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Folsom Street Fair 2015

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Cowritten with: Tom R




    Part of me felt excited, while a part of me worried I'd made a huge mistake. As I looked out at the sea of harnesses, hairy chests, piercings, and exposed asses, I felt an immense thrill. Just like I did every year when coming to the Folsom Street Fair. But this year was different. After weeks of relentless begging, I had given in and walking beside me was my son. My 15-year-old son, here, at one of the wildest and most debaucherous events in the world. And I was the one who'd allowed it, so now I was tasked with looking after him.

    Rickie had come out to me as gay two years ago, to very little fanfare. I'd had my suspicions ever since he asked me to buy him a shirtless Zac Efron poster at age 10. So when he'd figured it out for himself at 13 and told me about it, it wasn't a big surprise. At the time, when I imagined his high school years, I pictured his "gay milestones" as having his first boyfriend, or stitching a rainbow patch on his backpack, or learning about Stonewall and Harvey Milk at local museums. I absolutely did not imagine bringing him to a place where we'd be walking past a muscular silver daddy wearing nothing but leather boots and a cockring.

    But here we were. It's not like this was something Rickie was completely unfamiliar with. This was San Francisco, after all. He'd seen naked, cockringed guys hanging out at the plaza at Market and Castro Streets plenty of times before in the middle of the day. (It might seem unimaginable to the rest of the country, but it was perfectly normal here.) He knew what leather daddies and pup boys were, from being around my friends, and no doubt from his own explorations of things online. He even knew what the Folsom Street Fair was since I went every year, usually with my cousin Ridge, his boyfriend Hank, and any number of our buddies. But Rickie had never seen it all up close like he was right now. We were headed into a dense crowd and there would be no way to miss anything.

    I tugged at the harness stretched across my bare chest, wondering if I should've worn a little more, even though this and the pair of worn, tight jeans I currently had on were my typical outfit every Fair (some years, I'd worn even less). I felt a little wary of getting too wild with Rickie around. Being bare-chested here inevitably invited pec rubs and nipple tweaks from anonymous hands in the crowd. Normally that sort of thing got my dick hard in two seconds flat, and even thinking about it now was having that same effect. I was freeballing in my jeans, with an inch-thick metal cockring around my dick and balls.

    "Where are we meeting Uncle Ridge and Uncle Hank?" my son asked, his eyes darting around as we squeezed past a man leading his girlfriend by a small chain clamped on her bare tits.

    "That way, down by the big stage," I replied, pointing down Folsom Street. More than ten blocks of the SoMa thoroughfare had been blocked off to traffic, and even though it was only noon, the crowd was dense. We pushed our way through people dressed like animals, or rocking head-to-toe rubber. Rickie was dressed for the warm weather in a tank top and his favorite pair of short shorts, which he'd had forever and were now at least two sizes too small. His arms and legs looked great from being on the freshmen track team the previous school year. He'd have no problem on the dating market once he started dating, or hooking up ("If he hasn't started already," a voice inside my head said.) He was already attracting plenty of attention as we made our way between clusters of people smoking and drinking. The air was thick with the smells of weed, beer, sweat, and musk.

    Rickie technically wasn't supposed to be here, but the only people showing IDs to enter were the ones getting wristbands that allowed them to purchase alcohol. The gatekeepers hadn't batted an eye when I'd walked in with Rickie, who was now almost as tall as I was. 

    Elbowing our way through the crowd, our search for Ridge and Hank continued. "After we find them, can we go check that out over there?" my son asked.

    I followed his gaze to a smaller stage a block down, which was currently occupied by a very muscular and handsome man wearing white briefs. People in the crowd were throwing water balloons at him as he laughed and tried to dodge them. He clearly had only had mixed success in doing that, since his briefs were already soaked and had become semi-transparent (which was the whole point, of course).

    "Sure, Rickie," I said, hesitant but also laughing. That was tame compared to some of the other things he'd probably see today, so I needed to get over whatever reservations I still had. We were here, and there was no turning back. If I changed my mind now, my son might get mad at me. Besides, unless I literally handcuffed him to his bed, he would probably just find a way to sneak into the Fair himself, and then he would get into a lot more trouble without me here to supervise him.

    After a few minutes, we finally saw Ridge and Hank standing over to one side of the crowd, holding plastic cups full of beer. They were both shirtless, with Hank wearing jeans and Ridge in nothing but a black jock. We all waved at each other as we made our way to them.

    "You fucker, you promised me you'd both be wearing pants," I said to my cousin, pulling him into a hug and feeling our chest hairs tickle one another's bodies. Quickly and discreetly, I gave his bare asscheek a playful smack.

