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Cumshots All Around

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    Time seemed to stand still. 

    "Dylan, this is my dad, Thorne. Dad, this is Dylan. The friend I was telling you about…" Brody's words seemed to echo in my mind. Looking at the shocked expressions on Dylan's and Thorne's faces, I could tell they were going through the same thing: finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

    Thorne and his son Brody – who used to go by Rickie when I first met him – were dating the same guy, unbeknownst to each other. Dylan was none the wiser either. And now here we were at Brody's 21st birthday party when the bombshell dropped. The poor birthday boy smiled ear-to-ear, unaware that anything was wrong, standing next to my two boyfriends. 

    "Ridge, Hank," I quickly intervened, addressing my partners, "why don't you go with Brody and get a round of shots at the bar? Now!" I said with urgency, making eye contact with Ridge in trying to get my message across. Luckily, he seemed to take the hint and he dragged his nephew to the bar. Brody, who'd had so many shots tonight that he was blissfully drunk by now, was happy to go along.

    "What the hell happened?!" Thorne asked as soon as he and I were alone with Dylan.

    "It seems like you and your son have been dating the same man," I said.

    "But… But I thought your son's name was Rickie?" Dylan said to Thorne.

    "It is, short for Broderick," Thorne said, still looking shell-shocked. "He's mentioned to me that he prefers to go by Brody now, but he's been my Little Rickie his whole life, it's been hard to make the switch."

    "I didn't know… I swear I didn't know," Dylan explained.

    "What the hell are we gonna do now?!" Thorne asked in panic.

    "Guys, I know this has nothing to do with me, but if I may offer a solution?" I said. 

    "Please!" the two men replied in symphony. The music around us was loud, but we were so caught up in our conversation we weren't paying any attention to it.

    "Whatever you do, don't tell Brody tonight," I said. "He's drunk, it's his 21st birthday, and he… he was gonna ask you to be his boyfriend tonight," I revealed to Dylan. "If you tell him tonight, it'd be too much of a shock. Just wait until tomorrow, when he's sober."

    "Okay. I agree," Thorne nodded.

    "Fine. Then I should leave," Dylan said, looking for the exit.

    "Wait, just stick around a little while," I suggested, "then feign an illness or something and go."

    Brody and my boyfriends came back from the bar, carrying drinks for everyone. We took the shots, then stood awkwardly and danced in a circle. Brody danced with Dylan, but every time he leaned in for a kiss, Dylan pulled away.

    "I've got a really bad cough, I don't want you to catch anything," I heard him say.

    "Really? You were fine this afternoon," Brody wondered. My assumption was that Dylan was avoiding kissing Brody in front of Thorne.

    "I don't know, it just started," Dylan said and faked a cough. "I think I should head out. I'm so sorry, but I'll see you tomorrow. You go and have fun with your friends tonight."

    "But there was something I wanted to ask you," Brody protested.

    "You'll ask me tomorrow. I promise," Dylan smiled and even in the dimly-lit bar, I could see it in his eyes how much he cared about Brody. I'd seen the same affection in Dylan's eyes when we had dinner with him and Thorne. 

    "I'll walk you out," I offered to Dylan, and guided him out of the bar while Brody went to rejoin his friends. Outside, while Dylan waited for his car, I gave him my number. "Call me if you need to talk," I suggested, and we exchanged a big hug.



    "What the fuck am I going to do?" I wondered as I walked down Castro Street early on Monday morning. I was supposed to be going to work, but I'd called and taken a sick day, faking an illness for the second time in two days. Instead, I was headed to a gay bar on the corner of Church and Market Street that I knew would be open at this hour, where I was to meet Bill.

    Bill had sprung up all of a sudden as the savior in this crazy situation. With everything that happened with me and Brody and Thorne last night; I needed a neutral outsider to help me wrap my mind around things. I'd spent all night tossing and turning, and when I texted Bill in the middle of the night to ask if everyone at the party was okay, he offered to meet me at a bar this morning and have a chat.

    "How could I have missed this?" I berated myself for the umpteenth time. Even if they weren't father and son, I had no business going out with two men at the same time. But it'd started so innocent; we were just "having fun." None of us had ever talked about being exclusive, even though I'd started catching feelings almost simultaneously for them… for both of them. And now?

