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Throupled Up

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    Although the restaurant was very busy, our table in the back meant we could all talk without having to yell over the Friday night crowd. It was my cousin Ridge's birthday, which only a few years ago meant doing coke and ecstasy and dancing for hours before heading to a 24-hour bathhouse until the morning. Now that we were well into our 40s, though, Ridge preferred a much more toned-down affair, simply consisting of dinner at a fancy restaurant with me and his two boyfriends.

    Ridge and his longterm partner Hank had been together for over ten years. Just recently, they'd met Bill. The three men seemed to have really hit it off, since Ridge and Hank invited him to join their relationship and become a throuple. Nobody in our circles found that surprising; this kind of arrangement seemed to be more and more common. I have to admit, I found this a bit... unusual at first, but I quickly got used to it, and I wanted to be supportive of my cousin no matter what.

    Since Ridge was only a year older than me, we grew up a mixture of cousins, friends, and brothers. He was the first to move to San Francisco from our nearby hometown of Pleasanton, followed by me a year later, shortly after I'd turned 19. Ridge was the one to show me the ropes and take me to places like Baker Beach, where nudity was common and even more went on in the gayest section of the long shoreline; or to local events like the Folsom Street Fair, where there were pretty much no limits to what you could do smack-dab in the middle of the street in front of a huge crowd. It was this kind of experiences that made me realize I had an exhibitionist streak in me, which I'd been honing ever since. 

    A few months ago, my son Rickie didn't even bat an eye when his "uncles" Ridge and Hank introduced Bill to him as their boyfriend. I was happy to see how openminded and easygoing my son was turning out to be, and it was cool to see him develop a rapport with Bill, who was now part of the family. ("He's got the biggest dick you've ever seen," my cousin had confided in me. "Everyone calls him 'Big Bill,' and it ain't just cuz he's 6'2".")

    Now, as I watched my cousin kissing both of his boyfriends at the same time across the restaurant table from me, I felt happy for him – and maybe just a tad jealous. I mean, if Ridge could land two amazing guys, I thought I deserved at least one. Although, I might be getting close to that already...

    Unlikely as it might have seemed due to our age difference, Dylan had me hooked more than I let on, even to Dylan himself. I figured he probably wasn't into something too serious and I didn't want to make things weird, so I always made a point to keep things low-key. But there were times during our Friday dinners when I'd catch myself staring into his eyes with infatuation and losing track of our conversation. When Ridge told me his birthday dinner was taking place on a Friday, my first thought was "Shit! I'll miss my weekly date with Dylan." Just then, I decided to invite Dylan to Ridge's birthday, rather than miss a night with him.

    "Too bad Rickie had to work tonight," Hank said to me at the restaurant, after removing his tongue from my cousin's mouth.

    "Has he met the guy that's joining us for dinner?" Bill asked. "What's his name again?"

    "Dylan," I replied. "And no, the two of them haven't met yet. It's... not that serious."

    "Oh, really?!" my cousin said skeptically. "It's gotta be more than a casual fuck buddy if you've invited him to my birthday. So what's really going on?"

    I sighed, and tried to come out with the truth, even though I wasn't sure what that was.

    "Truth is... we've been seeing each other for a few months now, and I'd be lying if I said I don't have feelings for him. But he's only 23, and I don't wanna make him feel tied down."

    "Why not? Lots of people enjoy being tied," Hank joked.

    "Well, this is the closest I've seen you to having a boyfriend in YEARS," my cousin added, "so I'm excited to meet this Dylan of yours."

    "You'll get your wish in just a few seconds," I smiled as I saw Dylan entering the restaurant, and I waved him over.

    "Glad you could make it," I said, suddenly feeling awkward. Dylan surprised me by bending over and giving me a kiss on the lips in front of everyone. 

    "You must be Ridge," he said to my cousin, extending his hand. "Happy birthday." It didn't surprise me that Dylan picked my cousin out from the three strangers. Due to our similar features, Ridge and I were often mistaken for brothers when we were kids.

    Introductions were made, and Dylan sat down next to me on the leather couch, with our backs to the wall, as Ridge ordered another bottle of wine for the table. The conversation flowed even better than I could've hoped. Soon, my heart skipped a beat when I felt Dylan's hand move onto my knee under the table. He wasn't even looking at me as he did it, he was deep in discussion with Hank about some movie they'd both recently seen. It was such a little thing, but enough to put butterflies in my stomach. I moved my own hand on top of his and rubbed it softly. This wasn't just a fuck-buddy thing to do, we both knew that. A few minutes later I glanced back over at Dylan and this time he was looking right at me, as he gave me a cute half-smile. Our hands were still touching and he squeezed mine gently while we held eye contact. I found myself grinning back at him before I even realized it.

