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Go Higher

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 

Cowritten with: Joe


    The day after our boys' night out with Jaxon and Hector, I woke up with my first hangover. I didn't have any classes that day, which was perfect because I doubt I would've been able to make it to school.

    "Fuuuck," I moaned in bed before reaching for my phone and googling "what to do about hangover."

    I went to the kitchen and drank plenty of water, then went to take a shower. There were some leftovers in the fridge that I helped myself to, and by mid-morning I felt better. Rachel was at work, and Jaxon and J.J. were still asleep, which meant I could maybe even do some reading for my classes next week.

    I read in the bright living room for about an hour, when I heard some rustling coming from Rachel and Jaxon's room. Jaxon must've been getting up. After a few minutes, I heard him walking down the hallway towards the living room. I looked up and immediately lost my breath. I was used to Jaxon surprising me, but this time I was completely stunned: he'd walked into the living room completely naked!

    "Mornin', mate," he said nonchalantly, and took a long stretch in front of me as he yawned, his arms reaching up and his muscles tensing. He was giving me a perfect view of his hairy armpits, as well as his abs, and most importantly: his enormous, smooth-shaven, uncut dick hanging between his legs.

    I realized I was staring, and hadn't breathed since he entered the room. I looked down at my book and tried to catch my breath. Jaxon started to walk towards the window directly in front of me. Clearly he didn't care about being naked in front of me. Is this how things worked? One boys' night out together and now we were comfortable walking around naked in front of each other?

    Jaxon opened the window, which had a direct view to the building across the street. Obviously, he didn't have a problem being naked in front of the whole neighborhood, either. I pretended to read, even though there was no way I could focus right now.

    I saw my brother-in-law reach for his pack of cigarettes and his lighter, and light one up.

    "Um, I don't think you're allowed to do that in this building," I said, assuming he didn't know. Jaxon looked me in the eyes for a moment and then, he shrugged.

    "Ah, fuck it," he said casually, and took a drag of his cigarette, still looking directly at me. I was caught in his gaze and couldn't look away. Next, he leaned over and continued to smoke against the windowsill, letting the smoke escape out the window. 

    Now, I had a prime view of Jaxon's ass, and he couldn't even tell I was staring. I watched as his huge glutes flexed and moved as he adjusted his position every few seconds, shifting his weight from one leg to the other. Even though he didn't know I was looking, it was almost as if he was giving me a show, just how much he was poking his ass out. I watched closely, until I could see the fine hair that was in between Jaxon's asscheeks. I wondered what it might feel like to the touch. 

    Sure enough, I was rock-hard again, using my textbook to cover up. Jaxon let out a smoker's cough and spit out the window, before finishing his cigarette and tossing it out as well. Quickly, I diverted my gaze, reading the same sentence in my book for the umpteenth time.



    After seeing Casey wanking while sniffing my shorts, I was curious if this was a one time thing, or a habit of his. Just how pervy was my little brother-in-law? I continued to leave my dirty underwear in the bathroom as I always did, but I started to carefully adjust the waistband a certain way so I would know if anyone had played with them. Sure enough, every day they had been moved. Oh, he tried to put them back as close as possible, but I had gone through my fair share of my dad's porn collection as a kid, and I knew all the tricks when it came to snooping.

    And the truth was, I really couldn't care less if Casey got off on sniffing my boxers. It was actually a pretty nice compliment. "Let the kid have his fun," I thought. I wondered if this meant that he was gay, and not ready to admit it yet. Could that be why he reacted so strongly to the news of Hector being bi?  

    Either way, it was even more fun strutting in front of Casey now. I knew he couldn't keep his eyes off me, so I started to walk around the flat fully naked while Rachel was at work. Her little brother always pretended to read or be busy, but he wasn't nearly as sneaky as he thought he was. I could feel him taking in every inch of my body and I knew it drove him nuts. It was kind of hot to know I had that effect on him.

    A few days after our boys' night out, Rachel came home exhausted, as she often did these days. As horny as I was, she was the sole breadwinner for now, and I wasn't about to hold it against her. I was pretty tired myself, only in my case it was because I'd spent a couple of hours at the gym today, while a friend of Rachel's babysat J.J.

    "I could reeeally use a massage after that workout today," I cooed in my wife's ear. I was fresh out the shower, wearing one of my shorter pairs of boxers.

    "I can't. Have Casey do it," Rachel said, not even looking up from her phone.

    I chuckled. It was precisely what I expected her to say.

    "You don't mind, do ya, mate?" I asked Casey who was sitting on the couch. He seemed ambushed. 

    "Uh, what?"

    "Just a quick rub, c'mon. You owe me for getting you those beers the other night," I said, making my way to the couch.

    Casey jumped up, and I lay with my face down, groaning loudly and making myself comfortable.

    "My legs, if you don't mind. Today was leg day," I said, wiggling my toes and waiting to feel Casey's touch.

    It took him a few seconds, but he finally got there. I felt his soft hands squeeze one of my calves tenderly, as if afraid to hurt me.

    "That's it, now give it a big squeeze. Don't worry about me! I like it as hard as possible."

    That comment elicited a laugh from Rachel, who was sitting across the room.

    Casey started to squeeze my muscles harder, getting comfortable with the whole thing. He moved to my feet and gave me a really good foot rub, that made me moan out in pleasure.

    "Fuck mate, that's it," I exhaled. He was good.

    I had large feet and Casey's hands were on the smaller side, but he could provide a hard squeeze when he wanted to. He rubbed my feet for a few minutes before moving up my legs. As he went up, I could feel him starting to get nervous. I could swear I felt his hands trembling, and they seemed to be getting sweaty as well.

    "Ahh, yes!" I moaned as I always did when getting massaged. Casey was now working on my lower thighs. "Go higher," I requested.

    My brother-in-law's fingers moved just an inch or so higher up my leg. "Higher," I said. "Umm, yes, that's the spot. Just a bit higher."

    Casey was now rubbing my upper thighs, grazing my glutes. I pulled up my underwear until I was giving myself a wedgie. I knew my arsecheeks were exposed now. "Higher," I said.

    With that, Casey's hands moved up to my arse and started kneading my cheeks. I could only imagine what was going through this boy's head right now!

    I flexed my glutes, and enjoyed myself as Casey worked on my arse. Everything else aside, this really was a decent massage. 

    "Let me turn around," I said, and flipped over. I quickly looked at Rachel, who was still scrolling through her phone, unbothered by what we were doing.

    Casey's hands moved down again, just above my knees. I looked at his face and realized how pink he was, but I closed my eyes because I didn't want to embarrass him. That wasn't my goal... something else was.

    "Go higher," I said again, and inch by inch Casey did so. At first he focused on the outside of my thighs, until I started spreading my legs open, making it obvious that he should move inward.

    With my boxers pulled up, I could tell my cock and balls were poking out the leghole. I spread my legs wider and let out a moan, "Mmmm, yeah, that's the spot."

    Casey's hands were moving up the inside of my thighs. Little by little, until I felt the back of his hand grazing my ball sack, 

    "Fuck mate, that's good!" I said, almost shouting. Even my cock was reacting by now, pulsing a couple of times. And just then: I felt Casey's hand brushing against the tip of my dick.

    "Yes, there!" I said, enjoying the way he was squeezing my muscle, but also enjoying the fact that he was probably having the time of his life. For several moments, my wife's brother continued to squeeze me right there, his hand grazing my cock the entire time.

    "Thanks mate, that was really good," I said, exhaling deeply.

    "You– You're welcome. I gotta go to the bathroom," Casey stuttered and quickly walked away. 

    I smiled, thinking of the underwear I'd just left there before my shower.

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