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    After they came back from Arizona, my parents had a surprise for me: they'd procured hockey tickets for one of the Minnesota Wild's playoff games. With this being the playoffs, tickets were hard to come by and they must've cost a fortune, so I was thrilled that we'd get to do this as a family. For now, our team was losing 3-2 in the series, and they had to win tonight's game in order to stand a chance at winning the Stanley Cup.

    The game took place on a Friday evening, so I spent all day at school excited about it. Granted, by this point my case of senioritis was so severe that I hardly ever paid attention to anything that happened at school anymore. In just a few short weeks, I'd be free forever! Yes, I'd be going to college in the fall, but I imagined that to be a much freer environment than high school; not to mention the fact I would be living together with my sexy boyfriend. 

    After school, I drove straight back home and rushed to the shower so I could start getting ready. To my surprise, I found my father standing naked in the bathroom, shaving in front of the mirror while water dripped down his entire body.

    "Oh. Hi, Dad," I said. I was surprised to see him here; my parents had an en-suite bathroom that they usually used. Normally, I might close the door and let my dad have his privacy. However, maybe because of everything that happened with Uncle Austin lately – all the shared sexcapades and casual nudity – I now stood in the bathroom alongside my nude dad, free from any embarrassment or discomfort. I wasn't sure how Dad felt, but he didn't tell me to leave or even bother to cover up with a towel, so I guess he wasn't feeling uncomfortable either.

    "You're back from school early," he said, smiling at me as we made eye contact in the mirror.

    "Yeah, they let the seniors off early today. Which works for me, cuz I wanted to get ready for the game before we leave," I said, checking out my father's peach-fuzz-covered ass.

    "Your mother's taking a shower in our bathroom so I figured I'd use this one," Dad said, which explained the water dripping down his body. 

    "You shave after taking a shower? I always do it the other way around," I said.

    "This way's better. The shower opens up your pores and makes your hair softer, making it easier to shave," he explained. I got a flashback of when I first started puberty: my father and I both with towels around our waists, him teaching me how to shave. 

    "While you do that, I'm gonna jump in," I announced, taking my clothes off so I could get in the shower. In the mirror, I noticed my dad stealing a few glances of my body as I undressed. 

    "I can't believe you're a full-grown adult now," he said nostalgically. "Just look at ya."

    "I get my good looks from my dad," I said, playfully smacking Dad's bare asscheek. But then, I noticed his face flush for a second. We now both knew the man I'd inherited my genes from was Uncle Austin. I was trying to compliment my dad, but it ended up backfiring. In an attempt to make up for it, I gave him a hug from behind and I told him, "I love you," just as my cock found its way between his hairy asscheeks.

    "Love you too, son," Dad said. After a few seconds, we broke off our hug – and not a moment too soon. The skin-on-skin contact had stimulated my penis, making it grow to a half-chub. It would've been super-embarrassing if I'd popper a boner while my dick was rubbing against Dad's ass, so I quickly turned away and hopped in the shower.

    An hour or so later, my parents and I arrived in St. Paul and had dinner at a restaurant close to the Xcel Energy Center. The game started at 8:30 and… it didn't go well. Our team ended up losing, which meant we were officially out of the running for the Cup.

    "Do you guys want me to drive home?" I asked. Both of my parents had had a generous amount of wine with dinner, followed by plenty of beers at the arena, so I assumed I was the designated driver for the night.

    "If you want to. Or we can spend the night at your Uncle Austin's place," Dad suggested.

    "At Uncle Austin's?" I asked.

    "Yeah. Rodney's out of town so your uncle's home alone," Dad explained. "I talked to him earlier and he said we could sleep over if the game runs late and we don't wanna drive all the way back."

    Honestly, I didn't mind driving us home, but the thought of staying at Uncle Austin's seemed more interesting. So, I got behind the wheel of Dad's car and drove us a short distance across the river to Austin's apartment in Minneapolis. Austin was wide awake, smiling, and happy to have visitors when we arrived. My mom immediately went to bed, which was no surprise to anyone.

    "Looks like it's just us boys. What do you say to a beer before bed?" my uncle suggested. I'd never drunk in front of my dad so I looked away.

    "Sure, why not? I was just telling Brett earlier he was all grown up now. What do you say, have a beer with your old man?" Dad asked, looking at me expectantly. I grinned in response and Austin went to grab some bottles from the fridge.

    Even though it was already past midnight, we all had a couple of beers and chatted. Austin started yawning and said he was going to go change and get ready for bed. When he came back, I was unsurprised to see him in just a pair of tight white briefs. They rose high towards the hip and really accentuated his bulge. My dad on the other hand, looked like his eyes were going to fall out of their sockets. 

    I'd seen Austin like this plenty of times – and wearing even less than this. I was still taken aback by how rock-solid his body was. It was almost completely smooth and chiseled with protruding muscle. My uncle bent over to rearrange the couch cushions and I couldn't help but stare at his plump ass – probably his best asset. My imagination went a little wild and I found myself picturing Austin's and my dad's butts side by side.

