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Father-Son Time at the Cabin

Category:  FATHER-SON  |  RURAL 

Cowritten with: Tom R


    "There you go, gentlemen. Terminal 3."

    "Thank you," I said, getting out of the taxi. "Have a nice day."

    "Cheers. Have a good one," my friend Josh came out of the car next. We got our suitcases out and watched the cab drive away.

    Heathrow Airport seemed even busier than usual this time of year. Even though Thanksgiving wasn't a holiday in this part of the world, it was already the lead-up to the Christmas season so there were plenty of people flying in and out of London. Josh and I made our way into the airport, passing a few female flight attendants on the way.

    "Airports make me so horny," my friend said to me, adjusting his bulge.

    "Leaving the house makes you horny, Josh. Then again, staying in doesn't stop you either."

    As two 25-year-olds living abroad in London, Josh and I had very active sex lives. My modeling career was going better than ever, which came with a TON of opportunities to get laid. Josh worked in tech, but he still had sex with more women than he could count. As we stood on the escalator to the departures terminal, our faces were at the same level as the asses of the girls in front of us, a group of college students speaking Italian.

    "Seriously, I need to get laid so bad," Josh said to me, grabbing at his bulge again.

    "Relax. At least you're going to San Francisco. You can get plenty of ass there. I'm going to the literal middle of nowhere in Vermont. There'll be no one else there but my dad."

    "Yeah, can't say I envy you."

    "No shit."

    This was precisely why I always avoided flying back to the States for the holidays. My life in Europe was too much fun. I was already thinking of all the parties in the next few weeks that I would miss out on. All those girls, and guys, and drugs and champagne. But tomorrow was Thanksgiving, and it was the first one since my parents split up.

    Earlier this year, my mom turned 50 and (probably in a burst of midlife crisis) asked my father for a divorce. Dad, who was four years older, was never a combative man so he agreed. He let Mom keep the house in western Massachusetts and bought a house for himself in the middle of Vermont. I found this pretty random even though I knew the cabin he bought, as he and I had stayed there before. 

    I thought back to the trips Dad and I would take when I was younger. I knew Mom would be alright; she had a ton of friends and family nearby. But the image of my father in the middle of nowhere for the holidays with no one to keep him company, left me with an uneasy feeling of filial responsibility. I was far from the world's best son; I was way too self-centered for that. But this year, for the first time since moving abroad, I thought I'd do the nice thing and go visit, albeit begrudgingly.

    "Check out the tits on that one," Josh nodded toward a woman looking at the list of departures. We stood next to her and examined the screens as well.

    "My flight's boarding soon," Josh said. 

    "And where's mine? Ah, there we go. Logan Airport. A couple more hours to go."

    We went through security, taking our jackets and belts off. My friend walked in front of me, his low-rise jeans sagging and revealing his purple underwear.

    "Nice undies," I teased him.

    "And from what I can tell you're not wearing any," he pointed at my bare obliques.

    "Nope," I pulled down my pants just fast enough to flash Josh my pubic hair and the top of my cock.

    "Fucker," he laughed.

    Once we'd made it through the scanners and got dressed again, it was time to say goodbye.

    "I'll see you in the new year, okay?" Josh gave me a hug.

    "See you, buddy," we patted each other's backs and Josh walked away to his gate.

    I bought a sandwich from a nearby Pret and went to the waiting area. There, I saw the woman with the big breasts who'd been looking at the departures list earlier. She was sitting with a man and two young kids. With nothing better to do, I eavesdropped on the married couple's conversation and gathered that she was American and he was British, and they were also flying to the U.S. for Thanksgiving.

    With a couple of hours to kill, I sat there until I got bored and I got up to walk around. I did some duty-free shopping, and bought my dad a couple of bottles of nice scotch. After a while, I needed a piss so I made my way to the bathroom. It was busy but I spotted an open urinal on one wall and stepped up to it. Enjoying the relief, I relaxed my neck a little and lolled my head to one side. I was a bit startled to find that the guy next to me was looking right at me. While the eye contact was sudden, it didn't feel threatening and I smiled reflexively. I realized that it was the British dad I'd seen earlier at the seats near the gate. Our gazes stayed locked for another moment and then I saw him glance down, not at his own cock but at mine. Only then did I see a smile show up on his face.

    "Aha," I thought to myself. "So that's how it's gonna be."

