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Promised Load

Category:  FATHER-SON 


    On our last day in Paris, my son and I made sure to take some time and go for a walk by ourselves, giving us a rare opportunity to bond without all of our friends around us. 

    "I love traveling… but I also can't wait to get back home," Callum admitted as we strolled by the Seine.

    "I know what you mean," I laughed. "I can't wait to relax in my new house."

    "I'm so excited you bought a house in London. We're gonna have so much fun there," my son said excitedly.

    "From what I hear, you've been having plenty of fun in Paris as well," I said with a smirk.

    "Whatever do you mean?" Callum played coy.

    "Ben told me about what happened the other night, when I was out on that date," I revealed.

    "You mean…"

    "I mean the night Ben fucked you in front of Johan and Bram, while you were sucking Sam off," I laughed. "Did I get all that right? It's hard to keep track with so many participants."

    "No, you got that right," my son laughed. "Although, I'm still upset at Ben for not cumming up my arse that night."

    "We can take care of that, I promise," I said, slapping Callum's bum as we continued to walk.

     "As long as you're not busy with another date," he said, and I could sense some resentment in his voice.

    "Son… Are you okay with me dating women?" I asked. We'd addressed this in the past, but clearly it remained an unresolved issue for Callum.

    "I am. I just… I tend to get jealous easily," he admitted. "After so many years apart, I want you all to myself. But I also want you to find 'The One,' and get married and have more kids, if that's what you want. So I'll be okay."

    "Aww, Son," I put my arm around Callum's shoulder and pulled him in for a hug. "I want us to spend as much time as possible together as well. But trust me: after you start university, you'll be so busy meeting boys and going out on dates, you'll hardly have any time for your old man."

    "Now, that'll never be true," Callum smiled, and even though we were in public, he leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. Considering we were in the heart of Paris, this was the most romantic moment my son and I had ever shared. But I didn't forget the promise I'd made to him. 

    "Now… Let's go fill that ass up with some cum, you slut," I grinned.

    When we returned to the hotel, the first person we bumped into was Johan, who saw us in the hallway and invited us over to his room.

    "We're all in there drinking," he said, holding a plastic bag full of bottles he'd just picked up from the store. We followed him to his hotel room, where we saw Bram, Sam, and Ben already sitting on the bed with the music blasting.

    "Where were you boys off to?" my buddy Ben enquired.

    "We were just taking a father-son walk," I replied, helping myself to a drink from the makeshift bar.

    "Aww, how nice. Did you guys have dinner yet? Cuz the rest of us haven't eaten," Ben said.

    "No, not yet. We had… other plans," I raised my eyebrows at Ben, letting him know Callum and I had a naughty agenda for the evening.

    "What kinda plans?" Ben smirked.

    "Well as it turns out, you fucked my son without giving him a load the other night," I said. "Tsk tsk. So now I gotta fix that and give him one of my own."

    Everyone in the room laughed, including Johan and Bram. By now, we were all in the know about the kind of relationships we each had with our sons. 

    "I mean, we can go out for dinner a bit later if you guys want to… take care of it first," Johan said with an amused voice. Even though I didn't know him very long, I could already tell the Dutch daddy had really come out of his shell recently, since getting to know us and getting closer with his own horny son.

    "What do you say?" I turned to look at Callum, only to see him already pulling his shorts down. My boy – who only a year ago was so nervous to take a dick for the first time – now proudly took cock from both ends for an audience. 

    Callum wiggled his ass in anticipation. Ben's belt and pants plopped to the floor. He got on the bed on his knees, in front of Callum. My dick was already rock hard at the sight of my naked son, ass up on the bed, begging for me to fuck him.  

    I stood behind Callum, his smooth pink hole winking at me. Like mirror images, Ben and I pulled our shirts off as Callum took Ben's dick down his throat. I took my pants off and immediately rubbed my cock on my son's ass, smearing my precum on his hole. 

    "How's his mouth feel?" I asked Ben. 

    "He's a good little cocksucker," said Ben, running his hands through Callum's hair. "But you already knew that," my pervy buddy winked at me.

    No longer wanting to miss out on the action, I spit into my palm and stroked the length of my cock. I spit again on Callum's hole, pushing my saliva inside him with my thumb. 

    "You ready to get fucked?" I asked while pushing the head of my dick against my boy's hole. "You want your dad's dick?" 

    Callum nodded aggressively. I pushed my dick more firmly, and Callum's hole opened up to me. I let out a deep sigh as my son's warm insides gripped my dick. By this point, Sam had gotten naked as well, and he was slowly stroking his cock while watching his father fuck my son's throat. As for Bram and Johan, they sat a few feet away, rubbing their bulges but still too hesitant to join in.

