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Illicit Behavior

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    Although I never thought of it as keeping "a secret," per se, it felt excellent to finally come out to my son. For years now, I suspected Bram was gay, and I figured it might help him to hear the truth about myself. But how should I do it? I wasn't dating a guy that I could introduce to him, and I didn't want to mention my sexuality out of the blue. Besides, with all of the time I spent working, my son and I barely got to sit down together, so personal conversations were severely limited.

    Thankfully, growing up in modern-day Holland, Bram had no trouble feeling comfortable with sexuality, so he didn't even need me to come out to him. Finally, one day we addressed it, and I felt a sense of relief that it was over and done. That evening, potentially inspired by that morning's events, I actually logged in to a hookup app and began chatting with a couple of guys. Normally, I was too busy for hookups, but being open with my son got me to open up to the prospect of dating again.

    For the time being, none of the texts resulted in any actual dates. There was one guy that seemed keen on meeting up, but I had to turn him down because Bram and I would be traveling to London. It was our first trip together in many, many years, and I looked forward to it more than any date imaginable.

    Once in London, I figured I'd google "gay activities" to do around the city, but most of them included bar and clubs that my 16-year-old son was too young to get into. It was during that search that I found out about Brighton, a town not too far from London that was popular with the gay crowd. Luckily, I'd packed some swimwear, so I decided that even though Britain was infamous for its bad weather, Bram and I could still get a chance to hit the beach.

    The best part about Brighton, however, wasn't its rocky beaches, but the people we met there. We bumped into not one, but TWO father-son duos, who were there on vacation just like us. To make things even better, both of the sons (Callum and Sam) were gay, so Bram got to socialize with gay boys close to his age. 

    The six of us spent pretty much the entire weekend together, only taking breaks from each other so we could sleep and shower. We shared every meal and built a fast-track friendship, like people tend to do when they're on vacation. I was loath to say goodbye to them, especially to Sam's dad Ben, who'd caught my eye with his handsome looks. After he revealed he was bisexual as well, he had even more of my attention. 

    "I don't wanna go back to the States," Sam complained during our last dinner together. He lived in Boston, and his father lived even further away, in California. Unfortunately, I knew that I was unlikely to see them after this vacation. But then, Ben said something that got my hopes up.

    "Actually… Josh and I have been talking," he said, making eye contact with Callum's dad Josh before turning back to Sam. "I could stay a bit longer and we can take a trip around Europe together. I mean, you and I have been talking about going to Paris together for years. This might be the time to do it."

    "Yes!" Sam and Callum shouted in unison, on board with their dads' suggestion.

    "You guys should start your euro trip in Amsterdam, then," I extended a spontaneous invitation. "We have room at our house if you'd like to stay."

    "That'd be great!" Bram shouted, attracting disapproving looks from several people at the restaurant.

    The groups agreed to come to Amsterdam and stay with us, even though I was sure they could easily afford a hotel. So it was settled: Ben would be staying at my house. Now, how do I get him into my bed?



    When it came to acting as tour guides, I think my dad and I made a good duo. He focused on the museums and cultural heritage of Amsterdam, and I introduced our guests to the coolest places to drink and hang out. They seemed very impressed with all the canals and the uniqueness of the city, which made me appreciate it even more as well.

    What I appreciated more than anything, however, was having four hot men staying at our house. Callum and his dad Josh were staying in our spare bedroom. Sam agreed to crash on an extra mattress in my room. 

    "That leaves you with the couch," Dad said to Ben, "unless you wanna stay in my room?"

    "As long as it's not an inconvenience," Ben smiled at my father, and I could swear they were both flirting with each other.

    That night, after Sam was asleep, I snuck out of bed and walked silently toward my dad's bedroom. I just wanted to listen in and see if I'd hear Dad and Ben snoring or… doing something else. It was past midnight, and the house was quiet. I crept carefully and as silently as possible. With each step, my cock got harder in my boxer briefs, which were the only item of clothing I had on me.

    When I got close enough to Dad's closed bedroom door, I could hear some commotion. It didn't sound like the TV; it sounded like two people going at it. Or was I only imagining it since I was horny and that's what I WANTED to hear? I snuck closer, pressing my each against the door, my arm grabbing my already-rock-hard prick… when someone came up from behind me.