    Two more bottles of wine were brought over the next hour, and we emptied them both. The lighting in the restaurant had been dimmed a little since we'd arrived, and while the crowd hadn't thinned out, there seemed to be a different rhythm going on now, less "dinnertime" and more "nightlife." Including the staff, I think there were only three women in the whole place. It was unseasonably warm weather for early November, and the gentlemen of San Francisco were happy for one more chance to show off in their tank tops and tight tees. There seemed to be a low-level undertone of sexiness around us now, though it might have been the wine going to my head.

    Ridge, flanked by a boyfriend on each side, was getting increasingly snuggly with them both, alternating back and forth between each man with small kisses and roaming hands. Meanwhile, Dylan's hand was sliding from my knee up my thigh, getting dangerously close to my crotch. We whispered to each other, kissing on and off, keeping our lips and tongues in contact a little longer each time as Dylan's hand finally moved to my bulge and started rubbing it.

    When we'd just broken away from a particularly passionate kiss, Dylan looked at me with a daring expression on his face. As I stared into his eyes, his hand found its way to my zipper and pulled it down. He deftly manipulated my cock and balls out of the briefs I had on, and a second later I was feeling the cooler air of the restaurant on my shaft as my cock was now out.

    The restaurant was at capacity, but everyone seemed too involved in their own conversations to pay much attention to us. Across the table, Hank and Bill both moved closer to Ridge, and the three of them formed a barrier between us and the rest of the crowd. All three men had naughty grins on their faces, and with Hank and Bill's hands in Ridge's lap, I figured my cousin was getting the same treatment I was.

    Sure enough, a moment later my cousin purposely raised himself up a bit in his chair, and we saw the tip of his cut cock come into view. Bill was clearly stroking it with his right hand, and I could see the glint of precum as it oozed out of Ridge's piss slit. Hank's left hand was angled a bit lower and I assumed it was on my cousin's nuts. This was classic Ridge! He loved pushing boundaries, but it had been a while since we'd done something this bold. This wasn't some dive bar or night club. We might have been in The Castro, but it was still a fairly nice restaurant.

    I looked over at Dylan, who seemed thrilled with everything going on. The throuple's activity across the table seemed to make Dylan even more daring, as he suddenly bent down and before I knew it, I felt his tongue and lips on my cock.

    "Whoa!" everyone's eyes across the table seemed to say, but they all continued to grin, especially my cousin. Feeling slightly panicked, I looked around the restaurant. There was only one table that was next to ours, and it was populated by four men around my age, all of which gave off a gay vibe. I figured, "Even if they see us, they don't look like they'd cause a scene." And sure enough, only a few seconds later they noticed Dylan's head bobbing up and down in my lap, but they just winked at me and continued their dinner.

    I leaned back and relaxed, letting Dylan suck my cock as dessert. I made eye contact with my cousin who mouthed "He's a keeper," pointing down at Dylan, and I couldn't help but agree.

    "Ahem!" one of the men at the neighboring table coughed loudly, and it sounded like he was giving us a warning. Dylan quickly raised his head and just a moment later, a waiter appeared by our table.

    "Will there be anything else tonight?"

    Hank and Bill had retrieved their hands from my cousin's lap, and all three of them were telling the waiter "No, we're all good, thanks." Dylan however, kept his hand around my cock and continued to discreetly stroke me the entire time, just as the waiter made eye contact with me.

    "Okay. I'll let you... enjoy your evening," the waiter said. Whether he could tell what was going on or not I don't know, but the second he disappeared Dylan's lips were back around my throbbing cock. I was leaking precum like crazy after all this excitement. Across from me, both of my cousin's boyfriends grabbed his cock again and I could see their arms pumping and working it up and down.

    I ran my fingers through Dylan's soft hair while he blew me. I was getting close. I started breathing more heavily, though still trying to remain somewhat discreet. I felt things building and then suddenly, I was unloading down Dylan's talented throat. It had been a few days since I'd jerked off, so my young cocksucker got quite a reward for his efforts. A few soft moans escaped my lips, letting the men nearest to me know what was going on. 

