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    I wasn't usually the type to stay single for long. As soon as one relationship was over, I had a group of guys waiting in line to pick from. This time around, it'd been six months – the longest I'd been single since I came out.

    My ex, Ben, was someone I cared about deeply.[1] With me being so playful and sexual, people usually thought of me as someone who didn't get attached; who was just in it for the fun. That wasn't really the case though; I didn't see why a person couldn't be extremely sexual and romantically attached in a relationship.

    Ben was also a model, and we were on the same page about a lot of other things as well (including, thankfully, sex). However, when I decided to move to LA, he'd decided that would be the end of our relationship. I can't say I was completely surprised. Even without me moving, Ben was going through quite a few changes, including meeting his long-estranged son. As much as Ben and I cared for each other, it was the right time to let go.

    Even for me, the change of scenery was taking a toll. I was used to my large family house, where someone was always meeting, or visiting, or cooking, or shouting, or laughing. Now, it was just my twin brother and me. As similar as we were, Mario was still the more "adventurous" one. He was out as much as possible, leaving me, for the first time, thinking that I need to actively start looking for a boyfriend to combat the loneliness.

    "The guy from New Year's Eve might be a good option," I thought. He's cute, he seems kind, and he's a good kisser. Not to mention he lives just downstairs. 

    I looked around the apartment. It was a Saturday morning and my brother was out, sleeping over with whoever his latest fuck buddy was. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, standing there naked and alone, I thought, "What the hell. I'll go knock on he neighbor's door." Valentine's Day was coming up anyway. Maybe this would give me someone to spend it with.

    I put on a green jock, a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Then, I quickly changed my mind, took the jeans off, and put on a pair of my favorite shorts. They were white, unlined, and so thin they were basically transparent. When the light hit right, you could totally tell I was wearing a jockstrap.

    I went down to 6G and knocked on the door. To my surprise, a younger guy who I'd never seen opened the door. With his long dreads, and flamboyant accessories, he looked nothing like the man I expected to see.

    "Hi," I said, unsure if I'd gotten the right apartment. "I was looking for…"

    That's when it hit me: I didn't even know the man's name! Shit, what do I say now? "I'm looking for someone I met in the elevator and kissed on New Year's Eve"?

    "Oh, you must be here for John," the young guy at the door smiled and said loudly. "C'mon in. I'm Star," he offered me his right hand while shutting the door behind me with his left.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Mateo."

    "John's just in the shower but he'll be out in a minute. Can I get you anything while you wait?"

    "No, I'm fine, thank you," I smiled back. I was relieved; I hadn't gotten the wrong apartment after all. Star was obviously gay, and it made sense for me for two gay men to me living together. Now, I just hoped they weren't a couple. That would make things awkward…

    "Hey," John finally came out of the shower, dripping wet, a white towel wrapped around his waist.

    He seemed shocked to see me. Granted, this was out of the blue. I don't even remember how we said goodbye on New Year's. We definitely didn't exchange numbers; we just danced and kissed until I went back to looking for my brother. After that, I was too drunk to remember. 

    "Hey there," I waved at John. "I was wondering if you'd like to get some breakfast," I said spontaneously. 

    "Sure," he regained his composure. Too bad: he looked adorable when he was taken aback, standing there in nothing but a towel. "Let me get dressed and I'll be out in a sec."

    John's roommate looked at us, gleaming and surpassing a smirk. He was totally shipping us in his head, I could tell. 



    I don't know what it was, but Hollywood was turning me into a complete nympho! Granted, I've always had a high sex drive, but holy shit, lately I'd just been insatiable. Even as I sat on the couch right next to my brother, I was popping a boner and succumbing to the temptation to check Grindr, rather than focusing on the movie Mateo and I were watching. 

    "Horny, huh?" my brother remarked, noticing the tent in my shorts. 

    "Ay, you have no idea. I jerked off twice today and I still can't stop thinking about it," I said, slowly stroking my dick through my shorts, uninhibited by my brother's presence. One of the best things about having a twin who was also gay was the fact that we could be open like this. 

    "Anything good on the meat market?" Mateo asked.

    "How about this guy? 2000 feet away. He's fucking hot," I exclaimed, scrolling through his photos. "Why does he look so familiar? Do we know him?"

