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Feed Your Son

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    I woke up with a throbbing headache, unable to figure out where I was. The bed, the room, the body lying next to me – it all felt foreign. Then, I realized the person I was sharing a bed with wasn't foreign at all: it was my son! Slowly, memories began to flood back. I could still taste the French wine in my throat. Looking out the window, I saw a picturesque view of Paris in the early morning. It drew me to get out of bed and walk to the tiny terrace, opening the doors and taking a big whiff of fresh air.

    I'd been to Paris a couple of times before, but this was by far the nicest place I'd stayed in. The hotel itself wasn't that extraordinary, but it offered a view of the Rue Saint-Dominique leading up to the Eiffel Tower that made me feel like I was in some sort of movie. After soaking it all in, I turned around to face my son's naked body lying in bed, half-wrapped up in the white sheets. I was standing on the terrace stark naked – probably not the wisest move considering how easily I could be seen – and with my head pounding so hard, I didn't even realize there was another part of me that was throbbing as well. I looked down and saw my cock hard as a rock, bobbing up and down, begging for more attention, as if what'd happened last night wasn't bad enough.

    I rushed to the bathroom to take a cold shower, hoping it would help. In fact, it made things worse by reminding me this was where it had all taken place. This was the room where… I'd sucked my son's dick. This was where I'd allowed him to suck me off, until we'd both blown a load down each other's throats, like the world's two biggest perverts.

    Hurriedly, I got dressed and texted Ben to see if he was awake. Luckily for me, he was. I desperately needed someone to talk to, before I drove myself crazy overthinking everything in my head. Ben and his son Sam were staying at the same hotel, and Ben and I met up in the small lobby before heading out in the street.

    "Wanna do the cliché thing: croissant and café au lait for breakfast?" Ben offered cheerfully. I just nodded, too concerned with other things to worry about what's on the menu for breakfast.

    Ben led the way to a small bakery wedged in between a Starbucks and a sushi restaurant. We were lucky enough to get one of the three tables available. Upon sitting down, Ben turned around and appraised the place nostalgically.

    "I can't believe this place is still here," he said with a smile.

    "That's right, you used to live here, right?" I asked, taking a sip of coffee.

    "Yeah. Many years ago, when Sam was little," the American replied.

    "Ben, can I ask you something?" I cut straight to the chase. "And I need you to answer honestly."

    "I don't see why I'd lie to you," he said with his eyebrows raised. We both leaned in closer, and I spoke more quietly.

    "Ben… just how far have you and Sam gone? Sexually, I mean?" 

    Normally, I'd expect a father to punch me straight in the face if I asked him that question. But Ben took it in stride; he didn't seem perturbed by my question in the slightest.

    "We've gone all the way," he said calmly. "We've fucked. Actually, Sam and I… We dated for a while. We lived as a couple. Eventually, though, we decided it was best to veer away from that."

    "But isn't that… fucking crazy?!" I said more loudly than I'd intended.

    "Ha. I'm sure most people would agree with you," Ben smiled and shrugged.

    "But you're okay with that?" I continued.

    "I'm okay. Sam's okay. His new husband's okay. That's all that matters to me."

    I was speechless. Ben's coolness while discussing this topic made me feel like I'd been transported to an alternate universe; some bizarro land where incest was perfectly acceptable. 

    "What's this really about, Johan?" Ben asked, able to see right through me. "It's not about me and Sam. It's about you and Bram, isn't it?"

    I said nothing. My silence gave away the truth.

    "What happened between you two last night?" Ben asked calmly, taking a bite of his croissant while waiting for my response.

    "We… I… I sucked him off. And he did me," I said. I could feel myself blushing. 

    "Okay. And did he have fun? Did you?" Ben said next.

    "Yes, but it's not about that. I'm still freaked out by it," I admitted.

    "That's understandable. Give yourself time," Ben advised me.

    "Have Josh and Callum also…?"

    "Yes, they have," Ben answered before I'd even finished my question.

    "Do you have some sort of club?" I chuckled, amused by the absurdity of it all by this point.

    "No, but I know enough fathers and sons who have done it to fill up a club, no joke," Ben laughed.

    Somehow, I felt speechless, while at the same time I had a million questions. Before I could think of what to say next, Ben's phone interrupted us by vibrating. 

