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My Uncle and My Dad's Secret, Chapter 11: Jizz Shower


    Up until recently, being a player was not only something I was used to, but also something I was quite proud of. I grew up with two older brothers who were athletic and could get any girl they wanted. In high school, I had a couple of girlfriends just because I wasn't ready to come out of the closet yet. Finally, when I moved to Minneapolis on my own, I was free to let my gay freak flag fly high. I had a good body, a larger-than-average dick, and an endless supply of guys wanting to hook up with me.

    I lived that way for almost twenty years. However, now that I was nearing my 40s, I was definitely better able to see the benefits of settling down. Austin was the perfect partner for me. He and I had a lot of fun together, and we were on the same page when it came to hooking up with other guys. We continued to play with others, but we were still each other's primary partner. For me, it was the best of both worlds.

    It never posed a problem… until I started to develop a sexual interest in Austin's teen nephew, Brett. Nobody, not even Austin, could blame me for it – the boy was fucking hot! To top it off, Brett was also very mischievous and flirty, only surpassed by his young boyfriend, Juan. The two teenagers seemed more than ready to graduate high school soon, move out of their parents' houses, and have some adult fun in the world; just like I did when I was their age. 

    There was a chance that Brett and Juan might end up living in Minneapolis in a few months. I was certainly excited at the prospect of the four of us living in the same city – Austin and I could take the teens under our wing, so to speak, and show them how much fun life in the big city could be for a young gay couple. Austin seemed a bit more reserved, but I could understand where he was coming from. After all, Brett was his nephew, and Austin probably felt guilty for all the sexually explicit things we'd allowed ourselves to engage in in front of him. As for me, I didn't feel too bad. Brett was the one who had started it all by spying on me fucking his uncle. The kid was clearly curious (typical for a boy his age). Besides, Brett was only Austin's nephew – it wasn't like he was his son or anything. I didn't see anything too wrong with it. Not even when, on Christmas Day, the horny teenager pushed things even further by giving his uncle a handjob in the back of Austin's brother's car. 

    That evening, Austin told me the entire story with excitement and nervousness in his voice. Honestly, hearing it and picturing it all made my dick go hard as a rock. Yes, it was probably wrong for an uncle to get jerked off by his nephew – but that's what made it so fucking hot! Brett was 18 by now and he knew exactly what he was doing. The fact that he ventured to do it in the back of his dad's car – while his dad was driving! – made me admire the little fucker even more. And as much as Austin kept repeating "I shouldn't have let this happen," I knew he was just as turned on by the whole thing as I was.

    A week later, on New Year's Eve, Austin and I were supposed to go to a party with a large group of friends and acquaintances. However, the day of the party, catty drama began to unravel in the group chat. Even though Austin and I weren't directly involved in it, it left a bad taste in our mouths and we began to contemplate if we should even go at all.

    As if it was destiny, that was exactly when Brett gave Austin a phone call. Austin put him on speakerphone and I heard the teen ask "Hey. I was just calling to see how you're doing. Any fun plans for tonight?"

    "Well, I'm sitting here with Rodney," my fiancé replied, "and we were just talking about that. We were supposed to go out to this large party but we're kinda over it. So we might just stay at home."

    "Aww, really? On New Year's Eve?" Brett said.

    "What are you doing, man?" I said into Austin's phone.

    "Juan and I are going to a party with the guys on our hockey team. But… I dunno, we're not really feeling it."

    "Why not?" Austin asked.

    "Well it's at this guy's house and his parents are gonna be there. So no alcohol, and we're only allowed to stay until 12:30. I dunno, sounds kinda lame for a New Year's Eve party. I'd have it over at my house, but I just had a party for my birthday recently so I don't wanna ask my parents again. We'll see. Juan is still looking if there's anywhere else we can go."

    I reached over and tapped mute on Austin's phone so Brett couldn't hear me.

    "Why don't we invite them over?" I said to Austin. "It can be the four of us, here at the apartment. They can crash in the spare bedroom for the night."