    Even though we'd been in WeHo for only a few months, we learned quickly how incestuous the gay circles around here were.

    "Let me see," my brother leaned into my lap to look at the phone, unfazed by his face being so close to my boner. "Ah! We gave him a lap dance at the club a few weeks ago. Remember? We both came on his shirt on stage."

    "That's right," I remembered. "He was hot. And freaky as well." 

    My interest increased, I scrolled through his profile and saw he was in an open relationship. He was probably at one of the neighborhood gay bars, maybe having a drink with his partner.

    "Hey," I texted him. Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting across from him at the bar, freshly douched.

    Turns out the man wasn't out drinking with his partner; he was out by himself and happy to see me again. His name was Zach and as soon as he opened his mouth I got even hornier.

    "Australian?" I asked, completely turned on by his accent.

    "Yep," he nodded from across the small bar table.[2]

    "Uncircumcised?" I continued, only too keen to start talking about sex right away.

    "Wouldn't you like to know," he smirked.

    "C'mon," I insisted flirtily. "You've tasted mine and my brother's cum. It's the least you can do."

    "Why don't you see for yourself then," he said in his thick accent and unzipped his jeans right there at the table, taking out his uncut cock. Even soft, it was impressive. And the fact he did this right at the table, at a bar that wasn't a sex venue, made me even more interested in him.

    "So where's your boyfriend? Or girlfriend?" I asked Zach next.

    "Boyfriend," he smiled. "Riley. That's him," he showed me the wallpaper on his phone: the two of them hugging and smiling. "He's at work. He's a divorce attorney, so as you can imagine, he never runs out of work in LA. And where's your brother?"

    "He's at home. All alone after I abandoned him to come meet you."

    "You two are… quite something, aren't ya?" Zach shot me a bona fide shit-eating grin.

    "Oh. You have no idea," I replied, leaning across the table and shoving my tongue in Zach's mouth. He seemed all too eager to accept it, and we started making out passionately, making everyone around us jealous.

    "Why don't we go back to my place," I said, eager to feel Zach's uncut cock up my ass.

    "Sure. Let me just check the parking meter."

    "We have a parking space in our building we don't use. You can move your car there," I suggested.

    Zach agreed, and during our short car ride, I unzipped his pants and started to suck his cock as he drove. He was rock hard in no time, revealing the tip of his dick as I peeled down his foreskin, and took all of it in my mouth.

    By the time we'd reached the underground parking garage in my building, we were both horny as fuck. As soon as Zach parked the car, I hopped on his lap, straddling him, kissing even more passionately than we did at the bar. 

    Neither of us spoke; there was no need for words. We made out and ran our hands all over each other's bodies, as much as the confined space would let us. I held one hand wrapped around Zach's hard dick the entire time, stroking it until I could tell he was on the edge then slowing down.

    Finally, I started to pull down the back of my shorts. Zach ran his large hands on my ass cheeks, until I started to move forward to sit on his dick.

    "You want it here?" he asked, even though he could already tell the answer. I was too fucking turned on to stop for even the two minutes necessary to go up to my apartment.

    "Ahhh!" I moaned loudly as I felt Zach's dick slide up my ass. Even with just our spit as lube, I was still able to take it all at once rather than going inch by inch, my hole wide open by how horny I was.

    Fuck, he was a good fucker! Everything about this man indicated he was just my type: the way he groped my brother and me on stage, the way he made us cum and swallowed both of our cum, the way he pulled out his dick unreservedly at the bar. And the way he was fucking me right here in his car in public.

    I bounced on his cock as we continued to kiss. "Too bad he's taken," flashed through my head for a split second. 

    Eager to take control, Zach opened the car door, got out, and flipped me over until I was on all fours doggy-style.

    "Are there cameras around here?" he looked up.

    "Oh, just fuck me!" I said, unconcerned with anything else.

    And fuck me he did, like a pro. Now that he was in control, Zach could really go to town on my ass.

    "You want it, aye?" he grunted at me, grabbing my T-shirt like a rein while fucking me aggressively until my shirt ripped.

    In the echoey underground car park, the sounds of his balls hitting my thighs reverberated around the space loudly, joined by his grunts and my moans.

    "Can I cum inside you?" he asked, his words sounding gentle as his dick fucked me mercilessly.

