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    "For fuck's sake!" I swore, looking down at my crotch.

    I was hard as a rock again. It was getting in the way of me driving! The pants I'd worn to the office today were so tight, I could bust a load with just the slightest leg movement right here behind the wheel. I really did not want to show up at this woman's doorstep with a big old jizz stain on my crotch.

    Since my brother moved out of his old apartment, he asked his neighbor Kimi to collect any mail he gets, and said he'd come pick it up. When I heard it was she who was doing it, I insisted I drive to see her instead of Richard having to take the bus. 

    "Oh, hi," she said at the door, surprised to see me. I noticed her look me up and down, stopping at my crotch for a second. The first time we met, I had an erection and my fly undone. Luckily, she seemed the kinda person who was into it.

    "Happy 2020," she said, handing me the stack of mail for my brother. 

    It was a generic phrase, but with everything she said, I felt like she was flirting with me. Or was I just imagining it and being a horny creep? It wouldn't be my first time.

    "Happy 2020," I smiled at her, trying to turn my charm on. "Did you have fun celebrating?"

    "No, not really. I still don't know that many people in Chicago," she said with her strong Valley Girl accent. On anyone else I'd find it annoying; coming from her, it sounded so fucking sexy.

    "Oh really? A pretty girl like you, I would think people would be fighting to spend time with you."

    "Maybe it just hasn't been… the right kind," she said sultrily, looking me straight in the eyes.

    "And what would that be? What's you type?"

    "Oh, you know. A bit older," she took a step toward me, leaving less than a foot between us. "Tall," she looked up at me. I was almost a foot and a half taller. "Elegant," she grabbed my suit jacket by the lapels.

    "Well, we'll just have to go find you a man who fits that description," I said with a deep voice, as Kimi's nails started to stroke my beard. 

    "Wherever shall we go look?" she said with an exaggerated damsel-in-distress voice. Her face was inching closer to mine. I bent my chin down to get nearer to her.

    "Oh, there has to be a bar around here," I whispered quietly, but close enough for her to hear me. We could feel each other's breath by now. I breathed in her perfume, feeling myself become intoxicated by it. 

    "I know just the spot," Kimi's lips were now millimeters from mine. Then, in a bratty and teasing way, she pulled away. "Just let me go grab my coat," she disappeared back inside her apartment.

    I stood leaning against her doorway, smiling. There it was: I was hard again in my tight pants! "Fuck," I swore out loud, and tried to adjust myself the best I could.

    "What about that guy?" I pointed to a handsome 20-something-year-old at the bar Kimi had brought me to.

    "Oh, please, he's like a toddler," she rolled her eyes.

    "You really do like them older," I grinned. "How old are you?"

    "How old do you think I am?" she retorted, playing flirtily with the straw in her cocktail glass.

    "Let's just say I'm glad the bartender carded you so I wouldn't have to."

    She smiled.

    "I'm 33."

    "Really?!" I said, genuinely surprised. "You could pass for much younger."

    "It's the Asian blessing," she stroked her smooth black hair playfully.

    "What kind of Asian are you?"

    "What 'kind'? The Filipina kind," she pouted.


    "Yup," she nodded.

    "My family's Irish."

    "No shit, Patrick O'Sullivan."

    "Fair enough," I laughed, then took a sip of my whiskey.

    Kimi and I stayed at the bar for three hours. I continued the "what about that guy" shtick for a while, when we both knew full well we were flirting with each other. Time absolutely flew by for me. I hadn't had that much fun with a woman in a very long time, and I was extremely happy to get the feeling that Kimi was enjoying herself as well. Since it was a school night, we both kept saying "one last drink," then kept ordering more. She offered to pay, but I insisted it was all on me.

    It wasn't until past 11 when we finally got up to leave. I walked Kimi back to her building a block away. There, she got on the stoop and turned to face me. She was still shorter than me, but not by a lot. I moved in, hoping for a kiss, when…

    "Thank you for a lovely evening," Kimi turned away, going up the steps.

    I stood, shocked. I thought she was into me. Was I completely misreading the situation?

    I watched her digging through her purse for her keys, and decided I wasn't gonna give up on her so easily.