    Austin looked at me, and I tried to decipher what he was thinking. He took his phone off mute and said to his nephew,

    "Hey, you guys wanna come over here and celebrate with us?"



    To say I was excited to spend New Year's Eve with my boyfriend, his Uncle Austin, and Rodney was an understatement at best. I hadn't seen Brett's uncle or his fiancé since Austin's wild birthday party. I still fantasized about all the shenanigans that took place in the hot tub that night, and I kept hoping tonight's party might go in a similar direction.

    As soon as Brett told me we would be spending the night at his uncle's apartment, I got dressed in one of my nice party outfits and I packed a few things (like a toothbrush and deodorant) in a duffle bag. I headed over to my boyfriend's house, where I was greeted by Brett, clad in his typical ratty tank tops and gym shorts. 

    Even dressed down like this, he was the sexiest man alive in my eyes. His shirt was riding up enough that I could see the treasure trail leading down from his belly button. Brett's abs and arms were harder than ever, thanks to the training regimen Rodney had given us. I could tell my boyfriend was going commando, his dick print clearly distinguishable in his shorts.

    "Hey, Mrs. Thompson," I greeted Brett's mom as we passed her in the living room.

    "Hi, Juan," Brett's mom smiled at me.

    "Let's go to my room. I need to get dressed and then we can leave," Brett said to me, holding my hand in his and guiding me up the stairs. 

    Inside my boyfriend's bedroom, I immediately began to pop a boner. It was like a Pavlovian reaction: just stepping through the threshold made me horny! I could smell all of the sex Brett and I had had in this room. And the way his ass looked in those shorts right now wasn't making me any less horny. 

    "What do you think I should wear?" Brett asked me, sitting down on his bed.

    "For now: nothing," I said seductively, sliding my hand along his thigh and up his shorts before he had a chance to get up.

    Brett grinned and then bit his lower lip as my hand found his large dick, which was already growing to its full length. I climbed on top of my boyfriend and grinded my crotch against his, our lips meeting. In a flash, he had me flipped over onto my back with him on top, pinning my hands above my head. He gently kissed up and down my neck while he spread my legs with his knees. Fuck, I loved when he got aggressive and dominant like this!

    I loved feeling the weight of my hunky hockey player on top of me, but for now I had a different position in mind. I managed to wriggle myself free of Brett and I hopped off the bed. I pulled him up into a sitting position with his legs off the bed (he wasn't the only one getting stronger thanks to Rodney). I easily yanked off Brett's shirt and shorts, his rigid cock springing free. I feasted on it with my eyes before unbuttoning my pants. I had on a new pair of underwear inspired by Brett's uncle, one which Brett had never seen yet, and I wanted to make a show of it.

    I turned around and unzipped my black jeans. I just barely pushed down the waist enough so he could see the bright red nylon waistband and triangle of fabric between my cheeks that made up my new thong. I smirked and then slowly bent down, bringing my jeans down along the way. I stood up and used my hands to gently spread my ass enough for Brett to see the string that barely covered my smooth hole.

    Then, I spun around quickly; we didn't have too much time. I knelt on the floor in front of him, knowing full well he'd have a view of my ass from the floor-length mirror behind me. I pulled his big cock to my lips, and we held eye contact as I swallowed him inch by inch. In a matter of seconds, I was fully deep-throating him, my nose buried in his pubes. Brett closed his eyes and rested on his elbows while I serviced him. Fifteen minutes later, I could tell he was getting close when a knock on the doorframe took us both by surprise.

    "Jesus, Dad! What're you doing??" Brett cried out. Still on my knees my thong-clad hole exposed, I turned and saw Brett's dad standing in the doorway, his face flushed.

    "Uh, sorry! Jeez! Sorry!!" Charles responded, clearly flustered and squeezing his eyes shut. I couldn't be sure, but it almost looked like he was getting a bit firm in his pants. "Just thought I'd say bye before you boys leave. I'll let you, uhhh… finish up."

    Brett's parents were usually pretty good when it came to giving us privacy. I guess this time his dad forgot to wait for permission before opening the door. He quickly left and shut the door, leaving my boyfriend and me in bursts of laughter. 

