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Sex with Someone in this Hot Tub


    Coming out of the hot tub in my back yard, the evening air felt a bit chilly until I got to the fire pit. I fixed the fire and looked down at my naked body glistening before going into the house.

    There, I saw my boyfriend and his sexy twin. As I walked up to the them I flexed my abs, even though I knew I didn't need to impress them any further. They were all smiles when they saw me, as was I. As they both kissed me, I could tell they were even drunker than I was. I enjoyed being the center of attention and having two younger guys kiss me and run their hands down my naked body. It was so hot, it was easy to forget my 18-year-old son was standing right there.

    "We got the champagne open and the hot tub all ready and running," I told the twins, putting an arm around each of their waists and turning around to head back out. "You coming?" I glimpsed back at my son.

    "Yeah, let's go," Sam said, water still dripping on the floor from the boardshorts he was wearing. 

    As I led the twins to the backyard, I was aware of how unusual this situation was. It wouldn't be my first time having fun with the two of them in the hot tub, but it was the first time that my son was here. Not the most responsible fatherly thing to do, I was fully aware. Then again, I thought back to some of the things he got up to recently.

    I only met my son at the beginning of this summer, but I got the impression he was a fairly shy and naive boy. Well, that changed quickly since he came to California! It didn't take him long to start hooking up with my ex, who was even older than I was. Sam even sucked him off once while I was right there next to them, in the same room. He must've thought he was being slick, hiding under a blanket while doing it, as if I couldn't tell what was going on. 

    Then there was the time they had the audacity to ask me to bring them some lube while they were jerking each other off in Sam's room. I remember picking the furniture for that room thinking "I hope Sam feels at home here." Well, he sure did, soon enough.

    Plus, I was almost certain I caught Sam recording my boyfriend Mateo and me while we were having sex once. If he did, I wasn't upset. I'd been a horny sex freak since I was his age. And even though I didn't raise him, biology seemed to do its thing. The apple didn't fall far from the horny tree.

    In the hot tub, I was the first one to get in as Mateo and his brother Mario started undressing. 

    "We brought swimwear," Mateo said, taking off his shirt and shorts and reveling a pair of sexy, tight speedos, "but it seems like we're skinny-dipping today."

    He pulled down the speedos and revealed his dick and his beautiful bubble butt.

    "When in Rome..." Mario smiled, pulling down a pair of speedos similar to his brother's. "Or, Laguna Beach in this case."

    The two were the most identical set of twins I'd ever met. Even I had trouble telling them apart sometimes. Two dicks, ballsacks, and asses swung in front of me as they got into the hot tub.

    "You know," my boyfriend said, putting his arm around me and looking up at my son who was standing next to the hot tub, "your father told me you were gay, but I don't buy it. What kind of self-respecting gay wears such baggy boardshorts?" he waved his index finger up and down flamboyantly.

    "The kind who lives with his parents and three younger siblings, who wouldn't be too thrilled if he paraded around in those," Sam pointed sassily to the discarded skimpy speedos on the ground.

    We all laughed.

    "Well, cariño, you're here now, away from that hetero mess. Pull em down!" Mario said. As forward as his brother was, Mario was even more confident and shameless.

    "This is textbook peer pressure," Sam said jokingly, slowly untying the drawstring of his shorts. As the pulled them down, the twins clapped and cheered jubilantly. 

    "Just like his daddy's," Mario said of Sam's penis, making him blush as he got into the tub. In honesty, my dick was fairly bigger then his, but I was happy to have Mario flatter him.

    "Yay, baby's first time naked in a hot tub," Mateo said dramatically. "This calls for a celebration!" He reached for the bottle and passed out champagne glasses to everyone.

    We toasted loudly like it was New Year's Eve.

    "I know a good icebreaker," Mateo said. "Never Have I Ever!"

    "No, c'mon," I shook my head. "We're not in college."

    "Speak for yourself, papi. We're almost young enough to be in college ourselves. And your son here's about to start in a few weeks. Don't you want him to be ready for the real world?"

    "Wait, the 'real world' is sitting in a hot tub with three naked models, drinking champagne? Cuz I could get used to that," Sam said and we laughed again.

    I was so proud of how confident my son seemed, and honestly, a tad surprised. The twins could be a pair of ballbusters, but Sam held his own and was quick with all his responses.

    "The youngest person starts," Mario said, pointing at Sam. "If it's something you've done, drink."

    "Fine. Never have I ever... had sex with someone in this hot tub," my son said, a devilish grin on his face.

