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    During our last dinner in Paris, I ate without paying attention to the food one single bit. No matter how nice the meal was, my mind was preoccupied by other thoughts. 

    Number one was the incredible foursome sex I'd just witnessed: Callum and Sam 69-ing one another, while each of them was getting fucked by his respective father. Not even in my wildest, perviest fantasies could I have imagined something like that, yet it had happened, right in front of me and Dad. 

    The other thought occupying my mind was my father's response to Josh's question that had followed the fucking. When Josh asked Dad when he and I might engage in something similar, my dad just said, "Soon, I hope." I was left speechless! Dad and I had both had a wank while watching the foursome fuck in our hotel room; we were clearly turned on by the incestuous sex. But for HE AND I to do the same thing?! Yes, we'd sucked each other off already, but could I really let my dad fuck my ass, just like Josh and Ben fucked their sons? The thought of it made me excited and horny… but also nervous.

    While I sat quietly at the fancy Parisian restaurant, our American and British friends at the table were having a jovial time. They were talking about the next stop in their euro trip: Rome. Of course, Dad and I were invited to join them, but Dad had to go back to work, and I didn't want to continue traveling without him. I was curious to see what life would be like after we returned home to Amsterdam. Would we continue to occasionally suck each other's cocks? Would we forget all about it, like some kooky vacation affair? Or would it turn into a nightly occurrence for us, exchanging blowjobs before sleep, or maybe even going further? After all, we were both single men…

    But for now, I was to spend one last night sharing a bed with my father in Paris. Our group walked to the hotel, and as I chatted with Callum I jealously watched my dad flirting with Ben during the stroll. I knew this was their last time seeing each other for the foreseeable future (maybe ever!) so I bit my tongue and I let them have some alone time. When we got to the hotel, Dad announced he and Ben were going to have a drink, just the two of them. I got the message and I said I was tired before giving my father a peck on the cheek and telling him I'd see him up in bed.

    The hotel room felt uncomfortably empty and silent when I entered it on my own. Just a couple of hours ago, four men were fucking on this bed. Now, all that was left of it were the cum strains and the residual smell of sweat. I opened the windows and welcomed the sound of traffic out in the street, which made me feel less alone. I took my clothes off and stepped into the large shower, which felt grossly oversized without Dad accompanying me in it.

    After my shower, I got into bed and tried to distract myself by watching some YouTube videos on my phone. As much as I tried to keep my thoughts PG, it had been a sexually overcharged day… and I couldn't stop thinking about Dad's words. "Soon, I hope" … Fuck, did he really want to fuck me?! I put my phone down, reaching between my legs instead, tugging on my growing cock with one hand while using my other hand to tease my taint and hole. My hole, which might soon be filled by my father's dick…

    The fantasy helped me relax, and surprisingly, I'd dozed off without blowing a load. When I woke up, it was the middle of the night – I could tell by how quiet the streets were. Somebody was climbing into bed with me, and before even opening my eyes, I could sense my father by his smell.

    "Hey, Dad," I whispered in a sleepy voice, happy to have my father back in bed with me.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

    "No, it's okay. How was your date with Ben?" I said, hoping he couldn't sense the jealousy in my voice.

    I felt the mattress shift as Dad rolled onto his side, facing away from me. My eyes were adjusted enough to the dark that I could tell he was already naked.

    "Fine," he replied monosyllabically.

    "Just fine?" I asked. "What did you two do? You were gone a while."

    "Well," he started, sounding hesitant. "We had a drink and then ended up back in his room. We wanted to have fun one last time."

    "I hope you get a chance to see him again," I said.

    Dad didn't say anything to that. I lay on my back and tried to fall asleep again. Ever so quietly, I heard him shift backwards trying to get closer to me until his bare asscheeks rested against my thigh. Having my naked father pressed against me made my dick stir. I turned on my side so I was facing his back, inches away from full body-to-body contact. He arched his back, almost as if to try and get his ass closer to me.

    Just then, I had a flashback to when I watched Dad get fucked by Ben for the first time, which ended with Ben dumping his load inside my father while I looked on with Callum. As much as I was jealous, I was also curious if that's what had happened tonight. I extended my hand slowly, reaching for my father's ass. Finally, my fingers found their way in between Dad's asscheeks and I discovered a wetness on his hole – most likely Ben's jizz leaking out. I easily stuck a finger inside my father's loose hole, feeling for the goo that rested still inside him. Dad moaned softly at my touch.