    "You wanna cum?" I asked Brett, still slowly stroking his cock.

    "I do, but let's save it for later," he winked. "It'll be even hotter."

    I helped Brett pick his outfit and we headed downstairs, where we said an awkward goodbye to Mr. Thompson. The traffic to Minneapolis was quite busy; it seemed like a ton of people were driving into the city for New Year's Eve.

    When we got to Austin's apartment, Brett rapped on the door, which quickly opened to a beaming Rodney. With his big arms, Rod pulled us in for a tight bear hug before ushering us into their living room. Shortly after, Austin strode in, carrying a tray of champagne glasses already filled. 

    "So glad you two could join us," Austin welcomed us, setting the tray down and giving us equally tight hugs. 

    It might've been my imagination, but it seemed like Austin's hug with Brett lingered a bit longer than usual. I didn't think anything of it, but I knew they had become MUCH closer recently. Brett had told me all about the Christmas Day backseat handjob, which was one of the hottest things I could ever imagine. Over the past week, I made my boyfriend tell me the story over and over again while fucking me.

    Austin handed everyone a glass and we toasted to the upcoming year. I chatted with Rodney a bit about how the hockey season was going while Brett helped his uncle in the kitchen.

    "Is everything okay with Brett? He seems a bit peeved," Rodney questioned.

    "Oh, he's fine. He might just have blue balls," I laughed, to which Rodney raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "You see, I was right in the middle of giving Brett a blowjob in his room," I continued, just as Brett and Austin joined us in the room with some snacks. "And right when he was about to cum, his dad walked in on us."

    Brett blushed, while Austin let his jaw drop and Rodney howled with laughter. 

    "He what?!" Austin exclaimed, trying to hide his smile.

    "Wait, wait," Rodney chuckled. "Start from the beginning."

    "So we were up in Brett's room. His parents always let us hang out with the door closed, they're awesome like that. My mom never lets us do it over at my house. Anyway, Brett was freeballing in this sexy pair of shorts and his dick was just… MMM!" I smacked my lips, making Austin and Rodney laugh.

    At this point, the two of them were quite attentive. I even noticed Rodney adjust his bulge a bit. They were sitting on the couch with Brett, with Rodney being the one sitting in the middle. I took a sip of champagne and I went to sit on Brett's lap. Having watched him get changed earlier, I knew he was wearing that old red jockstrap again and I could feel him start to get hard. Rodney even swung my legs so they were resting on his own lap.

    "So yeah, we kissed for a bit, and then I remembered I wanted to show Brett my new underwear. Which I did. Then, next thing you know his dick is in my mouth," I giggled, feeling my boyfriend's cock getting harder and harder as I continued telling the story in front of his uncle and Rod. "Soon after, there's a knock on the door and in walks Charles while my ass is up in the air and I'm deepthroating his son's dick. Safe to say Brett didn't get to finish."

    We all laughed at the story, even Brett. I was glad to see him loosening up after the incident. I downed the rest of my champagne with an exaggerated gulp and got up to refill everyone's glass. When I came back with the bottle, I saw that everyone on the couch seemed to be sporting an admirable-sized bulge in their pants.

    "So, uh, what new underwear do you have on?" Austin asked me coyly.

    "I could show you if you like?" I responded flirty.

    I shot a look at Brett who just shrugged his acceptance, much to Rodney and Austin's approval. Just like I did before, I turned away from my audience. I undid my jeans to show off just a hint of my ass and the thong hiding underneath. I slowly slid down my pants to just under my ass cheeks, while Rodney let out a perfect wolf whistle. I stopped there with my pants, but reached back to jiggle my bubble butt, causing Austin to whistle as well. 

    "Looks great on you!" Rodney complimented me as I pulled my pants back up but leaving the zipper down.

