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Down Dad's Throat

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    Thanks to my new friend Callum, I got to live out one of my wildest fantasies: having a wank together with my father. It quickly went further than just a mutual jackoff, when Dad and I began kissing. Suddenly, I felt his hand around my cock, stroking it and making it harder and bigger than it'd ever been before.

    With that, this scene went even BEYOND my wildest fantasies! Never in a million years did I think Dad and I might experience this together. Ever since finding out my father was into guys, I'd been fantasizing about him and hoping we would get closer… Now, this was pretty fucking close, with his fingers wrapped around my member, milking it for precum and then lifting those same fingers up to his lips, licking my pre-jizz off of them.

    "Mmmm, how's that taste?" Callum asked my dad. Sitting in an armchair across from us, the British boy was our pervy director for the night.

    "Tastes good," my father replied, swallowing my precum. 

    "Why don't you taste it straight from his cock? C'mon, go down on him," Callum commanded next.

    My heart beat so fast I thought it might jump out of my chest. He was really suggesting for Dad to suck my dick?! The pervy thought made me so horny that I shot out another large wad of precum to coat my father's fingers with. Now that the incestuous image was in my head, there was nothing I wanted more in the world!!

    My father looked at me with some hesitation. With my left hand on the left side of Dad's chest, I could feel his heart pounding just as hard as mine. It only accelerated after I got the guts to tell him,

    "Do it, Dad."

    My words came out as merely a whisper, but I hoped it was enough to encourage Dad to take that final plunge. I'd gotten a taste of his mouth, and now I wanted to explore it with my penis. Dad's lips parted, making my hopes rise and my heart race. And then…

    "I should really go to bed," my father suddenly jumped off the sofa, as if stung by a bee. His hand abandoned my cock, leaving it desperately alone. I choked; I found it hard to breathe for a few seconds. The whole thing came instantly crumbling down like a house of cards. Without looking back, Dad walked out of the living room, leaving Callum and me alone. 

    "Um… That was still really hot. Are you okay?" Callum asked me, visibly taken aback by my father's reaction as well. 

    "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I just need to go get some sleep as well. Good night," I said quickly. Even though my cock was throbbing and my balls were begging for release, I rushed to my room and crashed after the intense adrenaline rush.

    The following morning, Dad and I didn't get a chance to talk privately. With four houseguests, we listened to them plan out the rest of their euro trips. Next on their itinerary was Paris. Pretty soon, my father and I would be alone in our house, and I wondered if we'd ever even acknowledge the events from last night, let alone continue where we'd left off.

    Two days later, it was our guests' time to leave. As they packed their bags, Dad and I waited in the kitchen, alone in a room for the first time since our mutual wank. The tension between us was palpable. "I was right," I feared silently. "Dad's embarrassed by what happened and he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. At least not sexually. I was such a moron to even hope that might happen."

    By now, I knew that both Callum and Sam had hooked up with their respective dads, so I'd hoped I might be lucky enough to live out the same scenario. I was such a fucking idiot! Sam and Callum both met their fathers AFTER they were older, which I'm sure made a huge difference. My dad and I had all this history; he was the one who raised me, both with my mother and on his own. Of course he wouldn't agree to something as fucked up as sucking my cock!

    "Can we go out and talk?" he asked out of the blue. It was becoming weird to hear him talking in Dutch, with all of the talking in English we'd been doing lately.

    "Sure," I agreed, putting my shoes on and following my father out the door.

    "Are you okay?" Das asked a couple of minutes later as we strolled through our quiet residential neighborhood. "After… what happened the other night?"

    There was no need to specify the night in question. We could both see the elephant in the room.

    "Yes. I just… hope YOU'RE okay. I hope you're not upset," I replied.

    "Son, I'm the adult in this situation, don't worry about me. I'm your dad. I… I shouldn't have let things get as far as they did."

    "Okay. Just know that I… I enjoyed it," I felt the need to explain.

    "Bram, I… I enjoyed it as well, but… Fuck. Is that really something we want to do?" 

    "Callum and Sam have both done it," I said. "They've hooked up with their dads."

    "Yes, but if we do it… If we get sexual with each other," Dad clarified, "there's no going back from that."

    "Do you think there are a lot of people who have done stuff like that?" I enquired.

    As he was sometimes prone to do, my father remained quiet for almost a minute before answering.

    "When I was young, one of my friends told me it was his dad who taught him how to jerk off. I also knew a couple of brothers – straight, both of them – who would throw porn parties at their house and jack off while watching porn together with their friends. I've also heard of people hooking up with uncles or cousins, but I always assumed stuff like that was hearsay more than anything."

    "Makes you wonder if it happens more often than we think," I said. 

    My father remained silent for yet another minute, when he unexpectedly changed the topic.

    "How do you feel about going to Paris?" he asked me.


    "Ben and the crew are leaving on the train tonight. We can get tickets and join 'em," Dad offered.

    "But where would we stay?" I asked, still wrapping my mind around my dad's suggestion.

    "They have hotels in Paris, Bram," my father laughed. "What do you say?"

    "I say, I need to go home and pack! The train leaves in a few hours," I replied with a smile.

    After a three-hour train ride from Amsterdam Centraal to Paris Nord, our group of six went out for dinner at a nice French restaurant that Ben recommended. We seemed to be the only tourists there, and it was one of the nicest meals I've ever had.