    Just then, Ridge closed his eyes, and a moment later I saw several jets of cum shoot up onto his shirt. Bill and Hank both looked pleased with themselves as they slowed down their ministrations, then finally let go of my cousin's sensitive cock.

    With a swift grace, Dylan suddenly reappeared next to me, looking just as handsome and put-together as he always did. He reached for his water glass, took a long drink and then politely wiped his mouth with a napkin as he smiled at me. Ridge was wiping down his shirt with his own napkin, though the streaks from his ejaculation were still visible even after his cum was wiped away. He didn't seem to mind, and he remained that way for the rest of the evening.



    I opened my eyes, and I knew it was later than I normally woke up by the light coming through the window. I was in Thorne's bed and he was gone, his side of the bed (did we have sides now?) neatly made. I could hear him out in the living room with the TV on, and I stretched and yawned in his comfortable bed, taking my time to come to my senses. While I wasn't hungover, I could definitely feel the wine from last night. Suddenly, it all started to come back to me...

    Last night was so fucking hot! Sucking Thorne's dick right at the table at that fancy restaurant was super thrilling in and of itself; but getting to do it as his cousin sat right across from us?! Thorne didn't even know how many buttons this was pushing for me.

    Other than public sex, my one big kink was family fun. This was something I hid from everyone because of how taboo it was, even amongst "openminded" people. But now, after seeing the two cousins shoot their loads pretty much simultaneously at the restaurant, I was starting to think that maybe Thorne might be more open to my fetish if I brought it up to him.

    I reached over to grab my phone off the nightstand and saw that it was indeed late morning. I also saw a message from Brody from about an hour ago: "Can't wait to see you later 🏝😘."

    I tapped out a quick response: "See you soon, sexy 😘". We'd made a plan to go to the beach today, taking advantage of what might be the last warm Saturday of the year. I was actually due to meet him pretty soon, and I wondered if I'd even have time to go home beforehand. Luckily, it was a nude beach we were going to, so not like I'd need much stuff.

    I went to Thorne's bathroom to piss and brush my teeth with a toothbrush he'd given me a few weeks ago, which stood next to his own ever since. Since the bedroom door was open, I figured his son Rickie wasn't in, so I headed out to the living room naked as I was.

    "Good morning, sleepy head," Thorne said when he saw me. He was dressed in a pair of tight briefs, relaxing on the couch and reading something on his tablet. "I thought I'd let you sleep as long as you wanted. We have the place to ourselves this morning." He smiled as he gestured around at the apartment, confirming that Rickie wasn't there. I let myself fall onto the sofa next to him and then slid my head into his lap.

    "Good morning, Daddy," I said teasingly, looking up at him. I had to leave soon, but I wanted to grab another nice moment with my sexy lover. "Before going to meet my OTHER sexy lover," a voice in my head said.

    Thorne reached down and ran his fingers through my hair, just like he did while I was sucking his dick last night, which somehow felt incredibly intimate. His other hand went to my chest and then slowly moved to my belly, making small circles. We stared into one another's eyes and I started to get hard. I could feel Thorne's cock rising as it pressed against the side of my head through the thin material of his briefs. Even though we'd only spoken a few words to one another, there was something intense happening in this moment, and I knew he was going to fuck me, even before he told me to turn over.

    As he stood up, I got on my stomach and made sure that my ass was pointed right at him. I spread my legs and ended up with one knee on the floor while my other leg extended down the length of the sofa. It was oddly comfortable and also meant my cock was pressed right up against the edge of the cushion. That offered some interesting stimulation as Thorne got behind me and pushed his cockhead against my hole. I closed my eyes, smiled, and relaxed as he slid into me.

    It felt perfect, like it always did with Thorne. He seemed to know when I needed him to go faster or slower, when to fuck me hard and when I needed some time to catch my breath. He worked my ass on the sofa for at least half an hour, and I was brought close to the edge several times just from the feeling of my cock on the side of the cushion. I called him "Daddy" a few times and he told me what a good boy I was. It was the best way to start a Saturday. Even though I felt guilty for making Brody wait, I couldn't stop, not until Thorne came. When he did, I could tell it was another big load, like the one I had swallowed last night at the restaurant. 

    As Thorne pulled out of my ass, I was glad he was doing it so slowly. I managed to keep his load inside of my hole and I clenched it shut, before getting up and scrambling to get dressed and leave as quickly as possible. I didn't get to cum, but this was still a lovely fuck and I needed to get going.

