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    When my brother Charles first asked me to donate sperm so he could become a father, I of course thought it was a weird idea. However, I agreed without too much hesitation. After all, it's not like it was difficult, cumming into a cup. I was 21 and had ZERO intention of ever having children of my own. 

    When baby Brett was born and I first held him, for a brief moment, my heart swelled and I thought "Wow, I can't believe he's mine." I pushed those thoughts out of my mind very quickly: this was Charles and Anne's son, NOT mine! They were the happy parents, and I was happy for them. Besides, I didn't envy them the sleepless nights and changing of diapers, while I got to go out partying in the city. As Brett aged, I looked at him as my nephew, and I was just glad to know he was growing up to be a happy, healthy young man.

    But over the past year or so… things began to change. How that Brett was grown, our relationship was different. He'd turned out to be gay, just like me. He and his boyfriend had discovered the joys of sex – and they didn't mind engaging in it right in front of me! Brett clearly had an exhibitionist streak. I told myself it was okay as long as he was the one initiating it but a part of me still felt guilty, especially since Brett didn't know I was his biological dad.

    I wanted to tell him the truth but my brother kept posting it, saying he wasn't ready yet. I figured the one person I could tell was my fiancé Rodney. On New Year's Day, while Brett and his boyfriend were still asleep in our guest room, Rod and I sat down in the kitchen and I confessed:

    "Brett's not… Brett's not just my nephew. Very few people know this but… Brett's my son. I'm Brett's real dad."

    Rodney's jaw dropped, and then a voice shouted: "WHAT?!" However, the loud voice had not come out of Rodney's mouth. I turned around, looked at the door… and realized a naked Brett was standing there.

    "You… you're my father?" he stuttered. This early in the morning, his cock was semi-hard, and it flexed upward involuntarily.

    "Brett… No. I mean, yes, but… Charles is still your father, I'm just the sperm donor," I struggled to explain. This was NOT how I wanted Brett to find out the truth.

    "The sperm donor? And were you guys gonna, like, tell me this? Ever?!" Brett looked understandably mad. 

    "Yes. I wanted to tell you on your 18th birthday, but Charles wasn't ready. You have to understand where he's coming from: he's always wanted to have a baby, and—"

    "This isn't no hypothetical baby we're talking about!" Brett interrupted me. "This is ME! A real-life person standing here. And I've been here for eighteen years and you never thought to—"

    This time, Brett was the one to get interrupted when his naked boyfriend Juan came out into the hallway and asked sleepily, "What's going on?"

    "Get dressed, we're leaving," Brett barked at his boyfriend.

    "What?" Juan asked, taken aback. 

    "We're going, NOW!" Brett repeated, stomping away into the bedroom. Juan, whose own cock was hard as a rock, made eye contact with me for a split second, and then he went after Brett without saying a word. 

    "Let them go," Rod said to me with a calm voice. "Y'all can talk when he calms down."

    "I don't want Brett driving when he's this upset," I said.

    "They'll be fine, he'll probably let Juan drive," my fiancé comforted me. "Now, come on. You should probably give your brother a call."



    I woke up on New Year's Day with an anxious feeling in my stomach, as if I knew something was wrong. I'd promised my wife we would go visit her family today, but I changed my mind and asked her to go on her own. 

    "You hungover from last night?" she asked me.

    "No, I hardly had anything to drink. I just feel… off," I tried to explain.

    Last than an hour later, I got a phone call from my brother Austin. I did my best to sound cheery as I answered and said, "Happy New Year, bro!" However, Austin's news was much less cheerful. Without as much as a hello, the first thing my brother said to me was:

    "Brett knows."

    I knew immediately what this meant.

    "How did he find out?" I asked, my hand shaking.

    "He overheard me talking to Rod this morning. He's on his way home right now."

    "Shit. Should I give him a call?" I asked Austin.

    "Up to you. Or you can wait for him to get home and talk to him in person."

    "How did he take it?" I asked next.

    "He was upset. But he didn't do anything crazy. There was no breaking dishes or whatever. He just stormed out of the apartment with Juan."