    "I've been doing too many squats lately not to show this off," he said in my ear while jiggling his ass. "Besides, this is hardly the most obscene thing Rickie will witness here today." 

    I rolled my eyes and moved to greet Hank, as my cousin turned and pulled my son in for a hug.

    "Well, little man," Ridge said to him as they broke away from their embrace, "what do you think of all this? Is it what you expected?"

    "Sort of," Rickie replied, smiling. "The pictures online don't do it justice, that's for sure. It's a lot to take in."

    "That's what he said," Hank joked, eliciting a loud laugh from Ridge and eyerolls from Rickie and me. I couldn't help but notice my son eyeing his jockstrapped "uncle" up and down. Ridge had been part of Rickie's life since day one; he was the first person to hold him other than me and the hospital staff. My son always called him "Uncle Ridge," even though they were technically first cousins once removed. Since my cousin enjoyed showing off his body, Rickie had seen him in various states of undress over the years, but I don't think my son had ever seen Ridge quite in this light before.

    "Shall we do some exploring?" Ridge asked, looking at the rest of us. We all nodded and then plunged back into the crowd together. The next two hours were eye-opening for Rickie as we saw numerous men and plenty of women engaged in myriad forms of bondage, submission, and exhibition. There were guys simply standing on the sidewalk fully naked, jerking their hard cocks openly while looking around. 

    "They're allowed to do that?" my son asked, sounding more curious than judgmental.

    "Technically, they're not," I answered, "but as you can see, you can get away with anything at Folsom."

    "They're exhibitionists; they like doing it in public," my cousin chimed in with an educational tone of voice. "So today's like the biggest day of their year."

    We witnessed a man being slowly and completely covered with rope as three people circled him, adding to the constriction. Only his erect penis was permitted to remain exposed to the air, a fact that seemed to please the other three since at least one was almost constantly tugging on it as they moved around him.

    At one point we reached a space in the crowd and I noticed a man on his knees in a bright yellow speedo, with three other guys standing around him. Everyone seemed to be watching them but none of them were moving, and at first I wasn't sure what was going on. Then I saw streams of piss appear from the three men standing, all converging on the kneeling figure in the center. The crowd cheered all around, and I looked over at my son to find him slack-jawed in either surprise or awe. When he caught me looking, he blushed and then started laughing, and we just continued on.

    Hank left to grab us some beers (and water for Rickie) and when he returned, he not only handed me a drink but also a small, red capsule. I knew this was Hank's "special blend": a mix of molly, speed and viagra. He kept the dosage low (except for the viagra) to keep it from becoming incapacitating. This was a formula Hank had been iterating on for years, the perfect blend for going out and having fun without any severe compromising of judgment. Or so the theory went, anyway. I tossed the pill in my mouth and took a swig of beer, making sure Rickie hadn't seen any of it. There were some things I'd probably wait a few more years to tell him about.

    Later, Ridge was sent to get the next round of drinks, and when our cups were emptied again, it was my turn. The number of people around seemed to have tripled the last 45 minutes, and I knew this was how it would be for the rest of the day, until 5, when things wound down and people drifted away into the various bars and numerous after-parties. Feeling lighter than I had been earlier, I eased my way through the crowd and headed to the beer tent that seemed like it might have the shortest wait.

    After a moment at the end of the line, I sensed that someone was behind me. Turning around, I noticed a guy who looked around 30, about six inches shorter than me, and extremely muscular. He was wearing a red and black harness and a matching jock. His face had a boyish quality about it, contrasting with the otherwise very manly body.

    "Hey," he said with a seductive smile.

    "Hey," I replied, matching his tone. He reached out and grabbed my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, twisting and pulling slightly. The small action sent a ripple of pleasure through my body, and I felt my cock swell even more in my jeans. The guy glanced down at my bulge and then back up at me, his smile broadening. Taking half a step forward, he continued to work my nip while moving his other hand down to my crotch and gripping my hardening shaft through the worn denim. With only the thin fabric separating our skin, I could feel the warmth of his hand as it moved up and down my swelling member.

    "May I?" he said softly. There was no question in my mind about what he meant. I knew his type and what he was at the Fair to do. There were guys like this here every year. They loved servicing men in public, and wanted to take as many loads as they could, any way they could, with as many people watching as possible. I'd certainly donated plenty of cum to the cause of such men in years past. With Rickie along this time, I'd thought I might not get the chance. But here I was, on my own for at least a few minutes to get the beers. I figured I might as well seize the moment. Plus, the pill Hank gave me was starting to kick in, and I could feel some inhibitions wearing down.

