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Hungry Little Cumdump, Pt. II

Category:  STRAIGHT MEN 


    "Fuck! Fuck yeah! Fucking hell, you cunt, you're gonna make me cum!"

    Jack's latest expletive turned me on, and I went even harder, until I heard him grunting loudly and felt his balls contracting in my hands. A moment later, he was shooting out a huge wad in my mouth, feeding me Jaxon's little brothers and sisters. I took Jack's cock as far down my throat as possible and swallowed every last drop of cum. With my eyes closed and my nose buried in Jack's bush, I was in for the shock of my life when I heard,

    "Whoa! What's going on here, heh?" said Jaxon's voice, in the room with us. 

    "Hey! What're you doing home so early?" Jack asked without pulling his dick out of my mouth.

    "I've been working since 6, plus I told you I'd be done early today," Jaxon replied.

    Feeling startled, I took Jack's cock out of my mouth and I sat up straight. 

    "No need to stop," Jaxon said, making eye contact with me, "I was just surprised, that's all. Shit." Next thing my brother-in-law did was look at his father and ask, "How is he?"

    "He was great. Just made me blow a huge load," Jack replied casually. They were talking about me!

    "Yeah, I've heard good things from Hector," Jaxon said, looking at me again. I had no idea what to do or say. Not like anyone was talking directly to me anyway. It turned me on, hearing all these men complimenting my oral skills. In my pants, I was leaking precum, my boner throbbing.

    Jaxon started to walk toward the couch, taking his clothes off in the process. I could smell him from several feet away, smelling like sweat and cigarettes. There was something about his musk that made me feel like a horny animal. By now, I was well used to Jaxon's pheromones, after sniffing his worn underwear for all these months. It was a Pavlovian reaction for me, I couldn't help but go wild whenever I felt his scent.

    "Scoot over," Jaxon said to his dad when he reached the couch, with nothing but his boxers on his body anymore. Inside of them, I could see his cock getting harder by the second. 

    Jack moved closer to me, making room for his son on the couch. Jaxon took a seat, pulling his underwear down and spreading his legs open, revealing that gorgeous dick of his. Jack, meanwhile, was every bit as hard as he was a minute ago, even though he'd just emptied his balls down my throat. 

    "Carry on," Jaxon said to me, looking me in the eyes. "Did you know that my dad can shoot more than once? Why don't you continue?"

    Immediately, I got down on the floor and took Jack's cock back in my mouth. Jaxon started to jerk himself off while watching me suck the dick that made him, which was an insanely hot thought to me!

    For months now, Hector had been training me how to give good head. He was an excellent coach, and the lessons were paying off. I'm sure Jack had gotten plenty of blowjobs in his life, yet he moaned out loudly while I sucked his dick for the second time in a row, and complimented me on how well I was doing. It seemed to turn on his son as well. Jaxon was now fully hard next to his dad, waiting for his turn.

    After a few minutes, I took Jack's uncut cock from my mouth. It was now covered in my saliva and his own cum. I put my hand on it and started stroking it while scooting over and burying my face in Jaxon's crotch instead. Fuck, it was smelly! Not bad smelly, just… strong. It made my mouth water, and the first thing I did was take Jaxon's balls inside my mouth, sucking on them and enjoying his odor.

    "Yeah boy, lick those nuts," Jaxon said, spreading his legs wider and bumping knees with his dad. The two obviously had NO reservations around each other, making me wonder if they'd ever done something like this before. 

    After savoring my brother-in-law's ball sack for a few minutes (all the while stroking his dad's hard cock) I moved on down to Jaxon's taint, attracted by the smell in between his legs. Jaxon moved his body lower on the couch, putting his feet up on the coffee table and giving me free access to his perineum this way.

    I licked Jaxon from his balls down his ass, taking things MUCH further than I'd thought. I'd learned all about rimming from Hector as well, but I assumed that wasn't something straight men were interested in. Turns out I was wrong.

    "Lick my arse, mate," Jaxon moaned, spreading his legs even further and winking at me with his hole. "Holy shit!" I thought, sliding my tongue down to his slightly-hairy hole. Since it felt a bit dry, I took my hand which was around Jack's dick, and I used it to lube up Jaxon's asshole with my saliva and his own dad's cum.

    "You nasty cunt," Jaxon said to me, but he didn't tell me to stop. I got his hole nice and wet with his father's cum, before going back to eating it and slurping up Jack's babies off it. 

    "Mmm, fucking nice," Jaxon continued to moan, relaxing his asshole. After rimming Jax like this for a few minutes, I was finally ready for my main prize: that huge dick of his all the way in my mouth for the first time.

    I looked up at my brother-in-law's tatted body, unable to believe I was finally about to suck on his cock. The cock that pounded my sister every night on the other side of my bedroom wall, making me jealous. I licked my lips, and I dove in.

    Feeling Jaxon's cockhead hit the back of my throat was one of the best sensations I'd ever experienced! After lusting over my sexy brother-in-law for so long, after so much teasing and playing around, I finally had him fucking my throat. And that's exactly what he started doing! Jaxon put his hands on the back of my head and started going to town right away, fucking my face mercilessly. From hearing him fuck Rachel I knew that Jaxon liked fucking rough, and I was glad to see he wasn't making an exception for me. The only downside was that I couldn't carry on stroking Jack anymore, since I was too dickstracted to keep multitasking. Jack didn't take it to heart, though, and he started jerking himself off while talking to his son.

