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Your Dad Looks Hot Naked

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    "Am I really about to jerk off in front of my son?!"

    That was the thought that whirled through my mind as I sat in my living room with Bram and Callum. All three of us were undeniably horny. The two teens had already expressed their enthusiasm for this, but I felt like it was my duty to be the responsible one and walk away from it.

    "No! Dad, stay. Please. I want you to," were my son's words that made me change my mind. Bram didn't just want to jerk off with Callum. He wanted to watch ME do it; just like he'd done last night…

    Getting fucked by someone as hot as Ben had been a dream come true. After a few years of near-celibacy, I was beginning to lose my confidence when it came to my sex appeal, even though I knew I was a reasonably handsome man. Ben's load up my ass felt like the best load I'd ever taken! I blew an absolute river's worth of cum all over my sheets as he fucked me. As soon as we were done, he'd used his underwear to wipe my jizz off the bed, before excusing himself to go to the bathroom. When he returned, the two of us cuddled up and fell asleep in each other's arms.

    Upon waking up in the morning, Ben and I lay in bed and talked about our shared experience: being bisexual dads raising gay sons. 

    "Don't take this the wrong way, but have you and Bram ever… done anything together?" Ben asked me while stroking my chest.

    "What do you mean?" I said.

    "I mean… Have you ever jerked off or whatever?" he added, still remaining vague.

    "Oh God, no," I denied vehemently. 

    "Has he ever expressed an interest or anything?" Ben continued prodding.

    "No," I shook my head, and then I took a short break before continuing. "I mean, I've seen my son get an erection a few times. He seems to get boners very easily, even for someone his age. But I guess that just means he's all healthy," I laughed.

    "So he gets boned up when he's around you?" Ben concluded.

    "Yes, but it has nothing to do with me," I insisted. "I mean, okay… Our first night in London… I felt him jerking off while he was lying in bed right next to me. I guess he just thought I was asleep so there was no need to go to the bathroom and hide."

    "Were you lying in bed naked?" was Ben's next question.


    "And you never thought that maybe… your son was turned on by that?"

    "No, I'm sure that wasn't it," I shook my head, but that was a lie. Now that the seed of doubt had been planted in my head, I wasn't quite so sure anymore.

    "Listen, last night… while we were in the midst of fucking… For a while, your son and Callum were spying on us," Ben suddenly revealed to me. "They were standing by the door and jacking off while watching us fuck."

    "When did this happen?!" I asked in utter shock.

    "Pretty much at the end, just as we came," Ben said.

    "Why didn't you tell me?!"

    "I'm sorry, I didn't want to spoil the moment," he said. "I know I should have, but… they both seemed so into it."

    "Well I'm sure they were turned on by you," I insisted. "I bet Bram wasn't turned on by me. I'm his father!"

    Before Ben had a chance to add anything, his son Sam came knocking on my bedroom door, checking to see if we were awake and asking if we wanted breakfast. We all went to the kitchen, where Ben and Sam offered to make breakfast for everyone just as long as I showed them where all the utensils were. We were soon joined by Josh, who said Callum was in Bram's room with my son. Once the food was ready, I went up to my son's room to get the two boys… and I walked in on them having a wank on Bram's bed.

    When I first opened the door, my son was holding what looked like a pair of underwear against his face, so he didn't see me. A moment later, after he opened his eyes, Bram and I made intense eye contact… and he just continued to stroke his dick while looking right at me. 

    "I just… I wanted to tell you breakfast is ready," I announced before leaving the teen boys to their horny shenanigans. As I shut the door behind me, I reached down to my briefs and adjusted my own cock, which had unexpectedly grown stiff all of a sudden, throbbing in all of its morning glory.

    "No! Dad, stay. Please. I want you to," my son asked; so I agreed. It was now night and pitch dark outside, but the living room was brightly lit. After our cycling tour of Amsterdam, it felt good to be sitting down. I slumped back down into the armchair… and I pulled down my zipper, taking out my semi-erect penis and showing it off to both Callum and Bram.

    "Wow, nice," Callum immediately said, staring at my cock before turning to Bram and asking, "Doesn't your dad have a nice dick?'

    My son and I made eye contact again, as I used my right hand to slowly stroke my penis and make it grow larger. Just as my foreskin peeled off my cockhead, my son licked his lips and yes, "Yes. It's really nice."

    Whether it was a coincidence or not, in that exact moment I felt a large wad of precum spurting out of my piss slit, coating my glans. Bram licked his lips yet again, staring right at my tool – the tool that he'd shot out of. Continuing his role as an instigator, Callum said, "Let's see yours, Bram."

