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Callum's Suggestion

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    Fooling around with my father was something we had to be careful about, but the risk usually only added to the fun of it all. Obviously, almost nobody in our lives knew that we occasionally had sex together (with the exception of our pervy mates like Ben and Sam). Appearance-wise, my father and I were similar enough that most people could tell we were related, so even when we traveled abroad we had to keep our guard up and not act TOO inappropriate in public.

    Privacy was hard to come by during our stay in Amsterdam, however. We were staying at the same house as Ben and Sam as well as our hosts Johan and Bram. Our Dutch friends had no idea about our incestuous proclivities, and as much as we enjoyed our new friendship, we were still weary about coming out to them. After all, it was one of the most taboo topics in society, so we had to be careful about it, even around people who claimed to be open minded.

    As it turns out… there was some sexual tension between the Dutch father and son as well, at least as far as Bram was concerned. He was a year younger than me, and at the peak of his hormone-driven curiosity. I wasn't surprised to stumble upon Bram in the middle of the night, eavesdropping on his father having sex with Ben. Bram's hard dick told me everything I needed to know. I brazenly pushed the bedroom door open, so we could catch a glimpse of Bram's dad taking Ben's dick up his arse. I think Bram was quite surprised to see his father being the bottom in this situation. The tension was palpable. When Ben spotted us, he just continued stretching out Johan's hole in front of us, until he'd planted his seed in Bram's dear ole dad's arse.

    While spying on the hot couple fucking, I shot my load all over Bram's torso. Five minutes later, I was back in bed with my own father, waking him up with a big kiss and a request. "Fuck me," I moaned in my father's half-asleep face. "I want your cum up my arse." Ten minutes later, I got my wish.

    The following morning, with my father's spunk still inside me, I went to see Bram. He was still lying in his bed with his eyes closed. The mattress that Sam had slept on was now empty; Sam and Ben were in the kitchen enjoying a continental breakfast. 

    "You asleep?" I whispered to Bram.

    "Mmm, I'm just waking up," he replied with a yawn. 

    "Do you have a minute?" I said. "I wanted to ask you something."

    "Sure. Just let me go pee and brush my teeth first," he said, getting up from under the cover and revealing a rock-hard teen boner in all of its morning glory. Acting embarrassed, Bram did his best to cover it up with his arms.

    "Oh yeah, now you wanna act modest," I laughed, assuring him there was no reason to be bashful.

    Bram smiled and left to go to the bathroom. When he returned a few minutes later, his cock wasn't at peak erection anymore, but it wasn't all soft either.

    "Why the two pairs of underwear on your bed?" I asked, sitting on Bram's bed and noting there were two pairs of boxer briefs on it.

    "These are the ones I wore last night. And the second pair… is Ben's. He brought them over and gave 'em to me," Bram replied, taking a seat next to me.

    "Mmm. They seem to have been soaked in cum," I observed the stains. "That can't be Ben's jizz. He nutted up your dad's arse last night, didn't he?"

    Seeing Bram's face turn ruby red in a single second was priceless. I enjoyed teasing him, mostly because I saw myself in him, about a year ago when I was still as sexually unexperienced. 

    "Yeah, no, that… that's my dad's cum," Bram stuttered. "Ben wiped it off with his underwear and brought it to me."

    "And it looks like you tried to lick it off," I continued with a devilish grin on my face, picking up Ben's boxer briefs off the bed.

    "I… got a taste, yes," Bram looked down at the floor… or maybe he was looking at his crotch. His cock was getting harder by the second, nearing a full erection once again.

    "So what was it like, tasting the sperm that made you?" I asked nonchalantly, as if asking what his favourite ice cream flavour was.

    "It… It was hot," Bram admitted with a timid whisper. 

    "I know. I remember the first taste I got; it was incredible," I said, my own dick growing harder and harder.

    "You mean… you've tried your dad's…?" Bram asked, wrapping his fist around his boner.

    "I've sucked my dad's dick," I confessed. "And swallowed his cum, yes."

    In the heat of the moment, I felt it was safe to come out to Bram. His reaction was to spew out a wad of precum and close his eyes, stroking his dick while probably imagining me sucking my father's penis.

    I decided to join my new buddy, and I started stroking my own cock. Side by side, we sat and wanked for about five minutes, lost in our incestuous fantasies.