    The horrible truth was: I was in love with them both. I had known it for a while, though I'd done a pretty good job convincing myself that I would get it figured out before it blew up in my face. But this was more than an explosion. It was a supernova, totally devastating to both my heart and my mind. At one point last night I'd all but decided to just walk away and be done with both of them, as hard as that would be. It seemed like the only path that didn't involve ongoing heartbreak for all of us. But then I started thinking back on the hot sex and tender moments I had shared with both Throne and Brody, which just left me even more confused and back at a place of indecision.

    Bill was waiting for me at the back patio of the bar. I was happy to meet him here, away from the bustle of the main street. There was just one other person here, a patron in his 30s with a man bun and hipster glasses, very typical for the city.

    "I took the liberty of ordering you a beer," Bill said, sitting at a table with two large, full pint glasses. I felt like I could kiss him, but it's precisely that which got me in all this trouble: kissing one too many men.

    "Thank you," I said and sat down next to him, taking a long sip before asking, "How was the party last night?"

    "It was okay. Brody was bummed that you left but he had fun with all his friends. Thorne just… stood around like a zombie to be honest, and he left not long after you."

    "He texted me," I said. "He said we should all meet at their apartment tonight after he's done with work."

    "So do you know what you're gonna do?" Bill asked.

    "I'm gonna break up with both of them," I said reluctantly. "What else CAN I do??"

    "Well… I know this is unusual, but you can try dating both of them," Bill suggested. His idea surprised me and I had to sit and process it for a moment.

    "You mean like you and Hank and Ridge?"

    "No, not quite. The three of us are a throuple, meaning each of us is dating two people. Thorne and Brody wouldn't be dating each other, they would just be dating you. If they agree to it, of course."

    "So kinda like sister wives," I chuckled, the sleep deprivation getting to me.

    "Actually, yes, kinda," Bill said. "I mean, it might be a long shot, but you can give it a go."

    "God, I don't know if I can even bring it up," I said, rubbing my temples and my forehead.

    "It's a lot of people's fantasy," Bill chuckled.

    "What, the whole father-son thing? Oh, trust me, I know. You just never think it's actually gonna happen to you. Especially not after what happened last summer."

    "What happened last summer?" Bill asked, looking confused.

    "Well, it has nothing to do with this current situation, but last summer I hooked up with a father and son. I think they were visiting here from LA. Back then I did food delivery, and there was this crazy hot guy who always answered the door shirtless or in his underwear. One time, he was wearing nothing at all and he invited me in, and his son was there too. Just as handsome, and also undressed. There was porn playing on the TV and that's when I realized it was the two of them, fucking." 

    I adjusted my bulge, getting hard from my own story. As scattered as my brain was, my cock still reacted to this memory, which was hands-down one of hottest in my whole life.

    "Holy shit," Bill replied with a mix of awe and disbelief in his voice.

    "It gets crazier," I continued, "because they agreed to fuck for me. Like, while I watched, in person. The dad fingered his son's ass and then bred him, right there in front of me. I even got in on the action at the end. It was... it was an incredible night. It's something that I've never told anyone about. I figured most people would think I was either lying or that they were just roleplaying. But they were the real thing, I know it."

    Bill moved his hand away from his beer glass and brought it down to his own crotch, visibly rubbing himself. So I did the same. I think even the hipster a couple of tables down noticed us. Then, Bill's next question surprised me.

    "You said this was last summer? Where did you meet them?"

    "They were renting an apartment right here on Scott Street."

    "Holy shit, I met them too," Bill laughed. "Ben and Sam, right?"

    "YES! Where did you meet?"

    "Baker Beach," said Bill, looking wistful. "I watched them get it on right there on the sand, in front of everyone."

    "Fuck," I marveled, imagining those two hot fuckers putting on a show in the sun. I wasn't at all surprised to hear they would do it in public as well.

    "And then I was lucky enough to go back to their place," Bill continued. "I wasn't ever totally sure if it was all an act, but they looked a lot alike. And their rapport... it seemed legit. They said they had only met –"

    "The year before!" I finished, feeling both excited and turned on to have someone to share this experience with. "They met as adults and slowly realized their attraction to one another. So they just... went for it."

    "Fucking amazing," Bill said in agreement. "So Dylan... I want you to tell me everything that happened. Don't leave out anything. I gotta know it all."