    "Yes. Please. Fuck yeah. Breed me!" I grunted. 

    That made Zach pick up even more speed. My whole lower body was in pain… and I loved it! And finally, I got my reward, as Zach started to unload and fill my guts with his cum.

    "Ahh! Fuck yeah, mate!" his accent seemed to get ever stronger while cumming. "Fuck yeah! Shit. Take that. Fuck!" he came loudly, flooding my insides, as the noise echoed loudly enough for the whole fucking building to hear.



    "Jooohn's got a boooy-friend."

    "Star!" I barked at my roommate. "We're not in middle school."

    Still, I smiled.

    "John and Mateo, sitting in a tree."

    "Star, I swear to god…"


    Ha! I wish.

    That New Year's kiss must've brought me good luck. I was besides myself when the hot gogo boy appeared in my living room, asking if I wanted to go for breakfast, basically inviting me out on a date. As I stood in front of him fresh out the shower, I did my best to suck in my gut and look good. To my surprise, the sexy man didn't avert his eyes. On the contrary: he seemed quite interested in what he was seeing.

    I'd gone to my room to get dressed and spritz some cologne, when my roommate appeared at the door.

    "He's so hot!" Star said.

    "Who?" I asked dumbly, not knowing where my head was.

    "Mateo, duh! The fucking supermodel waiting for you in the living room!"

    Right, so that was his name! Mateo. Good thing Star brought it up. I would've felt awkward having to ask Mateo that himself. I'd spent an amazing time with his tongue down my throat on New Year's, and I didn't even know his name.

    As anxious as I was about our "date," Mateo did a good job at helping me relax. We went to the neighborhood bakery just downstairs, which also helped, since I was used to coming here daily. 

    The conversation between us flowed without any awkward silences or interruptions. That is, until I got a text from my ex-wife concerning our kids that I had to answer.

    "Sorry, it's my ex," I said while texting.

    "Writing to say he wants you back?" Mateo winked.

    "No. She needs to tell me something about our kids."

    I'd already told the hot gogo dancer about my wife, and that I was recently out of the closet. If he thought I'd managed to procure a male ex in the few weeks since, he was grossly overestimating my abilities to attract a boyfriend. Then again, if I played my cards right, he might just be my first one…

    "Where're you going?" Star asked me a few days later.

    "To get some flowers."

    Wirth Valentine's Day approaching, I'd decided to ask Mateo if he wants to spend the holiday with me. True, it was a bit premature, but he'd already mentioned he has no other plans.

    "Ooh, are you gonna ask Mateo out for Valentine's Day? Yay!" Star clapped his hands encouragingly.

    "I'm not too good at this courting-a-guy thing," I thought as I took the elevator down to the parking garage. At least with women, it felt like there was a societally-written guidebook on what to do. I had no idea what I was doing when it came to men.

    As soon as the elevator doors opened, the first thing I noticed were the strange noises echoing around the garage. I looked around to see if there was any trouble, until I realized: it was a couple fucking! And there they were!! Fuck. I quickly hid behind a pillar and sneaked a peek.

    "Fuck, he's hot," I thought as I watched the guy pound away. He was standing outside the car on the driver's side with his jeans around his ankles. His thick thighs and amazing ass started to give me a boner, until I noticed he was fucking another man! 

    I was rock hard by now, my hand inside my pants, stroking my cock. I was even toying with the idea of walking up to them to join them, but I stayed in my safe spot behind the pillar. There's no telling if they'd be interested; besides, I'd gone out to get flowers for Mateo, not fool around with other guys, not when there was the (albeit faint) prospect of a relationship with him.

    Still, no harm in looking. I jerked myself off watching the two men fuck. The top was one aggressive fucker, and made me want to bend down and offer him my hole next. "That's one lucky bottom," I thought. I squinted my eyes, trying to get a better view of the bottom, kneeling in the driver's seat. And then…

    "Yes. Please. Fuck yeah. Breed me!"

    It can't be. That voice… I looked closer.

    Inside the car, eyes closed in ecstasy while getting his ass fucked, was Mateo. 

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[1] Ben is the main character of Model Dad, Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son, and Model Dad: Trophy Boy

[2] Zach makes an appearance in Obsessed with Incest: "The Webcam Model and His Dads"

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