    I was grateful for my son's boyfriend. At least it meant Brett wasn't alone. He had someone to talk to about this, someone to vent to, someone who had been in the dark all this time as well.

    The drive up from Minneapolis took an hour, so I knew I had some time before Brett's arrival. I called my wife a couple of times but she didn't answer. Rather than call her relatives in an effort to reach her, I decided to face this by myself. After all, I was the one who procrastinated this long. If Brett was upset, I was the one who deserved his wrath. However, when Brett finally arrived at the house, he looked tired more than anything.

    "Hi. Where's Juan?" I asked gently. 

    "He's home," Brett answered without looking at me.

    "We… need to talk. Austin called me," I said.

    "I wanna go to bed. We didn't go to sleep until like 4 AM and I'm tired. I don't care anymore," Brett said in a typical broody teenager's tone of voice.

    "Son… I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I truly am. But I want you to know how much I love you."

    "Is mom home?" Brett asked, finally looking my way with his eyes half-closed.

    "No. She'll be back tonight."

    "Okay. We can all talk then," Brett said, already heading up the stairs. Halfway to the second floor, he suddenly stopped and said, "And, Dad… I love you too."

    My eyes filled with tears and I sat in silence for a few minutes, before texting my brother to say everything's gonna be alright.



    On New Year's Day, Charles and his wife finally talked to Brett about his true paternity. From what they told me, his main question was "but why didn't you tell me earlier?" They managed to assure him that they tried, many times over the years, but the time never felt right for a secret like this to come out.

    I had to learn all of this second-hand. I wasn't there, and Brett refused to talk to me. For some reason, although he wasn't mad at Charles and Anne, he was angry at me. At first it made no sense, but then I thought about all of the things Brett and I had done together over the past few months – all of the sexual things. Brett had said multiple times how close he felt to me now; how he loved that he and I had nothing to hide from one another. He felt like I'd betrayed his trust, in a way that was worse than what my brother and sister-in-law had done.

    Months went by without talking to Brett. He never came to visit anymore, and he ignored my few texts that said "I hope you're alright." It was a long cold winter – the longest I'd ever gone without talking to Brett. Finally, as Easter rolled around, I knew I would see Brett for family dinner at my parents' house.

    "Are you sure you don't want me to come?" Rod asked me as I got ready to drive up to my hometown.

    "Yeah, you go see your folks. I'll be alright," I assured him. Before saying goodbye, I let Rodney fuck a load into my hole, which made me forget my problems for a little bit.

    During dinner, Brett ignored me pretty much the entire time, even though he was sitting right next to me. Thankfully, my evening got a bit better when my adoptive brother Rafe invited me up to his own room. He and I spent some time there along with his twin Gabe, whom I'd only met once before. Rafe and Gabe – who had only met each other recently – lived together in South Dakota these days, and I got to learn just how close the twins had become since getting to know one another.

    Later that evening, my mother surprised me when she said Brett would be spending the night with me in my old room. I quickly corrected her and offered to sleep on the couch instead. 

    "Why? You never had a problem sharing a bed with Brett before?" my mom asked me.

    "Yeah, but he's grown now, I'm sure he wants some privacy," I said. 

    "Actually, I'm okay," Brett's voice suddenly said. He walked into the kitchen carrying dishes and added, "We can share your bed if you want."

    "Uhh… Are you sure?" I asked, confused. Talk about mixed signals!

    "Yeah," Brett nodded. An hour later, after some family TV time, he and I headed upstairs to the room I'd grown up in.

    "I thought you were mad at me," I said to Brett the second I'd shut the door.

    "I was. I am," he said. For the first time in months, he looked up and made eye contact with me. "But I just talked to Juan on the phone while you were up in Uncle Rafe's room."

    "And what did Juan say?" I asked.

    "He talked me into giving you another shot. He says I can't be mad at you for the rest of my life, and I figure he's right. Plus, there's something Juan and I wanted you to know."


    "We both got accepted to the University of Minnesota. With pretty good hockey scholarships, as well. So we'll be moving to Minneapolis in a few months," Brett announced.