    "Only if you'll do the same," I replied eagerly. Next, I told him about Ben answering the door in his underwear while I delivered his lunch, and how he jerked off and shot his cum right in front of me as he stood in the doorway. About how – as I got to watch them play with each other – Ben made his son moan while working his fingers into the boy's perfect hole. And how Sam clearly loved getting fucked by his father.

    By this point, Bill had both hands in his lap, and I realized his cock was now out of his pants. I knew that the indecent exposure wouldn't be a big deal here, even though I'd never done anything quite so bold in a bar at 10 AM. The lunch crowd would start pouring in soon, but for now it was just us and the hipster with the glasses, who had taken notice of Bill's actions and flashed us a smile.

    It would have been difficult not to take notice, because Bill's cock was huge! Thorne had mentioned to me that they called him "Big Bill" (even though he was quite skinny) and how I could see why. 

    If Bill noticed my stunned expression he gave no sign of it, and I'm sure he was used to those reactions anyway. After I was done recapping my experience with Ben and Sam for him, he started his own story, telling me what happened after he met the two of them at the beach.

    "Ben basically used the opportunity to teach his son how to suck a big cock," he began. "My cock, to be precise. He guided him through it every step of the way. It was wild, the whole teaching aspect of it combined with their father-son talk… I was pretty much on edge the whole time, leaking down Sam's throat as he tried to get more of me in."

    "Oh shit," I moaned, giving in and unzipping my own pants. If Bill was going to throw caution to the wind, I would too. My cock had been aching for escape so when I pulled it out and started stroking, it quickly got slicked up with precum. Bill eyed it, smiled at me, and continued his story.

    "The whole scene – even though I wasn't sure they were for real – was so intense. The father watching his son suck the cock of a dude they just met. Telling him what to do and getting turned on while it happened. Looking proud when I told him how good his boy was. I started getting a little rough with Sam, making him gag, but Ben just kept egging us on. Eventually he came closer and stood right over us to get a closer look. Told me they'd been 'working on' Sam's oral skills for a while."

    "Ugh," was the only response I could muster when Bill paused for a moment. This all sounded so much like how they'd interacted when I met them, and it was taking me right back to that night.

    "Right before I blew my load," Bill said, "Ben coated his son's back with jizz. The boy was swallowing my cum just as his dad was finishing off. And he was loving every second. And fuck... then the dad scooped up his load and fingered it right into his son's hole. Sam was getting cum from both ends."

    I remember how much Sam wanted his father's load, and I moaned as I imagined the whole scene, looking into Bill's eyes.

    "Fuck, man," Bill said, as he continued to jerk his giant cock. "I love jerking off thinking about those two. And now after everything you told me, it's even hotter. Knowing for sure that they were the real deal."

    "I still can't believe it happened to me," I said, feeling close to cumming now. "I sorta save thinking back on it for special moments. Like I'm gonna wear out the memory," I chuckled a little amidst my sighs of pleasure. The hipster dude was still watching us both and was now groping his crotch vigorously, which only upped the hotness of this moment even more.

    "I think we've got an audience," Bill said, nodding his head toward the guy watching us.

    "I don't mind. If Ben and Sam can do it for all of Baker Beach, we can get away with it here," I said, and remembered the time Brody and I fucked at that very same beach. Thinking back… it was right after Thorne fucked me that morning. I'd gone to the beach with Thorne's load up my ass. And Brody… he… he ate his father's cum out of my ass!!

    "OH FUCK! Uhhhh," I cried, suddenly blasting cum all over my jeans. Leaning my head back and closing my eyes, the scene replayed in my mind. I could feel Brody's tongue on my ass. I could feel Throne's cum running out. I could feel Brody lapping it up, unaware that the fresh load had just come out of his dad's balls. 

    Spurt after spurt of cum came shooting out of my dick. When my breathing slowed and the last drops of cum had dribbled from my cock, I opened my eyes and looked over at Bill. He was unloading as well, blowing jizz all over his shirt with his eyes closed, probably thinking about Ben and Sam.

    "Here you go," I said and passed Bill a napkin when he was done cumming, and took another one to clean myself up. As I did so, I saw the hipster guy smirking at us, and reach for a napkin on his own table, dabbing his lap. Seems like there were cumshots all around. What a way to start the week!

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