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Triple Cum

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    I didn't often work the Sunday morning shift but whenever I did, it was always interesting. The crowd was a curious mixture of early risers getting brunch, and groups of partiers who still hadn't wrapped up their Saturday night. The bars all closed at 2 AM, but there were plenty of places that stayed open all night for those who wanted to keep dancing, and our diner was one of their favorite spots to hit up afterward and order every greasy item on the menu while coming down from whatever they'd consumed a few hours earlier.

    Today wasn't an ordinary Sunday, however: it was my 21st birthday! In just a few hours, I'd be having my party, alongside all of the people in my life that were dear to me. And that included Dylan.

    After all this time, I finally knew how I felt about him. A few weeks ago, he'd gone back to Sacramento to spend the holidays with his family, and being away from him felt like torture. I constantly caught myself daydreaming about his handsome face, his endearing charm, and his fantastic cock. Today was my special day, and I knew just how to make it even more special: tonight, I would ask Dylan to be my boyfriend.

    I'd never had a boyfriend before, but I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect than Dylan for the role. He'd wanted to take me out for a fancy dinner on my birthday, but when I told him I was throwing a party he invited me out for lunch during my break instead. Now, I was counting down the minutes at the diner, waiting for him to arrive any moment. And just like clockwork...

    "Hey! How's the birthday boy?" Dylan asked with a smile as he walked into the diner, making me smile ear-to-ear.

    "Hi," I said, giving him a kiss over the counter. "I'm okay. I just gotta do a couple more things real quick and I'll be ready to go," I added, grabbing a few takeout orders from the kitchen window and placing them near the register.

    "Cool," he smiled again, making me want to hug him and never let him go. "I'll go use the bathroom in the meanwhile."

    We exchanged another quick kiss, and I watched his ass as he walked down the hall leading to the facilities. Even as a total bottom myself, I couldn't help but admire an ass as nice as Dylan's. I felt butterflies in my stomach, making me feel excited, but also nervous about tonight's party. It was a pretty big night! Not only would I be "proposing" to Dylan, it was also the first time he would be meeting my–

    "Dad!" I said, surprised to see my father walking through the main door of the diner. "What're you doing here?"

    "I came by to pick up the food I ordered," Dad said. "I'm going to your uncles' house, and you know how they love the burgers from here."

    I looked over and sure enough, one of the orders I'd just grabbed had my father's name on the ticket. I handed him the bag of food and began to ring him up.

    "So, how's the birthday boy?" Dad asked the same question Dylan did just moments earlier.

    "Pretty good. It's almost my break and I'm going out for lunch with a... friend."

    "A friend, or your special friend?" Dad teased. After all the nights I'd spent at Dylan's recently, my father had definitely caught on to the fact there was someone special in my life.

    Just then, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, and I was surprised to see it was a text from Dylan. As my father tied up his plastic bag full of food tightly, I read the message that said "I just got an idea. Why don't you join me in the last stall?" It put a wide grin across my face, which didn't escape my dad.

    "That him?" he asked, looking at the phone in my hand and back up at me with a knowing expression. I nodded, sending a thumbs-up emoji to Dylan.

    "Listen, I'm headed out," my father gave me a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. "If I don't catch you at home, I'll see you at the party tonight."

    I untied my apron and made a beeline for the restroom, which seemed empty, with no one at the urinals and the doors to the first two stalls wide open. The third and last one was closed, however, and I tried opening it without knocking. It was unlocked.

    Dylan's mind was right were I thought it would be – and right where I liked it! He pulled me in by my shirt and started kissing me passionately, all while dexterously closing and locking the stall door. With his lips pressed against mine and his tongue exploring my mouth, Dylan started to undo my pants and I began doing the same to him. I quickly had his cock in my hand – which was already almost fully hard – and I used his precum to make it nice and slick. When I knew he was ready, I broke our kiss and turned around, keeping my hand on him while guiding him to my waiting hole.

