entertained. Thorne suggested going to the pool, and Rickie seemed perfectly happy with that. My uncles had errands to run today, but Thorne invited me to go to the pool with him and Rickie, and I gladly agreed.

    I went back to the guest room to grab the swimsuit I'd packed in anticipation of a beach day. It was a new one that I thought looked especially good on me, and I found that I was kinda excited for Thorne to see me wearing it. A moment later, I realized I was even more excited to see what HE looked like in his swimsuit.

    We bid my uncles farewell, with a plan to grab an early dinner tonight before they took me to the airport. Thorne, Rickie and I walked for about twenty minutes, and by the time we got to the community pool, I was sweating from the heat and ready to cool off. In the locker room, Thorne said he only had one lock so we'd all have to keep our stuff together. Rickie seemed to change into his swimsuit in the blink of an eye, and was jumping on and off the locker bench impatiently while his father and I changed. I turned to face away from both of them as I slid off my shorts and pulled on my suit. When I pivoted back to face Thorne, I caught a glimpse of his hairy ass before he pulled his own swimwear up to cover it. 

    It turned out that both our swimsuits were black and square-cut, and Rickie pointed that out, calling us "twins." As we headed out to the pool, Thorne leaned closer and whispered to me,

    "That suit looks good on you, Son," he said softly as he handed me a towel, briefly placing his hand on my bare back.

    "So does yours… Daddy," I replied in the same sultry tone, surprising even myself with my brazen choice of words. He was clearly flirting with me and I didn't want to seem like a bumbling kid (even though all this was starting to make my heart race). Thorne's eyebrows went up in mild surprise and he smiled big, letting his fingers linger on my spine for a moment before we emerged out onto the large pool deck.

    Little Rickie was already in the pool before Thorne and I had even finished selecting empty chaise lounges near the lifeguard station. The two of us chatted for a bit, mostly idle small talk, as we watched Thorne's son play with a couple other kids. Over the course of the next hour, we both alternated between swimming and getting some sun.

    When Rickie got out of the water for a bit, his father dried him off and then rubbed sunblock into his back, reminding Rickie that he needed to protect himself from burns. I was lying on my stomach and watching the two of them, feeling very relaxed.

    "Shane, I think you need some sunblock as well," Thorne suddenly said. "I don't want you to be sitting on a plane with a sunburned back." Without waiting for a response from me, the older man squirted some cold gel onto my back and began running his hands all over me. Feeling his touch sent a shiver up my spine, and as I felt him rubbing sunblock along the sides of my body, between my ribs and the waistband of my trunks, I felt myself start to bone up again.

    Rickie was already back in the water, leaving Thorne and me by ourselves (well, excluding all of the other public pool goers all around us). Thorne asked if I wanted him to do my front side as well. I didn't offer a response, instead just flipping over on my towel with my arms folded behind my head. While it probably wasn't visible to anyone further away, it was very clear to Thorne that I was hard, and I closed my eyes and smiled knowing that he had a great view of my arousal. My cock throbbed as his hands moved across my chest and stomach, and I giggled a little while he rubbed sunblock below my navel, tickling the skin there and teasing at the waistband of my swimsuit, his fingers just a few inches from my cockhead.

    A moment after he stopped, I opened my eyes to notice a lifeguard sitting right behind Thorne had turned his head and was watching us. My first instinct was to panic, but when we made eye contact, the guy smiled in a way that made it clear he was enjoying what he was seeing. He was a fit young dude, probably college-age, and had eschewed the normal white tank top that pool staff wore, probably due to the heat, putting every inch of his tanned, muscular torso on display.

    Feeling like I was about to blow a load, I decided to stand up and quickly jog the few steps to the edge of the pool, jumping in to cool off (in more ways than one). Whatever was happening with Thorne had me all worked up, and after swimming a few laps, my cock was back to normal and my head was clear. I found Rickie and we goofed around in the water for a while. When I glanced over at Thorne, I saw that he was chatting with the lifeguard. Soon after, he joined us in the pool and we managed to wear Rickie out with some rowdy splash games and water chases.

