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"The last image was of my son up against someone else, arms and legs entwined and faces close together in passionate embrace. Not a stitch of clothing on either of them. It took me a moment to realize that the other model was also a man."
Ben puts his modeling career in London on hold to fly to rural Vermont and spend the holidays with his father. Alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, Ben and his dad get to know each other better than ever.

Chapter 1

In November 2008, Ben puts his modeling career on hold to visit his dad Nick for the holidays, flying from London to rural Vermont. And in 2000, Nick bonds with his teenage son as they learn Ben is about to be a father.

Chapter 2  Supporter 

Nick looks at his son's sexy modeling portfolio and is very impressed by what he sees. After Thanksgiving dinner, Ben roams around his dad's new cabin and makes an interesting discovery: his father's old porn stash.

Chapter 3  Supporter 

A 16-year-old Ben heads up to his parents' attic and discovers a sexy hidden stash, before getting caught red-handed by his dad. And back at Nick's cabin, he goes over to meet the new neighbor... and sees much more than he bargained for. 

Chapter 4  Supporter 

Ben tries to get his dad to open up to him. Finally, at Ben's suggestion, the father and son go to meet the new neighbor, Gary. Over at Gary's, the three men enjoy dinner and a few whiskeys, leading to an unexpected late-night encounter.

Chapter 5  Supporter 

Teenage Ben is worried about his future and asks his dad for a good way to relax. The father-son bonding moment gets more intense than either of them anticipated when Nick starts telling his son a sex story from his past.

Chapter 6  Supporter 

Ben and Nick end up spending Christmas with the neighbor Greg and his son Andrew. Ben takes it upon himself to act as his father's matchmaker, but even he has no idea what's in store for all four men that night!

Chapter 7  Supporter 

Before he goes back to Europe, Ben spends one more night with his dad in Boston. And over in Vermont, Gary and his son Andrew and left to deal with the what happened on Christmas, and decide where to take their relationship from here.

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