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    A week after Easter, my dad had to go to Arizona for work. The place where he would be staying wasn't too far from the Grand Canyon, so he asked my mom and me if we wanted to go with him and turn it into a mini family vacation. Mom seemed quite keen on the idea, but I didn't feel like traveling right now. These were my last few weeks of high school and I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends and my boyfriend Juan.

    "So you sure you're gonna be okay on your own for five days?" my dad inquired.

    "Of course, I'm not a baby," I said. "Besides… I was thinking of inviting Uncle Austin to spend a day or two here while you're gone. If that's alright with you, I mean."

    "Your… Uncle Austin?" Dad said after an awkward moment of silence.

    "Yeah. I didn't talk to him for like three months and now I feel kinda bad," I confessed. "If he comes over we can hang out for a couple of days. Maybe things will feel more normal then."

    "How… How do you feel about Austin now? Do… Do you feel like he's your dad?"

    "Dad, you know that you'll always be my father," I reassured him. "But I'd be lying if I said things with Austin don't feel different now. Like, it feels like I have two dads, in a way. Is that weird?"

    "Not at all. Plenty of people have two dads, for whatever reason."

    "I think I'll invite him over. And is it okay if I also invite Juan?" I asked Dad.

    "That's fine. All of you will be living in the city in a few months. I'm sure you and Juan can get plenty of tips from your uncle. From your other dad, I mean," Dad said with a vague smile.

    "Thanks," I said, giving my father a big hug and helping him carry his suitcase to the car.

    The following day, Juan showed up to school with a duffle bag full of clothes so he could stay at my house while my parents were gone. We spent the first night on our own, fucking multiple times. In the morning, while I drove us to school, I handed my phone to Juan and asked him to text Austin, inviting him over to the house for a night or two.

    "He says he'll be happy to come," Juan informed me a couple of minutes later. "He'll be over at five-ish."

    "Cool," I said.

    "So babe… You know all those times we had sex in front of Austin?" my boyfriend asked tentatively. "Does it feel weird now… now that you know he's really your dad?"

    "I dunno," I shrugged. "I mean, having sex in front of one's uncle is pretty fucking inappropriate according to most people, and we never seemed to care."

    "True," Juan chuckled.

    "Obviously, doing it in front of your father is even more extreme but like… Austin will never be my 'father' in a traditional sense, he didn't raise me. He was always my cool gay uncle. Besides… something happened between us at Easter that I didn't tell you about."

    "What happened at Easter?!" Juan almost jumped in his seat.

    "You know Austin and I shared a bed at my grandparents' house, I told you what part," I said. "What I didn't mention was… that Austin and I jerked off side-by-side in the middle of the night."

    "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" my boyfriend asked.

    "I guess I just needed a few days. I hope you're not mad."

    "I'm not mad, just surprised," said Juan. "I mean, you went from not talking to Austin for three months to jerking off in bed with him."

    "Do you remember the few times you and I have had fights, and how it was the hottest sex right after?" I asked.

    "Ha! Is that what it felt like with Austin?"

    "I mean, I wouldn't call it the hottest ever, we were only jacking off. But… yeah, it was kinda hot to let go in front of one another."

    "I mean, it's definitely better than fighting, if you ask me," Juan noted. "Make love, not war, and all that."

    "Precisely," I agreed with a grin just as I pulled into the school parking lot.

    Later that evening after school, Austin showed up at the house promptly at 5 PM. We chatted a bit about school and other superficial things. We hadn't spoken since Easter, and the tension was evident. There was an air of awkwardness, but I liked to think we all did our best to make it relaxing and enjoyable. 

    To help loosen things up after dinner, we decided to put on a funny movie. Juan and I took the couch and Austin sat in the recliner.  Not much longer after that, Juan and I were snuggled up and cozy. He lay on his side with his head in my lap while I stroked his hair. The movie was pretty cheesy, but we were all laughing. 