    Feeling incredibly horny, I began forcefully sliding in and out of Callum's ass with deep, deliberate thrusts. Each time I went balls-deep, Callum grunted. 

    "C'mon Ben, use his mouth like you used his ass," I said a few minutes later, encouraging my friend to go harder. "Fuck my son's throat." 

    Ben set a firm grip on either side of Callum's head and started thrusting in and out of my son's mouth forcefully, making him gag. 

    "Don't stop, keep fucking his throat," I continued, intensifying my thrusts, slamming my hips against my boy's ass. "I'll show you how to do it." 

    Just then, I pulled out and walked around the bed to switch places with Ben. When he saw me, my buddy took his dick out of my son's mouth as well. Callum remained on his hands and knees, using the break to catch his breath. Then, I stood on the mattress, towering over him. 

    "Look at me, Son," I commanded and Callum raised his head to meet my gaze. "Get daddy's dick nice and clean." 

    Something about having this audience made me want to put on a show. I gently pulled up under my son's chin, getting his torso more erect. I thumbed his lips before pushing my dick into his mouth. 

    "Oh fuck," Johan whispered.  

    Ben walked around the bed and crouched behind Callum, burying his face in my son's ass.

    "That's right," I said to Callum as I drove my dick back-and-forth in his mouth. "Clean your father's dick. You like tasting your own ass?" 

    "Mhm," Callum nodded, never breaking eye contact. 

    "Oh, fuck, Josh," said Ben in a muffled voice. "I can taste your precum on his hole." 

    Then, Ben stood up and pulled Callum closer. I sat down on the bed with my legs splayed out and I beckoned Callum's head back onto my dick, while Ben lined up his meat with Callum's asshole. Ben shoved his cock inside my son up to the hilt in one swift thrust. My buddy and I were back to spit-roasting my son, only in switched positions.

    Next to all this, Sam was undoubtedly jealous of all the attention Callum was getting. He maneuvered himself on his back and slid underneath Callum, sucking my boy's teen dick. Sam's oral skills made Callum moan loader, his vocal cords vibrating on my dick. Sam reached a hand between his own legs to finger himself while slobbering on Callum's dickhead.  

    "I bet your hole is so tight right now," said Ben to his son. "You want help getting that hole looser?" 

    "Fuck yeah, Dad," Sam replied, immediately taking Callum's dick out of his mouth. "Fuck me."

    "What do you say, Josh?" Ben turned to me. "Should we fuck our sons together?" 

    I growled in agreement, getting ready to switch positions yet again. As much as I loved fucking Callum's throat, I was eager to get back into that perky ass of his. Meanwhile, Ben swung Sam's hips around so Sam was lying directly under Callum. Our two boys were now blowing each other in a 69 position. 

    I walked to my son's ass and pushed myself back into it, as Callum clenched his sphincter around my dick in response. On the other side of the bed, Ben held Sam's legs up in the air, his hard cock bobbing just a few inches away from my son's face.

    "Get Ben's dick wet for Sam," I commanded Callum.

    Callum quickly took Sam's dick out of his mouth and replaced it with Ben's. My son moaned loudly, as he could once again taste his ass on another man's dick. He briefly deep-throated Ben before lining his dick up with Sam's hole. Then, Ben shoved his cock inside his son. There we were, two friends fucking their own sons at the same time, both of the boys with their mouths and holes filled with cock.  

    In this incredibly entangled position, it didn't take long for any of us to start cumming. Callum was the first to pop, unloading in Sam's mouth. Next, Ben pulled out of Sam's and grabbed both their dicks in one hand. The father and son came in unison, with Callum trying to get as much of their salty spunk in his mouth as possible. I finished last, shooting my son's brothers and sisters deep inside his ass, fulfilling the promise I'd made earlier in the evening that one way or another, Callum would get some spunk in his ass. Afterward, we all took a minute to catch our breath, laughing at the ridiculous feat we'd just accomplished. 

    As I caught my breath, I looked at Johan and Bram, who were sitting on two chairs behind me. Honestly, with everything going on, I'd half-forgotten they were in the room, witnessing all this. The father and son now had their hard uncut cocks out, and they were both sporting visible cum stains on their T-shirts.

    "So, when are you two going to do something like this?" I asked them teasingly as I pulled my cum-coated cock out of my son's hole. I expected them to just laugh it off, but to my surprise, Johan looked up at his son and said three short words:
   "Soon, I hope."

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