    "Yes, you may," I said to the guy in front of me. In a flash, he shifted to a crouching position and was unbuttoning my fly. He looked intensely hungry, and I knew he'd probably work a load out of me quickly. The pill was also doing its job on my cock, which suddenly felt incredibly hard as the guy pulled it out and quickly took it into his mouth.

    "Fuck yeah," I said loudly, and the two men in line in front of me turned around to see what was going on. I saw them grin as their eyes moved back and forth between my face and the sight of the guy stroking and sucking me like his life depended on it. One of them nodded in approval and returned his gaze to the crowd, while the other man grabbed his own crotch and kept watching.

    The line continued to move forward, and every time I'd slowly step closer to the beer tent, my cocksucker shuffled along with me, never letting me slip out from between his lips. At one point, he was deep throating me and trying to hold my whole cock in his mouth as long as possible, and when I needed to take a step to keep the line moving, I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in tightly. He wrapped an arm around each of my legs and we waltzed in perfect tandem as I felt myself oozing precum down into his gullet. This guy was both dedicated and talented, and by now we had at least half a dozen people watching us, several of whom had stopped walking specifically to observe. A few guys even had their phones out and were taking video.

    The guys in front of me got their beers and then stepped aside, and I saw them both giving us one last smile before I turned my attention to the shirtless bear who was taking drink orders. I ordered three beers and a soda, speaking casually and without acknowledging the fact that I was getting my cock sucked while doing it. The bear had a smirk on his face but didn't comment on it either. This surely wouldn't be the last time he'd see this today, and it probably wasn't the first either.

    As he took my cash and turned to fill the four plastic cups, I glanced past him to the other side of the open tent. Ridge, Hank, and Rickie were all moving through the crowd and heading toward me. All three of them were scanning the area, and Rickie was the first to catch my eye. He flashed his perfect smile at me and gave a little wave, and then I saw him turn to tell my cousin he'd found me. I was pretty sure my son could only see me from the chest up due to the people, kegs, and other equipment between us. He certainly didn't react like I'd imagine he would if he saw me getting head in the middle of the crowd. It wasn't something I wanted him to see, but at the same time I couldn't ignore the rush of knowing that he was right there, and that we'd exchanged a greeting while I had my cock in a stranger's mouth.

    All the excitement, and the sensations of pleasure on my cock helped push me over the edge, and I started unloading down my cocksucker's throat. It had caught him by surprise, but he kept sucking even more vigorously. Clearly he wanted to feel and taste my cum, and he closed his eyes as he got his well-earned reward. As the last big spurt escaped out of me, I was presented with my four drinks. 

    "Enjoy the rest of your day," the bartending bear said, winking at me before turning his attention to the next patron. The cocksucker released my dick and stood up, a satisfied look on his face, matching my own.

    "Thanks," he said, though he might have just mouthed the word. The noise of the crowd was suddenly drowning out everything else for me. He turned and vanished as he pushed his way into the crowd. I wondered how many loads he would take today. He was in a jock and, like my cousin Ridge, didn't seem to have another stitch of clothing with him. He'd no doubt be getting loaded up at both ends here at the Fair, and probably at some parties afterward.

    My cock was still mostly hard, due to the combination of the cockring and Hank's pill. I stuffed it back into my pants and buttoned up without a second to spare. Rickie appeared from around the corner of the tent, followed by Ridge and Hank. I gave them all their drinks and we headed back out into the throngs of people.

    About an hour, we were standing near the edge of one of the stages. Rickie was to my right, Ridge and Hank to my left, and a crowd of thousands of people all around us. My cousin and his boyfriend had their hands all over each other, getting more and more unreserved by the minute. I saw their tongues darting in and out of each other's mouths as they kissed, and Hank's hands slid down my cousin's body and cupped Ridge's bare ass. Luckily, my son wasn't paying too close attention to his uncle's explicit behavior. A subtle glance over confirmed that Rickie was attentively watching the performers in front of us.

    On stage, five tanned and chiseled porn stars were engaged in a very captivating game of Twister. All of them had some kind of jockstrap on, either leather or cotton. It was clear that all of them were also extremely well-endowed; they were practically bursting out of their pouches by virtue of being fully erect. As one might expect, they were using every opportunity while entangled to push those bulges up against one another. Much of the time they were all facing in a different direction, which meant that we typically had a great view of at least one smooth asshole as the performer contorted himself in some odd position. I leaned over to speak to my son, who would barely be able to hear me even though I was right next to him, due to the cheering crowd around us.

    "Did you see anything like this when you looked at pictures online?" I asked, wondering how much research he'd done on his own.

    "No, nothing at all like this. It's..." my son shook his head for a moment before looking over at me. "It's awesome! Thank you so much for letting me come, Dad."