    "I'm sorry, but I have plans and I'm late," I said to Thorne as I kissed him. I would have to skip breakfast today. I hadn't even had a sip of water.

    "Can I grab something to drink from your fridge?" I asked while putting my shoes on.

    "Sure," Thorne said. I helped myself to one of the Strawberry Raspberry Gatorades stacked in the fridge, and gave Thorne one last kiss before rushing out of the apartment.



    I woke up earlier than usual, even though it was a Saturday. After another late night at work, my alarm wasn't exactly a welcome sound, but then I remembered that I was meeting Dylan at the beach today, which immediately put a smile on my face. I enjoyed our usual time together, mostly spent hanging out at his apartment, but this would be our first time going to the beach together. Spending several hours naked there was going to be fun, and it felt more like... well, like a date. 

    I'd never really dated anyone before, but I was really getting the feeling that might be where Dylan and I were heading. I didn't want to jump the gun and ask him too soon, though. I knew he was still occasionally seeing other guys, and I was cool with that, for now. I never specifically mentioned it to him, but I hadn't hooked up with anyone else in months, excluding his buddy that we had a threesome with. 

    I grabbed my phone and tapped out a quick text to Dylan: "Can't wait to see you later 🏝😘."  Then I hopped out of bed, threw on some old shorts and a T-shirt and went to the kitchen to make a quick breakfast. 

    Dad came out of his room as I was eating, wearing a pair of designer briefs and rocking some serious bedhead. I knew he'd been out with Uncle Ridge and the guys last night, and that usually meant he'd been drinking a lot and probably hooked up with someone.

    "Someone got some last night," I teased my father while he slowly made some coffee.

    "Yeah well, you could say that," Dad replied, smiling in a goofy way and glancing back at his closed bedroom door.

    "Oh, he's still here?" I said, whispering, glad to know my Dad had enjoyed himself. "Okay, I'll keep it down. I think I might head out soon, actually. I'm meeting a friend at the beach later but I think I'll get there a little early and just hang out for a while."

    "What beach?" Dad asked, and I was tempted to lie.

    "Baker Beach," I said truthfully.

    "Ooh, someone's going to look at the naked boys. Are you and your 'friend' getting naked together as well?" he teased, using air quotes for the word "friend."

    "Dad, stop!" I said, rolling my eyes and even blushing a little. "You know what, I'm done here. I'm heading out. You have fun with... whoever else is here."

    "Well you're not the only one allowed to have a 'friend,'" he used air quotes again.

    "Yeah, yeah. Bye," I gave my dad a peck on the lips and headed out the door.

    As I sat on the bus, staring out at the sunny sky, I realized that Dylan still hadn't texted me back. "Maybe I shouldn't have sent that kissy face," I thought to myself. Was that too much too soon? I was almost ready to scroll back in our texts to see if he'd ever sent me that one before. It seemed like he had, but now I was second-guessing myself, and then getting irritated by how much I was overanalyzing a single emoji.

    Just then, I felt my phone vibrate. It was a message from Dylan: "See you soon, sexy 😘." It was silly, but seeing that he used the same emoji made me feel good. It calmed my anxiety and it reassured me that we were on the right track.

    The beach wasn't too crowded yet, but I knew it would be in a few more hours. Today might be the last chance for people to be out here without shivering in fog until the spring. I spread out my towel and then set one out for Dylan too, placing my bag on it to keep the light wind from messing it up. 

    The guys closest to me were sharing one huge beach blanket among the three of them. They were young and good-looking, laughing and talking animatedly. I figured they were all friends, but as I watched them over the next hour, I noticed they were very touchy-feely with each other.

    I idly wondered if the three guys might be a throuple. Earlier this year, Uncle Ridge and Uncle Hank had added a third man into their relationship; a concept I'd heard about before but never seen in practice. It seemed to be going well for them, and I was sad to have missed Uncle Ridge's birthday last night, though I figured I'd see the three of them later this month at Thanksgiving, if not before.

    Dylan was a little late, and when I saw him approaching I was amused to notice that he was dressed in nice evening clothes and carrying his shoes in one hand. There's no way he just came from home dressed like this, I quickly realized.

    "Am I witnessing a walk of shame?" I teased as he sat next to me on the towel. 