    There was even a scene between two gay characters after a date, making out on their bed. The actors were actually pretty hot; one of them reminded me of my hockey coach. I couldn't help but start to chub in my gym shorts, which immediately alerted my boyfriend of my growing horniness. Seconds later, Juan bolted upright with a smirk and placed his hand on my junk. Austin definitely noticed the movement, but mostly kept his eyes on the television. 

    Through my shorts, my boyfriend coaxed my dick into a full erection. While he was doing this, he started to gently kiss my neck, moving down toward my collar bone and giving me soft nips with his teeth. The sharp but pleasurable pain made me gasp each time. And each time I made a noise, I saw Austin's eyes flit towards us. 

    I was fairly sure Juan knew we were being watched, which only spurred him on more. He pulled my head toward his and slipped his tongue into my mouth. We were now full-on making out while my boyfriend continued to stroke my dick. He even went so far as to fish it out of my shorts and begin playing with the sticky precum. 

    After a few minutes, Juan pulled away from my mouth and readjusted himself. He bent down slowly and took my dick into his mouth, starting with just the head. As his lips inched down my shaft, I looked over to Austin and we made intense eye contact. As Juan started to deep-throat me, I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. I let out a moan loud enough for Austin to hear, losing myself in the pleasure of Juan blowing me. 

    When I opened my eyes again, I saw that Austin had unzipped his pants and was now stroking his own dick while watching the scene my boyfriend and I were putting on. Austin had seen Juan suck my dick before, but this time felt different for me. I was now finally aware that the voyeur wasn't just my uncle – he was my father! A father watching his own son getting his cock sucked just a few feet away. For some fucked up reason, this thought made my boner throb and grow even harder! Before I knew it, words were coming out of my mouth.

    "You want me to fuck your ass baby?" I asked my boyfriend, stroking his hair like a pet. Juan looked up at me and nodded, lust in his eyes. "Yeah? You want me to fuck your ass right in front of my dad?"

    From the corner of my eye I saw Austin's jaw drop while Juan's eyes bugged. I was just as surprised by what I was saying… but I couldn't deny that it sounded so incredibly hot. 

    "Ah fuck yeah!" Juan moaned, taking off all his clothes as fast as he could, as if worried I might change my mind. I quickly followed suit, taking my shirt off and tossing my shorts aside so I was only in my athletic socks. Juan got on all fours lengthwise on the couch, so he was facing Austin. I crawled on my knees behind my boyfriend, spat on his hole, and rammed my cock up his ass. I was happy to find he still had my loads from last night up his ass, making for the perfect lube. 

    Across from us, Austin was clearly enjoying what he was seeing as he started jacking off faster and faster. He and I kept looking at each other dead in the eye while I pounded my boyfriend. As much as I loved fucking Juan, the sensation of Austin watching us was what really turned me on in this precise moment. I leaned over Juan's back and wrapped one arm around his neck. 

    "You like me fucking you in front of my dad?" I grunted into his ear while pulling his hair, making him look at Austin. "I want you to look at my father while he watches me use you like the slut you are."

    I didn't know what came over me, but I was loving every minute of this. I had Juan's throat in the crook of my elbow, giving him slight squeezes while I thrusted into him aggressively. I tongued his ear and pulled on his hair, making sure he kept watching Austin jerk off. Then, I went back upright and grabbed onto Juan's thick ass. I pummeled him faster and faster until I was about to cum. Just before I was about to spray, my dick slipped out and I showered his back and ass with my jizz. I looked to Austin with a sense of pride and saw he was also about to blow.

    "You want my dad to cum on your face baby?" I asked Juan, who was still on all fours and nodded in response. "Go on, ask him."

    "Will you cum on my face, Daddy?" Juan pleaded.

    Austin looked a tad hesitant but he stood up. He took the few steps that separated us and stood in front of Juan's face. Austin and I maintained eye contact as he jerked himself off until at last he shot his load, aiming for Juan's waiting tongue. While Juan swallowed every drop of my dad's cum, I collected my own load from Juan's back with my fingers, shoving them into his mouth.

    "Mmm. You guys taste alike," my boyfriend moaned, and Austin and I smirked while facing each other. It was almost like looking in a mirror. 

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