    When Thorne finally said it was time to get cleaned up and head back to Hank and Ridge's, we got out and dried off with our towels before heading to the locker room. I followed Thorne and Rickie as they headed straight for the shower area and started to pull off their suits in front of two curtained shower stalls. A guy had just stepped into one of the shower stalls across from those, and much to my pleasure, I saw it was the lifeguard, still in his speedo and rinsing off with the curtain fully open.

    Rickie closed the curtain of his stall and turned on the water. I walked past his stall and then past Thorne's, looking for an empty one for me. I was trying not to stare too obviously at Thorne's naked body, and so it caught me by surprise when his hand shot out and grabbed my upper arm, pulling me into the shower stall with him. He pulled the curtain closed and turned me to face him.

    "Do you want to get fucked right now?" he asked me quietly after turning on the water, making it unlikely that his son (or anyone else) would hear us.

    "Oh shit..." I replied, taken aback by the suddenness of it all. "Yeah, just... what about...?" I added, cocking my head in the direction of the lifeguard's shower stall. While he couldn't see us with the curtain closed, he almost certainly would have seen Thorne pull me inside.

    "He's cool," was all Thorne said in response. Then he added, "And Rickie takes forever to shower after a swim."

    The next few minutes were a blur of kisses, hands slipping off my swimsuit and fingers finding all the most sensitive spots on my body. It was difficult not to moan loudly at certain moments. And then... Thorne's cock was inside me. I hadn't even managed to get a great look at the tube of flesh that was now invading my ass, but it felt just as big as his cousin Ridge's last night. I wondered if the two of them had ever compared cocks; if they knew who was bigger. My eyes were closed and I was starting to imagine being in the shower with both of them at the same time, when I was surprised by the sound of our shower curtain slowly opening.

    I opened my eyes and saw that it was Thorne who had partially pulled the opaque fabric to the side. The opening gave me a clear view of the lifeguard in the stall across from us, whose curtain was still open as well. He of course had the same direct view of us as we did of him, and he smiled as he watched me getting fucked by a man practically old enough to be my father. The lifeguard had the front of his speedo pulled down and he was both jerking his cock and showing it off to us. It was a fat one, maybe one of the thickest I'd ever seen, though unfortunately I wasn't close enough to tell for sure.

    Thorne started fucking me harder and would occasionally reach around to stroke my cock. It was all I could do to brace myself against the tile wall of the shower and try to keep quiet. I could faintly hear Rickie humming a tune to himself in his stall, and I was again blown away that this was happening with him right there. I had to hand it to him: Thorne was one brave and kinky motherfucker.

    We'd found a really good rhythm, and I was relishing the thought of Thorne blowing his load up my ass while the hot lifeguard jerked off watching us. It seemed like that moment was coming soon. But then, the water in Rickie's shower stall stopped, and the mood shifted. I saw the lifeguard turn away to face the back of his stall, no doubt trying to force his fat monster back into the confines of his small suit.

    Thorne reached up and pulled our shower curtain closed, without missing a thrust. That seemed to be enough to allay any concerns he had about being caught by his son, since he continued to piston his cock into my hole.

    "Dad?" I heard Rickie's voice say from his stall. "I think I scraped my elbow in the pool."

    "Ugh... Son, why don't we..." Thorne answered, doing his best to sound normal. "Mmm, why don't we take a look when we get back to the locker and see how bad it is? Just – mmm – just wash it carefully, okay?" His hands gripped my waist tighter, and my cock got a little harder as I realized he had now called both Rickie and me "son" at different points during the day.

    "But Daaad..." Rickie said in an irritated voice, "I can't see it very well cuz of where it is. Can I come in and show you?"

    At that point, I started to panic, but Thorne hadn't even slowed down the pace of his fucking. And just then, another voice chimed in.