    "Hey. Would you like to get together again some time?" I shouted from the sidewalk.

    Kimi turned around and smiled at me. I knew in that moment that I wasn't imagining it. She was into me!

    "Sure. Your brother has my number," she said, and walked into the building, leaving me grinning on the sidewalk.



    "Hi, my name is Richard and I'm an alcoholic."

    "Hi, Richard," echoed around the room.

    "I… I've had a rough week, I'm not gonna lie. The nightmares are back. I've had this recurring nightmare on and off since I was a child, but now it's back after the accident. And there are other dreams as well; whether or not they're nightmares I'm not sure. They're about… my brother."

    I paused, unsure how to continue.

    "I'm still not back at work, so many times he's quite literally the only person I see all day. We've spontaneously faded out of each other's lives as adults, and now we're living together. We've… become so close and I…" I took long pauses between words, "I've started to feel like I'm becoming addicted to him…"

    "Time," the volunteer timekeeper raised her hand to let me know my share time was up, as friendlily and unobtrusively as she could.

    "Th– Thank you," I wrapped up and stared at the floor. The next person was already saying "Hi, my name is" but I couldn't register it; I was caught up in thoughts about my brother.

    As I was leaving the small church basement room 45 minutes later, the room right next to it was emptying out as well. People from both meetings lined slowly to go up the stairs when I noticed a familiar face.

    "Caleb, hi!"

    "Hey. Um, hello," Caleb struggled to remember my name.
    "Richard. From Dr. Martinez's office," I offered him my hand.

    "Of course. Richard. Hi," he shot me his attractive smile and shook my hand.

    Step by step, we slowly climbed the stairs together. Caleb was positively gorgeous and so charismatic; and unless my gaydar was way off, he was one of us as well. I was flattered that he would humor me by talking to me even for a few minutes, as we stood outside the church door and chatted in the cold.

    "Listen, would you like to get something hot to drink? Coffee maybe?" I asked, keen to get away from the cold, but also very keen to spend more time with Caleb.

    "Umm," he hesitated.

    "That's fine," I quickly backtracked. "I just thought–"

    "Coffee sounds nice," he smiled at me again. "C'mon, I know a place around here."

    We walked a couple of blocks to an artisanal coffee shop. Since it was a Friday evening and most people were out drinking alcohol rather than coffee, we had almost the entire place to ourselves.

    "How long have you known Dr. Martinez?" I asked.

    "Not too long, a couple of months, maybe. You?"

    "Not sure, it's been a few months… Less than a year, in any case."

    We talked about that for a while before segueing into the one other thing we knew we had in common: 12-step programs.

    It was then that it hit me: the meeting Caleb was leaving was a sex addicts meeting. My hopes came crashing down. I was extremely attracted to him, but I figured hitting on him would be like offering a drink to an alcoholic.

    I tried not to show my disappointment on my face, as we continued our nice conversation for about half an hour before saying goodbye. 

    "XXX," the unoriginally titled folder on Patrick's computer said, and I sat at his desk staring at it. I'd already opened it once, before quickly clicking away. That quick glimpse was enough to make sure it contained exactly what I'd thought: naked photos and videos of my older brother.

    I only used the computer in Patrick's room when I needed to do something I couldn't easily do on my phone. He knew this and didn't mind. Apparently, he didn't mind too much if I found his X-rated files either, since he made no effort to hide them.

    It was a Monday afternoon and I sat at his desk, unable to get myself to leave. Last night, I'd had another dream about Patrick. About us comparing dicks, and him jerking off in bed right next to me. All lines we'd recently crossed. Growing up, even as teens going through puberty, we never did or talked about anything "inappropriate" together. Not until the past few weeks. My brother's words echoed through my mind: "And I figured we're past the point of being shy around each other."

    Easy for him to say, being straight! All of this didn't fuck with his mind the way it did with mine. It didn't leave him lusting for more.

    I sat at the desk in my briefs, my boner poking out. Looking at his browser history, my brother was just as obsessed with porn as I was. I went through the list, which consisted of pretty much every straight category. Up until a couple of weeks, that is. Recently, apparently, he'd been browsing less and less.

