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Do It, Daddy!

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    I slept like a dead man all afternoon, and when I woke up in the early evening I walked zombie-like to the window to open it and air out the apartment. After a refreshing shower, I made my way to Thorne's apartment. "Thorne and Brody's apartment," I corrected myself mentally. 

    Thorne was the one to let me in, without much more than a "hello." The two of them were expecting me, but there was still an awkward pause when I turned the corner into the living room. Brody was sitting on the sofa and Thorne made his way to one of the chairs; the same chair where I'd ridden his cock for an hour less than a week before. I grabbed another chair, and waited for someone to break the silence, until Thorne finally did.

    "I told Rickie – I mean Brody! – about... everything," he said, fumbling for the right words to describe this crazy situation. "So he's up to speed. I guess. Have you... have you thought about things? I don't even..." He faltered again, and then just sort of looked away. The tension in the air was thick.

    "I'm sorry," Brody said suddenly. I wasn't sure who he was speaking to, or maybe it was both of us. "If I had introduced you two sooner, maybe... maybe this wouldn't have ended up like this." My heart broke a little, seeing the sad look on his face as he uttered those words. I realized just then that I wasn't the only one blaming himself for everything! Brody and Thorne were probably going through the same exact thing. Brody looked me in the eye and I could tell that he'd been crying earlier, though I'm sure he was trying to play it off.

    "Don't be sorry!" I replied, beating Thorne to reassuring him. I sat there looking at both of them, wondering how to steer this conversation toward the idea I planned to propose. "I met you both on the same day. Did you know that?"

    Thorne looked stunned by this, and Brody actually appeared to be amused, cracking a sardonic smile.

    "Fuck," he said, almost laughing. "I remember Dad coming home that night with a big smile on his face. I didn't ask but I knew you'd been out with someone you liked." Brody looked at his father with a mix of humor and despair.

    "I remember you being in a good mood that day, too," Thorne replied, looking bewildered. "Jesus, that's so crazy. And it's been all these months..." There was another long pause. Then his expression got more serious, and more fatherly (which I couldn't help but find a little hot, even in this tense moment). "So what are we going to do?"

    I started to get the sense that Thorne was going to volunteer to step back, or give me up, or however he might be planning to phrase it. It tracked with what I knew and loved about him: he would put his own needs aside for his son, and try his best to stay out of our way. But I couldn't handle even hearing him propose that, so I jumped in before he could continue.

    "I have an idea," I said, and suddenly their eyes were on me intently. I think they both had been hoping I would make the decision for us. "I was the one who let this go on too long... I knew I had feelings for both of you, but I couldn't ever force myself to choose. I kept putting it off and assumed I would figure it out eventually. But I still can't imagine choosing one of you over the other, so... maybe I won't. I mean... what if we just keep going like we have been? Except now we know."

    They both were quiet for a few seconds, and they had the same expression of confusion on their faces. The exact same expression, in fact. "How could I've not noticed this before?" I asked myself again. Now that I knew they were father and son, I couldn't unsee the similarities, despite their differences in complexion.

    "What do you mean? I don't understand," Thorne asked.

    "I want to keep dating you both," I replied, realizing now was the time to be as clear as possible. "I'm in love with both of you. And there's no way I could ever be with one of you while the other one steps aside. So it's either both or none! We've all said we're fine with open and 'alternative' relationships," I used air quotes. "So let's just try and see how this can work. I know it sounds insane, but I believe we can achieve it. There's no way I could lose one of you, and losing you both doesn't sound good either. So that leaves... this."

    "Do you want us to be a throuple?" Brody asked, looking skeptical.

    "No!" I said quickly. "Not in the way your uncles are. Even though that's partly what sparked the idea."

    "So my son and I would be like your... co-boyfriends?" Thorne said. I was pleased to see signs that he was actually considering my suggestion.

    "That sounds very clinical. But, yes, I guess," I replied.

    "I've heard of sister wives; would we be brother-boyfriends?" Brody tried to crack a joke.

    "Let's not go crazy with the terminology," I suggested with a smile. "We'll just be… us. We'll do it our own way. We're gay men in San Francisco, after all. It's almost our duty to bust through norms and do things unconventionally."