    "Oh she took it right there!" Mateo yelled.

    "Straight there! No driving around nothing," Mario laughed.

    All three of us except Sam took a sip.

    "Hmm," he said, eying Mario, who winked at him.

    "Okay, we're going clockwise. My turn," Mateo said. "Never have I ever... lived on the East Coast."

    "Haha," Sam said sarcastically as he and I took a sip.

    "Never have I ever... hooked up with a family member," I said with a shit-eating grin.

    The twins looked at me and both took a sip.

    I smiled, waited a couple of seconds, and took a sip myself.

    "Wait, WHAT?!" three voices exclaimed at once, as everyone's mouths dropped.

    "I had a gay uncle. Stuff happened."[1]

    The twins laughed. I saw amusement in their eyes, and amazement in my son's.

    "Never have I ever... wanted to have sex with someone in this hot tub," Mario said slowly, looking straight at Sam.

    My son raised his glass to his lips and took a sip.



    My brother and I did a lot of things together, including most of our modeling work. We got a ton of gigs only because we were identical twins. We knew exactly what it did to a lot of people.

    One of the few times I worked by myself was when I was picked to go to Italy for a shoot. I was so happy I'd gotten the job, until I came back home and found out Mateo had met Ben during that time.

    My brother and I told each other everything, and I told him just how hot his new boyfriend was, and that I was jealous. "No worries, I'm sure we can play together some time," he winked at me. And we did.

    When I found out Ben had a son who was visiting, I was curious to meet him. Sam was cute, but nowhere nearly as hot as his dad. Still, he was young, and there was lots of potential there.

    The game the four of us were playing in the hot tub turned stupid soon enough, as it always does, when we ran out of ideas. Just as well, because we'd run out of champagne. My brother and Ben were busy sucking faces, so I got up and offered to go get some more, when Sam stood up as well and offered to help. I didn't need much help, but I assumed he wanted to give his dad and Mateo some space. Or maybe get away from them?

    "I didn't know Mateo had a twin," he said when the two of us got to the kitchen. We were still naked, dripping wet. He tried to be discreet, but I caught him stealing a glimpse of my body up and down.

    "Yup. Nine minutes his senior," I said, taking out more champagne from the fridge. Instead of taking it out, I poured some in two glasses in the kitchen.

    "Must've been cool growing up. I mean, with you both being gay and all."

    "Yeah. Coming out was a lot easier cuz we weren't alone."

    "You're lucky," he said as I passed him a glass and we both drank in silence. We looked out the window and we could see my brother and his dad really going at it in the hot tub.

    "Isn't it weird for you seeing your brother... do stuff?" Sam asked.

    "Not really. I mean, we grew up together, and we're twins so we've seen each other... do stuff before," I laughed.

    We both took another sip.

    "Is it weird for you? With your dad, I mean," I asked.

    Sam took a few moments to answer.

    "It feels weird because it doesn't feel weird. Does that make sense?"

    I looked at him.

    "Like, we're both grownups," he continued, "we're both queer, and we really get along. So it doesn't feel weird. But the fact he's my dad... I think everyone would expect it to feel weird."

    I'm not sure if I'd be able to follow all that sober, but right now I was too drunk for it.

    "You worry too much," I said and grabbed the bottle. "Let's go back out."

    On our way out, I thought to ask one last thing.    

    "You never said which person in that hot tub you'd like to have sex with."

    "That wasn't a part of the game," Sam winked.



    It took me less than two seconds to straddle my boyfriend's lap after Mario and Sam went to the kitchen. We kissed passionately as I gripped Ben's face with both hands, and felt his fingertips run gently down my back, till he got to my ass and gave it a strong squeeze. A minute later, both of our dicks were hard. 

    "There you go," I heard my brother say a few minutes later, as he and Sam rejoined us and set everyone's drinks by the tub.

    I didn't bother to look up, I was too engrossed in my make-out session with Ben. I was sure my brother didn't mind seeing us this way, and I figured Sam was Ben's responsibility, so I let Ben decide if we should quit what we're doing it. He showed no sign of wanting to quit either, so we kept going.

    I heard Mario and Sam chat on the other side of the hot tub. I couldn't make out what they were saying, they were quiet and I was drunk and I didn't care. 

    I slipped my right hand in Ben's lap, reaching for his hard dick, and started jerking him off.

    "Ahh, yeah," he whispered as my strokes got more and more intense.

    "Yeah, you like that, papi?" I whispered naughtily in his ear.

