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Don't Wake Marty Up

    "Whoa, hey. Sorry," you apologize as you walk into Marty's room and catch him there in nothing but his underwear. "Thought you were in the shower already. I brought this up for you."

    You drag in Marty's large suitcase which he'd left downstairs. 

    "Aw, thanks. Here, let me help you," he jumps when he sees you. He reaches for the suitcase and puts his hand on yours, helping you lift it and put it in his room. He manages to lift it with ease.

    "That time at the gym's paying off," you say, trying not to stare at his muscular body (which is difficult, considering how fit he is and the fact that he is nearly naked).

    "Yeah, Coach has us working out like crazy even during off season."

    You know Marty's a football player; that's what's paying his way through college. Now that you're here, you decide to have a quick chat and use the opportunity to bond with him.

    "What does he have you do?" you ask.

    "Everything you can think of. Gotta hit every muscle group. Arms, chest, abs," he says, flexing each muscle as he talks about it, as if this were anatomy class.

    As you continue to chat, Marty leans back against the door of the closet. He has one foot on the floor and the other one leaning on the closet, his thumbs casually hooked in the waistband of his boxers. Those boxers might look baggy on someone else, but Marty's thighs are so thick, the underwear's almost bursting at the seams.

    You try not to stare at it but in the front, you see a very visible bulge, which Marty makes no effort to hide. Indeed, once or twice while he's talking, he goes down to scratch and readjust it, probably not even aware of what he's doing.

    "Can I get you anything else?" you ask, trying to be helpful.

    "No, thanks," he smiles at you. "I think I got everything."

    "I keep forgetting you grew up in this house. I've been here for a few months and I'm only just meeting you, so it feels like you're a house guest. In reality, I'm more like the guest."

    "Ah c'mon, don't say that," Marty says, leaning back even further and trusting his hips forward. His thumbs pull down his underwear even more, revealing the top of his pubes. "You're family now."

    You smile, and look up to see him smile at you. Or is it a smirk?

    "Not just yet," you smile back.

    "Soon," he replies. As he's continues to lean back, pulling his underwear down by the millimeter, his muscles continue to flex. Is he always this playful?

    "Yup, soon," you nod at him, before leaving the room. "Very soon."

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