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My Son's Slutty Shorts

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    It was really weird to see the apartment so empty. Brody and I had lived here for so long, and even though we'd already been to the new house a bunch of times, it was still hard to imagine the two of us anywhere else. "It's not just the two of us, anymore," I reminded myself. The new place was going to be home for the three of us – Brody, Dylan and me. The home we were making together.

    Dylan had been very worried to tell us about his job opportunity in Sacramento. For a while, he'd managed to convince himself that he had to pick between the job and our relationship. When he finally told us everything, and both Brody and I reassured him that we would all figure things out together, I think Dylan was blown away by how open we both were to moving. A few years ago, I couldn't have imagined leaving the city I called home for over twenty years. But just as Dylan (with help from my son) had changed my outlook on what was possible romantically and sexually, he'd also opened my mind to many potential futures.

    Things moved ahead pretty quickly once the big decision was made. The San Francisco apartment was worth enough to allow us our pick of houses near downtown Sacramento, and we'd found a nice ranch-style place with a pool and secluded backyard.

    Dylan was starting his job next week, and we'd spent yesterday clearing out and cleaning up his apartment. So here we were, doing the same at my place, getting the last of our stuff downstairs into the back of a moving truck. We'd considered hiring movers, but my cousin Ridge had dismissed the notion.

    "There's six of us, and why the hell are we killing ourselves at the gym just to go paying some other dudes to spend a couple days moving furniture?" he'd said to all of us at dinner one night. His boyfriends Hank and Bill both agreed; and Dylan, Brody and I were happy to accept their help.

    "But I was hoping to seduce the hunky movers, like in a cheesy porn movie," Dylan had said with feigned disappointment.

    "Who says that still can't still happen?" Ridge had replied teasingly.

    Yesterday had been exhausting, with the day being unusually hot and Dylan's apartment being a third-floor walk-up. By the late afternoon, the six of us all had our shirts off and were a mess of sweat, dust, and cleaning spray. Plenty of passers-by expressed their admiration of our bodies as we loaded furniture and boxes into the truck parked on the street. Usually nothing got me as worked up as showing off in public (and watching my son and our boyfriend doing the same). Thoughts of fucking both their asses into oblivion had been flickering through my head all day, but by the time we all cleaned up and collapsed into my bed, all three of us were out of gas.

    All of that pent-up sexual energy made for an interesting and titillating second day of moving today. The shirts had come off much earlier than yesterday, even though there was a breeze to cool us off. And every time I had to squeeze past one of the guys while we carried boxes out to the truck, we took our time brushing up against one another and happily accepted the pinches and gropes that were offered.

    It certainly didn't help matters that my son, while going through clothes, had managed to find a pair of very tight and very short denim cut-offs that he'd worn religiously the summer when he was 18. I recalled that being a very "busy" summer for Brody and those shorts were likely a big part of that. We'd been teasing him all day about his "Daisy Dukes" (a reference he didn't even get) which only encouraged him to bend over every chance he had. While loading the truck earlier today, I think his scandalous display nearly caused a couple traffic accidents.

    Meanwhile, Ridge and Hank seemed especially friendly with Dylan all day, something that hadn't gone unnoticed by my young boyfriend. Not that I could blame them. Dylan had been upping his workout game the last few months, and the results were on particular display these last two days, with every curve and bulge of his muscles glistening with sweat. I'd always hoped I would have a chance to watch Dylan have fun with my cousin and Hank, though I'd never tried to push any of them toward that. They all seemed to enjoy keeping things at the "familiar and flirtatious" level, and that was fun in its own way.

    As Bill, Brody and I began to carry the last boxes down to the truck, the apartment was starting to cool off since we'd opened up the windows. Dylan was finishing cleaning up the kitchen. Ridge and Hank had each taken one of the bathrooms, and I knew they had just about wrapped up as well. Although we were all tired, it wasn't as bad as yesterday, and I was hoping things would soon start heading in a sexier direction. And then, as I headed down to the truck with the last of the boxes, I saw my son with his slutty jean shorts off, now completely nude…



    I felt like I'd been up and down our building's front stairs a million times today, carrying boxes, furniture, mattresses and everything else my father and I owned. After finally setting down the last of the boxes in the truck, I looked over at our couch and couldn't help but collapse onto it. The couch had been positioned across the middle of the trailer as a bulwark, keeping a section of boxes from sliding around inside the cavernous space. It felt incredibly soft, and in this moment I was glad I'd convinced Dad to bring it to the new house rather than sell it.

