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Don't Wake Marty Up

    "Well last night went well!" Duncan says the following morning as he's serving you breakfast. 

    "Aha," you mumble, too sleepy still to say anything else.

    "I think Marty took it well. All things considered, of course. Maybe I should've introduced you to him earlier. You're the first man I've ever gotten serious with, and I'm springing that AND the engagement on him at the same time. Do you think it was too much?"

    "Duncan, honey: you're spinning. And I'm sleepy. Everything is alright."

    "I just hope Marty's fine."

    "Oh, he's fine alright."

    Your fiancé misses your comment as he pours you coffee. 

    "Where is he, anyway?" you ask, taking a few sips of coffee and feeling immediately better.

    "He's still asleep. I'll be surprised if he gets up before noon. I love that boy, but he can be such a lazy fuck sometimes."

    "Mm, that's good. Leaves us more time to… have some fun."

    As Duncan stands right next to you in his underwear and a T-shirt serving you breakfast, you're less interested in eating and more interested in him. Instead for the food in front of you, you reach for…


… Duncan's dick

… Duncan's ass

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