    I went back to the couch, but this time I straddled Brett and sat on his lap facing him. I leaned down to kiss him and instantly his tongue was in my mouth and his hands were down the back of my jeans. I felt him knead my asscheeks, running a finger up and down the string of the thong, stopping to pull it aside and tease my hole. I felt motion next to me and quickly realized Rodney and Austin had the same idea and they were making out as well. The sounds of gasps and moans mixed with the music playing in the background.

    While Brett was sucking on my neck and playing with my ass, I looked over and watched Rodney and Austin tongue wrestle. As if sensing my wandering eyes, Rodney looked up and grinned. Then, he aggressively tore at Austin's jeans, quickly getting them unbuttoned and pulled down. After the holiday handjob I heard all about, I was thrilled to see Austin's semi-hard cock pop out of his jeans (no surprise that he was freeballing just like his nephew had been earlier). 

    Rodney smirked at me again before getting to his knees with a surprising quickness given his bulk. Just as quickly, Rodney started slobbering all over Austin's cock. Not wanting to be outdone, I mimicked his movements and I once again found myself deepthroating my boyfriend. To my left, Rodney was fidgeting with his own pants, trying to get them down. For a moment, it was like the four of us collectively agreed to pause, as we all stood up and kicked off our pants, throwing them in a messy pile. 

    After this flurry of movement, Brett and Austin sat down right next to each other on the couch, with their thighs pressed together. Seeing uncle and nephew half naked like this drove me wild and I dove back down on Brett's cock. I had left the thong on as it made me feel sexy, so I pulled the pouch to one side to free my cock. Rodney, back on his knees next to me, pulled his shirt off to get completely naked. He made his pecs dance before going back down on Austin. 

    Rodney and I slurped and sucked with fervor, not wanting to be outpaced by the other. I kept my eyes wide open and watched the faces of pleasure of my boyfriend and his uncle. Brett even put his arm around Austin's shoulders, which made a thick rope of precum ooze from my dick. 

    "How's his mouth feel, Uncle Austin?" Brett growled, his eyes darting back and forth between me and Rodney.

    "Sooo fucking good!" Austin replied, reaching forward with one hand to hold onto the back of Rodney's head.

    Hearing the two of them talk dirty to each other drove me wild. I had to stop jerking or else I was going to cum. I took one hand and fondled my boyfriend's balls. Feeling bold, I did the same with Austin while his fiancé blew him. 

    "Fuck yeah, Juan, play my balls," Austin groaned, with Rodney winking at me.

    Before long, I felt Rodney's right hand tugging at my cock. Fuck, his hand felt so massive wrapped around my meat! I wiggled my ass at the sensation of him jerking me off and knew I wasn't gonna last.

    "Fuck, Uncle Austin, I'm getting close!" Brett gasped.

    "Me too, bud. Me too," Austin replied and Rodney's pace jerking my dick got faster.

    I pulled off of Brett, wanting one more thing.

    "Wait!" I called out, and everyone turned to look at me. "I know you guys are all getting close. Would you... would you all... cum on my face?"

    My cheeks burned red at the question, but the three guys looked to each other and smiled. They all stood up and made a semi-circle in front of me, with Austin in the middle. The three of them started stroking their dicks. They each were looking at each other's cocks and then down at my cum-hungry face. I had my own hand wrapped around my cock, waiting for that first drop of cum to hit my wide-open mouth. In the background, I heard the start of the ball-drop countdown on the TV. 


    "Oh fuck..."

    "I'm almost there!"

    "Get ready, man!"


    I don't know who came first as I closed my eyes, but I felt dozens of hot ropes of cum hit my face. Some landed on my cheeks, my nose, my forehead. They must've done their best to aim, as most of the jizz landed straight on my tongue.


    Amidst the cheers and music, I heard the three men's moans as they plastered my face with salty cum. I licked up and swallowed as much as I could, tasting three distinct flavors on my tongue. As I mixed their cum together in my mouth, I shot my own load at their feet, spraying the carpet. Brett used his fingers to gather the rest of the jizz from my face and fed it to me.

    "Tha– Thanks," I whispered, sitting back on my heels. "Yum. What a way to start the year. So, what's next?"

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