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Clean Me Up

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 

Cowritten with: Joe


    By the time October rolled around, the days had started to get significantly chillier. Rachel decided that she wanted to take J.J. to visit her parents for the weekend, before the weather gets really bad and it starts to snow. Being from Sydney, I wasn't used to snow, and I wasn't looking forward to a winter in New York. I was equally less than thrilled to be spending a sexless weekend without my wife.

    I woke up that Saturday morning with a massive hardon, as usual. I was naked, as I always was in bed, with the duvet kicked to the side and the morning sun shining on my naked body. I sat up in bed and stretched, feeling my muscles tighten and relax. I let out a loud yawn, and realized I could smell myself even more than usual. Did I not take a shower yesterday?

    I stood up and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair was messy and I had a bit of stubble growing, but I was unlikely to shave now that Rachel wasn't here (she was the one who always complained about my scratchy face). My huge erection shot out in front of me, pointing forward. Unlike my face, my shaved pubes were still nice and smooth, making my already long dick seem to extend even further. My defined abs paved a perfect pathway to my hulking chest and enormous arms. "I look damn good," I thought, admiring myself in the mirror.

    I wondered if I was home alone, or if Casey was in. If he was, he was studying in the living room, no doubt. I'm sure he'd love how I looked right now. Fresh out of bed, hair a mess, my large cock bobbing in front of me. I knew he fantasized about me, no matter how much he tried to hide it. 

    I stretched one last time before opening the door and making my way down the hall. Sure enough, I found my little brother-in-law in his customary position: curled up on the couch with his face in a book. He was wearing some gym shorts and a T-shirt. He looked up when he heard me, and his eyes widened immediately. No matter how many times I walked around naked in front of him, his face always betrayed his amazement.

    "Good morning, mate," I said in a husky voice, having just woken up.

    "Um… Good morning," he replied, desperately trying to focus his eyes on my face. 

    "So, we have the whole place to ourselves!" I said with a big smile and gesturing with my arms spread out. I could tell Casey was taking in every inch of my body as I stood this way.

    "Uh… yeah," he chuckled, trying to hide his face in his book.

    "I don't think I've been away from your sister this long since we moved here," I continued, and took a step closer to him. He was still trying to avoid my gaze by looking at his book, but I could tell he wasn't registering anything on that page. I took another step. I was now less than a metre away from him, my cock right at his eye level. "It's going to be hard, being here without her. Really hard," I teased, making my cock bob up and down. Casey lowered his book a little, looking eagerly at my cock before shooting his eyes up to my face. 

    "She'll be back soon," he practically whispered. His voice sounded full of things he wanted to say, but would never dare to.

    "Yeah," I replied. "I'm sorry, mate. I just really miss her." I paused as Casey continued to look up at me with puppy dog eyes. "If you know what I mean," I smiled, grabbing my balls, and giving my dick a wag right in front of Casey's face. He forced a laugh.

    "Yeah, I know," Casey said nervously, "I've been talking to this girl at school. She's really hot. So I hope I'll see her this weekend."

    I looked at him and grinned. I knew he wasn't telling the truth. I didn't understand why, but he continued to feel the need to make up stories about being into girls in front of me.

    "Oh, yeah?" I said, stepping closer to my brother-in-law again.

    "Y–Yeah…" he stuttered. I was now towering over him. He looked up at me as if he wasn't sure where I was going to go next.

    "I bet she's hot," I finally said in a soft voice, teasing him as he stared at me. "I can tell by the way you're growing in your shorts right now." 

    Casey turned bright red. He pulled his legs in closer to him, used his book to hide his boner, and pretended to laugh, but I knew how he really felt.

    Later that afternoon, I headed over to my buddy Hector's. He broke out the whiskey and weed, and we settled in for a lazy Saturday afternoon. We traded stories about some of the people we had fucked over the years and some of the dirty situations we found ourselves in. I was entertained by my new friend's stories; he seemed to be just as much of a freak as I was. Maybe even more, since he hooked up with both guys and girls, and guys seemed more willing to put themselves out there, generally.

    We laughed and let ourselves enjoy the high. Soon enough, we put on some porn, and grabbed at our crotches as we kept casually talking. Before long, we had both taken off our pants and underwear and were lazily pulling on our cocks as we continued to drink and smoke. This had become a pretty regular thing for us: we would each share some dirty stories, before we got too horny to take it anymore, so we'd put on some porn and both jerk off side-by-side. I had offered to Hector that he could put on some gay porn if he wanted to sometimes; I wouldn't mind. But he would usually just shrug and say he was fine. It was nice to finally have a buddy again that I could relax with.