    "You look pretty worn out, boy," Bill joked as he stepped forward and loomed over me. From this angle, with the light coming in at an odd direction, I could clearly see the shape of Bill's cock snaking down one leg of his shorts. "Fuck," I thought, "the tip must only be a few inches from the hem." Despite my tired muscles, I felt my own cock throb a little bit as I imagined Big Bill's dick getting hard and peeking out along his muscular thigh.

    I'd seen Bill's cock soft a handful of times since he got together with my uncles, mainly at the gym. Sadly though, even when lounging around at their place he usually had at least a pair of underwear on. As impressive as it was to see it swinging in the showers or bulging out his boxer briefs, I always felt a little irritated that I'd never seen it erect. I knew my dad had, and even Dylan had jerked off with Bill before. While I knew this likely wasn't the moment it was going to happen, I was horny enough to push things and see how close I could get. I knew I looked sexy in my little shorts and figured I could lean into that.

    "Mmm, I guess I am feeling a little worn out," I responded in my best sexy voice as I stretched out on the couch, "but... it's nothing that some sleep and a good fuck won't cure." Bill grinned, maybe looking a little surprised at what I'd said. On the occasions he and I flirted, it was usually just with our eyes.

    "Oh really?" he said, sounding amused. Then, he reached down and tugged at the waistband of my shorts. They were so tight that his finger was pressed into my flesh as he pulled slightly on them. "Are you gonna hold out until you get to your new house? Or maybe you're just gonna wait right here, already practically naked, for your daddy to come fuck that hot ass?"

    I felt my heart start to race, and my cock shot to full hardness, which made my shorts feel even tighter.

    "Um..." I began, feeling a little giddy, "Right now I think ANY daddy would do."

    I took a very obvious glance at Bill's crotch as I said that, and was very happy to see the tip of his cockhead was indeed now visible below the edge of his shorts. I felt a tug at the waistband of my shorts again, and decided to reach down and unbutton them. After I did that, it was easy for Bill to slide them down my legs and past my shoes. He held them in his hand and glared down at me with a sultry expression. I slowly stroked my hard cock as I lay there and looked back up at him.

    I heard Dad walking up the ramp into the truck, his gait sounding so familiar to me I didn't even need to look over.
   "Well, well, what's going on in here?" my father asked in an amused tone as he looked at me sprawled naked on the couch. "Did those shorts finally just fall off of him?"

    "Yeah, I don't think he'll be needing these anymore," Bill said, handing my denim cut-offs to Dad. Dad glanced at my shorts, then at me, and then tossed them out of the truck and into the street. The only scrap of clothing that I'd had on. My cock throbbed again knowing that after whatever was about to go down, I would be walking out of this trailer naked as a jaybird. It was late afternoon and there was still a steady amount of car and pedestrian traffic on the street.

    For the moment though, I had other things on my mind. I shifted positions on the couch so that I was close enough to reach over and stroke Bill's stiffening shaft through his shorts. Sliding my hand lower, my hand teased at his exposed cockhead and then slid up the leg of his shorts to directly feel the warm skin of his thick tool.

    "Mm, it looks like my boy's worked up an appetite today," Dad said, reaching out to muss my sweaty hair. "Seems like he might need a reward for all the hard work he's done today."

    "I think that can be arranged," Bill replied, and then reached out to quickly undo his own shorts. I let go of his cock so that the garment could fall to the metal floor. Now I could see Bill's monster in all its glory. I felt my mouth start to water and my hole twitch as Bill's cock continued to swell up in front of me.

    My lips and tongue rapidly found their way to the head of that giant cock, while my hands wrapped themselves around the shaft. Even with both my palms wrapping around it, there were still a few inches exposed.

    I'd moved up onto my knees earlier and was now bent over to begin working. When I felt my father's hand on my lower back, I instinctively slid further backward and arched my spine, to give him the best access possible to my asshole. Just as I'd hoped, I felt two of Dad's fingers running up and down my sweaty crack. A second later, they were sliding into my wet orifice and I grunted with pleasure.

    "Something we need to figure out though," Dad began, his two fingers buried knuckle-deep in my ass. "Bill, that cock of yours is a lot when you really get going... I'm not sure which of my son's holes will take you better."
   "His lips already feel amazing going up and down my shaft," Bill said after a moment, and then leaned forward slightly. I felt his rough hand sliding down my spine, and even with a mouthful of cock, my moan was the audible response when his fingers brushed the edge of my stretched pucker. "But I think this is where my cock belongs right now."

    As Bill finished speaking those words, two of his fingers pushed inside me, sliding in alongside my dad's. Even though I'd been ready and nearly begging for it, the sudden doubling of what was inside me caused me to cry out in pleasure, loud enough when someone on the street might have easily heard me. Fuck! With two of Bill's fingers pulling one way and two of Dad's pulling another, my hole was getting a good stretch. I moaned again as the intensity of the moment sent a shiver down my spine.