    I was no stranger to airports and this was a game I knew well. The stares, the eyebrow raises, the subtle cocking of the head toward an empty stall. Men were always looking for a way to break up the monotony of travel, and I'd treated many guys to a load in between flights. I'd even swallowed a few myself when I'd been in the mood. I already knew that this guy was zeroed in on my cock, and a release sounded really nice right now before my long flight.

    The foot traffic around us had tapered off and it seemed like a good moment. I glanced over and noticed several empty stalls. As I turned my head back toward the guy next to me, I could see he was already zipping up and looking at me with a cheeky grin. He walked over to one of the empty stalls and went through the motions of shutting the door slowly as he looked at me. I tucked myself back into my pants but didn't bother to fasten them up. A moment later I was locking the stall door and his hands were pulling my cock out again.

    I'd already been getting hard but that process accelerated when my new buddy got on his knees and eagerly took me into his mouth. He stroked me with one hand as his lips and tongue worked the head of my cock, and his other hand was slowly caressing my smooth balls. This guy wasn't timid and was definitely an experienced cocksucker. I briefly wondered what his life was like – if this was something he managed to find time for often, or if the family kept him so busy that it was a rare treat. Either way, he was really going for it, and I was fully erect in no time.

    I looked down as he pulled his mouth off my cock and gazed at it, stroking it with both hands. Like I'd seen so many women and men do, he looked up at me with stars in his eyes and mouthed "Fuck!" I knew my size was impressive, and seeing people react to it never got old. His eyes returned to my erection and I saw him get a thoughtful look on his face, which slowly changed to a devilish smirk. He stood up, still stroking me with one hand, looked in my eyes once more, and then turned around.

    He'd undone his pants at some point and I saw they were now around his ankles. He moved the head of my cock across his moderately hairy asscheek and nestled it into his crack before letting it go and pushing back toward me gently. There was no question what he wanted. I was a little surprised to stumble upon a "straight married" type who moved so quickly, especially in a public bathroom stall. I wondered if he'd be able to take much of me without lube but figured there was only one way to find out.

    I placed my hands on his bare hips, letting him know that I was going to give him what he wanted, and I heard him let out a soft moan of anticipation as he leaned forward and braced himself against the back wall of the stall. I slid my cockhead up and down his crack, getting myself worked up until I knew I'd have a good amount of precum oozing out. Slowing down, I found his pucker and pushed softly there for a moment, letting it get sticky and trying to get a sense of how aggressively I could shove it in. His hole twitched around the tip of my cock but then relaxed, so there wasn't any tension or resistance. He was ready, and I pushed forward enough to slide about halfway into him.

    I heard him breathe in sharply with a hiss and noticed him brace himself a little differently, but he didn't clench himself around my cock. The pressure felt just right and I pulled a few inches back out before thrusting forward again, going balls-deep this time. This guy knew what he was doing, but I don't think he was used to taking guys as deep as I was going. He couldn't help but let out a brief but loud shout. It echoed out into the bathroom but was easily lost in the rest of the noise going on. A flight must have just arrived at a nearby gate, because the bathroom was getting busy again. The stalls on both sides of us were occupied.

    The risk of getting caught added a layer of excitement, and I pulled the man toward me more, trying to go a little deeper, before sliding almost all the way back out. I gave him a moment to feel my swollen tip just inside his hole before I slid it all the way back inside. He didn't shout this time. I kept going like that and I knew I'd be unloading inside him pretty soon. He was taking my cock without any trouble and I was able to pick up the pace quickly. This was easily the best fuck I'd had in weeks. I felt his arm brush my fingers and looked down to see that he was jerking himself off. Feeling glad he was as into this as I was, I started pounding him even faster.

    I always loved feeling someone cum while I was inside them. The sensations were always intense; sometimes a tight clamping down, other times more of a rolling wave up and down my cock. Deep inside this father, I could feel him squeeze my cock with every spurt of cum that shot out of him. That throbbing pressure was all I needed to get across the finish line myself, and I started filling him with my seed. Usually I liked to stop thrusting when I came, but today I just kept going, wanting to keep sliding my increasingly sensitive cockhead in and out. I knew I was leaving a good eight inches of his insides painted with my load, and I loved knowing that he'd go back out to his family like that.

    When the last drops of cum had been coaxed out, I pulled back and got a nice glimpse of his dripping, pink hole before he stood upright again. His back pressed against my chest and I was surprised to feel his arm reach around to the back of my neck to pull my head closer. He kissed me quickly on the lips and whispered "thank you" before releasing me. I smiled in response and gave his ass a quick squeeze with my hand as he leaned forward again to pull up his pants.