    "That's awesome!" I said, smiling ear-to-ear. This was the first time I'd felt so genuinely happy in months. "Congratulations! When did you get accepted."

    "A few weeks ago," Brett said, making me feel sad that this was the first time I was hearing about it. "So Juan's right: I guess it's time to bury the hatchet. I mean, it would be weird living in the same city and not talking to each other."

    "Do you wanna talk about… everything that's happened?" I offered, even though talking about "the secret" was literally the last thing wanted to do right now. To my relief, Brett said,

    "No. I've talked about it with Mom and Dad several times. I'm over it. You're just my Uncle Austin, and that's all there is to it. Thank you for helping them out when they needed it."

    "I… I…" I didn't know what to say, so I swiftly changed the topic. "I guess we better get ready for bed then."

    Brett went to brush his teeth while I undressed. When I pulled my pants down and realized I was freeballing, I went through my old underwear that I still kept in this room and I put on a pair of boxer briefs. Brett had seen me naked plenty of times, but I figured it was best not to rock the boat for tonight.

    Five minutes later and I was in the bathroom washing up. When I returned to the bedroom, I was surprised to see Brett fully naked, getting ready to slip into bed. In a way, I was relieved: it must be a good sign that after months of not speaking to me, Brett now felt comfortable enough to get nude in front of me. For a few moments I got to admire his body, which looked even fitter than the last time I'd seen him in the buff. 

    "Good night," Brett said as he got under the covers. 

    "Night," I replied with a smile, pulling down my own underwear before switching off the light and joining the teen in bed.

    Unlike my fiancé who could sleep though anything, I often woke up in the middle of the night and tonight was no different. Sometimes it was the slightest noise that could wake me up. I could definitely hear some rustling right now, but that wasn't all. There was also some movement in the bed… In my semiconscious state, it took me a few seconds to realize Brett was masturbating next to me!

    I opened my eyes just a little bit. I was lying on my left side, facing Brett. In the light the moon provided, I clearly saw the horny teen whacking off next to me. The up-and-down movement under the covers was unmistakable, especially in combination with the soft moans escaping Brett's lips.

    Before I knew it, my own cock, which was semi-erect like most nights, was now growing firmer and firmer. Within seconds, I was rock hard and poking Brett's right thigh with my boner!

    "Uncle Austin? You up?" the teen whispered when he felt me stirring next to him.

    "Yeah," I replied softly. For a moment, the masturbation movement stopped. Then, just a couple of seconds later, Brett resumed jacking off.

    I was mind-blown! It was one thing for Brett to get sexual in front of me when he thought I was his uncle. But he now knew I was his biological dad! And he was still cool with cranking one out right next to me? I held my breath as I felt precum dripping out of my piss slit and onto my biological son's thigh. And then…

    "Wanna join me?" Brett whispered again.

    Moving slowly, as if checking to see if this was a trick, I allowed my hand to wrap itself around my throbbing boner. I gave it merely three of four slow strokes before Brett kicked the covers off, exposing both of our erections side-by-side. Other than being half an inch shorter in length, his penis was almost identical to mine.

    With his free hand, Brett reached for the light on the nightstand and switched it on. Now, we could see one another completely and really compare and contrast our manhood. Looking down at each other, we went to town, jacking off faster and faster. After a while, Brett put his right leg on top of my left thigh, crossing legs with me and sharing our body heat. This skin-on-skin contact almost made me cum, but I was able to keep it going for another ten minutes. I could tell by the speed of my nephew's (my son's!) stroking, that he was also approaching the edge.

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy!!" Brett suddenly moaned out as he spewed a fountain of jizz out of his cock. His cum rained down on both of our thighs. After seeing him spurt, I lost all control and bust my own nut. Just like Brett's, my spunk fell down on our legs.

    When we we done cumming, Brett casually turned to the nightstand to switch the light off. A minute or two later and he seemed to be asleep while I lay next to him, trying to wrap my mind around what'd just happened. His words played over and over in my head. "Fuck yeah, Daddy. Fuck yeah, Daddy. Fuck yeah, Daddy."

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