    "Yes, baby. Keep it going."

    I couldn't see what Sam and Mario were doing with my back turned to them, but I noticed they'd stopped talking.

    I tightened my grip around Ben's dick.

    "Fuck yeah, honey," he exclaimed louder, this time more of a moan than a whisper.

    While I was stroking his dick and kissing him, Ben's hands wandered to my ass again and started spreading my cheeks. I got up and put my ass in the air, flashing my hole to the boys right behind me. I couldn't tell just how close they were sitting but the hot tub wasn't so big; it must've been right in their faces. Ben continued to spread my cheeks then put his thick fingers on my hole and started teasing it.

    I looked back for a second and saw my brother and Ben's son sitting side by side, looking straight at us, barely a foot or two between us. From what I could tell by the way their right arms were moving, they were both jerking themselves off under the water. 

    I smiled, and went back to kissing my boyfriend. He continued to play with my hole, then finally inserted a finger in it, then two, then three.

    "Aaah!" it was my turn to moan loudly.

    When Ben took his fingers out of my hole, I sat back down in his lap, spreading my legs wide open, pushing my hole right against his dick.

    "Yeah, you want it, baby?" he asked.

    "Yes, Daddy," I nodded.

    "You want Daddy to fuck you right here?"

    "Yes, please." I wasn't sure if we were loud enough to be heard across the hot tub, but I didn't give a shit.

    "Whose pretty hole is this?" he said, smacking my asshole under the water.

    "It's your hole, Daddy."

    "And what do you want Daddy to do to it?"

    "I want Daddy to fuck it, and cum inside it, please."

    We started kissing again, even more passionately than earlier. While doing that, Ben adjusted his dick and I sat on it, relaxing my hole until he managed to get all in it.

    "Aaah!" we both said out loud.

    "That's a good boy," my boyfriend said stroking my hair.

    I looked back again. Mario and Sam were jerking themselves off more vigorously. 

    "Show them what a good boy you are," Ben said.

    "Yes, Daddy," I said, bouncing up and down on his dick.

    "You like other people watching you get fucked?"

    "Yes, Daddy."

    "No matter who they are?"

    "No matter," I bounced faster.

    "You're a shameless slut, ain't ya? And you'll do anything Daddy tells you?"

    "Yes, Daddy," I nodded and bounced simultaneously. 

    A few minutes later, Ben screamed out loud.

    "Oh, FUCK YEAH!

    I felt his cum fill up my hole. I could tell it was a big load. He continued to moan out for a few seconds.

    As soon as he pulled out, he put his hands on my ass and lifted it above the water, and spread my cheeks open.

    "Now push it out," he ordered.

    I looked back. My brother and Ben's son were jerking off faster and faster, and looked like they were about to cum.

    I pushed, till I felt Ben's load squirt out of my hole and drip down my asscheeks and into the water.

    "¡Órale, cabrones!" I could hear my brother exclaim as he started to cum under the water. Sam remained silent but I could tell by his facial expression he was cumming as well.

    "Good boy," Ben smiled and kissed me, giving my ass a playful smack.



    With only a few days left before heading back to Mom's house, I needed to start packing. Dad had already gotten me a plane ticket back to Boston. Still, I sat on my bed staring at all my stuff, unwilling to start packing. This summer flew by way too quickly. 

    I got up to walk around the house. The door to Dad's room was open so I went in for a bit. I looked around his big comfortable bed with its designer sheets. The drawers where I knew he kept his underwear and sex toys.

    I went down to the large kitchen and dining room. I remembered the party Dad threw at the beginning of summer to introduce me to his friends. With all the people that showed up the kitchen had seemed crowded, but now it felt spacious and open, the evening sun shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows and reflecting against the mostly-white furniture. 

    This house was such a contrast to my mom and step-dad's. That place was always cramped, most of the furniture as old as I can remember. Toys were always scattered in every room. It was cozy, and it was home, but it also felt... stifling sometimes. This place felt the opposite, so... liberating. But I don't think it was the house or furniture that made it feel that way. There must've been something else.

    I walked out to the backyard, and saw Dad by the pool. I thought of the first day we met, and hanging out by the pool.

    "Hey! What you doing?" he asked with a smile as soon as he saw me.

    "Oh, just... reminiscing."
    "Reminiscing of what?"

    "Just this past summer."

    Dad got up off the chaise longue and walked up to me. He was naked, as usual now, and his large dick and balls swung as he walked.

    "Why don't we go to the beach?" he suggested. "Before you get too melancholy on me."