    "A text from Sam," he revealed. "He's up. It's his first time in Paris, so he wants to do the whole touristy thing. You guys wanna join us?"

    "Sure," I said. Looking around, the world still seemed normal, even though I felt like some sort of freak. People came into the bakery to pick up their groceries before heading to work. I had only a basic understanding of French, making me feel even more disconnected from everyone. But when I looked at Ben's handsome face, and when he flashed me that gorgeous smile, I felt assured that everything would be okay.

    That night, after a day of sightseeing, our buddy Josh had a date with a girl he'd met on an app. His son Callum joined the rest of us for dinner, and he spent most of the evening gossiping together with my son. By the mischievous looks they were giving me, I could tell they were talking about me. Bram was probably revealing to his new friend how we'd sucked each other off in the shower last night. Callum was undoubtedly thrilled to hear that. After all, he was the instigator who'd pushed my son and me past the point of no return.

    After yet another lovely meal, the five of us headed back to the hotel. We ended up in Ben and Sam's room, which was a suite. We had a few drinks, and I finally got a chance to talk to Bram when Callum broke away from him and went to talk to Ben. 

    "If I didn't know any better, I'd say the two of them are flirting," I said to Bram in Dutch, pointing at Ben and Callum.

    "I think they are," my son agreed. "You know, Ben was the first guy Callum ever had sex with."

    "No, no, no," Callum suddenly wagged his finger at us, noticing that we were gossiping about them. "If you're gonna be talking about us, you can at least do it in English," he said with a smile.

    "I was just telling my father how you lost your virginity to Ben," Bram confessed.

    "Ahh, yes. Those were the days," Ben said, putting his arm around the British teen. My eyes immediately darted to Sam, scanning for any signs of jealousy. After all, wasn't Ben technically Sam's ex (as wild as it was to think of them in that way)? However, Sam just smiled along, and it seemed sincere. He'd shown us photos of his new husband, a guy named Nathan who was back in Boston. The two of them were probably too in love for Sam to care about who his father was hooking up with these days.

    Before long, Callum and Ben were making out and rekindling their flame. Neither of them seemed shy, nor patient. Within minutes, they'd dropped onto the bed and were ripping each other's clothes off; while Bram, Sam, and I sat just a few feet away with our drinks, watching the horny couple in amusement.

    Pretty soon, there were two completely naked bodies on the bed. Ben's was that of an almost-40-year-old who was more genetically blessed than any person had the right to be. Callum's body portrayed all the tautness of mature teenagehood, with a bubble butt to die for. Before long, Ben's handsome face was buried in that butt, giving Callum a rimjob that made the teen moan out in pleasure loudly.

    "Fuck yeah. Go deeper with your tongue," Callum asked of Ben. The rest of us all had our eyes on them. I put my drink down so I could use my hand to rub my growing bulge, something that Sam and Bram both started doing within seconds. I wondered if this was Sam's first time watching his dad eat another boy's ass. Fuck! I couldn't imagine having a dad as hot as Ben, much less watching him have sex.

    The rimming escalated to fucking in front of our very eyes. Ben showed off his gorgeous hard prick for a few moments, striking a pose as if this was a modeling gig. Then, he drove that tool right up Callum's eager hole, making the English teen yelp out louder than ever.

    "Fuuuuuck yeah," Callum egged him on. "C'mon, fuck my ass, Daddy."

    I turned to look at Sam again, to see that he now had his own dick out. It was hard and poking out through the fly of Sam's shorts, looking fairly similar to his father's. Sam caught me looking and he just smiled at me, stroking his shaft up and down a few times.

    "You enjoying the show?" I asked him over the noise of his father fucking Callum.

    "Sure am," Sam nodded, spitting on his hand before continuing to jack off.

    "Your dad's really good," I told him. "I know that first hand."

    "So do I," Sam winked at me before turning away to face my son. "How about you, Bram? You enjoying what you're seeing?"

    "Fuck, yes I am," my son confirmed, basically drooling over the sight of Sam's cock.

    "Why don't you come here and suck me off, then?" Sam told my son confidently. 

    Bram looked up at me. Once again, he was silently asking for permission, as if he needed it.

