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Throupled Up, Pt. II

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    I was sweaty as hell and my upper body was sore, the muscles feeling like I'd been at the gym for two straight days. After loading up the truck with all of my belongings yesterday, and then Thorne's and Brody's today, it certainly felt like the hardest workout I'd done in quite a while. I'd had my shirt off all day and I knew that I was looking pretty cut after a few months of extra effort at the actual gym. But sheer exhaustion had kept me from truly enjoying the ego boost of being ogled by passers-by on the street.

    Strangers hadn't been the only ones eyeing me up today, though. Thorne's cousin Ridge and his partner Hank had been extra flirty and gropy since arriving this morning to help out. After we were done with work, I decided to test how serious the two of them were and to have a little fun. Thorne, Brody, and Bill had headed down to the street with the last of the boxes, saying they would get everything secured and close up the truck. It seemed like a good moment to make my move on Ridge and Hank.

    "Oh man," I said, stretching my sore muscles (and doing a little flexing) just a few feet away from Ridge and Hank as they finished wiping down the kitchen counters. "I'm going to go enjoy Thorne's shower one last time."

    I flashed the two men both a smile and headed down the short hallway to the master bedroom. Pausing only to slide off my shoes, socks and shorts, I grabbed some body wash (one of the very last items left in the apartment as bare necessities) and stepped into the large shower.

    Whether I was having sex in it or not, this cavernous shower was incredible, and funnily enough it would be one of the things I'd miss most after moving to Sacramento. I was happy to have one last chance to enjoy it. After about a minute under the gentle spray with my eyes closed, I heard the glass door open and sensed two people joining me in the misty chamber. Then, I felt four hands begin to touch various parts of my body right at the same time. I let out a soft moan and relaxed more as Ridge and Hank began to massage the different muscles they came into contact with. I moved slightly so they could enjoy the warm water (they'd been working hard all day, too) and I turned to face them both, opening my eyes for the first time since they'd entered.

    All I could do was smile, looking at these two hot men standing naked in front of me, their hands moving ever closer to my more sensitive areas. Ridge and Hank had become part of my new family, one I'd been welcomed into so early and warmly. Ridge was Thorne's cousin, but more like a brother than anything. And he'd been in a relationship with Hank since Brody was a toddler. The two of them could communicate without words, and I saw them exchange a knowing glance with one another. I wondered what they had planned, and how premeditated it might have been. It didn't matter to me though, and I kept eye contact with both of them as I reached a hand toward each of their hard cocks.

    That seemed to open the floodgates to more fervent passion, and suddenly I was kissing Ridge, and then Hank, and then both of them. I was no stranger to threeway kissing at this point, being part of a throuple. But it was interesting to see how different it felt with men other than Thorne and Brody. Maybe it was because they were both older and had that daddy look that always made me swoon, but I was turning into putty in their hands, ready to give them whatever they needed.

    When I felt Ridge's hands on my shoulders, gently pushing me down, I happily complied. I was particularly excited to get a chance at Ridge's cock. The fact that he looked so much like Thorne had always titillated me. It almost felt like I was about to suck off my boyfriend's twin brother, and of course it was also hot to be playing around with someone related to Thorne and Brody. I was always happy to keep things in the family.

    While Ridge's cock entered my mouth, I felt Hank's hands moving down my lower back as I bent forward. He reached my ass cheeks and began to knead them, his fingers quickly sliding deeper into my crack. By the time Ridge's dick was hitting the back of my throat, Hank was already working a finger into my hole. These two were ready and moving fast, and it was hot as fuck.

    "That's right, you're gonna take us at both ends. We know you love it," Hank said softly. It made me wonder how often Thorne talked to them about our sex life. I felt even more turned on thinking that my boyfriend might brag to these two about how I liked to get spit-roasted, sucking on Brody while his father nailed my ass. We'd never gotten around to doing the opposite yet, since Brody usually didn't top. In fact, I was really longing to have Thorne watch his son fuck my ass. Maybe that's something we would finally get up to in our new home.