    "Shhhhh," Dad hissed softly as he put his free hand back on my head. This both reassured me and held my face right at Bill's crotch level. A few seconds passed before I felt Dad's hand grip the back of my neck and tug my head away gently. "Let's get you turned around, son."

    Already falling into a daze, anticipating what was to come, I looked up at my father as I swiveled myself around on the couch. He was as sweaty and worn-out as the rest of us, the hair on his chest still damp from all our exertion. As my movements forced him to withdraw his fingers from my hole, my eyes moved lower and found Dad's fully-hard cock waiting for my mouth. He'd slid off his shorts and was holding his erection so that the head was brushing up against my lips. They parted and the cock that made me started sliding in, already leaking precum onto my tongue.

    Bill was wasting no time now that my ass was pointed directly at him. Keeping me open with the two fingers that hadn't left my hole as I'd turned around, Bill got me positioned as I needed to be, and I felt his spongy, swollen cockhead pushing in alongside his digits. The thickness of Bill's cock already felt familiar and soothing as my muscles tightened around it. He was a good match for both Dad and Dylan in that department. I knew the thing that was going to push to my limit here momentarily was his length.

    Dad was already hitting the back of my throat and sliding deeper into my gullet, like we both loved for him to do. I was aware that, at least from some vantage points further up our street, I was fully visible, splayed out on the couch in the back of this truck, boxes all around me, a twelve-inch cock slowly working its way into my ass, and my father's own dick going further and further down my throat. I couldn't remember ever having done something like this right here, just steps from the entrance to our building. Dad and I had gotten increasingly brazen, engaging in our incestuous sex play in public areas. But this was the street we'd lived on for most of my life. Any of our neighbors could walk by at this moment. "Fuck it," I thought to myself with some amusement. "They're not our neighbors anymore."

    As my father's hand found my throbbing cock and began to stroke it, I focused all my concentration on relaxing every muscle in my abdomen. Bill was already in me as far as I was used to taking cock. Dad and Dylan were both among the longest tops who'd ever fucked me. But I knew Bill still had a few inches left to work in. I was determined to take all of him. I not only wanted that, I needed it.

    Over the next few minutes, the rest of him made its way into me. I was sweating more than I had been over the course of the day. Feeling something this deep within me was incredibly intense, but I kept willing myself to relax all my muscles – to be the best receptacle I could be for both the cocks buried in me right now. When I felt Bill's pubes ticking my balls, a sense of perverse pride washed over me. And although my eyes were closed and I wasn't in a position to look anyway, I was really hoping some random dude out for a jog was standing up the street watching all of this.

    "Oh fuck, Thorne..." Bill moaned as he pressed his pelvis hard against my glutes, enjoying being fully embedded in the son of the man he was addressing. "Your boy's sooo tight this deep inside. Feels so good to open him up like this."

    "You'll have to come visit us in Sacramento soon. Do it all over again," my father replied between his own grunts of pleasure. Dad knew we already had plans for Bill, Ridge, and Hank to come for a pool day every other weekend. I'd already been looking forward to the six of us lounging naked in our new backyard. The knowledge that I was  going to have the chance for more deep-dicking from Bill was enough to push me right to the edge of cumming. A second later, with a thrust in just the right way, Bill hit that spot inside me just perfectly, and I felt my cock start to spurt in my father's hand.

    Dad stroked me firmly but tenderly and milked out every last drop as I moaned and whined from the sensations. The two of them held me down on the couch so that they could continue pushing into me as I writhed, cum landing all over my stomach and torso. Already light-headed from the day's work and from the limited oxygen I was getting, I drifted in and out of full consciousness for the next few minutes.

    "Here it comes, Son" I heard a voice say, and in my dreamy state I really wasn't sure if the words were Dad's or Bill's. My father's cock delivered his paternal seed deep inside my throat, and I felt it sliding even further down as I swallowed. The sensations hitting me somewhere deep inside my belly were even more unreal. Bill was depositing his load deeper in me than anyone had ever gone, and I swear I felt every drop as the fluid poured out and coated my insides. 

    "Dylan's going to be sad he missed this," Dad remarked as he took a deep breath, recovering from his climax but leaving his still-hard cock in my throat for the moment.

    "Oh I wouldn't worry too much about Dylan," Bill said with an audible smile on his face. "I have a feeling Hank and Ridge are helping him relax just like we're doing to Brody." In the quiet moment that followed, I could swear I heard my boyfriend moaning from a few floors up.

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