    "Go for it, Son," I gave him my blessing. Like an impatient child, Bram jumped up and literally ran to his new toy. By now, my cock was too hard to keep in my shorts, so I pulled it out and began jacking myself off, watching Ben fuck Callum on the bed while Ben's son received a blowjob from Bram on the chair next to me.

    As hot as Ben and Callum's fuck scene was, most of my attention was directed at my son. I observed him as he bobbed up and down on Sam's penis, pleasuring it and savoring its juices. From the look on Sam's face, my son was doing an excellent job. I found myself envying Sam. Although I'd blown a load down my son's throat last night, I never got to enjoy a REAL blowjob by him; it'd all happened too quickly. I didn't know if Bram had honed his skills by watching porn or if it was genetic (I'd received quite a few compliments as a cocksucker myself) but he certainly didn't strike me as a clueless newbie.

    Maybe my son and I shared some sort of connection. In that moment, it was as if he could tell what I was thinking and feeling. While still sucking on Sam's cock, my son looked up at me. Then, he slowly pulled his head up and gave Sam's cockhead one final kiss, before crawling over to the chair where I was sitting.

    "Oh, you're off to your daddy next? Nice," Sam said, stroking himself off while watching my son get between my legs. Bram looked up at me like a hungry puppy, pleading for the bone I was holding. I let go of my prick and let him get to it. Bram smiled, and then immediately dove in. He started off by licking and teasing my glans, before pulling down my foreskin completely and kissing down the length of my shaft. I was leaking out precum like a hose, and my son was visibly enjoying every drop of it.

    "Yeah, man," Ben grunted while thrusting in and out of Callum's ass. I looked up and realized that Ben was talking to me, encouraging me to continue feeding my cock to my son, just like he'd done with his own.

    As for Sam, he wasn't content being a voyeur for too long. He wanted a piece of the action. After a couple of minutes, he got up and walked to the bed, where Callum was moaning sans stop. In one second, Sam shut Callum up by shoving his hard rod down his throat. 

    "Fuck!" I said, watching Callum getting spit-roasted by a father and son. Ben and Sam gave each other a high-five, both of them flexing their abs as they thrusted back and forth. It was an extremely hot sight, rivaled only by the sexy sight of my own son down on his knees, taking my cock balls-deep down his eager throat.

    I looked down at Bram's face, combing my fingers though his hair and fucking his mouth harder. 

    "Baby… I'm gonna cum," I said after about ten minutes of the best blowjob I'd ever received. As much as I wanted to keep this going all night, I was overstimulated.

    "Fuck yeah. You gonna feed your son your load?" Ben chimed in from the bed. He was clearly turned on by the incestuous perviness he was witnessing. "You gonna shoot your sperm down his throat?" 

    "Only if you do yours first," I suddenly said. It was a tease; I was on the edge and about to cum soon regardless of what Ben did, but I wanted to see if he took the bait.

    "Sorry, Callum, I'll give you a load some other day, promise," Ben said, quickly pulling his dick out of the British teen's ass. Without a moment's hesitation, Ben hopped on his feet up on the bed, almost hitting the ceiling with his head. He straddled Callum and walked closer to Sam, who was still fucking Callum's throat. Sam had his knees on the bed, so his face was almost perfectly at the same level as his father's swinging hard dick. "Open up, Son," Ben told him.

    Fresh out of Callum's ass, Ben's cock went straight into his own son's mouth. The moment I saw that, I couldn't hold it in any longer. I started to shoot, hitting the back of my son's gullet with my wads of cum. "FUCK! FUCK!!" I shouted, letting everyone know I was feeding my boy the same spunk that had made him.

    "Ahhhhhh, yeeeeah," Ben grunted, unloading down his own son's throat at the same time. Sam grunted as well, but it was muffled by the mouthful of paternal cock he was getting. Whether Sam was cumming down Callum's throat, or just enjoying his own father's jizz load, I couldn't tell. All I could tell was how good it felt to finally make peace with what happened between Bram and me, and to have buddies to share this unique experience with.

    After he was done draining the last drop of spooge from my cock, Bram began jacking himself vehemently, as if he was about to cum.

    "Oh, no you don't," I said, pulling him up to his feet so he could feed me his load in return. Within a minute or so, I was swallowing my grandkids, all while watching Callum shoot a huge load all over the bed. What a night. What a fucking night.

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