    I wondered if it had anything to do with Kimi, that nice girl I was neighbors with for a while. Patrick had asked me for her number, and ever since, he stopped coming straight home after work, presumably going out on dates with her.

    I opened the "XXX" folder again, telling my conscience "I won't look at Patrick's photos." In addition to photos of himself he had plenty of photos of women. "I'll just look at the girls. It's not even sexual for me. I'm just curious what kinda girls my brother's into," I tried to convince myself.

    Flipping through the hundreds of photos of the dozens and dozens of girls my brother had on there did not make my erection disappear. Instead of focusing on them, I pictured my brother looking at them, and the way he'd react. How hard his dick would get. How he'd start jerking himself off. How he'd start fucking them. 

    The photos went back for years, well into the time he was still married. I imagined him rock hard and sticking his dick wherever he could, unable to control himself. There was just too much testosterone in him for it! Even at his age, he could still get all these young women interested in him. He was such a fucking womanizer. I know he wished he had my big dick; but I'd trade it for that handsome face of his any day. My cock pulsed as I thought of my brother's smile and his face, his salt-and-pepper beard going down to a muscular body covered in soft salt-and-pepper hair as well. A drop of precum leaked out of my cock as I pictured his bushy pubes.

    I kept scrolling through the photos of women, not even focusing on them. Until, I stumbled upon a girl that looked a bit like Kimi. The photos were a couple of years old. I looked at them in full-screen mode, flipping through several of them until I stumbled upon a video.

    I hit play, expecting to see the girl play with herself for my brother's pleasure. What I got was so much more.

    The girl wasn't alone in the video: Patrick was right there with her. He was lying naked in bed, recording on a cell phone. I recognized his old house, his old marital bed! His dick was fully hard, all six inches in the girl's manicured hands as she played with it. She was naked as well, jerking him off.

    "Yeah, baby, you're doing such a good job. Fuck, that feels good," my brother's deep voice said, close to the camera. The girl giggled but didn't say anything. Apparently, my brother was the verbal one here.

    He continued to praise and encourage her smoothly. I gripped my own nine-incher and started stroking myself at the same speed the girl was stroking my brother. I'd seen Patrick hard before, I'd even had him jerk off next to me. But that time was in the dark. Seeing a close-up of him enjoying a hand-job in the middle of the day, while commenting on it, was so fucking hot.

    "Mmm, yeah baby, make daddy's cum," Patrick continued. I could hear the pleasure in his voice. "Such a good girl. Play with daddy's cock."

    All these years, I'd been wrong about my brother. I'd pictured him going to his normal job, coming home to his normal family, having normal sex with his normal wife a few times a month. That there could be anything even remotely naughty or kinky about him had never even crossed my mind.

    "You fucking perv," I said out loud, unsure whether I was referring to him or to myself. I continued to watch the video of my own brother being jerked off. He was getting closer! His hairy legs started kicking, his toes curling. His voice got deeper and he grunted and moaned between words, continuing to talk dirty all throughout the video.

    I started doing the same. I was close to cumming myself. I started talking out loud, saying "Yeah man" and "Fucking get it," to the Patrick in the video as if he could hear me. I imagined us side-by-side; him getting a hand-job by a girl while some guy jerked me off right next to him. What better way for two brothers to bond?

    "You're all I have," he'd told me after the accident. Maybe it was time for us to get even closer, I thought while jacking faster and faster, watching the girl do the same to my brother.

    "Fuck! Daddy's cumming. Daddy's cumming!! Agh! Mmm!!! FUCK! I'm cumming!" 

    My brother's grunts resounded loudly in the room, as he started shooting his load all over his hairy belly. 

    "Fuck yeah, Patty!" I moaned, and started cumming on the carpet in my brother's bedroom.

    "Daddy's cumming!" Patrick continued, shooting his huge load, the camera phone shaking along with his whole body. He continued speaking and grunting the entire time, shooting out cum for almost a full minute. 

    When he was done, I watched the puddle of daddy jizz in his belly button and all over his stomach. I wished I could reach over and slurp and lick it all off.

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