    "I meant what I said earlier," Dad suddenly whispered. "About how... I hope you and I... I hope we can fuck soon."

    With that, my father started grinding his hips back and forth, fucking himself on my finger. And that's when it hit me: when he said "I hope we can fuck," Dad expected ME to be the one on top! After watching Ben and Josh fuck their sons earlier, I assumed my father meant he wanted to fuck me, not the other way around! I'd never even considered topping, let alone topping my father. I'd seen enough porn to know what to do, but could I even manage it? Only one way to find out. My dick sprang to full hardness at the thought, poking Dad in the back of his thigh. He reached back and grabbed my dick, bringing it closer to his ass. 

    "What do you say, Bram?" Dad asked. "Will you fuck me?"

    I removed my finger from his hole and used some of Ben's cum to lube my own throbbing cock. I inched forward and felt again for Dad's hole, this time with my cockhead. I found his warm, wet opening, and plunged my dick inside my father's ass. His well-fucked hole accepted my dick easily, but he still moaned into the pillow.

    Having my dick inside another person – inside my own father! – was a mind-blowing experience. The sheer pleasure was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. I almost came right then and there. Dad reached back for my hand and pulled my arm tight across his chest. 

    "Hold me tight, Son," he instructed and I slipped my other arm under his neck and down over his shoulder. "Now, fuck me."

    My first instinct was to pump in and out as fast as possible. 

    "Easy, boy," he whispered. "Start slow, or you'll shoot."

    He was right. I could already feel my teen sperm begging to be released. I slowed down to gentler thrusts with my slim hips grinding against Dad's perky ass. 

    "Am I doing okay?" I asked, worried I wasn't pleasing him.

    "Oh fuck, Bram, you're doing amazing," he moaned in response. "I want you to get on top of me."

    Without pulling out of his hole, I threw the sheets aside and we rolled in unison so he was face down with me on top. 

    "Keep going, just like before," he said. "And kiss my neck."

    I did as he said and continued to slowly buck my hips, keeping my teen dick deep inside my father. That thought drove me wild. I can't believe I'm actually fucking my dad! And it felt great. I leaned my head down to kiss and bite at his neck, which made Dad push up with his ass and take as much of me as possible. 

    "I want you to go harder now, Son," he commanded. "But don't cum, let me know when you're close."

    I managed to get myself into a push-up position and started piston-fucking my dad like I'd seen in pornos. Each time my hips slammed against his ass, Dad grunted and moaned. He just lay there and took my dick. He clearly knew how to get fucked and it seemed like he was loving every second of having his son's teen dick pound his hole. The faster movements drove me into a frenzy.

    "Dad, I'm close. I'm really close!"

    "Quick, lie on your back," he instructed.

    I lifted myself off of my father and lay on my back next to him. He quickly straddled me in a slow squat and sat forcefully on my cock, impaling himself.

    "I want to see your face when you cum inside me," he whispered.

    Then, Dad started bouncing on my dick. One of his hands went to my chest to keep balance while the other vigorously stroked his own leaky cock. Dad's eyes almost rolled back in ecstasy as he fucked himself of my dick. His precum dripped onto my stomach. That was the final push I needed. I could feel my balls tense up.

    "Dad! I'm gonna cum!!!"

    I held onto my father's hips and shot the biggest load of my life right inside him, depositing his grandkids deep inside his hole. At nearly the same time, Dad released his orgasm. He shot my little brothers and sisters all over my chest, some even landing on my lips and chin. Next, Dad leaned down and licked up the cum from my chin before planting his lips on mine. Our mouths opened and our tongues met. I could taste his salty load in my mouth. We shared a passionate kiss, and in that moment, even after everything we've been through, we were closer than ever. Finally, Dad climbed off of me and lay on his side, motioning me to get behind him. My dick, still hard, slipped right back inside his hole.

    "I love you, Son," he whispered.

    "I love you, too, Dad."

    With that final admission, we both dozed off. I fell asleep with my arms around my dad and my dick buried in his ass.

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