    Afterward, we headed to the hotel. The hotel room Dad and I got in Paris was reminiscent of the one we shared in London, except this one had a view of the Eiffel Tower, which I'm sure Dad paid handsomely for. It made for a romantic vibe, which matched the fact we were once again about to share a bed.

    Ever since our mutual jackoff with Callum in our living room, my father and I hadn't seen each other naked or done anything "inappropriate" with one another. As a matter of fact, I hadn't cum a single time since then, because of how confused and conflicted I'd been feeling.

    But now that we were here alone, things felt… more comfortable between Dad and me. Maybe it was the fact we were in a foreign city, away from home. Maybe it was all the French wine Dad had had during dinner. But after unpacking some of our stuff, he quickly took all of his clothes off and announced he was going to take a shower.

    "Okay. I'll go after you," I said, in need of a shower as well.

    "It's a very large shower," my father suddenly noted.

    "Cool," I nodded, unsure what to make of his comment.

    "It means we can… take a shower together, if you'd like," my father suggested coyly.

    "Wow, I don't think we've done that in like ten years," I chuckled. "Let's go!"

    I took my clothes off and went to the bathroom, which was already getting steamy with the hot water Dad was running in the shower. He hopped in and I followed him, turning around so we were face-to-face, our dicks brushing against each other.

    Without talking, my dad and I began to soap up. At first, each of us was just washing himself, but then Dad offered to do my back. A few moments later, I returned the favor. When Dad turned back around to face me, his cock rubbed against mine once again… except this time I was hard as a rock.

    "Sorry…" I chuckled. "Can't control it."

    "There's no reason to be sorry," Dad corrected me. "Son… is this really something you want?"

    "Oh yes, Dad, more than anything," I sighed, feeling my father's fist wrap itself around my boner a moment later. "Ahhhhhh."

    "Well, what kind of father would I be, if I denied my boy something that he desires so badly," he said in my ear, his whispers mixing with the running water.

    I closed my eyes and relaxed. I finally felt vindicated. After his abrupt termination a few days ago, my father once again had his hand wrapped around my teen dick, milking my precum out of it. I thrusted my hips, fucking my dad's fist. Now that Callum wasn't here and Dad and I were alone, this moment felt even more intimate. I savored every second of it, and then…

    "Fuck!" I moaned loudly as I suddenly felt a pair of wrap lips around my cockhead. Dad was sucking me off! He was really about to give me a blowjob! 

    "Mmmm," was all I heard from him as his head moved further up my shaft and closer to my pubes. I combed my fingers through his hair, keeping my eyes shut tightly, as if this was some sort of dream I risked waking up from if I opened my eyes.

    "Ahhhhh, yes," I moaned in ecstasy. This was my first blowjob, courtesy of my father. A sense of accomplishment washed over me – I was a man now! Gripping my father's hair, I thrusted my hips forward and penetrated deeper down his throat with my prick.

    "Mpfff!" Dad struggled for a moment, surprised by my initiative.

    "Oh, fuck yes!" I yelled, fucking my first mouth ever. I'd already gotten a taste of Dad's sperm (on Ben's underwear the night Ben fucked him). Now, it was time to return the favor and give my father a taste of my own seed. "Oh yeah, keep doin' that!"

    After a few more minutes, I finally decided to open my eyes. I was too tempted to see what my father's face looked like while he was going down on me. My dad, who I'd never imagined as a cocksucker, now sucking my cock! I looked down and saw his handsome face bobbing back and forth, savoring my hard dick. When he looked up and noticed me, Dad gave me a wink. He used one hand to hold on to the hilt of my dick, but his other hand was between his own legs, vehemently stroking his own hard manhood.

    "Yes, Dad," I fucked his face with a smile, please to see him just as horny as me. "Keep going, and you're gonna make me cum."

    Hearing that he was about to get a treat made my father work even harder. He picked up the pace and accelerated his sucking as well as his own stroking, getting me to the edge fairly quickly.

    "Mmmm. MMMMMMM, FUCK!!!" I moaned, nutting down my dad's throat. After days without cumming, I blew a huge load, that made all the drama of the past few days worth it.

    "Mmmmgggggg," Dad swallowed my jizz – his own son's jizz! As I emptied my nuts in his mouth, I could tell just how horny it got him. He was on the edge as well, about to shoot. But there was no way I was going to let it go down the drain.

    "Mmmm, come here. Come here!" I said just as I was done cumming down Dad's throat. I quickly pulled my still-hard dick out of his mouth and I dropped to my knees in the shower, simultaneously pulling Dad up so he was in a standing position. Now, it was his hard cock that was in my face. I wanted to suck on it slowly and savor it, but Dad was too far along for that. A second later, he started spewing his spunk, and I quickly took his tool in my mouth so I could swallow it all.

    Tasting Dad's jizz straight out of his cock was SO much better than licking it off Ben's underwear. I let it slide down my gullet, tastier than all the fancy food I'd had tonight. 

    "Fuck!" Dad said with a loud exhale as he spat out the last few drops of sperm down his son's throat. "Well, I guess there's no going back now," he added with a mischievous smile, helping me stand up and pulling me in for a long and passionate kiss.

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