    "Nope, cuz I'm not ashamed of anything," he said and he gave me a kiss. "But I am sorry for keeping you waiting."

    "No worries," I said and I enjoyed the sight of him taking his clothes off. When he was done, he took a swig from a Gatorade bottle he'd brought along.

    "Ooh, can I have some?" I asked. "This is my favorite flavor, I always buy this one."

    When I was done, I had another request for Dylan.

    "Can you get my back, please?" I said and passed him my sunscreen. "I'll do yours next."

    "Deal. But only if you do my whole body," Dylan winked. I lay on my stomach and he straddled me, sitting on my ass. This position felt so sexual, that I could already feel blood rushing to my cock.

    Dylan took his time rubbing sunscreen on my back, going lower and lower each time until he was rubbing it on my asscheeks. The beach was quickly filling up with other guys, and I enjoyed lying here and letting Dylan knead my ass in front of everyone. He took his sweet time doing it, and massaged my glutes for several minutes before reaching in between my cheeks and pressing one of his fingers against my asshole. I took a deep breath, enjoying the sea breeze and the pressure against my hungry hole.

    "My turn," Dylan said after a while and lay on his stomach next to me. I straddled him just like he'd done me, and I rubbed sunscreen all over his shoulders, arms, back, and legs, giving his ass a nice little massage as well.

    "Turn around," I said, and when he did I noticed his cock was half-hard already. "Did you cum this morning?" I asked.

    "No. Not yet," he added with a mischievous grin.

    I smiled down at Dylan, rubbing sunscreen on my hands. I was still straddling him, and now our cocks were next to each other, both of us half-erect. I leaned down and started kissing him passionately, while rubbing the lotion on his chest. We kissed for several minutes, and then I went down and continued to rub sunscreen on his stomach and the front side of his legs. As I rubbed his thighs, I went higher and higher every time, eventually rubbing his balls with the back of my hand. I looked around, and we were hardly the only men who were getting hands-on with each other here at this beach. By now, both Dylan and I were sporting raging boners, and seeing his hard cock right in front of me was too tempting.

    I leaned down and took Dylan's cock in my mouth right there and then. He exhaled and relaxed every other muscle, except his dick which was throbbing inside my mouth, leaking precum down my throat already. I knew he'd be able to enjoy the beach much more after shooting his load; besides, I wanted to taste his cum right here. I enjoyed the thrill of doing this in the middle of the beach, and I wanted Dylan to feed me his load in front of everyone.

    The usual beach chatter continued all around us. In typical Baker Beach style, no one batted an eye at our sexcapade. I took a short break from sucking Dylan and started to jack him off while looking around. I noticed the three men next to us were all kissing each other now, which solidified my assumption they were a throuple. Their cocks were hard as well and they were casually stroking each other. Maybe it was the show that Dylan and I were putting on that got them so excited. For some reason, that thought turned me on.

    I leaned back down and took Dylan's cock in my mouth, poking my ass out in the throuple's direction and flashing them my hole. Dylan reached down and started to run his fingers through my hair, which I found very sweet. I couldn't get enough of his dick! I sucked faster and faster, and started massaging and pulling on his balls as well. A while later, my fingers started to wander down his perineum, until they reached his hole and felt it pulsing.

    Dylan loved being fingered while getting a blowjob. I'd never done that to another guy before him, but I'd noticed how much he liked it a few weeks ago and started doing it as much as possible to him. Now, I made sure I had no sand on my fingers as I slowly slid my index finger inside Dylan's pulsating asshole. As soon as I was in, I realized there was something else inside as well.

    "Do you have cum in your ass?" I asked, and put Dylan's cock back in my mouth right after.

    "Yeah. It's fresh from this morning."

    Fuck! The thought of some other guy unloading inside Dylan's ass got me even hornier for some reason. I fingered his ass passionately, churning the load that was in there. It was driving Dylan to the edge, and pretty soon he was shooting his own load down my throat, moaning out loud for the people around us to hear.

    I grabbed my own cock with my right hand and started to jack myself off while swallowing Dylan's cum. I was close to the edge but not quite there yet, as Dylan shot the last few drops in my mouth. I was almost there! I wanted more and I got an idea. 

    I lifted one of Dylan's legs, and put my tongue right next to his hole.

    "Push it out," I said, rimming Dylan. 

    He opened his hole, and pushed out the load that was in there. I swallowed the cum, with no idea who it came from, as I shot my own load in the sand.

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