    "Here, take this," I said, picking up Ben's underwear with Johan's cum stains on it. I handed it to Bram, who put it up against his face and took a big whiff of it. Blinded by it, he didn't see the door opening, but I did. Suddenly, Johan was standing in the doorway, taken aback by the sight of his son and I jacking off together. I could tell Johan was embarrassed, and he was about to leave and shut the door, so I looked right at him and asked, "Hey, is everything okay?"

    Pulling the underwear off his face, Bram was suddenly faced with his father. They were both in shock, but Bram never stopped wanking for a second. Johan was almost naked, wearing white briefs that outlined his bulge very well, revealing what seemed to be a growing semi.

    "I just… I wanted to tell you breakfast is ready," Johan stuttered. 

    "We'll be done in a minute and we'll be right down," I replied casually, amused by how strange this must feel to our Dutch hosts.

    "No rush," Johan smiled, finally pulling himself together and turning his back to us.

    "Fuck that was so hot," Bram suddenly said with a loud exhale.

    "Yeah. You didn't stop wanking for a second while your dad was watching you. He had his eyes on your dick the entire time," I assured Bram.

    "Fuuuuuck," he moaned, shooting out his pent-up morning cum all over himself, quickly followed by my orgasm. Bram and I used Ben's underwear to clean up, before getting dressed and going down for breakfast.

    That evening, all six of us went to the city, where we rented bicycles and followed Johan around on a tour of Amsterdam's historic sights and canals. Of course, no tour of Amsterdam would be complete without the infamous red-light district. I was amused to find out it was located right next to the city's oldest church, attracting many tourists whose interest was piqued by all the sex shops and lingerie-clad women dancing in windows.

    Navigating the narrow alleyways, we ended up in a street that hoisted many gay pride flags, including several displays of the black-and-blue leather pride flag.

    "War… Warm…" I struggled to pronounce the name on the street sign.

    "Warmoesstraat," Johan did it for me. "It's one of the 'gay streets' in town. With more of a fetish feel to it," he filled us in.

    "Cool. Can we have dinner here?" I suggested.

    The group unanimously agreed, so we went to a nearby restaurant and took a seat by the window, where we could people-watch. As time went by and the sky turned darker, I saw multiple daddies walking out and about in their leather gear, including a couple of guys out in their arseless chaps with nothing underneath, their bare arsecheeks on display. Even as a "seen-it-all" Londoner, I found this quite brazen and amusing.

    As it turned out, the area was home not only to a few leather bars, but several gay saunas as well. Ben in particular seemed very keen to go to one of them, and Sam said he would join him. They invited my dad, who said he wouldn't mind going, except that I wasn't 18 yet and wouldn't be allowed in.

    "Go for it, Dad," I encouraged him. "I can go home with Bram and Johan. I'll see you when you get back. Don't worry about me."

    I encouraged Dad to go in part because I didn't want him to miss out on a new experience just because of me; but also, I looked forward to having more alone time with Bram and his father. After what happened last night as well as this morning, I had an interesting feeling about the Dutch father and son, and the direction their relationship might be headed in.

    An hour later, I was in Johan and Bram's living room with them, talking about my favourite parts of our tour of the city. I admitted that for me it was Warmoesstraat, and I said that I planned on coming back to Amsterdam once I'm older just so I could take full advantage of what it had to offer.

    "Well, I guess I better leave you boys alone," Johan said after a while with a conspicuous grin on his face. "I'm sure you have… things to get up to."

    "You don't have to go," I quickly said to Bram's dad. "I mean, you can stay if you want to."

    He looked at me in surprise, but he sat back down in his armchair. In the room, the tension of the unsaid was rising by the second.

    "So… what do you wanna do?" Bram asked, turning to me.

    "I was thinking… we could do what we did this morning," I said to him. "We could have a wank. And if you want," – I turned to Johan – "you could join us."

    The father and son looked at each other, clearly taken aback by my idea… yet neither of them turned it down.

    "I think it's best… if you boys have some fun on your own," Johan said after a moment of tense silence, slowly rising from his chair.

    "No! Dad, stay," Bram suddenly interrupted him. "Please. I want you to."

    "Okay," Johan agreed, sitting back down and placing his right hand on his crotch, slowly massaging his bulge before pulling down his zipper…

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