    "Whatcha doing?" Callum's voice asked. I was caught red-handed! I immediately pulled my head out of my underwear and I panicked.

    "Umm… I… I wanted t-to ask my dad something," I stuttered, "so I was checking if he was asleep."

    "You wanted to ask him how to take care of that boner of yours?" Callum said with a smirk, pointing down at my hard cock. I looked down and realized that in my rush to pull my hand out of my pants, I'd let my erection escape my underwear, so my dick was now fully hanging out.

    "Uhh, I…" I failed to think of a defense.

    "C'mon, admit it, you were spying on your dad and Ben," Callum said with a smirk. He didn't seem mad or outraged by my illicit behavior. He looked amused, and maybe even… aroused, judging by the bulge in his tight briefs.

    "Okay, I just wanted to see if they were doing anything," I admitted.

    "And are they?" Callum asked.

    "I'm not sure. I could hear something, but it's not clear enough," I said, placing my right ear up against the door again.

    "You know… Ben's the first guy I ever had sex with?" Callum said with a smirk, stepping closer to where I was standing and grabbing his cock inside his briefs. I could tell he was definitely getting hard now as well. 

    "Really?! When?" I asked, stroking my cock and imagining the two of them together.

    "About a year ago, when I was your age," he smirked. "My dad kinda helped set us up."

    "Wow! Was Ben the one on top?" I asked, leaking precum that dripped down onto the floor.

    "Yup. He almost never bottoms," Callum said with a whisper, while pressing his left ear on Dad's door and facing me. We both went quiet, listening to the moaning coming from inside the bedroom. It sure sounded like sex. But who was fucking whom?! Since I found out he was into guys, I always imagined my father as a top. But going by what Callum said about Ben… I just wasn't sure.

    "Mmm. Ahhh. AHHHH!! Mmmmmm," came from inside the room. For the first time, I was imagining Dad taking dick up his ass, and it made me more precum than ever before in my life. I stroked my teen cock faster and faster, wondering if I was brave enough to cum right in front of Callum, who just grinned and came up with an even more extreme plan.

    "Why don't we open the door a little bit? We'd be able to hear them much better?" he suggested, his cock fully hard now as well, getting pumped by his right fist.

    "Open the door?!" I said in shock, but before I could stop him, Callum was already pressing on the door handle. With a barely perceptible click, the door opened, and the noise got MUCH louder.

    "Ahhhhhh, fuck me!!" I heard my father moan out. I recognized his accent, even though his voice sounded different than I'd ever heard it. Is this what my father sounded like while he was getting fucked? "Aaaah, yes, right there."

    Slap slap slap, echoed from the room: the sound of Ben's balls smacking my dad's ass while he fucked him. Callum grinned wider than ever, and let go of his dick so he could grab hold of mine. I instinctively returned the favor, so we were jacking each other off while spying on the two hot men fucking in my father's bed.

    "Let's sneak a peek," Callum whispered to me. He pushed the door open just a tad wider, and we both looked into the room. The bedside lamp was on, so there was plenty of light. My heart thumped like crazy, my blood rushing toward my cock. I looked at the bed and saw my own father with his ass up in the air, taking all Ben had to give him. Dad was on his knees, his legs spread wide open. His head and shoulders were also on the mattress, and his face was turned the other way, so he couldn't see us. 

    Ben was looking better than ever! With sweat running down his muscular body, he looked like a fucking god as he thrusted back and forth, splitting my dad's hole in two. The light was hitting them just right, and Ben's bronze ten gave off an ethereal glow. I'd been watching porn for quite a few years now, but NOTHING you see on a screen could ever compare to this. It was happening right in front of me, in person, so close that I could smell them! I almost felt like my nose was pressed up against Ben's ball sack, enjoying a whiff of his manly musk mixed with my father's ass sweat. Fuck! And to top it all off, I was getting a handjob from a cute boy like Callum. I'd exchanged a few handjobs with friends, but that was pretty much the extent of my sexual experience. This felt sooooo much more intense; I had to hold on to the doorframe so I wouldn't lose control of my legs.

    "Yeah, you needed that dick, didn't ya?" Ben grunted, sweat dripping from his face and chest and raining down onto my father's back.

