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    "Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for… THE TWINS!"
    As usual, the crowd started to roar as soon as the MC announced us. In the short time that we'd been gogo dancing, we'd managed to make quite a name for ourselves at Taste. 

    My brother came out from the right side of the stage at the same time as I walked out from the left. Like a mirror reflection, we walked simultaneously to the center, where a randomly selected man from the audience sat on a chair. Mateo and I had nothing but shoes and matching black jockstraps on.

    The crowd cheered as we reached the man and spread his legs open. My twin and I each straddled one of his legs and started to give him a lap dance. As our thrusts got more and more sexual, the audience started to go wild. It was the week between Christmas and New Year's; a lot of people were off work and the club was even more packed than usual.

    Yes, the fact my brother and I were young and conventionally good-looking made us popular; but the real moneymaker was the fact we were twins. That drove people wild! The guy we were currently grinding on wasn't one of the shy ones. He let his hands roam down our backs, lower and lower until they reached the waistbands of our jocks. Our backs were turned to the screaming crowd. I wiggled my bubble butt, and the man gave it a playful smack. As I bent down, I wondered just how much the crowd could see, and if they could actually see my asshole. I looked to my brother, and he was doing the same dance moves as me, bending down in the man's lap.

    After giving the audience a good view of our backsides, we turned around to show them the front. Mateo and I each sat on the man's legs, puffing our chests out for the audience. A permanent smile was plastered on the man's face, as he put his arms around us again and gave both of us a pinch on the nipple. His fingers were between my pecs now, sliding down and feeling my flexing abs. I turned to my left and saw his other hand was doing the same to my brother.

    The audience cheered as the man's curious fingers slid down our abs under the spotlights, and got to the waistband of our jocks again. "Do it! Do it!" people cheered, begging him to pull down our underwear. The man had a devilish expression on his face, as he pulled our jocks low enough to expose our pubes, but not our dicks. Then, he slid his hands inside, cupping my dick and balls and doing the same to my brother. I continued to dance, feeling his warm, sweaty palm directly on my ball sack.

    The crowd went absolutely crazy with the loudest cheers yet. They wanted to see more, but we weren't about to give it away. We turned around again, facing the man. He licked his lips thirstily, his eyes wondering from left to right at each of our faces. I looked at my brother, and each of us nodded his head, encouraging each other to go further.

    The man's hands were still on our crotches. By now I was starting to chub up, and I was certain the same thing was happening to Mateo. The man noticed, and allowed himself to start stroking our cocks discreetly. We were far enough from the crowd that they couldn't see what was happening, but I'm sure the ones in the front rows caught a few good glimpses.

    The music continued to thump loudly, as I went from a semi to fully hard. I looked at my brother's jock and saw he was hard as well, the head of his erect dick poking out of his jock, covered in precum. The man stroked us faster and faster, in the beat of the music.

    It only continued to get louder and faster. My brother and I both had a thing for exhibitionism, and were getting really hot. Finally, the man brazenly pulled the front of our jocks down and tucked them under our balls. He could tell he was close to getting us to cum, and he wanted our seed. He jerked us off faster and faster. The audience danced and got louder, but I forgot all about them, on the verge of cumming, unable to think or care about anything else.

    "Fuck," I heard my brother scream loudly, as he started to shoot his cum on the man's dark-purple T-shirt. That sent me over the edge and I started to shoot my load. It landed on the man's shirt, mixing with my brother's. The man couldn't believe his eyes. He continued to stroke us until every last drop was out. He then scooped some of the mixed brotherly cum on his shirt and licked it off his hand, leaving the remainder on his shirt like a badge of honor.



    Every evening in December, I thought of the gogo dancer from Taste. I wanted to see him again. I knew he lived on the eighth floor of my building, and I was almost desperate enough to go knocking on every door until I found him. Then I realized I'd given him my number and he never got in touch. Fuck. He wasn't interested.

    Still, I couldn't get him out of my head. A couple of times, I decided to go to Taste just to see him from afar, but the insane line at the door dissuaded me. Until, finally, I got a chance to see him shortly after Christmas.

    Taste was hosting a holiday fundraiser. The VIP tickets were $100 a pop, with the money going to an LGBTQ charity. "You're one of us now," I remembered my roommate Star say to me. I coughed up the dough and got a ticket which would get me in without waiting outside.

    Inside, the atmosphere was a bit different than usual. (By usual, I guess I mean the one other time I've been here.) Some of the lights were on and the music was down, allowing people to talk and check out the fundraising boxes around the club.

    This wasn't what I expected. I'd come here hoping to see my gogo boy, and there weren't any dancers at this place. That's what I get for considering him "my" gogo boy. I shook my head and walked to the bar with my tail between my legs. 

    I had several drinks at the bar, telling myself the money goes to charity. Over time, the party started to pick up. The lights were dimmer and the music got louder, and a couple of jockstrap-clad gogo boys got on the dancing platforms. I looked around eagerly, waiting for the one I was here to see.

    I couldn't leave, not now. I had a few more drinks at the bar. It was close to midnight and the party was in full swing. Unfortunately, I realized I was starting to get a bit too tipsy, and standing around on my own wasn't too much fun. I started to head home, making my way through the crowd slowly, when… I finally saw him.

    Dressed in some tight jeans and with his shirt off, the gogo boy danced with some friends on the dance floor. Full of liquid courage, I headed in his direction. Sure, he wasn't interested to get in touch, but we had that nice exchange in the elevator as well… It wouldn't hurt to say hi.

