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My Uncle and My Dad's Secret, Chapter 11 Holiday Handjob


    Merely a week after my 18th birthday, my family was gathering once again to celebrate Christmas. This year, everyone kept reminding me that this was my last Christmas before "going away for college," as if I was going to college on Mars. Granted, I'd applied to a lot of out-of-state schools so the chances were big I would be moving away, depending on what scholarship my hockey playing got me. However, I'd also applied to a few local universities, including a couple of schools in Minneapolis, so I might be sticking close to home after all.

    "If I study in Minneapolis, can I move in with you, Uncle Austin?" I asked my by-now-favorite uncle. We were sitting at the table over at my grandparents' house on Christmas Day, surrounded by dozens of family members. 

    "Um, we'll see," he said vaguely. "Rodney and I will be married by then. And most schools expect freshmen to live on campus."

    "You guys have that extra bedroom, though," I reminded him. "Maybe I can crash there, at least on occasion."

    My uncle smiled before changing the topic and moving to talk to one of my aunts, turning his back to me. For several months now, I couldn't help but notice that Uncle Austin's behavior kept flip-flopping. At times, we were closer than ever – like when my uncle allowed me to watch while he was getting fucked by his fiancé Rod. Other times, Uncle Austin pulled away from me, like he was hiding something. When he got up to use the restroom, I ambushed him and pulled him aside in the hallway so we could talk one-on-one.

    "Hey, Uncle Austin… Is everything alright?" I asked. 

    "Um, sure. What do you mean?" he asked back.

    "I dunno, you seem kinda distant," I tried to explain. "Like when I mentioned moving in with you guys. Like, it's alright if you don't want me living with you, you guys deserve your privacy. You're gonna be newlyweds after all," I added with a smirk. "But I'm just not used to you turning away from me and ignoring me. And remember your birthday party at Tucker's house? That night, you told me you and Dad had a birthday surprise for me. And my birthday came and went. What was your surprise?"

    My uncle looked like a deer caught in headlights for several seconds, before shaking his head and doing his best to regain his composure. "I can't tell you," he said. "The surprise is… not ready yet. You'll know soon enough."

    "Well what is it about? You're worrying me," I said.

    "It's nothing to worry about," he insisted. "I promise."

    "So you and I are cool? You're not mad at me or anything?" I checked just in case.

    "Of course not!" Uncle Austin quickly replied. "If I'm acting weird, it has nothing to do with you. Just adult stuff, you know. The holiday season gets the best of us. And you know I crashed my car into a tree the other day? So now I don't have a car for a while. Your aunt had to give me a ride here. I sat in the back with the kids and it was so cramped." 

    "I heard about that. Glad you're okay after the crash!" I said, pulling my uncle in for a tight hug. I felt his bulge rubbing against mine and just as I was about to give his ass a playful squeeze, we were interrupted by my aunt on her way to the restroom.
   "Austin, we're headed out soon," she said when she spotted my uncle. "Do you need a ride back or are you going with someone else?"

    "I was gonna stay a bit longer," Uncle Austin said. "But if you're driving back…"

    "Dad and I can drive you," I quickly offered, eager to spend more time with my uncle. 

    "Nonsense, why would you drive all the way to Minneapolis and back?" my uncle said.

    "To do you a favor, because we love you," I said sappily. "And you said the ride here was cramped. This makes it more comfortable for everyone."

    "Fine," my uncle agreed with a smile. "Now, let's go get some eggnog."

    A few hours later, it was pitch-dark outside and it was time to leave. I filled up a water bottle while everyone was saying their goodbyes and headed out to my dad's SUV. As I opened the front passenger door, I suddenly slipped on a patch of ice. I managed to catch myself before falling, but I ended up spilling the entire bottle of water onto the front seat.

    "You alright, son?" Dad asked with a concerned parental tone.

    "Yeah, I'm fine, but the seat is soaked," I complained.

    "Looks like you'll have to sit in the back with your uncle," Dad replied while Uncle Austin gave me a discreet smile.

    Uncle Austin and I got into the backseat through opposing doors. I sat on the right side, and Uncle Austin sat next to me, behind my father. We both splayed our legs pretty wide, so our thighs were pressed together. It was nice to have the extra body heat while the car warmed up. Pretty soon, I was roasting and had to take my jacket off, with Uncle Austin doing the same.

    "You guys comfy back there?" Dad called from the front seat as we pulled out of the neighborhood.

    "Downright cozy!" I replied and gave Uncle Austin a sly wink.

    Dad put on the radio, which was unsurprisingly playing nothing but Christmas songs. The music matched the festive wool sweater Uncle Austin was wearing. Compared to his nice shoes and designer jeans, I looked pretty frumpy in sweatpants and a T-shirt, which is how I normally dressed for family reunions. Before long, the inside of the car got so warm that my uncle ditched the sweater, getting down to a tight, v-neck undershirt. 

    I was absentmindedly rubbing my thigh against his when I noticed I could see my uncle's junk outlined in his light-wash jeans. As usual, they were skintight, and there it was: a full-on moose knuckle. Uncle Austin's prominent bulge was just too distracting for me to look away, and after a few seconds of staring down at it, I felt my own dick start to chub. 

    Too horny to help myself, I started discreetly rubbing my boner through my sweatpants. I didn't care that my dad was literally right there; he was focused on the road so he wasn't paying much attention to what was going on in the backseat. I nudged Uncle Austin with my knee and nodded down to my now-protuberant bulge tenting my sweats. He looked at my crotch, his jaw dropping before glancing toward his older brother. Then, my uncle's face turned back to me with a look of horror as he mouthed "What the fuck?!" 