    "Attaboy, Jax, fuck that throat!" 

    "Yeah. Look at him take it," Jaxon grunted.

    "He's fucking loving it. Show him what you got!"

    Being spoken about by the two tradies like I wasn't even here, like I was just an object for their sexual gratification, turned me on more than I'd expected. My cock was rock hard in my pants but I didn't dare touch it. This was all about Jaxon and his dad. Maybe I'd get to cum if they let me. They're the bosses; I'm just their hungry little cumdump.

    After face-fucking me for ten minutes, Jaxon got a short fit of smoker's cough. I heard him hawk up a loud loogie and then say to me, "Take my cock out and open up your mouth!"

    I did as I was told, sticking my tongue out, only to have Jaxon spit right in my mouth. 

    "Yeah. Hector's told me how you like it, you fucking slut," Jaxon barked at me while making intense eye contact. For the first time he looked violent, brutal; yet I trusted him. This was Jaxon, and I wanted more.

    "Yeah. Look at him," Jaxon suddenly yanked me by my hair and turned me to face his father. "Look at this whore, Dad. Only 18 years old and look at the shit he's into."

    Jack stroked his own cock and smirked at me. If he was surprised that things had taken this turn, he didn't show it. Maybe he was in on this all along. 

    "Go on and suck my dad's dick, faggot," Jaxon continued to manhandle me, pulling my hair and shoving my head in his father's crotch. "Fucking suck that cock!"

    My dick was harder than it's ever been as I took Jack's cock in my mouth again. Jaxon let go of my hair, only for his dad to start pulling it, face-fucking me and making me gag and drool all over.

    "Don't make a mess, fag! Swallow," Jaxon continued to bark orders at me, almost making me jizz my pants. His dad, meanwhile, was nearing his second orgasm. I felt a third hand grasp my hair, which meant it must be Jaxon's. He pushed and pulled my head back and forth ruthlessly, making me suck his father's cock and gag on it. Snot started to run down my face and my eyes started tearing up. It looked like I was crying, but I was loving this! A couple of short minutes later, Jack was ready to blow his second load. And that's just what he did, all the way down my throat again.

    "Thirsty cunt. Open up!" Jaxon shouted at me as soon as he could tell his father was done cumming. He yanked my head and made me stick out my tongue again. I was on my knees as Jaxon stood up, towering over me and stroking his own cock. By the speed at which he was going, I could tell he was getting close. He looked down at me, first at my eyes, but then at the bulge between my legs.

    "Look at that," he said and kicked my balls gently, just enough to send a bolt of both pain and pleasure all over my body. "Your dick gets hard when you get used like a cumdump, ain't that right, faggot?"

    "Yes," I nodded, making intense eye contact with my brother-in-law.

    "Pull it out then. Time for you to blow your load."

    I took my cock out quickly, wrapping my hand around it without looking down. I only had eyes for Jaxon, his huge dick and those beautiful blue eyes of his.

    My naughty brother-in-law shot me a wink, and a moment later he let out a loud "FUCK!" I took his cock in my mouth again, ready to swallow, just as Jaxon started to shoot his load down my gullet. Shot after shot after shot of Jaxon's babies went down my cumdump throat, filling my stomach just as I started to blow my own load all over Jaxon's bare feet.

    "Dirty cunt," Jaxon said to me as soon as he was done shooting in my mouth. "Clean that up."

    He nodded down to his feet. I took his cock out my mouth and bent down, licking my own spunk off of Jaxon's large feet, still warm and smelly after his work shift.

    "Phew. I think it's time to pick up J.J.," Jaxon suddenly said, and his voice sounded completely different. "Wanna take a walk with me, Casey?"

    Out in the street in the sunny afternoon, everything that just happened felt like a dream, like some sort of alternate reality. J.J.'s daycare was just a few blocks away. As soon as we were down on the sidewalk, the first thing Jaxon did was light a cigarette. We started walking, and after taking a few drags he turned to me.

    "How are you doing?" he asked. 

    "I'm alright," I said, still feeling surreal.

    "Did you have fun?" 

    "I… I did," I answered truthfully.

    "I hoped you would. Hector's been keeping me updated on you guys' sex lives, so I thought that might be something you'd enjoy."

    "What… What exactly has Hector told you?"

    People all around us looked cheerful, getting ready for the long weekend, happy to wear their colorful clothes after a long New York winter. It felt so odd, having this conversation while walking to J.J.'s daycare.

    "He's said you guys are experimenting with some rougher stuff. He's been doing it for years, but I know it's new for you. I've been doing it for years as well, chicks love it. Well, at least the chicks I hook up with."

    "Aha," I said. 

    "So the whole faggot, spitting thing… You know I love you, right?"
   Jaxon put his hand on the back of my neck and gave it a squeeze. It made me tear up for real this time.

    "Thanks. I– I don't know why I like it," I admitted, even though no one asked me. "I used to fear guys calling me that, especially guys that… that looked like you. That's why I was in the closet for so long. And now… I dunno, I'm kinda into it."

    "Hey, you like what you like. I ain't gonna judge ya."

    We walked for a few more minutes, enjoying the bright sunshine.

    "And Jaxon… I love you too," I said, before adding, "Cunt."

    My brother-in-law laughed, threw away his cigarette butt and gave me a big hug, putting his arm around me. We walked that way all the way to the nursery.

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