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Shower & Shave

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 

Cowritten with: Joe


    After my first couple of weeks in New York, classes finally got started at my school. I had a huge workload, and it proved to be a welcome distraction after obsessing over my brother-in-law. When Jaxon was around, I felt like a wide-eyed puppy, staring at him, watching his every move. Soaking in his masculinity. Watching his muscles flex with every movement. As much as I tried to control myself, he just got the best of me!

    In addition to ogling, I'd also spent every night sneaking into the bathroom to grab Jaxon's used boxers from that day, and press them against my face and my cock before shooting a load into the toilet. Every day I would tell myself I would not do it again, and every night I succumbed to the urge like an addict who can't help it.

    It was a well-rehearsed ritual by now. I would pick up Jaxon's boxers, which he always dumped on the floor without caring who would see them. I was careful to take note of just how they were lying, so I could put them back without getting caught. I would cover my face with them, breathing in my brother-in-law's scent, which drove me wild with horniness. Sometimes, that's how I would shoot my load. Other times, I'd wrap his underwear around my cock until I was just near the edge, then I would shoot, careful not to get any cum on them. These were some of the most intense orgasms I'd ever experienced in my life. 

    Some nights, I would go back to the bathroom two or three times, unable to sleep with my thoughts of Jaxon. I imagined in detail what his cock must be like. Even though he almost always walked around the house in boxers that left little to the imagination, I wanted to know even more. I wanted to see every ridge, see what the head looked like, how low his balls hung. His boxers made it clear he carried a hefty package, but my obsessed mind craved to know every detail.

    My fantasies were only intensified by the nearly non-stop sex my brother-in-law had with my sister. I had never had sex, but it wasn't hard to figure out what they were doing on the other side of the wall. It should've felt gross, but I never really focused on my sister. Her moans were always drowned out by Jaxon's long, guttural yells that sounded like an animal in the wild. I always got hard listening to that, imagining him thrusting back and forth, sweat dripping down his chiseled, manly body.

    So when my classes finally began and I had a ton of homework, it was almost a relief. I would commute across the city to my school, and do most of my homework in the library on campus. It gave me some perspective, being out of the house, being with other people, and pursuing my education. I paid attention during class and worked hard on my assignments, determined to get straight A's and make the most of the college experience. After all, this is what I came here for; not perving on my married brother-in-law.

    After a few weeks, I started to feel better. With all my schoolwork, I only caught myself fantasizing about Jaxon a few times a day (that was little, for me!). One afternoon, I went back home to find Jaxon, in his underwear as usual, sitting on the couch with another guy, watching TV. 

    "Oh, hey, mate," Jaxon greeted me, his smile giving me butterflies in my stomach. "This is my buddy, Hector."

    "Hey there," Hector waved. He was a mountain of a guy, almost as big as Jaxon. He had dark, messy hair that complemented the scruff on his handsome face. He was wearing a T-shirt that was stretched to the max to accommodate his large, hulking muscles. He had on tight jeans that showed off his massive thighs, and he wasn't wearing any shoes or socks. His large, bare feet were resting on the coffee table in front of the two men, as they casually drank their beer and watched what was on the TV.

    "I'm just gonna do some homework here in the kitchen," I stuttered, wanting to stay in the same room as them.

    "Cool, mate," Jaxon replied, and turned back to the music videos playing on TV.

    "Look at the tits on that one!" I heard Jaxon say after a while, as I pretended to look up something on my laptop.

    "Yeah, but look at that ass on the brunette!" Jaxon's buddy chimed in.

    "Fuck!" Jaxon sighed. 

    The two were worse than the boys I went to high school with. I listened to them critique every girl on screen, until they were interrupted by Rachel coming back home from work.

    "Hey, boys," she smiled, even though she looked kind of tired. Jaxon got off the couch with a big grin on his face and went over to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. They started to make out, their tongues in each other's mouths and their hands all over each other. 

    This lasted for a few minutes, as Hector and I both looked at them. At one point, I looked away to try and focus on my computer, and I thought I caught Hector's eyes on me as I turned my head. My heart started to beat faster. Jaxon's hand had started to slide down Rachel's shoulder and onto her chest. He slowly brought his lips down to her neck.

    "How was your day, baby?" he whispered.

    "Good," she replied with her head tilted, "but I'm exhausted."

    "Too exhausted for me?" Jaxon teased, making my sister giggle.

    "Sorry babe," she said, "but I think I'm gonna lie down for a while, maybe spend some time with J.J."

    "Well, why don't we let you rest?" Jaxon suggested. "We can have a boys' night out. Hector, Casey, what do you say?" 

    I was stunned. Did he just suggest that I go out with him and Hector? For some reason, I felt nervous.

    "Sounds good to me," Hector chimed in, finishing off his beer.

    "What do you think, Casey?" Jaxon smiled at me. "Think you can put down your schoolwork for a night out with the blokes?"

    My stomach tightened and my heart threatened to beat right out of my chest.

    "Sure," I said, trying to sound as confident as I could. "Let me just... go to the bathroom and get ready real quick."

