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    Dear neighbors,

    This Sunday we'll be throwing a little fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. Please excuse the noise and thank you for understanding. You're welcome to join! Cerveza and tacos on us, just bring a good mood,



    "Good," I thought, rolling my eyes after reading the note in the elevator. "It's not my immediate neighbors. At least the noise won't disturb me."

    Admittedly, I was being a curmudgeon, but oh well. Nothing new. My roommate Star has been accusing me of being in a grumpy mood for months. Even though I denied it, he knew it was because of Mateo.

    Ever since I caught him take it up the ass by another guy right after our date, I never texted him back. I didn't invite him out for Valentine's Day like I'd planned. It just… felt wrong. He obviously wasn't as interested as I was, and there was no point in getting my hopes up. I should've known he was way out of my league to begin with.

    Instead, I turned to the dating apps and trying to meet guys at events, anything to keep me out of Taste. Turns out, it was all easier said than done. Out in the "real world," I might be a solid 6 or a 7. In West Hollywood, I was a fucking 2 at best.

    The more I tried to keep my mind off Mateo, it only had the opposite effect. Maybe I was the one who fucked it up? After all, he didn't owe me anything after only one date. Should I text him now? So many weeks had passed, it felt awkward to do it now out of the blue. Fuck.

    That Sunday, Star was out partying with his friends. I'd turned down his invitation to join them, preferring to drink in the apartment all by myself. 

    The first hour of my party for one went pretty well. I played some music, and I was in a good mood. Bottle after bottle, I started to get worked up. "This is why you'll never end up anywhere, John!" I told myself. "You're not the type who just whips it out and starts fucking in a public garage. That's the type that guys like Mateo are into."

    Noticing I was out of liquor only made me angrier. Until, luckily, I realized I had one more bottle in the car. I grabbed my keys and went down to the garage to get it.



    Even in the midst of our party, my brother looked mopey, staring down at his phone.

    "If you tell me you're still pining over that guy from downstairs, ¡te tomo ese pinche celular y te lo meto en el culo, güey!"

    "No, I'm just checking something, for fuck's sake," Mateo protested.

    "Aha," I said, unconvinced. "What you should be checking on is the food. I'll bring the last of the drinks from the car."

    "Need a hand?"

    "No, thanks," I said. I was hoping to jerk off real quick while I was downstairs. For some reason, I was horny as fuck! With our apartment full of people, there was hardly anywhere to do it. And with the loud music playing, even the bathroom didn't feel right. I just needed a quick moment by myself to get off.

    Down in the garage, I thought of Zach again, and how well he fucked my ass right here. Fuck, he was good! I couldn't wait for him to come back from Australia so we could do it all over again.

    I looked around. There was one other person there, getting something from his car. "I'll wait until he leaves and then I'll jerk off," I thought. I looked at him, but with the lights shining in my eyes I could only make out his silhouette.

    The man noticed me as well. All of a sudden, he started walking toward me. He didn't look dangerous. He must live in the building…

    As the man rapidly approached me, I finally recognized him.

    "Hey!" I smiled. "Long time no see!"

    It was that guy from the club, the generous tipper. What was his name, John?

    I noticed he was holding a bottle in one hand, and had his other hand on his crotch.

    "Wanna fuck?" he said point blank. I was taken aback, but recovered quickly. 

    "Fuck yeah!"

    What is it about this garage?! I always seem to get lucky here. I opened the backseat of my car and crawled in. I pulled my shorts down, exposing my ass to the man.

    "Fuck yeah," he got behind me and gave my ass a loud smack! The noise reverberated all around, just like when it was Zach spanking me here.

    Even from here, I could smell the alcohol on John's breath. He'd been drinking, which probably gave him the liquid courage to be so direct. Whenever we talked at Taste, he seemed much more shy and reserved.

    SMACK! Another loud slap, before John spit on his fingers and started to finger my hole. "So much better than just jerking off," I thought, moaning out loud and enjoying myself.

    John seemed to be in no mood to waste time. Within seconds, I could feel his dick up against my ass. If he was trying to impress me by how quickly he got hard, he was doing an excellent job.

    No words were exchanged, there was no small talk. I was quite surprised to see him this way… but I liked it. I stuck my ass out even further, presenting it to him as he stood next to my car. I did my best to make my hole pulse, showing him how much I wanted him in me.

    John took me up on the invitation. Grabbing my T-shirt, he shoved his cock inside me in one swift move. 