    My son and Callum were both sitting on the couch, just a few feet away from me. Callum nudged my son with his elbow, waking Bram up from the trance he seemed to be in. At the same time, both teenagers pulled down their shorts and exposed their dicks, which were almost fully erect. 

    "Do you wanna kiss?" Callum asked my son, who nodded his head and planted a gentle kiss on our houseguest's lips. Even though not much older than Bram, Callum was clearly more experienced and confident when it came to sex. He turned up the heat and kissed my son more aggressively, so that I could see he was sucking on Bram's tongue all the way from where I was sitting. While wanking their cocks, the two boys put on a makeout show for me, separating their lips just long enough for Callum to ask me, "Your son looks really hot, doesn't he?"

    "You both do," I grunted, pulling on my nut sack with my left hand and intensifying my jerking.

    "But you like watching Bram jerk off like this, admit it," Callum insisted, pushing me to finally say,
   "Yes! I think Bram looks hot when he's jerking off."

    "Why don't you come and join him on the couch?" Callum suggested, peeling himself off my son and getting up off the sofa, making room for me. Without much hesitation, I did as I was told. I don't know why I was following the directions of a teenager, but if Ben's theory from this morning was correct, then my son enjoyed having a wank with my body right next to his, just like in that hotel room in London. 

    Then I realized: I was naked in London. So, I quickly took all of my clothes off, leaving them on the floor and sitting down next to Bram, who was tugging on his prick more vehemently than ever. 

    "Your dad looks hot naked," Callum said, sitting down in my vacated armchair. 

    "Mmm, yes, he does," my son agreed with a moan.

    "Don't you just wanna put your hands all over him?" Callum smirked.

    My son looked nervously up at me, making eye contact, as if to ask "May I?"

    "Go ahead," I said, granting Bram permission to touch me. 

    With his right fist still wrapped around his cock, Bram raised his left hand, which was shaking like a leaf in the wind. As if in slow motion, he brought it closer to my chest, radiating heat that I could feel even before we made skin-on-skin contact. I didn't have a lot of hair on my chest, so my son's hand explored my smooth pecs before landing close to my left nipple, grazing it and giving me goosebumps head to toe.

    "Look, you're making his toes curl," Callum sniggered. "He's enjoying your touch."

    "Yes," my son agreed quietly, looking down at my feet before looking back up at the nipple that he was twisting. 

    "Do you want to kiss him just how you kissed me?" the British teen asked next.

    In that moment, it was as if I could feel electricity passing between my son and me. Our faces got closer together; our noses merely centimeters apart. I could feel Bram's breath on my face as I saw his lips part from each other. Inside me, I felt my horniness prevail over my hesitation… and I stuck my tongue in my son's mouth, giving him the most passionate kiss I'd given anyone since his mother was alive.

    "There you goooo," Callum cheered jubilantly, as if this was his goal all along. The fucker clearly got off on watching a father and son kissing! The fact that this was Bram's and my first time probably made it even hotter. I know it did for me. I'd never dreamt about something like this unraveling, but now that I was in the midst of it, I felt intense passion, unlike ever before. I wanted more!

    While making out with my own son, I let go of my dick and floated my hand toward his own member. Bram's hand was still wrapped around his boner so I swatted it away, taking over the job of jacking him off. All at once, I felt my son let out a large moan right in my face, just as his dick spewed out a wad of precum, covering my fingers in the sticky fluid. 

    "That's right, jack him off," Callum continued guiding us. "He's lovin' it! It's what he's wanted for a while now. Ain't it, Bram?"

    "Mhm," my son nodded while sucking on my tongue. My fist continued to glide up and down the shaft of his dick, lubricated by his teen essence. Feeling an uncontrollable hunger within me, I brought my hand to my lips so I could taste Bram's precum.

    "Mmmm, how's that taste?" Callum asked. My face was a few inches from Bram's, the two of us maintaining intense eye contact as I liked his pre-jizz off my fingers. 

    "Tastes good," I admitted, enjoying the taste as my son's precum slid down my throat.

    "Why don't you taste it straight from his cock?" Callum pushed. "C'mon, go down on him."

    As Callum's proposition echoed around the room (or maybe the echo was only in my mind) I just looked deep in my son's eyes. This one I was the one asking for permission; the one asking "May I?" without using words.

    "Do it, Dad," Bram whispered to me silently in Dutch.

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