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Jaxon's Buddy

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 

Cowritten with: Joe


    I'd spent my early days in New York wanking all day and fucking Rachel all night. I was really starting to miss my mates and my dad back home; I wasn't used to spending so much time home alone (well, not counting the baby). One evening, my wife returned home tired and said she wanted to spend some quiet time with J.J., so I decided to go out by myself.

    I went downstairs and found a place not too far from our apartment. It looked decent: some sports on the TVs and a chill crowd. I went in and ordered a beer. It was still fairly early and the place wasn't too busy. After a couple of drinks, another bloke came and sat on the stool next to me. He was almost as big as me and our arms almost touched when he sat down. He got his drink and I noticed the label.

    "That's about the only American beer I can stomach, mate," I chuckled. He looked at me and laughed.

    "Yeah, me too, bro. I usually drink imported when I have beer. Otherwise, I'm a whiskey guy," he replied. Now he was talking my language.

    "Cheers to that," I said as we both took a drink. We started to talk and I learned his name was Hector. He worked for a contracting firm nearby and had just gotten off the job before coming in. I told him I was a tradie myself back home, but was still trying to get my visa before I could really start working. We upgraded our drinks to whiskey and kept talking, letting our eyes and conversation linger on some of the hot girls starting to come into the bar at this hour. 

    The place started to fill up and soon enough, two girls squeezed in between us to order some drinks. My eyes immediately went down to the one girls' arse as she bent over the bar to be heard over the noise right next to me. When I looked up, I noticed Hector had his eyes on her arse as well, before looking up, making eye contact with me, and chuckling. 

    "Hey, ladies," he said, striking up a conversation. He paid for their drinks and the four of us huddled around each other doing the usual small talk, getting to know each other. After a little while, the one girl finally asked the obligatory question.

    "So, what are you two doing out alone? Your girlfriends at home?"

    "Well, I'm married," I said, a jot of regret in my voice. I'd cheated on Rachel before (and she on me), but this time we were determined not to go that route.

    The two girls at the bar looked at each other clearly disappointed. They finished their drinks before politely saying goodbye and moving on. Hector eyed my drink and noticed it was getting low.

    "You want another one?" he asked. 

    "I do, but this place is fuckin' expensive," I noted.

    "Let's go to my place then," Hector suggested. "I've got plenty of booze, and it's right around the corner." 

    We finished our drinks and headed out. Sure enough, his place was just about a block away. As we opened the door to the flat, we almost bumped into two blokes heading out, clearly dressed for a night on the town. Hector introduced me to his roommates, Brock and Sawyer, and we exchanged a quick hello-and-goodbye. 

    Once inside, Hector headed over to his bar and unscrewed the bottle of whiskey.

    "Those two a couple?" I asked, wondering if my suspicion was right.

    "Aha," he responded. "I'm bi, by the way," Hector added matter-of-factly. 

    He seemed to be waiting for my response, as if he wanted to make sure I was still cool with being buddies despite this information.

    "Cool," I responded. Truth was, it really made no difference to me. We got our drinks and headed to the couch. 

    "Sorry for scaring the girls away at the pub," I said as we got comfortable. Hector took his shoes off, so I followed suit. "I don't think Rachel would appreciate it if I hooked up with another girl."

    "What if it's another guy?" he joked, and we both had a laugh.

    "Yeah, Rachel and I have had our ups and downs," I continued, telling him the rollercoaster ride of a story that our relationship was. Hector nodded and listened intently, as I wrapped it up by finally saying, "but I do really love her. She takes care of our son. And she's a freak! Which she's gotta be to keep up with me," l laughed. 

    "Oh yeah? Like what?" my new buddy asked before taking a sip. He spread his legs wider, making himself comfortable. 

    "Like the other day," I said, happy to have someone to share naughty stories with again, "we were riding the subway home after going to this club downtown. It was almost three in the morning, so it was pretty quiet on the train, only one other guy right across from us. Sure enough, we started making out as we always do. She was wearing this short tight dress; she looked so fucking hot."

    Hector dropped one hand between his legs, squeezing his junk. I didn't mind; I loved telling stories like this to my buddies. Shit, I'd even shared naked pictures of my wife with my dad when he told me he thought she was hot. Sharing is caring, right?

    "We kept kissing," I continued, "and she had her legs across my lap. I was stroking her legs, going higher and higher until my hand was fully in her dress. I pushed her panties aside and started fingering her. I looked over to the guy across from us, and we made pretty intense eye contact, just like this," I said, pointing out the intense connection between Hector and me in that moment.

    "I wasn't sure how much this guy could see, but I didn't give a fuck. I continued finger-banging her, until the guy started to smile. I could tell he knew what we were doing, and he didn't mind. Well then, neither did I. I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my hard cock. Rachel bent down and instantly put her mouth on it. She sucked my cock, and I looked at the guy across from me. He was still just smiling. He was an older bloke, maybe has a daughter her age. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her head, pushed my cock even deeper, and came right down her throat as this man looked at us. Fuck, it was fucking hot, mate," I said, getting myself amped up.