    Doing this here made it so much more thrilling! I've never done anything with another man at work, even though I'd caught other couples (usually gay men) going at it in the bathroom several times, or even jerking each other off discreetly at one of the tables. I knew this neighborhood was much more gentrified and sanitized than it had been in the past, but there were certain layers of sexiness that you just couldn't scrub off San Francisco, which is why I loved living here so much.

    When Dylan's cock slid into me, it felt just right, like it always did. The familiarity didn't take anything away from the hotness and excitement, and I loved feeling connected to him like this. Sometimes I didn't even need to cum when we fucked; having his load inside me was its own reward. But today was my birthday, after all, and when I felt Dylan's hand wrap around my own leaking erection as he began to thrust into me, I knew I'd be blowing my own load soon, too.

    Since we didn't have too much time, we went at it quite quickly and aggressively. That is, until we heard the door open and someone's footsteps walking toward the urinals. For a moment, we stopped moving and held our breath. San Francisco or not, it was wise to keep things as quiet as possible. I certainly didn't want to get fired on my birthday.

    My heart was beating fast and I could feel Dylan's doing the same, with his chest pressed against my back, as we heard the stranger's piss hit the urinal. With his cock still inside me, Dylan started to thrust back and forth slowly, which felt AMAZING, probably hotter now that it was even riskier. The fact that someone else was in here just turned me on even more, and so it didn't surprise me when Dylan started picking up the pace again soon, both with his thrusting and his stroking of my cock. I just kept my hands pressed against the wall for support and let myself enjoy all the sensations.

    The man at the urinal seemed to be taking the longest piss in the world. Dylan and I tried to keep the noise down, but it was increasingly difficult to hold back from letting out moans of pleasure as I got my hole fucked at the same time as getting my hard cock edged. "Fuck it," I thought, and let out a loud "AAAH!" as Dylan's cock slammed back and forth inside me, moving faster by the second.

    As Dylan picked up speed, his balls started slapping my thighs, echoing in the entire bathroom. We couldn't hear the stranger pissing anymore, but there were no footsteps walking out of the restroom either. We didn't care anymore either way, and Dylan started really nailing me good! He went rougher and rougher on my ass, stroking my cock at the same speed, until he let out a suppressed grunt and I felt his load filling up my insides. 

    I bit my lip in an effort not to be too loud. Each time Dylan's cock pulsed inside me and deposited more of his load, I was closer to the edge. I loved being a cumdump for Dylan, and starting off the 21st year of my life with his jizz inside my hungry ass. Suddenly, I felt my own climax surging. My cum splattered the back wall of the toilet stall as Dylan's hand milked every drop from me. 

    I'm not sure how quiet I was, but by the time my head cleared, I could hear the sink running and the door being opened and shut. I turned around and kissed Dylan with his cock still inside me. Now that we were the only people in the bathroom again, we started to laugh at what we just did. Dylan began to pull out of me and I squeezed my ass tightly to keep his load inside as I pulled up my pants.

    When we left the stall, I glanced over at the nearest urinal. An impressively thick load was slowly running down the porcelain surface. 

    "Looks like we weren't the only ones to bust a nut," I pointed the stranger's jizz out to Dylan.

    "Triple cum. Nice!" he nodded, before we washed our hands and headed out for my birthday lunch. 



     After leaving the diner where Rickie worked on his birthday, I walked a few blocks to where I had parked. Finding a spot was tough on Sundays when most of the metered spots were free of charge. As I got in my car and set the bag of food on the passenger seat, I realized that I probably should have taken a piss before heading out. The drive over the Bay Bridge to Berkeley where Ridge lived was likely to take a while, and I hated being stuck in traffic with a full bladder. 

    I contemplated it for a few seconds, and I realized the best thing to do was go back to the diner and take a piss there. When I arrived back, Rickie was no longer behind the register, so I figured he was already out for lunch with his "friend." I'd never met Rickie's special friend, or lover, or fuck buddy, or whatever they chose to call each other; but I was happy to see my boy all grown up and potentially on the cusp of his first real relationship.