    "Hey kid, how about you show me that cut?" I heard the lifeguard say. Now no longer feeling the need to hold back, Thorne REALLY started to pound my ass. Seconds later, my guts were flooded with cum. Thorne grunted softly with each spurt he deposited, and as he finished up I felt his hand reach around to my throbbing cock. With just a few strokes, he took me over the edge and I was coating the tiled wall with my teen jizz.

    A few more minutes of sensual separation and soaping up followed, interspersed with some making out under the stream of water. I'd figured the sex with Uncle Ridge last night would be the hottest thing I'd get to experience on this trip, but this unexpected – and very risky – tryst with Thorne was close to stealing that title. No one else was in the shower area when the two of us exited the stall, and we found Rickie with the lifeguard back at the locker, wound freshly band-aided and waiting for his father to grab dry clothes for him.

    The young guy in the speedo just grinned at us conspiratorially and told us to enjoy the rest of the day as he walked away and headed back out to the pool deck. Thorne, his son, and I got dressed and headed back to Uncle Hank's. We had just enough time to grab some food before they were going to take me to the airport. I got a big hug from Rickie and a longer, tighter hug from Thorne before they left to go back to their place.

    "Hope to see you again next time you're out here," Thorne said softly into my ear. Later, as I settled into my seat for the flight back home, I closed my eyes, put my jacket over my crotch and enjoyed the sensation of flying home with three loads in my ass.


2022 | SHANE:

    A few days after my 30th birthday, I found myself on a flight from New York City to San Francisco for work. This time, my husband Diego wouldn't be joining me, and unfortunately, I wouldn't get to see Uncle Hank and his partners either, since they were off taking a cruise. However, there was one person in San Francisco I was looking forward to seeing…

    "Hey sexy, I'm in SF for a few days. Wanna grab a drink?" I texted Thorne. Although it had been 13 years since he fucked me at a public pool here, I still vividly remembered what was one of my earliest and kinkiest sex memories. He and I kept in touch every now and then. I knew that his son Rickie now went by Brody, and that he had also come out of the closet as gay a few years ago.

    "How bout a beach day instead? 🏖" Thorne texted back. Apparently, he and Brody had plans to go to Baker Beach with some guy named Dylan. I didn't have time to ask too many questions over text, but from what I gathered Dylan was either Thorne's or Brody's boyfriend.

    "Sure, just let me know what time," I replied, only later remembering that Baker Beach was the city's nude beach. That didn't phase me – in fact, I was excited for a chance to get some color on my ass – but I did chuckle at the fact Thorne and his son frequented a nude beach together.

    On the appointed day, even though the weather was perfect, the beach wasn't too crowded. Thorne suggested meeting at the northernmost end of the beach, and he told me to just look for their purple cooler to find them. As I walked up the beach, wearing only some running shorts and a backpack, I noticed the number of women sunning themselves had dwindled to almost zero, and the number of decorations on the men's nipples and cocks was increasing. Clearly I was at the gay end of the beach, and soon I found the three men I was looking for.

    Thorne stood up and I was treated to the lovely sight of his fully nude body waiting to greet me. My mind immediately raced back to the day he fucked me in the public shower stall while a lifeguard watched and while his son was... whoa!

    The trip down memory lane halted when I saw Rickie – or Brody, rather! The kid was all grown up now, that was for sure. He was hot as fuck, too, and it was arousing to notice all kinds of similarities with his father. At first glance, one might not think these two were related, but after a few minutes of seeing them together, talking and laughing, it was almost obvious. They were both the wonderful people I remembered from my visit to San Francisco during high school.

    The other man present was introduced to me simply as "Dylan," with no indication offered about whose boyfriend he was. He seemed like a great guy, and good-looking as well. I spread out my towel out next to Thorne's, with Dylan on the other side of him, and Brody the farthest from me.    

    I got naked, noticing all three of them checking me out as I shoved the shorts in my backpack and began applying sunblock to my face. No doubt remembering the similar moment years ago at the pool, Thorne offered to put sunblock on my back. I grinned and turned over, feeling his naked thighs straddling my lower back a moment later. I could sense the weight of his balls and cock as they rested just above my coccyx, which triggered both a smile on my face and a rush of blood to my cock.