    Thoughts of my boyfriends vanished when I felt Hank's cockhead pushing past my sphincter and sliding into me slowly. I moaned, though the sound was muffled by Ridge's cock, which continued to plunge in and out of my throat.

    "Fuck yeah, Dylan," Ridge said, sounding like he was savoring every second of our fun. "I've been wondering if we'd get to do this since the night we first met you. Remember that, Hank?"

    "Oh, I remember," Hank replied, stopping for a moment to groan softly as he bottomed out inside me, pressing his pubes against my ass. "The little slut got down and sucked Thorne's cock right there in the restaurant. He made quite an impression."
   As much as I could with my face mashed into Ridge's pelvis, I smiled at what they were saying and how they were saying it. Having two guys talk about me like that, with their cocks both buried in my holes, was a massive turn-on. I reached down to stroke my cock, which was already almost painfully hard. Being as worked up as I was and hearing them say those things, I knew it would only take a few strokes before... FUCK!

    "Oh man, he's cumming!" Hank said, no doubt feeling my ass clench his cock as I blasted a load all over the shower floor. "Damn, I... ugh!" Hank sounded surprised that he was following suit. I felt his cock throbbing inside me while he deposited his seed almost as deep as Thorne usually did. Hank kept his cock in me even after he stopped cumming, using soft thrusts to keep my face implied on his partner's shaft.

    Energized by the load now churning inside my hole, I worked Ridge even more vigorously with my lips and tongue, and after another minute or so I'd gotten him right to the edge and was eager for my tasty reward. He didn't fail to deliver, though he did fail to give me any kind of heads-up. I'm pretty sure that was on purpose though, so maybe he wanted to see how quickly I could shift from sucking to swallowing. Never wanting to waste a drop, I made the switch quickly and by the end of Ridge's spurting I felt sure I'd gotten it all down.

    As Ridge and Hank helped me get upright and began to soap up my body, I realized with some amusement that this was my last fuck as a San Francisco resident – spit-roasted in my boyfriend's shower by his cousin and his cousin's man. "Not bad," I thought to myself, letting out a deep breath and falling into another threesome kiss with the two daddies.



    After a long week of unpacking and setting up the new house, we all felt like we'd earned a lazy Sunday. The three of us had only just begun to explore what our new hometown had to offer. Moving here from the gay Mecca that was San Francisco, I was skeptical; but as it turns out, Sacramento wasn't as bad as I'd feared. All in all, doing this for Dylan was worth it.

    The downtown gayborhood had a number of bars and clubs that seemed promising for wilder nights of fun. Brody and Dylan were already figuring out the local music scene as well, and I was happy to let them lead the way on such things. I'd made it a point to research the more off-the-grid spots that we might want to check out, and that's where we were this afternoon.

    This bar had more of a leather/biker feel, and on their website I'd seen mention of pup nights and other fetish parties, so I knew this was a spot we'd want to visit, if only to get a feel for the kinkier side of the local scene. Inside, the place felt like one of the SOMA bars in San Francisco – a little dingy but well-decorated, the porn on the TVs adding some raunch to the otherwise understated erotic appeal of the place. The crowd was friendly and well-behaved, at least for now. A sling mounted in one corner of the bar suggested that more debaucherous things happened, probably later at night and possibly after the front doors were locked. I was eager to chat more with some of the patrons about what we might expect here in the future.

    In addition, there was a very pleasant outdoor area in the back. A large covered patio had plenty of tables and stools, and abutted an even bigger area with patchy grass and sandy soil, which had a few wooden picnic tables available. Several small trees provided shade from the heat. On this warm Sunday afternoon, the patio was bustling and I'd already spotted a few cocks being pulled through open flies, finding their way to an accommodating hand or mouth. The action was subtle but not especially discreet, and while plenty of people enjoyed watching whatever went down, no one seemed bothered in the slightest. I was already looking forward to many return visits to this place.