    As we passed the bowl back and forth, and continued slowly yanking on our cocks, I suddenly asked Hector, "How old were you when you knew you were into guys?"

    "I dunno. Young, I guess. Why?" he answered casually.

    "I think Casey might be gay," I told him. "But I don't know why he's hiding it. Rachel's definitely not homophobic, half her friends are gay guys. I don't think their parents are either."

    "Casey might be gay, huh?" my buddy said, still stroking his cock. "He's pretty cute."

    "You think? Maybe I should set you guys up on a date or something," I smiled at Hector while wanking my cock.

    "Hey, I'd be up for it. Just hope it's not too much for him," he laughed, wagging his big boner and slapping it loudly against his hand.

    "Oh, Casey can be a little freak as well," I laughed. "You know he sniffs my used underwear? Every single night."

    "Bro, for real?! And you let him do it?"

    "Eh, what's the harm?" I shrugged, and we continued to watch what was on the TV. 

    A small-framed girl with dirty-blonde hair was getting tag-teamed by two muscular guys on screen. Both guys were going to town, and she looked like she was having the time of her life. Suddenly, I heard a soft moan coming from Hector. He was starting to get close. I looked over and saw his thick cock was getting even bigger and rigidly hard. He started to pump his fist a little faster, and I could tell it felt amazing. His eyes closed and he started to lose himself in the pleasure. 

    I looked back at the action on TV and started to jerk faster myself, my cock pulsing in my hand. As the girl got fucked on screen, my brain flashed to the last time I fucked Rachel before she left. I thought of fucking her on our bed, just on the other side of the wall from her brother's room. Casey had probably been in the bathroom at that very moment, wanking with my dirty boxers covering his face. I thought of his hands on my thighs as he massaged me, relaxing my muscles as my dick twitched in tandem with his movements.

    "Aahh!" I heard Hector next to me, ready to blow his load. I looked over as he groaned once again, pulling his dick harder. His cock was so thick, his fingers didn't even meet as he wrapped his hand around it. Another moan and then, finally, he shot load after load of cum all over his chest, groaning and sighing with relief as each shot hit his pecs and his stomach before getting caught in his thick, dark forest of pubes.

    "Mmm," he sighed again, after he'd finished, finally relaxing. After a brief moment, he licked his cum off his hand and then scooped a little bit from off his pubes, and brought that to his mouth as well.

    "How's that taste?" I asked my friend with a chuckle.

    "Great," he laughed.

    "I know a lot of girls who aren't into it."

    "Oh, gay guys love it," he replied. "Trust me."

    After another minute, I finally shot my own load, as my thoughts raced and the guys in the video came at the same time as me, almost seeming to cheer me on and say, "Right on, mate!"



    Jaxon often walked around the house in little more than his boxers, no matter what time of day it was or who was there to see. It drove me crazy to see him like this every day. His muscular tattooed body on display, his sweat filling the room with his scent, the distinct outline of his package barely contained in his underwear. It drove me to heights of sexual tension I didn't know were possible. My only relief was my nightly retreat to the bathroom where I knew I would find Jaxon's used underwear on the bathroom floor, ready for me to pick up and taste, and smell, and feel all over my body until I reached a climax that nothing else could come close to recreating.

    Now, with Rachel gone all weekend, Jaxon walked around the house completely naked, something he would only do on occasion otherwise. This made it absolutely impossible for me to focus on anything else, and I would put in great effort to pretend I was totally cool with it. I wondered if Jaxon knew this at all, or if this was just a normal thing for him to do with his buddies. He probably had no idea that his body sent chills down my spine and made my heart beat till I thought it would burst from my chest.

    That Sunday, I spent all morning studying. I'd already developed a reputation as the class nerd in most of my classes, but I was okay with that. By the afternoon, I finally left my room to get a drink from the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from Rachel and Jaxon's bedroom. I walked down the hall to check it out, until I was almost at their door, which was slightly ajar. I took another step and realized Jaxon was lying in bed and watching porn on his phone. 

    I instantly felt a tightening in my shorts! I took one more small, quiet step until I was right in the doorway. My sister's husband was lying with his legs spread, his phone in his one hand, and slowly stroking his huge cock with the other. It was like a dream! I couldn't believe it. I stood there transfixed by his movements. By his slow, rhythmic strokes, as his eyes focused on whatever was happening on the screen. 