    Thorne's hands began working, and soon this felt more like a massage than anything else. He got my legs and arms as well as my back, and took his time working the sunblock into my ass. As he moved back up to my shoulders one last time, I felt the hardness of his cock nestling in between my ass cheeks. I was fully hard and started to wonder if he'd be open to fucking me right here. I knew that kind of thing wasn't uncommon at this beach. But would he do that with his son right here?

    I opened my eyes to look over at Brody and Dylan, and saw that they were making out and casually stroking one another's hard cocks. "So Dylan is Brody's boyfriend," I thought to myself. Thorne finished up, giving my hole a quick rub with his fingertips before reclining back on his own towel. The four of us spent the next while in occasional conversation, but mostly just relaxing in the sun.

    When Brody stood up and asked if I wanted to walk down the beach for a while, I gladly agreed and we strolled further north while keeping our feet in the cold water as the waves broke on the sand. Even though we'd only met once before when he was much younger, Brody remembered me and asked about my life. I asked questions in return and was charmed by the way he spoke about Dylan. I could tell that his boyfriend meant a lot to him, and it was also clear that the three of them – Brody, Dylan and Thorne – spent a lot of time together.

    When we returned to the other two, I was surprised to find that Dylan and Thorne were locked in an embrace, kissing and stroking one another almost exactly like Dylan and Brody had been doing earlier. So… Dylan was dating both of them? Or maybe not dating, but...? Intriguing as it was, I decided to roll with it rather than ask any questions. I had several friends in NYC that were part of throuples, as well as my uncle of course. There were all kinds of unconventional relationships, and if a guy was able to have something going with a father and son at the same time... well damn, my hat went off to him.

    As I got back onto my towel, Thorne and Dylan pulled apart from one another and we all returned to our original positions, though I think everyone's cock was harder than they had been before Brody and I had gone for the stroll. After a few minutes, Dylan and Brody were back at it, and I was treated to the sight of Brody climbing up to straddle Dylan and slowly lowering himself onto his lover's cock.

    I looked at Thorne, who was stroking his own erection. He was watching his son get fucked right here on the beach! There were quite a few other guys around, though likely none of them knew about the familial relationship in the mix here. But I did, and it was turning me on like nothing else. I started to think about how hot it would be to come here with Uncle Hank and his partners. Making out with my uncle during our fun last year had been exhilarating, and the taboo aspects of that had driven me wild. The memory had powered more than a few jerkoff sessions in the time since. The thought of kissing him in front of a bunch of people was even more arousing. What if he asked me to suck his cock? Would I do that?

    As if somehow reading my mind, Thorne reached over and put his hand on my upper back, pushing me gently in the direction of his swollen member.

    "Get me ready," he whispered just loud enough to be heard above the sound of the waves. I eagerly got to work on the cock that had fucked me more than a decade earlier. This was the first time I'd been able to suck it, something I'd regretted not doing way back then. I tried my best to make up for the lost time, and I could tell Thorne was enjoying my efforts.

    Who was I getting him ready for, though? I hoped that it might be me, but I would also gladly watch Dylan get fucked by the daddy dick I was lubing up with my mouth. I heard Dylan moaning, and I glanced over to see him playing with Brody's cock while thrusting his own up inside the younger man. It seemed like he was trying to get Thorne's son worked up to a good cum as well, maybe even trying to synchronize it with his own. When Dylan started cumming though, Brody wasn't quite there yet. If Thorne's plan was indeed to fuck Dylan, I hoped that I'd be able to have a turn with Brody. Fucking a guy in front of his dad would be an amazing addition to the list of San Francisco adventures I'd managed to rack up over the course of my visits.

    Dylan finished depositing his seed up inside Brody's belly, and I watched with eagerness as Brody brought his legs into a crouching position and slowly lifted himself off of Dylan. I only saw one drop of cum escape from Brody's hole. He was trying to keep it all in, which made me even more excited about the possibility of fucking him.