    "HOLY FUCK!!" I screamed. I'd taken plenty of cock, but even I wasn't ready for this. My yells echoed around the parking garage; I just hope there was no one to hear us. I'd gone past the point of caring about the security cameras.

    I heard John growl like a wolf, again surprising me with his aggressive demeanor. Who knew this man hid such a beast in him?

    "Holy fuck," I repeated, this time relaxing and enjoying the sensation in my hole and my guts. Fuck, this felt good! John had managed to make me hard in record time as well. I wrapped my hand around my dick, jerking myself off while John fucked me.

    It was as if John had watched me get fucked before and knew exactly how I like it. He went fast, wasting no time, slapping my ass in the process, giving no fucks that we were in public. His balls smacked against my thighs and I could feel the tip of his dick buried deep inside me, getting me so close to cumming the entire time.

    "Fuck, fuck," I continued to pant, while John fucked and growled. Other than that, he remained silent, up until the point when he finally grunted, "I'm about to cum!!" 

    "Fuck yeah, cum inside me!" I begged.

    A second later, I felt his load fill up my guts. Fuuuuck, this felt so good.

    "I'm so close. I'm so close," I continued to pant as John fucked his load inside me.

    A minute later, he was done, and I was still on the edge. I stroked my dick even faster, eager to shoot.

    "Turn around," John pulled out, grabbed me by the sides, and flipped me over. The next second, he was bending down and taking my dick in his mouth.

    "Fuck, I love a top who can give good head," I thought. Not that I needed much to get off right now. I was so fucking horny, I could cum any second.

    And I did. After a short while of John teasing my very sensitive dick with his lips and tongue, I shot all of my huge load in his mouth. John gulped it all down, sucking it off as I shot one spurt after the other after the other. 

    "Holy shit. Holy fuck," I breathed out.

    As soon as I caught my breath, I looked up at John in awe of what he'd just done. By now, he was already zipped up and ready to go. He looked at me like I was just a sack of flesh he'd just used (which for some fucked up reason turned me on even more!) before picking up his bottle and heading out. If I didn't know better, I'd think he had a horny evil twin who didn't have any of John's inhibitions. 

    "I'll see you around!" I yelled after him, before sprawling out on the backseat and starting to laugh. Letting my legs drop down, I could feel John's load leak out my hole and down my asscheeks, onto the seat.



    I did it. I did it! Holy shit, I just did that!!!

    I did a nerdy little dance as I stepped back into my apartment. Holy shit! I felt like a completely different person! I was impulsive, and careless, and unafraid… and so fucking hot!

    I looked at the mirror by the door, a huge, dopey smile on my face. 

    I'd just had the hottest sex of my life! And it was with Mateo, of all people.

    "Hold shit!" I said out loud. I put down the bottle I was holding, and took all my clothes off. The alcohol and adrenaline were getting to me. I needed a cold fucking shower.

    I stepped in the shower and felt my heartbeat finally start to slow down. Fuck, that was hot. I was so turned on. But even more importantly: so was Mateo! I was right, that's the kinda stuff he's into. I could tell from the moment I saw that blond stranger fuck him in the very same garage. I oughta send that guy a fruit basket for teaching me a trick or two.

    I was so proud of myself for how good I made Mateo feel, and how much fun I had in the meanwhile. I could tell he loved it; there was no faking those moans. And there was definitely no faking that cumshot down my throat.

    I rubbed my belly in the shower, giddy with the fact this gorgeous hunk's cum was now in it. Continuing to smile to myself, I stayed in the shower for a good ten minutes, just enjoying the sensation and letting my whole body calm down.

    When I stepped out, I felt a good deal more sober. I put fresh clothes on and reached for the bottle I was about to open.

    "Maybe I've had enough of drinking by myself?" I figured. Maybe I should head up to 8B, join their party, meet some new neighbors?

    Feeling like a brand new person, much more adventurous and daring than I'd normally be, I grabbed the bottle to bring upstairs and headed up.

    Loud music in Spanish let me know I was at the right spot. I knocked loudly, and put on my best neighborly smile.

    A second later, I was in for a shock when I saw who opened the door.


    "Oh my god! John! Hi!"

    "I… I saw the note in the elevator. I didn't even know this was your party."

    In the short while since I last saw (and fucked) him, Mateo seemed to have taken a shower as well. He looked fresh, and he was wearing a different set of clothes.

    "Come on in, come on in," he beckoned me and shut the door behind me. "There's someone I want you to meet. This is my brother, Mario."

    I looked at the twin I didn't know Mateo had. With his hair messy, and the same clothes he had on downstairs. The person I'd fucked in the garage… 

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