    However, as I got next to him, my nerves started to get the best of me. I hesitated and decided to turn and walk away. The guy was surrounded by friends; he was obviously very popular. What would he want with someone like me?

    That's when he noticed me. A big shiny smile appeared on his face. I was thrilled to see him react this way to seeing me. 

    "Hi," I shouted over the music. 

    "Hey. John, right?" 

    He remembered my name? I tingled with joy.

    "Can I buy you a drink?" I asked the first thing that came to mind.

    "Sure. It's quieter by the bar anyway, so we can talk," he shouted over the music. He took my hand and started guiding me through the crowded dance floor.

    I was in ecstasy. Was this really happening? This super handsome guy was holding my hand, guiding me towards the bar as I stared at his muscular back, close enough to notice the sweat drops dripping down. I was right: he was very popular. A ton of people looked at us as we walked pass them, saying hi to him, and exchanging smiles and nods. I was certain I saw envy in some of their eyes.

    "Hey," the gogo boy waved to the bartender as soon as we were at the bar. There was a large crowd of people waiting, but the bartender came to us immediately. "What're you having?" the boy asked me.

    "Umm, a gin and tonic," I answered.

    "Two gin and tonics on his tab, and two shots on mine," he ordered.

    We got our shots first, and cheered before taking them.

    "I'm surprised you remember my name," I said tipsily.

    "Well it's not a very difficult name to remember," he smiled. "Sorry I never got in touch, I've been super busy with the holidays and everything."

    "No worries, yeah, totally get it," I said. Oh my god, did this mean he was interested? "You're not working tonight," I stated the obvious.

    "Not tonight," he smiled. I didn't know where to look: the shiny smile on his cute face, or the perfect muscles on his bare torso.

    "How long have you been working here?" I asked, remembering Star say this guy must be new.

    "Not that long, a few weeks."

    "You from LA?"

    "Southern California, so kinda. You?"

    "Yup. Born and raised," I said.

    "Oh yeah? In WeHo?"

    "God no. I hadn't even been here before I came out," I said drunkenly without even thinking. 

    "Was that recent? Is that why you wore a rainbow sash last time?"

    "Yeah," I nodded. "It was technically my coming-out party."

    "Congratulations!" the boy smiled and gave me a hug. I could melt in his arms.

    "Thanks. Tell that to my ex-wife and kids."

    "Yikes. Did it turn ugly?"

    "Actually, not really. I guess I lucked out. We're still good for the most part."

    "Then you definitely have a reason to celebrate."

    Just as I thought things couldn't get any better, one of the guy's friends showed up.

    "Hey. Sorry to interrupt, but we're about to head out. You coming?"

    "Yeah," the dancer told his friend. "Listen," he turned to me. "You got any New Year's plans?"

    "Um, not really."

    Then, he waved at the bartender and got him to pass him two tickets.

    "Now you do. There's a big New Year's Eve party here. Bring a friend if you want."

    "Oh yeah, definitely," I said. Star would love this! He'd mentioned the party and how it was impossible to get tickets.

    "Happy holidays," he boy forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    "Happy… holidays," I said, watching him walk away, clutching the tickets in my hand like they were my most valued possession.



    "Knock, knock," I said, walking in backstage. "Is everyone decent."

    "Absolutely not," one of the other gogo boys replied, changing from a pair of shorts into a jockstrap, his dick swinging openly in the process.

    "Good. That's not what you're being paid for," I said and went to give him a kiss to say hi. "It's crazy out there," I added, the loud music from the dance floor reverberating in the dressing room. 

    "I know. I can't believe you and your brother aren't dancing tonight."

    "We couldn't, the list was all full. People put their names down for this party months ago. Apparently New Year's parties is where it's at."

    "Still, I'm surprised the owner didn't offer you two a spot."

    "Well," I leaned in, "don't tell anyone, but he did totally offer to have us dance and take two names off the list. But we didn't want any bad blood with any of the boys, we're still new here. Plus, this way we can get as drunk as we want."

    "I'm sure you're doing just that. Where's Mario?"

    "He's out talking to some people. Here's hoping I find him, that crowd's insane. I'll let you get to work, catch you later."

    I tried finding Mario and our friends on the dance floor but I couldn't, so I walked to the bar instead. People really were feeling generous tonight. Several guys offered to buy me drinks and I got so caught up in it that I didn't even notice it was almost midnight.

    Just as I was about to go back to trying to find my friends, I spotted a semi-familiar face walking up to me, smiling. It took me a second to remember where I knew him from: it was the man from the elevator.

    "6G!" I said as I saw hi.

    "What?" he leaned in with his ear to my lips. As we approached midnight the party got louder and louder; you could barely hear anything.

    "6G!" I repeated myself.

    "Thanks for the tic–," the man tried shouting in my ear.


    "Thanks for the –."

    I couldn't hear anything. All of a sudden, a huge number 10 appeared on all the screens at the club.

    "10… 9… 8…" the crowd started to count down.

    I looked around trying to spot my friends. No luck.

    "7… 6… 5…"

    I looked at the man I was talking to. What was he, late 30s? I liked them older anyway. And he was good-looking; in an endearing, almost naive kinda way. Not what you see too much of in Hollywood. Plus, he lived in the same building. It doesn't get any more geographically desirable than that.

    "4… 3… 2…"

    We smiled at each other, looking at each other's eyes.


    I leaned forward, closing my eyes, accepting the man's tongue in my mouth. We kissed softly, then more and more eagerly. 

    "Happy New Year," we both said, then went back to kissing.

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