    I stopped sucking Thorne's cock and reclined partway back onto my own towel. Was Dylan going to climb onto Thorne now? Or should I? Or was Brody going to come sit on my dick and let me churn Dylan's load before adding my own? The possibilities all ran through my head, each more exciting than the next. But I was shocked to see the only one I hadn't imagined begin to play out before my astonished eyes.

    Glutes clenching tight to keep Dylan's cum inside himself, Brody took a step sideways and was standing over his father now, looking down at Thorne. As he started to get back into the same crouching position he had just left, this time lowering his ass toward his dad's throbbing cock, I felt the breath leave my lungs. What was happening? Were they really going to...?

    When Thorne's cockhead began to push into him, Brody began moaning softly. As he kept sinking lower, I watched his face. If this was some joke they were playing on me, surely he'd be looking at me and laughing. But the son's eyes were locked onto his father's. It was an intense and very real moment happening. Brody was taking his own father's cock, on a public beach in front of quite a few onlookers!!

    Brody ended up on his knees again, straddling his father's hips like he'd been doing to Dylan moments ago. Thorne had to be balls-deep in his son at this point. They were savoring the moment. I held no illusion that this was their first time doing this, but all the same it seemed like there was a weight to this moment, that it truly meant something to them. But maybe every time a father and son fucked, it felt that way.

    At some point I must have started breathing again, but my focus was still solely on the sight in front of me. I moved into a kneeling position myself, on my towel about a foot away from the father and son, facing them. My hand found its way to my throbbing cock, but its motions were slow and almost automatic. I certainly wasn't going to cum until this coupling reached its crescendo.

    I sensed someone behind me, also kneeling and wrapping his arms around me. It was Dylan, breathing deeply as he rubbed my chest and leaned in close.

    "Aren't they fucking beautiful?" he whispered rhetorically. There truly was no question about that, and I only responded with a deep sigh.

    "Brody loves feeling his father's cock inside him," Dylan continued. "He says it fills him up perfectly, almost like he was made to fit around it." I felt Dylan's hand replace my own around my cock, and he began stroking me slowly.

    Brody was leaning forward now, his hands on his father's pecs as he rode harder and faster. He stayed like that for a moment, before lowering his face and allowing his lips to meet his dad's. The kiss they shared had a passion unlike anything I'd seen. The intensity of their connection was clear and powerful, and I gasped from the sheer pleasure of seeing it.

    "I never get tired of watching that," Dylan said. Brody brought himself upright once again and started grinding himself down hard onto his father's pelvis. Both men huffed and grunted with their exertions, and maintained that eye contact that was captivating me all on its own.

    "You ready for it, son?" I heard Thorne say.

    "Mmhmm," was all Brody could muster in response. He looked like he was about to burst or pass out.

    "Are YOU ready?" Dylan whispered to me, stroking my cock faster. I felt myself start to cum and tried my hardest to keep my eyes open and focused as the pleasure hit me. I didn't want to miss a second of what I was seeing.

    Cum started spraying from Brody's cock, going across Thorne's chest and stomach, just as my own jizz was hitting the older man's arm and his son's leg. Dylan's hand was gliding up and down my shaft as he watched the two of them along with me. Thorne let out a loud yelp and I knew he was filling up his son's ass with a thick load, just like he filled me up in that shower stall all those years ago. I was in the throes of my own climax and I still felt honored to bear witness to theirs. To this special and amazing connection these men all had.

    As the spurts from Brody's cock lessened, he slowly fell forward and let his head rest on his father's chest. I felt Dylan release me and stand up behind me. He moved to get on his hands and knees behind Brody and between Thorne's bent knees. I knew that he was getting a close up view of that thick cock embedded in the son it had created. And the wet sounds I heard told me that he had his mouth on the spot where the two connected.

    I slowly brought myself down as well, just so I was lying on my side and facing the father and son as they basked in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Brody's eyes were closed and he looked peaceful and satisfied, his head resting on his father's muscular chest. Thorne opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. His arm reached out and he smiled as he mussed my hair and looked at me with real warmth.

    "I'm so glad you came to visit," he said.

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