    My hand started rubbing my own cock through my pants without me even realizing it. Jaxon's dick was long and seemed slick with either his spit or his precum. I imagined what his precum must taste like. Licking my lips, it was as if I could taste it at that very moment! I watched as his foreskin revealed his cockhead with each stroke, before disappearing again as he pulled it up. To this day, Jaxon's was the only other cock I'd seen in person, and seeing it rock hard like this made it difficult for me to breathe.

    I stood in the doorway for what felt like an eternity, rubbing myself in rhythm with Jaxon, watching as he pleasured himself on his marital bed. Suddenly, he looked up and I froze. He looked directly at me; I knew there was no way that he didn't see me!

    "Oh, hey mate," Jaxon said completely casually, never stopping stroking his cock. "Did you need something?" I somehow managed to move my hand from my dick, even as it strained against my shorts. Words escaped my mouth without me even controlling them.

    "I was just – um – wondering if you knew what time Rachel was coming home."

    I was slightly relieved. I had managed to come up with a reasonable excuse in the heat of the moment.

    "Not till later tonight, mate." 

    My straight brother-in-law was still just slowly stroking his cock, the sound of the video on his phone playing in the background. I knew I should turn around immediately and head back to my room, and I probably would be in the clear. Jaxon obviously didn't have a problem with me catching him jerking off, but he didn't know I'd been standing here all this time, spying on him. I should just go back to my room and quit while I was ahead. 

    But something held me there. My feet couldn't move. It was like I was hypnotized, caught in Jaxon's spell. He continued to look at me, dead in my eyes. He never stopped stroking his cock, his hand wet, making himself feel good. He looked at me with a small smile across his face that seemed almost welcoming. Almost like he wanted me to be there to share this moment with him. 

    His hand started to move faster, but just a little bit, as he continued to look in my eyes. A few minutes must have passed, but time had no meaning to me at this moment, as we continued looking at each other. Jaxon's hand picked up pace again. He started to moan softly. He continued stroking his cock faster and faster. I saw his beautiful cockhead swelling, becoming bigger and harder to hide in his foreskin. 

    Jaxon's muscles started to tighten. His arms, his chest, his abs, his legs all tightening in different rhythms giving the effect of waves crashing on the beach. I was beautiful and intense. His movements became faster, more urgent. A masculine urgency to cum and release his seed. His face looked almost angry in its intensity, but I knew that just meant he was at the height of his pleasure. I continued to maintain eye contact with him as his hand moved faster and his body tightened until he started to squirm.

    "AAHHH!" he let out a loud moan. A second later, a huge shot of cum blasted to his chest, before several more landed on his abs. He continued to moan, opening and closing his eyes as his orgasm reached its peak and subsided. I stood there motionless, taking it all in.

    "Why don't you clean me up?" I heard him say as he started to relax. I took a step towards him, looking around for a towel or something. Then, as I took another step, I caught his eye, and I realized what he meant.

    I knelt on the bed and looked down at my brother-in-law for a moment. He lay there fully naked as I went on my knees. I bent down and slowly licked the first bit of cum off his abs, then another, then another. Then, I licked the large puddle up off his chest. Next, I moved down and licked and swallowed every drop that had landed on Jaxon's clean-shaven pubic area, before looking up at him. He smiled and I smiled back. I got up and sat up on the bed. I hadn't cum, but this was so much better!

    Turns out, I was more than just the class nerd; I could have some fun as well.

    "You still have some studying to do, mate?" Jaxon asked me with a friendly smile on his face.

    "Yeah," I smiled back humbly.

    "Well, you better get to it. Keep those grades up. You know how proud we all are of you," Jaxon continued. I felt a warmth in my chest. He'd never said that to me. "And if you're up for it, Hector and I are meeting up at the pub later tonight. If you can take a break from your studies, you should come out with us. I know Hector would be glad to see you." 

    "R– Really?" I was shocked that Hector, who was every bit as hot as Jaxon, would even remember me.

    "Yeah. We were talking about you yesterday. You know..." Jaxon paused for a second before continuing, "Hector's single. And you know he's into guys as well."

    Was this my brother-in-law's way of saying he knew I was into guys, and into Hector specifically? I blushed, but I'd just licked Jaxon's cum off his naked body. This was no time to be shy.

    "That sounds... cool," I said. "Maybe he and I should hang out."

    Jaxon finally sat up on the bed next to me, and patted my leg with one hand.

    "I'll come get you in a couple of hours when it's time to go out, okay?"

    "Thanks," I said, getting up and heading toward the door. "See you."

    "See ya soon, mate," my naked brother-in-law shot me a wink and a cheeky grin.

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