    "Oh, you have no idea," Dad admitted with another loud moan.

    "Oh, I do. I can feel it. Your hole's so fucking hungry," Ben growled, smacking my father's asscheek that was facing the door, so I could see a pink handprint on it a moment later.

    "So fucking hungry. It needs you to feed it your cum," my father continued. He sounded NOTHING like the man I thought I knew; the man who just worried about work and money and keeping the household running. 

    "Yeah, you want me to shoot inside you?" Ben grunted, thrusting harder and harder. Callum and I jacked accelerated as well, jacking each other faster. 

    Just then, Ben's head turned to the door. SHIT! He spotted us! I felt frozen, yet my arm was still pumping the length of Callum's cock. With his free hand, Callum just brought his index finger to his lips and signaled Ben: "Shhhhh."

    I guess they were good friends, so Ben agreed to do what Callum asked of him. With a smirk on his face, Ben placed one hand on my father's head, holding it in position so Dad couldn't turn around. Then, Ben REALLY went to town, fucking my dad's hole harder than ever, treating him mercilessly like I'd only seen in some of the most extreme porn videos.

    "You gon have to work to get what you need," Ben growled at Dad. "You want a load up your hole, huh? You gon have to take my dick, then! Fucking take it!!"

    "Ahhhh, yes! Fuck, that's good," was my father's muffled response.

    "Tell me how much you want cum up your ass!" Ben ordered.

    "I want it! I want your cum in me. Breed my ass," Dad continued, shocking me with words I never expected to hear from his mouth in any language.

    For about five minutes, the fuck fest continued, getting more and more extreme with each moment. If this is what being a bottom was about, honestly, I'm not sure if I could ever do it. The way Ben was absolutely trashing my dad's ass in front of my very eyes… yet, Dad seemed to enjoy it. Maybe he was a lot more experienced than I was, but he sounded like he was in heaven. He only continued to beg, "Yes, fuck. Cum. Breed me. Cum inside my ass! Shoot that spunk inside of me!"

    "Are you gonna cum with me?" Ben asked while making eye contact with Callum and me, and I found myself nodding.

    "Yes!" Dad's voice answered Ben's question. Neither Dad nor Ben had their hands around Dad's cock, but I'd heard about men who were able to cum just by getting their ass played with. I just wished I could see Dad's hard cock, which was hidden from view by his thighs. 

    "Here it comes, man. Here's that load you've been craving!" Ben announced. 

    "Fuck yeah, shoot that jizz inside me," Dad panted, breathing heavily.

    "Ahhhhhhh fuuuuuuuckkkkk!!!!" Ben grunted as he blew inside my father's raw hole. He held his cock in for a few moments, before pulling out to show off his cumshot, as if he needed to assure Callum and me that he'd cum indeed. When I saw all the sperm glazing my father's asshole, I suddenly shot a load on the floor, followed by Callum who came all over my torso. Both of us bit our lips so we wouldn't make any noise, and we kept on stroking one another until we were certain we were down.

    "Mmmmmmm, fuck yeaaah," Dad moaned, presumably blowing his own load all over the bed. Hearing that made me shoot out a couple more wads of teenage semen, sharing an orgasmic moment with Dad, even if he didn't know it.

    As soon as we were done, I knew we had to clear out – Ben couldn't hold my dad in position forever. I took my boxer briefs off and I used them to wipe my cum off the floor, before retreating together with Callum and shutting the door behind us.

    "That was so hot," he whispered to me, before giving me a sticky hug and going back to bed with his dad.

    I walked naked back to my room, feeling elated. Did this really just happen?! It was the middle of the night, so it felt like a fucking dream! In bed, I brought my underwear to my lips and licked some of my jizz off it, making sure this was all real. Just as I swallowed, Ben showed up inside my room with an even better gift for me.

    "Here," he said, whispering so he wouldn't wake up Sam, who was asleep in my room. Ben threw an object at me, which landed right in my hand without making any noise.

    "What is this?" I whispered.

    "It's my underwear. I used it to wipe your dad's cum off the sheets. Thought you might enjoy it," Ben said with a wink, and disappeared from my room.

    A second later, I got to taste the very seed that had made me.

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