    I entered the diner's bathroom, which seemed empty at first, but as I stepped up to the urinal and unzipped my pants, I realized I could hear the distinctive sounds of two men having sex in one of the stalls. Yup, that's definitely what it was! They tried to keep it down, but they weren't nearly as discreet as they might think. I smiled and shook my head. I wasn't surprised to witness something like this in this part of town. I myself have gotten a blowjob a couple of times in this very bathroom, while my son was out working a shift. 

    The men's breathing and the wet sounds of penetration and skin contact were echoing around the small tiled room. The door had creaked audibly when I entered, so it was hard to imagine they didn't know someone else was in here. Maybe they were too caught up in one another to notice. Or maybe they just didn't care. That thought made my cock plump up as I finished my long piss, and started shaking my cock longer than necessary. 

    Pretty soon, the shaking had turned into stroking, as I heard a loud "AAAH!" coming from the occupied stall. It was almost definitely the bottom who'd let out that moan of ecstasy. Even though he knew someone else was in here, he couldn't help himself. He was probably too horny to give a shit about any of that. An eager slut who needed a load fucked deep into him just to get through the day. They were always the hottest to hook up with. Thinking about that took my dick to full hardness, and I began stroking while I listened to them.

    I hadn't cum since having sex with Dylan on Friday night. This morning had been busy but I was still horny, and this was a nice chance to relieve that. Things sounded like they were picking up in the stall, as the two guys fucked faster and harder. I imagined myself in there, nailing the bottom's hot ass and unloading deep inside him. I was getting close, but before I could push myself over the edge, the top in the bathroom stall beat me to it. He tried to keep it down, but it was clear to me that he was cumming. A few seconds later, I heard the bottom shooting his load too. He let a quick whimpering moan escape his lips, and upon hearing that I pictured a cute boy pushed up against the wall, so turned on at getting bred in public that he couldn't help but cum.

    At the exact same time, my own semen shot out of my cock and into the urinal. Three, four, five thick spurts! Guys playing in public were such a turn on for me, and I was grateful to these two for the audio show they just gave me. I left my load in the urinal and hoped that they would see it and take it as my way of saying thank you.

    On the drive across the Bay, I found my mind wandering back to Dylan, as it often did these days. "I should take him to the diner some day; maybe breed him in that very stall," I thought. I missed him, even though we'd only been apart for a little over 24 hours. I imagined what life might be like if I were making this drive with him on the passenger side, holding my hand. As amazing as the sex was, my romantic feelings for Dylan got stronger by the week as well. With precisely a week to go until Valentine's Day, it seemed like love and relationships were all around me. And then, it hit me. I knew what I wanted to do next.

    I would invite Dylan on a date for Valentine's Day. And I would officially ask him to be my boyfriend.



    I was never a big fan of bars, but the place we were currently at wasn't all that bad. It wasn't strictly a gay bar, but like everywhere in this city there was no shortage of gay men. Two of those men were my boyfriends, who were currently in the middle of the dance floor with me, making out as a threesome, attracting the attention of curious onlookers who tried to act like they were too cool to stare, but who just couldn't help it.

    My boyfriend Hank was on my left, and I had my arm around his shoulder, holding an empty glass. On my right was Ridge, and as we kissed I squeezed his ass with my right hand. We were at Ridge's nephew's 21st birthday party. I'd met the kid a few times before, and we all got to spend a lot of time together over the holiday season. I liked him a lot. He'd taken to me joining his uncles' relationship without blinking an eye, and always treated me the same as he did Ridge and Hank, which meant a lot to me. Since the two of them were together for so long before we became a throuple, I still felt insecure about being "the new guy" at times, and I appreciated not being treated like an outsider.

    "I'm going to the bar. Anyone want a drink?" I asked my boyfriends, who gave me their orders. 