    "It sounds fucking hot, bro," he said. "Not gonna lie, gave me a boner hearing that story."

    "Gave me a boner telling it," I laughed. 

    Without saying anything else, Hector turned on the TV and got on his phone, scrolling for a few seconds before finding something and streaming it to the TV. It was a video of a girl on her knees, sucking a guy off. Hector started to unbuckle his pants.

    "We can rub one off together, if you'd like," he said nonchalantly, continuing to unzip his pants. "That's not considered cheating, is it?"

    "Nah, mate, that would be cool," I said, eager to get off myself. 

    I pulled out my cock at the same time as Hector. We were both already fully hard, and we stroked our dicks side-by-side as we watched the TV. I noticed he was uncut like me, which not a lot of Americans tended to be. It made my bond with my new buddy seem even closer in some way. He was a bit thicker and almost as long as me, with a hairy bush peeking out in contrast to my fully shaved pubes.

    We continued to stroke in silence, alternating between watching the TV and checking each other out. 

    "You don't mind if I look?" Hector laughed, checking out my cock.

    "No, mate."

    The truth was: I LOVED being watched! Men, women, I don't care who. I loved being adored, whether it was for my big cock or my muscles.

    We were both obviously pretty close to the edge, and eager to reach the finish line. A minute later, I heard a moan next to me and I looked over. Hector was getting ready to blow. A few moments later, he moaned again, accompanied by an "Oh, fuck!" and he started to shoot load after load of cum all over his chest. 

    A second later, I felt mine coming, too. I gave out a loud moan, closing my eyes and throwing my head back. I felt my hot cum hit my chest and my shoulder, before finally releasing several blasts onto my abs. We sat there for a few minutes, each of us coming down from his own climax. Finally, Hector got up.

    "Whew!" he said and we both laughed. He went back over to the kitchen, his dick still half hard, with cum all over his chest and his shirt rolled up, and got us both paper towels. That is how I made my first buddy in New York.

    A couple of weeks later, I was out with Hector and my little brother-in-law for a boys' night out. Casey seemed like a nice kid, it was a shame he spent all of his time studying at home or at the library at school. I didn't want to be too much of a bad influence, but I thought I could encourage him to take a little break.

    Casey seemed a bit nervous at first when we got to the pub. I was happy to talk to Hector while Casey loosened up, which took him a couple of beers. He said he had drunk before, but he was obviously a lightweight. After a little while, Hector went to get us more beers and Rachel's brother excused himself to go to the bathroom, leaving me at the table by myself.

    I scrolled through my phone until I saw Casey stumbling back to the table.

    "You alright, mate?" I asked, speaking loudly enough to be heard over the music and the crowd.

    "Yeah," he responded and took a pause. "I just... I just saw Hector making out with a guy in the bathroom." 

    I laughed. I wasn't too surprised to hear that, but Casey seemed to be. 

    "Is that it?" I said. 

    "I just... thought he was straight, that's all."

    "Nah. He's bi." 

    I took a sip of my nearly-empty drink, waiting for Casey's reaction. I didn't think he'd have a problem with Hector's sexuality, but you never know, do you? You hear all sorts of stories.

    "Aha... Okay," Casey said, lifting his beer bottle to his lips even though it was empty.

    A few seconds later, Hector showed up with more drinks and distributed them around the table. 

    "You slag!" I said, smacking Hector's arse as he went to sit down.

    "A what?" he asked, laughing.

    "A slut. A tramp. Someone who can't go to the bar without ending up in the bathroom with someone," I joked, making Hector laugh and Casey blush.

    A couple hours later, we decided to call it a night. On our way home, Casey was a little wobbly, but I helped him upstairs and into our apartment. I went to go take off my clothes in the bathroom like usual and took the short walk to my bedroom naked. Rachel was sound asleep and it was just as well, because I was about to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, tired as I was.

    I passed out, but it wasn't for long. Soon, I woke up needing to take a piss. As much as I didn't want to, I got myself up and made my way to the bathroom.    

    When I got to the bathroom door, I paused. The door was open slightly and the light was on, which was unusual. Was Casey taking a leak? I stepped closer, looking in, and it took me a minute to realise what was happening: Casey was standing in front of the toilet wanking, my boxers which I'd just taken off covering his face.

    It took me a couple of seconds to make sure I wasn't drunk and hallucinating. I heard my wife's little brother moaning softly, the moans muffled by my underwear in his face. And just then, he started to shoot his load in the toilet in front of him. I couldn't believe it. That little fucker!

    I chuckled to myself and carefully started to step back. Luckily, the floor didn't creak, and Casey seemed too enthralled in my boxers to notice anything else. I went back to bed, smiling over what I'd just seen. I lay like that for five minutes before going back to the bathroom and finally taking a piss. My boxers were back on the floor, almost exactly the way I'd left them. Almost, but not quite.

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