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"All I'm saying is, with men like him, if you flatter them a little bit… you could go a long way."
18-year-old Ben finds himself in New York with no one but his uncle Mitchell. Determined to succeed as a model and make money for his newborn son Sam, Ben is willing to do whatever it takes.

Chapter 1

Fresh off the bus, teenage Ben finds himself in New York with no one but his uncle that he's staying with. Uncle Mitch introduces his nephew to his gay friends, hoping to get him connections into the modeling world.

Chapter 2

Ben seems to have caught someone's eye. And not just anyone: millionaire Parker Anderson. Uncle Mitch advises his nephew to play it smart, and he might just make it big. But Ben knows there's no such thing as a free lunch...

Chapter 3

Uncle Mitch gets quite an eyeful when he walks in on his nephew unexpectedly one morning. Parker Anderson debates Ben with his cousin, and later ends up taking Ben home, showing him something for the first time.

Chapter 4

Teenage Ben spends a life-changing summer in Europe and starts to question his own sexuality. Back in New York, he uses his newfound confidence to tease his uncle Mitch, and to get cousins Parker and Porter very close to each other.

Chapter 5

21-year-old Ben is back from another luxurious trip through Europe. Feeling bad about neglecting his uncle, Ben jumps in bed with him right after taking a shower... Finally, Ben meets an 18-year-old boy named Owen new to New York.

Chapter 6

Ben gets to take out Owen on his first night in New York, showing him around the city and taking him to a gay bar. Owen proves popular from the get-go, and has no problem getting people to go on their knees...

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