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Confessions, Pt. II


    Since starting college, I'd been on a couple of casual dates. Nothing major; half the time I wasn't even sure if it was a date or not. Most of the time, I'd only said yes in an effort to keep my dad out my mind.

    Now with him in Boston, I'd gone on a real, extravagant, romantic date for the first time ever. I don't know if it was even his intention, but that's how it felt. Yes, we spent a lot of time together when I was in California, going to the beach or just staying in, but now… I felt like I was in a fucking movie! I know that to someone like him, who's lived all over the world, this might not seem like a lot, but for me it was everything. Even the small things: being picked up, having him pay the bill at the restaurant, kissing in the elevator on the way to his room…

    Once we were there, things only started to get better. I was sober, yet felt drunk. Lying on my back in the large hotel bed, watching Dad strip… it felt like I was in a different universe. This wasn't even the first time we were in bed together, but after this whole evening… after this whole year, really… it felt different. It felt new. It felt next level.

    "Oh, Dad…" I moaned, as he finally pulled my boner out of my underwear. The second I felt his hand on it, skin-on-skin, felt just as good as an orgasm already.

    I closed my eyes, bit my lips, squirmed in pleasure. I let him have his way with me. Twice my age, and much more experienced, he knew exactly what he was doing and how to please me. He touched me slowly, almost innocently; yet there was nothing innocent about what we were doing.

    My toes curled as he got rid of my underwear completely. Giving my dick a short break, he ran his smooth hands all over my legs, squeezing my muscles as he went up. When he got back to my crotch, he used his fingertips to run circles gently, tickling and teasing me as I moaned louder and louder.

    Opening my eyes for a second, I noticed most of the lights in the building across the street were on.

    "Should we close the curtains?" I asked.

    "No," Dad replied, never letting his fingertips leave my skin. "The whole world can see for all I care. I'm not ashamed of us anymore."

    Hearing that made me stand up, and aggressively reach for his head and pull him in for a kiss. He fell on top of me, kissing me even more vehemently than before, almost suffocating me between his face and the mattress. 

    "Oh, Dad. Oh, Daddy," I moaned, having flashbacks of the two of us in bed on my last night in California. I lifted my legs on each side of my father's body, and wrapped them around him, pulling him in a hug.

    Face to face, he gave me one more kiss, before moving his body down. Next, he put his large, gentle hands on my asscheeks, and knelt there for a second, admiring my ass. 

    "You really do have a nice ass, boy."

    I closed my eyes as I heard him say that, and felt his tongue on my hole next. I moaned and relaxed even more, as he started giving me the rim job of a lifetime. I never thought it could ever feel so good to just have someone's lips on my hole like this, but I lost myself in the ecstasy, clutching the sheets.

    A few minutes later, as Dad took a break, I opened my eyes to see him get up and reach for the elegant, leather toiletry bag that was on the nightstand. From it, he took out a bottle of lube; I recognized the same bottle we'd used the first time we made love.

    I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, knowing what's to come. Mere seconds later, I heard the bottle cap pop open and closed. Like a Pavlovian reaction, it made my hole pulse in anticipation.

    Another second later, the tip of Dad's dick was pressing against my hole. Eagerly, I opened up and invited him in me. I felt his cock head, wet with lube and precum, find its way in. Without much delay, his entire fucking shaft glided through my sphincter. In record time, his entire dick was in me.

    "Fuck!" I moaned, reaching for my hard dick, which was pulsing at the same rate as my asshole.

    "No!" Dad put his hand on my wrist, and pulled it away. He forced both my arms on either side of me, like I were sprawled on a cross. "I wanna fuck it out of you," he said.

    I nodded obediently. Lying on top of me with his dick inside me, he held firmly onto my wrists, laying his weight on me and growling like an animal. After a few moments, he let go of my arms only to reach for my ankles, giving him total control over my lower body.

    That's when he really started to go to town on my ass. Yelling loudly in pleasure, I didn't care who could hear or see us anymore either. All I cared about was this moment, the perfect end to a perfect evening.

    Dad was a man on a mission: making me cum hands-free while fucking me. If there's one thing I respected about him, is that he always saw things through when he set his mind on something. 

    Fucking me faster, then slower, then faster again; he held onto my legs then let go to lean down and kiss me, before getting back up and fucking my insides like crazy. I moaned, feeling things I never felt before, including…

    "Ah. AH!! I'm about to cum. Fuck, I'm about to cum!"

    I made the announcement right as I was on the edge. I felt it coming, and Dad continued to fuck, speeding up. But I didn't cum, not yet! I was on the very edge and the sensation continued, for ten seconds, and then ten more… Until it was over a minute of torturously intense pleasure.

    "AH!! AHHH!!!" I yelled like a madman, unable to believe what I was feeling. I'd never been on the edge like this, especially not for this long! I kept expecting to shoot any goddamn second now… and it just kept going.

    "Yeah, boy," Dad grunted proudly, which only served to turn me on even more.

    "Fuck! Oh, there it is!!" I said finally, feeling Dad's dick reach deep inside me and make me shoot my cum without either of us touching my dick.

    When I was finally done, I panted, literally out of breath, as if I'd run a marathon.

    "Ho-ly shit," Dad started laughing, looking at all the cum he'd made me shoot all over myself. As he laughed, I felt his dick still pump back and forth inside of me.



    Watching my boy sleep in my arms, I felt conflicted emotions: on the one hand, I wanted to watch him snooze peacefully like this forever; on the other, I wanted to wake him up and go for round two.

    Last night had been one of my most intense nights in my life. True, I'd had a lot of good sex over the years. But never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I'd end up here with my own son.

    Even if I wasn't the one who raised him, there was this special bond between us that no one could ever take away. Right or wrong, this made him happy. And seeing my son happy made me the happiest man on earth.

    After our night of passionate lovemaking, Sam passed out in my arms like a cuddly puppy dog. I held him all night and all morning, until it was well past noon. I finally reached for the phone and managed to order room service without waking Sam up.

    "Come in," I said to the server as they knocked on the door. That finally woke Sam up and he stirred, making himself comfortable in my embrace.

    "Good afternoon," the young server said as he rolled the cart into the room, trying to navigate it through all the chaos.

    "Sorry about the mess," I laughed, hugging my boy. We were both in bed naked, with the sheet pulled over our lower bodies for modesty.

    "No problem, sir," the server laughed. On the floor were piles of clothes, with Sam's and my underwear on top of everything. The lube bottle lay on the floor, creating a slipping hazard. As if it weren't obvious enough, the room reeked of sex.

    "Can you please open one of the windows?" I asked the server, who happily obliged. When he was done, he stood by the door, and I finally understood what he was waiting for.

    "Excuse me," I said, slipped out of the bed naked, and reached down for the wallet in my pants. While I'm here I might as well give him a show, I figured. I felt his eyes on my ass that no one, gay or straight, could resist.

    "There you go," I gave him a very generous tip for having to put up with this, and he left the room with a large smile.

    "Show-off," my son mumbled at me, finally waking up. I walked to the cart and brought Sam some coffee and water, before getting some of the food and bringing it in bed for both of us.

    "I like how everyone thinks we're a couple," Sam confessed enthusiastically, after the coffee had started to hit.

    Without thinking about it too much, I asked, "Would you like us to be?"
   "What do you mean?" he asked.

    I looked him in the eyes and tried to explain it the best I could.

    "Well… you know. A couple. A romantic one. Just the two of us?"

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