    "Damn, bro! You're pretty fit," Dad commented, looking his younger brother up and down. "How often do you go to the gym? I bet having a personal trainer for a fiancé helps."

    Austin merely smirked, clearly enjoying the compliments. He bumbled around the apartment, cleaning up and brushing his teeth. I watched him like a hawk, continuing to admire his body. I decided to get ready for bed as well. I went to Austin's room and ditched my pants and shirt before going to brush my teeth wearing just a jockstrap. I was used to assuming semi-nudity like this, even if I wasn't at home.

    "Woah! You wear those even when you're not playing hockey?" my dad exclaimed when he saw me in the bathroom in my jock.

    "Umm, yeah, sometimes," I replied, flexing my glutes as if by reflex.

    While I finished washing up at the bathroom sink, Dad started to strip down as well until he was just in a pair of gray boxer briefs. He mumbled something along the lines of wishing he looked with Austin and me, but as far as I was concerned he had all the makings for a great dad bod. And apparently, my uncle agreed with me.

    "What're you talking about?! Dad bods are all the rage these days," Austin said, reassuring his older brother. I did my best to check out my dad in the mirror without being too obvious. I had already gotten a good look from behind earlier, and the front did not disappoint. Sure he had a little paunch, but he carried it well. His chest looked strong and was covered in the same color hair that covered his ass. He even had a nicely-sized bulge protruding from his underwear. If he wasn't my dad, I'd say he was downright sexy. 

    "Well, g'night guys," Dad said and left to go join my mom in the guest bedroom.

    I followed Austin to his room, where I would be sleeping tonight. He turned off the light and we lay down side-by-side, like we did during Easter at my grandparents' house. I splayed my legs a bit and our thighs met. The skin-to-skin contact felt nice, and he didn't make any movement to stop it. 

    Once again, I thought about earlier when I saw my dad's bare ass. It was so weird that I started to get hard when I hugged him, but I told myself that was just due to the body contact. Thinking about how my dick seemed to fit perfectly between his fuzzy cheeks, I started to get hard. I usually preferred a smooth ass like Juan's – or Austin's – but something about it was getting me horny. 

    Subconsciously, I pressed my leg more firmly against Austin's and he returned the pressure. My hand went into the pouch of my jockstrap and I fished out my now-fully-hard cock. I pushed back my side of the covers to free myself even more and I started slowly jerking off. I figured we'd already done this before, so why not again?

    Austin must've been able to tell what I was doing, as he quickly emulated me. The covers were fully pushed down, almost to our ankles. I felt him shift, as if he was taking off his underwear. I couldn't see well enough in the dark, but I knew he had started stroking himself as well. I wished I could see, but something about it happening in total darkness almost made it more exciting. 

    I had another flashback: this time it was around Christmas. Uncle Austin and I were sharing the back seat in my dad's car, and I jerked Uncle Austin off. At least, at the time, I still thought he was my uncle. The tipsy side of me wanted to do it again, but now I knew this was my biological father!

    Drunk me won and I gingerly reached toward his crotch with my left hand. It collided with his right hand as he worked his dick. I was able to grab hold of his hard cock and I gave it a tight squeeze, eliciting at first a gasp, and then a low moan from Austin.

    "Brett..." Austin whispered faintly in protest. "We... We can't."

    I ignored him and took over jerking him off. I wasn't sure what he was thinking; all I knew was he wasn't stopping me. Even though I couldn't see it, I could clearly picture his erection. I could even feel the sticky goo that was his precum. My hand went all the way down his shaft and then back up where I used my thumb to draw circles around the head. This was met by more moans and Austin rubbing his thigh against mine.

    I felt a hand – Austin's hand, fumbling at my waist. In another surprise of the evening, my uncle – my father – grabbed onto my dick and began stroking me in reciprocation. The sensation was overwhelming, but the grip he had on my dick felt so fucking good. I no longer cared that he was my real dad. All I knew in that moment, was how fucking good this felt. 

    I threw my left leg over his right, desperate for more contact. We played footsie while continuing to jerk each other off. My sense of touch was incredibly heightened in the darkness, and every skin cell that touched Austin seemed to tingle. 

    Without warning, Austin gasped again, and I suddenly felt his warm jizz trickle down over my fingers. I kept squeezing his cock, making sure to milk out every drop. Remembering the last time we were together, when Juan got to eat Austin's load, I brought my fingers to my mouth to sample the cum that made me. 

    Juan had been right: we did taste alike. As I swallowed some of my father's seed, I shot my own load. Some of it landed on my stomach and some got onto Austin's hand as well. I brought his cum-coated hand to my lips and sucked my jizz off his fingers. I swirled our combined seed in my mouth with my tongue and there was no way of telling which was which. 

    My post-orgasm glow quickly turned to fatigue and my eyes could no longer stay open. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I said one last thing to Austin.

    "Thanks for letting us stay over... Love you, Dad."

    "Love you too, son."

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