    Back at the waiting area, his flight was getting ready to board and I watched him usher his kids up to the gate. Just before he disappeared, he turned to look at me once more and flashed another smile.



    "There it is," I said, getting out of the truck and looking out at the cabin in front of us. It was fairly large, yet rustic-looking. My son Ben and I had been to Vermont a few times before, but this would be our first time staying at this particular house. It was remote, and quiet, with a nice little lake nearby.

    It was also the first place I managed to find at such a short notice. I felt it was very important for Ben and I to get away for a while, and have some father-son time to ourselves. It seemed more important than ever, now... Now that we'd learned my 17-year-old son's girlfriend was pregnant.

    "Looks nice," Ben said about the cabin, shutting the truck door after getting out. He tried to feign enthusiasm, but ever since he'd learned about the pregnancy some of his usual joyfulness was gone.

    I looked around at the endless carpet of orange-and-yellow leaves, and breathed in the fresh air. It was the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it was fairly sunny for this time of year in this corner of the woods. It was perfect.

    "So what do you wanna do first?" Ben asked me. 

    Thinking back to our previous father-son trips, I think I knew a tradition that would cheer him right up, at least a little bit.

    "Skinny dipping!!" I shouted and started running toward the lake. Ben started chasing me, and we both took our clothes off as we ran, leaving a trail of shirts and socks and underwear behind.

    "Woo!" Ben yelled as he cannon-balled into the water from the short pier. I jumped in after him, happy to see that my idea had succeeded in cheering him up.

    We splashed around the water a little bit, until my son said, "It's fucking freezing."

    "You wuss," I teased him, even though he was kind of right. The view from the water, of tall trees surrounding us all 360º, was gorgeous. We tried to swim for a little while, but Ben didn't seem to be enjoying himself because of the cold.

    "Too cold for me. I'm going out," he announced after a few minutes and started to slowly walk out of the lake. As I watched my son's body emerge from the water in slow motion, it was almost like I could see every muscle in his body moving individually under his skin. "No wonder he's freezing," I thought to myself. "He's barely got any body fat." 

    My son had always been lean, and so when he'd started focusing on fitness a few years back, the muscles he was building quickly became impressive. Like most cocky teenagers, he was happy with the attention it got him and wasn't shy about showing off the results of his hard work.

    This past summer at a family event, my wife's brother Mitch sat next to us as some of the kids goofed around in the pool. He told us that we should seriously consider taking Ben to New York City and talking to a few modeling agencies. Mitch even offered to set up a few meetings if we were interested.

    "He can make a fortune in just a couple years," my brother-in-law had said, as he gazed at Ben posing on the diving board, hamming it up for anyone who cared to watch. "He's got the looks and the attitude." We'd pondered the idea and Ben had said he was interested. I'd privately hoped that he'd go to college after graduating, but I knew he needed to choose for himself. And now with his girlfriend Danica expecting, who knew what the future held? I reminded myself that I'd brought us up here to take a break from some of those life stresses, and turned my attention back to the beautiful vista all around me.

    I loved being out in nature, and being naked like this only made me feel closer to it. I inhaled a deep breath of fresh mountain air and it felt like I was recharging my battery. My whole body relaxed, as I felt the energy traveling to my every extremity. I wasn't surprised to feel my cock swelling up, even in the cold water. My favorite place to jerk off was outdoors. At home, usually that had to be late at night out on the back porch, or on a solo walk through the nearby woods. But here, I had no constraints. I slid my arm deeper into the water and started to slowly stroke myself.

    There was just something about being naked and feeling the air and water on my skin. There was nothing like it! And so it didn't take me too long before I felt myself shooting ropes of cum into the lake. It felt amazing to release my cock and just let it surge into the water. I moaned quietly and breathed deeply as the waves of pleasure ran through me and gradually lessened. Opening my eyes, I looked out at the trees across the lake and exhaled slowly.

    "Nothing like it, right Dad?" I jumped a little bit, hearing Ben's voice come from just a few feet behind me. I'd thought he was getting dressed up on the shore and I hadn't heard any splashing from him coming back into the water.

    "I thought you got out?" I said as I turned my head to look back at him.

    "I was even colder out of the water," my son said with a chuckle. I reached my arm out and he stepped forward into the warmth of a good hug. We stood there in the water like that for a moment, and then Ben pushed me playfully, almost enough to make me lose my footing. I came back at him quick with a shove of my own as both of us started laughing and play-fighting in the lake for a few minutes, with my sperm floating around us.

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