    I looked over at Thorne, who seemed interested, although he also looked exhausted and even haggard. I felt strong affection for him in that moment, and appreciated his usual handsomeness even more.

    "That's unconventional, alright," Thorne said, shaking his head a little. "I don't... I don't know, Dylan. I don't mind an open relationship, but this..." He trailed off and then just sighed, looking back and forth between me and his son.

    "Let's do it," Brody said suddenly, catching both me and his father off guard. "I want to try it. He's right, Dad. Maybe we can do this our own way. You've always taught me to consider different ideas. So what the hell! If anyone can make this work, I think it's us."

    "I don't disagree that we could make it work," Thorne said calmly. "And it is an interesting idea. So I'm on board. But we need to move slowly. And for now… honestly, for now all I wanna do is go to bed," he said, on the verge of passing out. Of the three of us, he was the only one who'd spent a full day at work today, and I was pretty sure he couldn't get any sleep last night after the party either. 

    "Go to sleep, Daddy. We'll talk in the morning," Brody said and went to give his father a hug before turning to me and asking, "Why don't we go take a short walk? I need some fresh air."



    Being outside helped clear my head. I was still a little hung over from my birthday, and I hadn't had much time to start feeling normal before Dad dropped the bomb on me earlier this evening. But now, walking along the Panhandle with Dylan, things didn't seem that strange. I still felt the same way about him, and even with everything that just happened, I had no doubt that he felt any less serious about me. He'd even said he loved me. Loved both of us. I'd been planning on telling him the same thing at the party. Maybe this wasn't how I'd imagined it, but I was still happy to hear the four-letter word.

    As we walked, Dylan asked me about how the rest of the party went and inquired about some of my friends that he'd seen during the short time he'd been at the bar. We were chatting just like we might have done any other evening. Things were so easy with Dylan; I could just be myself. It was all part of what made me feel sure I wanted to make a more serious commitment.

    When he reached out to hold my hand, I gladly intertwined our fingers and we just walked in silence like that for a little while, until we reached the corner and Golden Gate Park loomed alongside us, the trees blocking some of the light from the surrounding city.

    "Are you okay? With this whole thing? Doing this?" Dylan asked. I stared into his eyes and I knew that he was going to try and make this work with every fiber of his being. That he wanted me – and my Dad – to be happy, and that he believed he could bring that to both of us. And that was enough to make me believe it too.

    "Yes. I want to be with you. Nothing has changed that," I said, meaning every word. "So I want to do it. It's worth it. You're worth it." I had never seen Dylan cry, but in that moment I thought he might. But instead, he brought his hands to the sides of my head and pulled me in for a kiss.

    We stood like that for a while, embracing and getting lost in one another under the streetlight. Traffic buzzed by, as did a few late-evening joggers. But it all seemed kind of far away. As always, making out with Dylan got me hard, and before long we were grinding our crotches against one another. I suddenly wanted to head back home and have him fuck me in my bed, which I realized we had never done. But then, I thought about Dad and I wasn't sure how that might make him feel at this point. We still had a lot to figure out, but standing here wrapped in Dylan's arms made me realize how much I craved him.

    We broke our kiss and I chuckled when we both turned our heads toward the trees, scoping out the scene. We'd had sex in public a number of times now and didn't need to speak any words to know what Dylan was thinking. There was an area nearly untouched by any light, between a few trees and partially surrounded by some low bushes. We traded a quick glance, both grinning mischievously, and then headed that way.

    Dylan pushed my back up against one of the trees and we resumed kissing, both pulling off our light jackets and tossing them onto the grass. After a few minutes, he pulled back and we looked into one another's eyes with intensity. Then, he grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face the trunk. I put one arm up against the bark and pressed my forehead into it, closing my eyes to fully enjoy what was about to happen. I undid my pants using my other hand, which allowed Dylan to easily slide them down to the middle of my thighs. The cold air hit my naked ass and I got a quick chill. Then, I felt the flesh of Dylan's pelvis press up against me, his hard cock nestling between my cheeks, and a rush of warmth ran through me.

    He leaned his head in to bring his face close to mine, and we kissed some more as his hands found my hips, and then one of them went to my cock.

    "My horny boy..." Dylan whispered in my ear. "Do you wanna get fucked right here in the park?"