    Brody and I were both wearing tank tops and some fitted khaki shorts. Dylan had opted for a tight tee and some slightly scandalous running shorts. The straps of the black jock he had on underneath were visible if he turned his hips in the right way. That hadn't gone unnoticed by some of the patrons out on the back patio, and a few minutes ago when Dylan had returned from getting more beers for us, there had even been a couple dog whistles as he walked past the small crowd. My boyfriend just flashed his perfect smile at them and sat back down at the picnic table with us.

    The beers kept flowing as the sun headed toward the horizon. As the light faded I was interested to see that the only outdoor lighting was in the corner of the patio, nearest to the door leading into the bar. Shadows started to darken much of the space around us, and I noticed that patrons would occasionally wander off in pairs and small groups to one corner or another.

    Brody, Dylan and I had already been through several bouts of making out and feeling one another up, only encouraged further by the knowledge that plenty of eyes were on us as we enjoyed one another. Making out with my son, playing with his nipples, groping his hard cock – doing those things was still an intense thrill and probably always would be. But doing that in front of a bunch of other men really took things to another level for me, and I know Brody felt the same way. We'd had to be careful about our more public displays in San Francisco. Only a very small group of close friends knew about how close we'd become, and the odds of being seen by someone outside that circle were always pretty high no matter where we were.

    But here, we didn't know anyone. The story was ours to tell and we could decide how open we wanted to be about everything. And if there was one thing I loved about my two boyfriends, it was that we all got off on messing around in public. There was no question about how open we would be in that regard – basically, we'd push things to the limit any chance we got. Feeling more than a little drunk and definitely horny from hours of edging while we enjoyed one another, I was ready to see what limits we might be in the mood for pushing past this evening.

    "Stand up and take off your shorts," I told Dylan, making sure Brody could hear me too. Dylan stood up and reached for his waistband, looking at me with a sly grin.

    "But Daddy, I don't want to get splinters in my ass from this bench," Dylan said playfully as he slid the shorts to the ground. I could see his hard-on practically bursting through the pouch of his jock.

    "Mmm, who says your ass is going to be touching the bench, Son?" I replied, undoing my fly and pulling out my hard cock. A few strokes from my hand was all it took to get it slicked up, since I'd been leaking pre steadily for the last hour or so.

    Dylan's eyes got big and so did his grin, but he also glanced around in a slightly nervous way. I could tell that the idea of getting fucked right here, with a couple dozen guys nearby, had him excited. But we also hadn't seen anyone else doing that, at least not yet. Handjobs and blowjobs were the only carnal activities the other patrons had engaged in. Even so, from the conversations I'd had with some of the locals today, I knew no one was going to file any complaints if we wanted to take things up a notch.

    "Don't worry," I whispered, and as I grabbed Dylan's waist to begin pulling him down and onto my waiting cock, I saw Brody whip out his own hard-on with one hand and grab Dylan's with the other. We were all in sync and I could tell this was going to be a lot of fun.

    I guided Dylan's ass down and felt my cock push into him. He took it easily, as he always did, though still managing to grip my shift tightly as I slowly inched deeper. He sighed as he lowered himself and finally came to rest in my lap. I wrapped an arm around him and pulled his back to my chest, while at the same time looking over at the men just fifteen feet away on the patio. Most were chatting and oblivious, but three guys at one table all had their eyes locked on us. And I could see at least two of them groping themselves as they sipped their drinks and stared.

    "C'mere, Son," I said to Brody, and we leaned our heads closer so that we could kiss deeply. The thrill of making out with my own son in front of a bunch of strangers made my cock throb inside Dylan's ass. He squeezed me back, in response, forcing me to stop kissing Brody so that I could moan and catch my breath.

    "You wanna be filled up today?" Brody whispered to Dylan as he leaned forward to speak into our boyfriend's ear.