    For some reason, I wanted to look as good as possible. I've never been on a "boys' night out," and I wanted to impress Jaxon and Hector. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and got my razor out. Jaxon's boxers caught my eye, as I saw them lying on the floor as usual. I shook the thought out of my head. Next, I took my shirt off so I wouldn't get it wet, and started applying shaving cream on my face. 

    Just as I was about to put the razor to my cheek, Jaxon burst into the bathroom next to me. Shit! What was he doing here? And why did I have to take my shirt off? I felt scrawny and unattractive as I stood next to this nearly-naked beast of a man. Then, the unimaginable started to happen: Jaxon started to take off his underwear.

    "Don't mind me, mate," he grinned, "I'm just gonna grab a quick shower before we head out." I was speechless. I couldn't move; only my eyes darted in Jaxon's direction. My brother-in-law turned the shower on and casually jumped inside. 

    I couldn't believe it. Less than two feet from me, the man I had been fantasizing about for weeks was standing there naked, taking a shower. I watched as the water dripped down his naked body as Jaxon closed his eyes, giving me a chance to stare without being seen. Drops of water cascaded down every muscle. He lifted his hands to his head and gave me an even better view of his tattoo-covered arms and his hairy pits. My eyes drifted lower. His chest was huge, and his abs rivaled any model in a magazine. 

    Finally, my eyes fell on his long, uncut cock. Even though I'd seen a ton of cocks in porn, this was the first time I was seeing another man's in person. It was just as large as I anticipated. What came as a surprise, however, was that my brother-in-law kept his pubic area shaved completely smooth. Which only meant I could see every inch of his massive shaft and large balls even better.

    "You ever been out drinking before?" Jaxon asked conversationally, breaking me out of my trance.

    "Uh… no," I muttered. He sounded so casual; this was no big deal to him. He was probably one of those guys that played sports and saw other men naked in locker rooms and showers all the time. To me, this was mind-blowing.

    I started to shave my face as quickly as possible. Just then, Jaxon reached out to the sink and grabbed his own razor. To my amazement, he took the can of shaving cream that was in front of me, lathered some on his balls and around his cock and started to shave his pubes right in front of me.

    "I know a pub nearby," he continued, like this was the most normal thing in the world, "they won't bother to card you." 

    For a couple of minutes, Jaxon shaved his cock and balls right next to me, and I had to shave my face with my hand trembling. Luckily, I managed not to cut myself and a while later we cleaned up and left together.

    "I can't believe the drinking age is twenty-fucking-one here," Jaxon said as he brought three bottles of beer to our table. I'd never drunk before, but I tried to play it off cool. Hector chuckled and took a swig from his bottle, before the two buddies continued with their favorite topic: girls. 

    They talked about the women at the bar, and I mostly remained quiet, until Jaxon turned to me and said, "Do you have a girlfriend, Casey?" 

    I panicked.

    "No, I broke up with her," I blurted out. I didn't even know where that came from. I tried to calm down, and the beer helped. With every swig, it tasted less bad, until I was used to it. I mostly drank because I needed something to do; I worried if I talked to much I would say something stupid and make a fool of myself.

    Luckily, Jaxon and Hector were both quite happy to do all the talking themselves. As the night went on, I felt more and more relaxed, and I kicked back, listening to the two handsome men I was sharing a table with. I didn't want to leave, not even when my bladder was killing me. Finally, when Hector went to the bar to get more drinks, I saw an opportunity to leave the table without having to squeeze past anyone.

    "I'm gonna go to the restroom," I excused myself and made my way through the crowded bar. I was a little dizzy when I opened the bathroom door and saw the row of urinals. Even though they were unoccupied, I went to one of the stalls, and let go.

    This might've been the longest piss of my life, ever! I pissed for over a minute, while I braced myself with my hand against the wall. I was just about to zip up when I heard what sounded like someone stumbling into the bathroom and landing on the wall right next to me. 

    I was startled, and stood there with my cock in my hand still. At first I thought it was a fumbling drunk person until I realized...  someone was making out in the bathroom. I stood frozen for a second, until I heard both people moaning and realized they were both guys!

    "Am I drunk?!" I thought to myself. This wasn't a gay bar. Maybe I was hearing things. The voices started talking to each other in Spanish. I couldn't understand them, but I could definitely tell it was two men! 

    With my hand still wrapped around my cock, I started to get hard. I closed my eyes and thought back to earlier today, watching Jaxon in the shower, the water running down his muscles, as my brother-in-law casually shaved his balls in front of me. The sounds that we two men were making as they kissed right next to me just added to my horniness. Soon, I was rock-hard. With a vivid image of Jaxon's cock in my mind, I stroked my own, faster and faster until...

    "Mmm," I bit my lip so I wouldn't moan out loud as I shot my load inside the toilet, just like I did at home when I had Jaxon's boxers on my face. I continued to stroke through my orgasm. This was the first one that I'd had while tipsy, and it felt amazing! I went on until every last drop of cum was in the toilet, and I finally zipped up. I knew I couldn't stay here forever, so I flushed, and braced myself to face the horny couple that was in the restroom.

    "Oh, hey," a familiar face greeted me when I opened the stall door. It was Hector.

    "Hi," I said, smiling at Hector and the unknown man that was currently grinding up against him.

    Quickly, without even washing my hands, I rushed out of the room and went back to my brother-in-law.

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