    Feeling like a daredevil, I just smirked before lifting slightly off the seat to pull my sweatpants and underwear down to my upper thighs. This made me think of all the times Juan and I had messed around in the car – usually at Juan's initiative. It was similar: the thrill of my mom or dad just a few feet away but totally unaware of what we were doing. Doing something risky like that really turned my boyfriend on, and from what I could tell it was making Uncle Austin excited, too. In his jeans, his dick seemed to be growing to almost full hardness.

    I started slowly stroking myself, too horned up to stop now. I nudged my uncle again, this time raising my eyebrow as I looked down at the outline of his hard cock. He went to cover it up with his hands, but I mouthed "Take it out!"

    He didn't… but he DID begin rubbing himself gently through his jeans. It looked like he was doing everything he could to not look down at my junk. Somehow, Uncle Austin's stubborn evasiveness made this even more entertaining. In the front, Dad was humming along to "O Holy Night" while keeping his eyes on the road ahead, which gave me the opportunity to softly slap my cock against my palm. Uncle Austin gave me one of those knock-it-off looks, but he still smirked and licked his lips.

    "You guys sure are quiet back there!" said Dad suddenly. My uncle and I both jumped; he stopped rubbing his crotch as I reached for my jacket and quickly covered up my boner. "Everything okay?" my father asked, looking at us in the rearview mirror.

    "Yeah. We're just tired. It's been a long day. And all that food," I said and I faked a loud yawn.

    Dad went back to watching the road, every now and then making comments about someone's reckless driving or a funny billboard by the side of the highway. Meanwhile, I held my jacket so it was hiding my hard cock from the rearview mirror while still exposing it to my uncle, who sat next to me. After a few minutes of me teasing him this way, Uncle Austin finally unzipped his jeans and pulled them down slightly. He began to jack off with his left hand, almost as if to show off to me and make it easier for me to see his fist sliding up and down his rigid tool. As I stared down at his manhood, my free hand twitched, almost wanting to grab him.

    Trying to keep a straight face, I jerked my dick harder, making it a point to have my uncle notice I was staring at his erect and exposed cock. By this point, we'd already crossed so many lines as uncle and nephew, this didn't seem strange at all. If anything, I was almost curious to see how far we could take it. I pushed my leg against his more firmly, trying to silently encourage Uncle Austin to edge along with me. It seemed to do the trick, as I felt matching pressure against my thigh and his hand pumped up and down faster, at the same rhythm as mine.

    We both got more and more into it, to the point we were both stifling our moans. Feeling bold, I grabbed onto his quad and squeezed, my left hand getting dangerously close to his balls. Uncle Austin gasped loudly but didn't try to stop me.

    "What was that?" Dad asked, hearing the noise. "Did either of you say something?"

    "Achoo. Uh... No, just a sneeze" Austin lied, trying to keep his voice steady. 

    I ran my hand up and down the inside of his thigh, seeing if I could tickle him and make him laugh, but he held onto his composure. 

    "So, Austin, what do you think of our boy here applying to all those out-of-state schools?" Dad asked, looking for some conversation to break down the monotony of driving.

    "I think he should do whatever makes him happy," Uncle Austin smiled, looking me in the eyes as I kept on creeping up his leg.

    Well, I took his advice. Feeling brave, I grabbed my uncle's cock out his hand. Fuck! It felt just like mine did. If I thought it was warm in here before, it was sweltering now with the added adrenaline of holding my uncle's hard dick. My heart was racing, but this felt right. Uncle Austin tried to move my arm, but I was stronger than him and only gripped harder. I started jerking us both off, his precum even beginning to coat my fingers. 

    Uncle Austin let out a soft moan and closed his eyes, finally giving in. I couldn't believe I was giving my uncle a handjob! Meanwhile, my father kept talking about colleges and hockey and the weather in different parts of the country, completely oblivious to what was going on in the back.

    Even though I could tell he was nervous, the fact that my uncle was leaking precum like a faucet made it clear that he was just as fucking turned on by this as I was! He took a sharp inhale as my precum-slicked hand worked up and down his shaft. I could tell the head was extra sensitive as he quivered each time I squeezed it with my palm. It almost seemed like a challenge now, seeing what would make him break or cum. I was so caught up in getting him off, I didn't even realize how close I was myself. 

    My breath quickened, as did the pace of both my hands. I bit down on the inside of my cheek to stop myself moaning as I finally shot my load, getting it all over my jacket, which now lay on the floor between my feet. Uncle Austin watched as I coated it with my spunk, not even bothering to hide my cumshot from Dad, who might see it in the rearview. 

    Uncle Austin must not have been able to handle the sight of that, as he bit his fist and closed his eyes. All of a sudden, I could feel his warm jizz spurting from his cock, covering my left hand. He sat back, trying not to pant. A few seconds later, after he'd reopened his eyes, I made sure my uncle watched as I brought my cum-covered hand to my mouth and licked off his sperm. 

    "Charles, do you have any tissues?" Uncle Austin asked after stuffing his cock back in his jeans.

    "Here you go!" Dad answered, grabbing a pack from the glove compartment and handing it to his younger brother without looking back. Uncle Austin took the tissues and handed me one with a mischievous smirk on his face. 

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