    "Fine," I said and we went to get dressed.

    By the time we got to the beach, the sun was starting to set. There were plenty of people around but we found a spot where we could talk in peace and sat down on the sand, facing the ocean and the sunset.

    "How're you feeling?" he asked me, turning to me on his right.

    "I dunno," I shrugged my shoulders. "Bummed out."

    "How come?"

    "It feels like we just met, and I'm already leaving. And I'm only going home for a little bit, and then it's off to college. My whole life, it's like I've only known one thing. And then I met you, and life here with you has been completely different! And I have no idea what's waiting for me at school."

    "Don't worry," he hugged me, "you'll figure it out. Didn't take you long to figure stuff out here. And hey, you know you can always come back! It's only a matter of time before you do, I'm sure. We'll check with your mom, and maybe you can spend Thanksgiving or Christmas here."

    "I wish I could go to a school where everyone was gay."

    Dad laughed. "That's not a school, that's a bathhouse."

    "I'm serious! Things were so easy here, because all the people I hung out with were gay."

    "There'll be plenty of openly gay people in school. You're going to college, not the 14th century." 

    I knew he was right, but I didn't feel reassured.

    "You know, at your age, I wasn't even out yet. Like, not even to myself. So you're way ahead of me on that one. It wasn't that long ago, but everyone around me acted like being gay was sinful. Funny," he chuckled, "I had a talk with my therapist about it once. He thinks the reason why I'm such an exhibitionist and so open sexually, is because gay sex and affection were so forbidden when I was growing up. So now that I can finally do it I wanna flaunt it, and show I'm not ashamed of it."

    I looked at him and put my arm around him as well. Then I faced forward and looked at the two suns. The one in the sky and the one in the water were getting closer to each other.

    "Maybe that's the worst part about being gay: there are no role models. No one to show you what's your place is in the world. It's the reason why..." he choked up. "It's the reason why I went away and left you with your mother. When I realized I was into men as well, I thought... I thought 'A queer like me ain't fit enough to raise a child. He's better off without me'..."

    I felt his shoulder shake and heard him start crying at the same time. I know it's weird to admit it, but as I looked at him I thought he looked... beautiful.

    "Shh, shh, come here," I pulled him in for a hug. My arms were still around him as he lay his head down on my lap. Like he was the child and I was the parent.

    We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, looking at the ocean, the sound of seagulls above us. The two suns were now kissing.

    "Dad, look at me," I said when he'd calmed down. He sat up and looked me in the eyes.

    "I've only known you for three months," I continued, "but I promise you, and I'm not just saying this to make you feel better: you are the best dad I could've ever imagined. And so much more."

    He smiled. There were tears in his eyes again, but this time I think they were tears of joy.

    Only three days to go before flying home, and I still hadn't started packing. I managed to take out my two suitcases and open them, but that was as far as I could get myself to go. Now I sat in my room again, staring at them, hoping for a distraction.

    I went out to look for Dad. He wasn't in his room, and the next place I thought to check was the gym. He wasn't there either. On my way out, I noticed the door next to the gym was slightly open.

    I remember the first and only time I'd tried to open that door, and it was locked. Ever since, that door's always been closed and I never thought to look what was there. I took a step forward.

    "Dad?" I said out loud.

    I looked at both sides of the lock and realized the door locks as soon as you shut it. I peeked in. Most of the things in the room were black, and the lighting was dim. It being in the basement there were no windows. I walked in, and waited for my eyes to adjust.

    The first thing I noticed was some sort of leather sling hanging from the ceiling. There was also a single bed in the room, as well as a bench. I turned around, and noticed a huge collection of sex toys and lube bottles, all neatly displayed as if this were a department store. 

    I looked up at the walls. From what I could see, there was a huge TV screen on one wall. There were pictures as well, ones I could barely make out in the dark. Some of them looked homoerotic, but others were full-on graphic.

    Next to the door there was an armchair and a bookshelf. It looked to be a designer chair, and knowing Dad it'd probably cost him a few grand. I looked at the books and DVDs and magazines on the shelf. It was all porn. Some of them were in French or German. Some of it was pure smut, but some of it looked very high-class and elegant. Some of the price labels were hundreds of dollars or euros. 

    "Oh!" I heard Dad suddenly. I must've been too mesmerized to hear him walk down the stairs. He looked surprised.

    "I thought I'd closed the door," he said. "Looks like you found my playroom." 

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[1] Ben and Uncle Mitch are the main characters of Model Dad: Trophy Boy

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