    "Oh fuck... will you? Please?" Dylan replied, and I felt my heart start to race with anticipation, realizing what my son was suggesting. For the first time, I was going to get to see Brody fuck Dylan. They didn't do it that often and during our past mutual play we never seemed to get around to it. Not only that, but my son's cock was (hopefully) going to be right next to mine as we double-penetrated the man we loved.

    Brody shifted both himself and Dylan around to make things as easy as possible. Even so, it took a minute of pushing and grunting before my son managed to work even the tip of his cock in. Dylan was already leaning his head forward onto Brody's shoulder, and I rubbed one hand up and down his back as I gently thrust in and out slightly. The motion helped push Brody's cock in a little more, and Dylan was starting to gasp in regular intervals as he worked hard to relax everything.

    We all worked together to make it happen, and each time I glanced over at our fellow patrons, the audience of captive eyes seemed to have grown larger in number. I loved it, and I never would have guessed I would be putting on a DP show during my first visit to a new spot, no matter how seedy or permissive it seemed. Yet, here we were. "Watch out, Sacramento," I thought to myself with a smile.

    I felt an odd sensation, and it took me half a second to realize that it was my son's balls touching my own. They were so smooth, something I could feel against my own nutsack, and the feeling got me even hornier. Plus, if our balls were touching, I knew Brody and I were just about to hit our goal.

    It was hot looking over Dylan's shoulder and seeing my son's face while our dicks were pressed together. Brody looked intent and even dominant, if his wicked grin was anything to go by. He was barely 22, my boy. That was about the age I REALLY began to come into my own, sexually. Who knows where Brody might end up in time. Maybe he'll be the sluttiest bottom boy Sacramento's ever seen; or maybe he'll morph into a dom top. Either way, Dylan and I would be here for him. I was grateful that with Dylan's help, I was able to help my son grow in ways I never used to think possible.

    Dylan's ass was already a tight fit with my son and I both balls-deep inside him, and it felt incredible when he squeezed us even more... and then he started to cum! Dylan was suddenly moaning loudly, overwhelmed by the fullness he was feeling and the jolts of his orgasm. I knew Brody's hand was helping to work a huge load out of Dylan's cock, and I hoped that it was oozing out through the fabric of the jock, visible to anyone watching closely.

    I heard Brody cry out next, and suddenly my cock – our cocks – were surrounded by a wet warmth. My son's load was emptying into Dylan and filling up every bit of empty space around our thick shafts. The sensation pushed me over the edge and a moment later,I was adding more of our family DNA to the mix, shooting my load deep into Dylan. I could feel the wetness growing between my balls and Brody's and I knew we'd be a cummy mess when this was all over. Part of me was already excited to stand up and expose our glistening cocks and Dylan's cummy hole while we got our clothing back in order.

    I knew we were all happy with this first outing in our new hometown, at what was likely to be a favorite haunt. As he recovered from his climax, Dylan relaxed himself and brought his head closer to Brody's. I leaned in and the three of us enjoyed a long kiss while we savored every second of the deep physical and emotional connections we shared. A few moments later, one of the friendly bar patrons offered us a stack of napkins; "In case you need to clean up," he added with a wink.

    About five minutes later, when we were ready to socialize, the friendly guy returned with a group of his friends, and they offered to buy us drinks. We invited them to join us at our table, and we all had a pleasant chat. Dylan, still bare-assed, continued to sit on my lap like I was Santa. While talking to our new buddies, I felt some of my son's cum as well as my own leaking out our boyfriend's freshly-fucked hole.

    When we were making introductions, we just said that we were a "throuple from San Francisco." Brody and I didn't tell anyone that we were father and son, which allowed us to be as openly affectionate as we wanted. I called both him and Dylan "Son" by this point, and no one batted an eye, wrongly assuming there was no biological connection there. I'm sure that over time, when we make loyal friends in our new city, we'll feel safe to come out to them, once we know who to trust. For now, just like Dylan, Brody was my boyfriend. And I was the luckiest dad in the world.

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Dating Father and Son: Coming Out

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