    "Yes," I answered, already incredibly turned on. Usually when we did this, it wasn't in a location that allowed for much talk. So I was glad for the chance to get a little dirty. "I want your cum in me so badly... I want you to breed me right here and I don't care who sees."

    "Mmm, you're such a little slut," Dylan said seductively, and I could feel him positioning his cockhead right at my waiting hole. "You'll take my cock anywhere, won't you?"

    "Anywhere, anytime, my ass is yours," I replied, and that was the moment when he pushed inside me. I cried out, louder than I probably should have, but fuck, I really needed this right now. The last 24 hours had been a whirlwind of emotions and having a cock inside me, especially Dylan's, always helped me feel centered.

    We fucked for about fifteen minutes, at times moaning and cussing loudly, and other times trying to keep the noise down when someone passed nearby. At one point a dog started barking loudly in our direction, but its owner just led it away. I was pretty sure the dog walker knew exactly what we were doing, but he didn't say anything. 

    The whole scene just made me hornier, and it had the same effect on Dylan. The intensity was building fast and I could feel his cock swelling, growing larger and stretching my ass more. He was close.

    "I want your load in me. I wanna go to sleep with your babies in me all night long," I moaned, my eyes shut to the rest of the world.

    "Yeah?" Dylan said as he thrusted harder, sounding almost out of breath. "Well get ready for it, cuz here they come!"

    With one final thrust, Dylan started to unload inside me. As his cum filled my guts, his hand pumped up and down on my dick, milking a load out of me as well. I blew my wad all over the tree I was leaning up against, and just as I was about to shout in pleasure, Dylan put his other hand over my mouth to shush me. A family – a mom and dad and their two kids – walked by in the vicinity. They didn't spot us, but it was enough to make my adrenaline rocket sky-high, as I continued to blow all over the tree and soak up Dylan's cum with my insides. 

    "Let's get you home," he whispered in my ear after a few seconds, slowly pulling out of me while kissing the back of my neck.



    I brushed my teeth for a mere thirty seconds, eager to go straight to bed. After the big revelation at my son's party, I didn't get any sleep at all last night. Brody had the day off so he got to sleep in all day, but I had to go to the office. Now, after nearly 48 hours of no sleep, I was absolutely exhausted. 

    I went to bed and fell asleep within seconds. Moments later, I was already dreaming of Dylan in my bed, making love to me, letting me seed that tight hole of his. The dream went on for a while and it was so vivid, I could almost feel him in bed next to me. As it got more and more intense, I opened my eyes and realized I wasn't dreaming anymore. In the darkness, I could see Dylan slipping into my bed for real.

    "I wanted to check up on you and say good night," he gave me a kiss.

    "Stay," I whispered, reluctant to see him leave.

    Dylan did as I asked. I took his clothes off and lay next to me, letting me hug him from behind and squeeze him tightly, just as my boner found its way between his cheeks.

    "You're hard, Daddy," Dylan whispered in the night.

    "I was dreaming about you," I admitted, nibbling on his ear and kissing it.

    "What kinda dream? What were we doing?" he moaned.

    "This," I answered and drove my cock inside Dylan's ass in one swift move. There was some resistance since there was no lube and no preparation, but Dylan managed to take me inside of him, squeezing my cock tightly with his sphincter.

    "Where's Brody?" I asked as I started to thrust back and forth with my hips.

    "He's asleep. He was tired after I fucked him in Golden Gate Park."

    For some reason, hearing this made my cock harder, and I started to hump Dylan faster.

    "Did you dump a load inside of him?" I asked.

    "Damn right I did. He wouldn't go to sleep without my cum inside him."

    "Fuck!" I said, getting dangerously close to cumming even though we'd just started fucking. We went on for just a few more minutes before I announced, "I'm getting close. I'm gonna cum!"

    "Do it, Daddy! Breed my ass like I just bred your son!" came from Dylan.

    His words pushed me over the edge and I dumped my load inside of him. While I did so, my hands traveled down to Dylan's crotch to grab his dick and balls. I cupped them tightly and affectionately: the balls which had just blown a wad of cum inside my son's ass. I shot another string of jizz inside Dylan, and without pulling out, I drifted back off to sleep, with Dylan in my arms and my dick in his warm hole.

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