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Sam's Reward

Category:  FATHER-SON 

Preceded by Beach Bonding 2: Dadchelor Party



    "You okay?" Dad asked when it was finally just the two of us again, as airport announcements echoed around us in Spanish, then English.

    For my first spring break as a college student, Dad had decided to take me to Cancún. I was thrilled by the idea of the two of us spending a whole week together. Which is why, a week before we'd left, I was surprised and somewhat disappointed to hear that Dad had also invited a buddy of his and his family. Apparently, he thought that having more people around would make it feel more like a proper spring break for me; when in reality, I was perfectly content to spend all week in bed with just him.

    After a week all together, Dad's buddies' flight to New York was the first to leave. At least I was happy to say they weren't bad at all. The youngest, Rory, was only a few years older than me, and we really hit it off. Still, I regretted not getting more time alone with Dad. Especially now that it was time to say goodbye… and we had no idea when we would see each other next.

    I sighed, unsure how to answer Dad's question.

    "I'm fine. I just… hate goodbyes."

    "Hey," he scooted to sit closer to me on the bench at the departures terminal, and he put his arm around me. "This isn't goodbye. I'll see you again soon."

    "Yeah? When?! I've only seen you twice since I started school. Mom wants me to go spend some time with her as well. She let me fuck around all summer last year, but this year I'm gonna have to get a job somewhere."

    By the time I was done my heart was beating fast. I realized I sounded like a brat, but I was just verbalizing how I felt.

    "Sam," Dad squeezed my shoulder gently, "what do you want to do this summer?"

    I sighed again.

    "I want to do the right thing. I want to work, help out. I don't want you to say you'll just give me the money or something. But I also… want to spend time with you."

    Excited travelers whizzed past us. At this airport, full of happy people traveling to and from exotic locations, I felt cut off from the world.

    "Sam. Baby," he said even more gently, "we'll get to see each other no matter what, okay? I promise."

    His hand wandered from my shoulder to my cheek.

    "You only have a few weeks of school left, and I promise I'll come to Boston and visit you before you're done, okay? And then when summer starts, we'll go on another short vacation. For a few days, before you start your summer job. How does that sound?"

    I smiled.

    "Okay, Daddy," I nodded.

    We hugged, and I felt like everything was alright again. Well, almost everything. I looked at the flight schedule in front of us. There were only 45 minutes until Dad's flight to LAX, and less than half an hour to my flight to Logan. It was now or never.

    "Dad," I said softly, "remember the other day when I… caught you in bed with…?"

    "Taylor?" Dad finished my sentence for me.

    "Yes. Well, I… It made... It made me feel jealous."

    "I see," he looked at me. "That's not good. What do you think we can do?"

    "I don't know. I can… try not to feel that way."

    "That's not it. It's my fault. I let this happen, even after all this… intimacy has developed between you and me. I just…"

    "Don't know where we stand?" it was my turn to finish his sentence now.

    He sighed.

    "All I know is, I love you very much, son," he said. "And if me not… having sex with other people helps make you feel better, then just say the word. Nothing is more important than my boy's happiness."

    I smiled again. I was confused, but content.

    "That's fine. For now, let's just… keep going the way things are. As time goes by, maybe it'll be… easier to decide what we wanna do?"

    "Maybe. Just promise me one thing."


    Dad took both of my shoulders and made me face him. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "That you'll always tell me how you feel. No secrets."

    "No secrets," I agreed, and closed my eyes as we both leaned in for a gentle kiss. His lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth helped soothe any anxiety I was feeling.

    "Good," Dad flashed his million-dollar smile. "Now, lemme go take a piss before my flight starts boarding."

    "I'll come with, I need to go too."



    My son and I walked toward the airport bathroom together. As weird as it sounds, I'm glad that it at least gave us something to do. Just sitting around waiting to get on two different flights felt unnecessarily dramatic.

    The only free urinals were next to each other. Sam and I walked up to them and smiled and winked at each other as we pulled out our dicks. My son jokingly peeked at mine, as if it's something he hasn't seen before. Whenever we walked into a room like this, I know more people thought we were a couple rather than father and son. I'm not gonna lie: it felt quite flattering…

    "Meet me in that cubicle," I whispered to Sam when I was done pissing, nodding my head toward an empty stall at the end and walking up to it.

    A short while later, the door opened and Sam walked in, squeezing next to me, and locking the door behind him.

    "The fuck?" he chuckled.

    "I wanted to give you a proper goodbye," I saw as quietly as possible. The room was still full of men.

    I leaned forward and gave Sam a passionate kiss, pinning him against the inside of the stall door. With our eyes closed, even this public restroom felt like the most wonderful place in the world, as we gave in and lost ourselves in the kiss.

    "I'm sorry about what happened with Taylor," I whispered, slightly out of breath after kissing for a couple of minutes. "I shouldn't have let it happen in front of you."

    "Dad, it's alright. It's not like you're my… boyfriend, or anything."

    "Still, it's not okay. For multiple reasons. Can I make it up to you?"

    "What did you have in mind?"

    "How about… something to help you relax before your flight?" I said, putting my hand on his crotch and gently bending my knees, showing I'm ready to suck him off right here and now.

    "Mmm, sounds good," he moaned as I rubbed his junk, "but I had a different reward in mind."

    With that, Sam stopped me and went down on his knees himself. Apparently, he was more interested in being the one to swallow my spunk.

    "You won't hear me complain," I smiled, as he unbuckled my pants and whipped out my daddy dick, already semi hard.

    "Careful," I said, as Sam started slurping on my cock. The flushing of toilets and blowing of hand dryers drowned off some of the noise, but Sam was still being loud, feasting on my dick. "We don't wanna get caught."

    "What're they gonna do, deport us? At least then we don't have to pay for our flights."

    "Wiseass," I smirked and gently smacked his cheek, as my dick went back inside his mouth.

    I had no idea if my son had practiced sucking cock in college, but he seemed to only be getting better at it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation as I started fucking his throat.

    "Ufff. Good boy. Mmm. Just like that. Great job," I tried to whisper as softly as possible. In my mind flashed an image of all the soccer and Little League games I'd missed; all the times I could've been encouraging Sam from the sidelines. And now here we were, me whispering words of encouragement, for something completely different…

    "Attaboy. Just like that," I continued, running my fingers through my boy's hair. From the look on his face, he seemed to be enjoying this just as much as I was.

    The restroom seemed to only be getting busier; which was a good thing, because there was more commotion to drown off the noise we were making. By now, I was too horny to care: I was fucking Sam's face like there was no tomorrow, aware that in a couple of hours we'd be 3,000 miles apart again.

    "Mmmpf," he drooled, as my smooth balls hit his chin while I pumped back and forth. With one hand on his chin and the other one on the back of his head, I offered him all the support I could give him.

    "Baby… Daddy's gonna cum soon," I whispered.

    Sam nodded, as much as he could. His throat relaxed even more, allowing me to go deeper than ever. This is the prize my boy wanted: his daddy's sperm down his throat.

    "You want it, baby boy?" I continued. "You wanna swallow your little siblings?"

    "Mhm," Sam nodded, sending me into overdrive.

    "Fuuuuck!" I moaned, biting my lip, grateful that somebody had started drying his hands at that very moment.

    "Swallow it all, baby," I said, my hand still on the back of Sam's head, pushing it forward and burying his nose in my pubes. "Fuck yeah. Take it all. Take Daddy's cum."

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