    My son gave me a quick hug, and we continued to watch the performers on stage. "Right hand on red," the leather daddy who was hosting the game said into the mic, and the five jocks switched positions. The one who was standing closest to us had his boner pop out of his jock as he contorted his body.

    "Why don't you take his cock in your mouth?" the leather daddy MC said to one of the other performers, who was only too happy to take a cock in his mouth on stage in front of hundreds of people... one of which was my son. Normally, I would feel extremely weird about having Rickie here, but thanks to Hank's pill, I couldn't feel any embarrassment or irritation. That is, until I looked at Hank and my cousin... and realized they were fucking right next to me.

    Ridge was gripping the railing that we both were pressed up against, but unlike me he was putting much of his weight on it, and using his muscular arms to keep himself steady. Hank's hands gripped his lover's waist just as tightly, and I could see that he had the waistband of Ridge's jock wrapped once around his hand. In the middle of the crowd where everyone pressed up against each other, Hank was fucking my cousin slowly, but with gusto.

    "Holy shit, Ridge!" I exclaimed into my cousin's ear, making sure my son couldn't hear me. "What the fuck are you doing?! Rickie's right next to us."

    Even without my son here, this was pretty extreme. It certainly wasn't the first time I'd seen Ridge and Hank fuck at the Folsom Street Fair, but they usually did it off to the side in the doorway of some building, with a small group of friends and strangers looking on. Having this happen right in the middle of it all was wild even for us, and I felt my cock return to full hardness in my jeans.

    "Relax, he's too busy looking at the stage," my cousin reassured me while his boyfriend discreetly pounded his ass. When I glanced down, I saw that Ridge had pushed the pouch of his jock to the side and was stroking his thick meat as Hank thrusted back and forth inside of him. I noticed that Ridge was wearing a cockring, very similar to mine. Although I was mad that they would do this just a few feet away from Rickie... I couldn't ignore how fucking hot this whole thing was.

    "You fucking slut," I said to my cousin, smiling as I shook my head at him. My irritation quickly faded, and I tried to block Rickie's view of the action happening next to me. I had known fully well what Rickie might see today – and he was currently watching a guy getting his dick sucked on stage – but I wasn't sure if he was ready to see his beloved uncle taking it up the ass right before his eyes.

    Meanwhile, a second guy on stage pulled his cock out and was now getting a blowjob. Most people in the audience laughed, clapped, and cheered, including Rickie. Even though I was still trying to block his view from Ridge and Hank, I realized I was glad I'd brought Rickie along today. I was definitely watching porn when I was his age; the biggest difference was that I felt self-conscious and embarrassed by it. Folsom was a celebration that said "it's okay to be into this," which in my opinion was a much healthier attitude for Rickie to have.

    Sometimes there are moments where you feel your perspective shift and you see new possibilities. And in that moment, I saw that my son and I could both be gay men and enjoy the camaraderie that came along with that. There could be a respectful distance, the way that plenty of good buddies keep things. I didn't need to know about Rickie's adventures, unless he wanted to tell me of course. And I was under no obligation to share every detail of my dalliances and debauchery with him. But I could also keep him under my wing in many ways, and slowly introduce him to this world that had brought me joy and friendship during much of my life.

    So many gay men had that life totally separate from their biological families, creating chosen families with bonds just as strong. But I was lucky enough to have it all. I looked over at Rickie as he smiled, watching one porn star begin to rim another up on the stage. I reached over with my right arm and pulled Rickie closer to me, and he brought his left arm up around my back. Then, I extended my other arm leftward and pulled my cousin to me in the same way. Hank, still balls deep in Ridge's ass, also took the half step over toward me, and I could feel his hip push up against my ass cheek with each short, discreet thrust he made. I squeezed Ridge's shoulder with my left hand, and I heard him gasp softly. Since he was closer to me now, I couldn't see his hand on his cock any longer, but I knew he was shooting his load this very moment. He was probably moaning but I wasn't able to hear it due to the noise. It was wild feeling him spasm with my arm around him, and I shifted to rubbing his sweaty back as he finished his orgasm.

    Ridge shifted himself a little more upright, though not dislodging Hank from his hole as he did it. I felt my cousin's arm slide around my back as well, and I had both him and my son in a half-embrace, one on each side. I smiled when I felt Ridge and Rickie's arms meeting across my spine, gripping one another's wrists. Hank's motions stopped as he gave a final, hard thrust forward. I could tell he was cumming, filling my cousin's ass with his load. After a moment, I felt Hank's hand join the other two on my back. I felt connected to all of them and as unconventional as it might have been, I knew this day with my family would stand out in my memory for a long time.

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