    As I waited at the bar for our drinks, I was suddenly joined by the birthday boy.

    "Hey, Rickie! Can I get you a drink?" I offered.

    "I'll have a shot of tequila," he said, which is exactly what I expected to hear from a 21-year-old. "But only if you take one with me."

    We downed our shots and bit into the orange slices together (this place served tequila with cinnamon and orange rather than salt and lime). After that, Ridge's nephew had a request for me.

    "Also, I go by Brody now, so I'd appreciate it if you could call me that," he said.

    Indeed, I'd noticed some of his friends tonight calling him that, which came as a surprise.

    "Of course," I said. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

    "No problem. My first name is Broderick, and I've been Rickie or Lil Rickie my whole life, but that feels really infantile now. My dad and Uncle Ridge are having a hard time making the switch, which I understand, and I don't wanna nag them too much about it. But I prefer Brody now."

    "Noted," I nodded. "And hey, just between you and me: my parents still call me Willy most of the time."

    "No way!" he laughed and teased me about it for a while. I looked at the busy dance floor and noticed my boyfriends, who didn't seem to mind that I wasn't there with their drinks yet. They were dancing and talking with Thorne, who had some pretty good moves for a man his age. Brody and I chatted at the bar and soon I ordered us a second round of tequila shots.

    "Thanks, Uncle Bill," he said after downing his drink.

    "I'm Uncle Bill now?" I smiled.

    "Sure. I've been calling Uncle Ridge and Uncle Hank that for years, and you're all together now, so it makes sense."

    I smiled even wider, feeling incredibly grateful to be a part of this family. I looked at Brody, who seemed to be checking the door every few seconds.

    "You waiting for someone?" I asked.

    "Yes. Just this guy."

    "Oooh. There's a guy," I teased. "Who is he?"

    "We've been seeing each other for a few months now. And tonight... I'm gonna ask him to be my boyfriend."

    "That's great!"

    "Yeah. I've never asked anyone that, so I'm kinda nervous," Brody admitted, fidgeting with his fingers. "Plus, he and Dad are meeting for the first time, so I'm trying not to freak out."

    "Oh, honey, everything will be fine," I reassured him and gave him a hug. 

    "There he is now!" Brody exclaimed while hugging me, looking at the door over my shoulder.

    I rubbed the birthday boy's back for a few more seconds before turning around to look at the guy approaching us. I was shocked when I recognized who it was.



    I was happy to make it to the bar on time. After leaving Brody waiting for me at Baker Beach that time, I always tried to be super punctual when meeting him. Especially tonight, since it was his birthday party. 

    Twenty-one. I remembered my own. It was a crazy night out with my friends. I'd met a couple of Brody's friends, who would be here tonight. But more importantly: some of Brody's family would also be in attendance. As I walked into the bar, I felt a bit nervous, since I would be meeting them for the first time.

    Brody's face was the first one I saw after entering the venue. He was hugging a man by the bar, and smiled ear-to-ear when he saw me walk in. I smiled back and waved, and made my way to them.

    As they broke off their hug and the other man turned around to face me, it took me aback and I needed a couple of seconds to remember where I knew him from. It was Bill; I'd met him a few months ago at another birthday party, one that Thorne had brought me to.

    Before I could say anything, Brody jumped in my arms and gave me a big kiss. I kissed him back and said "Happy Birthday," before turning to Bill.

    "What're you doing here? D'you guys know each other?" I asked, feeling amused.

    Bill's expression looked VERY intense. He seemed surprised to see me as well, but it was much stronger than that. It was... almost frightening.

    Everything happened so quickly next. Three more men joined us from the dance floor. Brody seemed thrilled to see them approach us. And I felt like I might be having a heart attack.

    "Oh my god, everyone's here at the same time!" Brody said with glee. "Dylan, this is my dad, Thorne. Dad, this is Dylan. The friend I was telling you about."

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