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    It felt like it was just yesterday I was asking my brother Austin for his sperm; and today, our son Brett was going to prom. The years flew by, and I was relieved to finally have the truth out in the open. For so long, I'd worried that it would alienate Brett and me, but it had actually brought us closer together. 

    On the evening of his prom, we threw a party at our house and invited the whole family. Early in the evening, Brett had to leave to pick up his boyfriend and go to the prom, but the party at our house continued even without the guest of honor. At one point, I headed upstairs to use the bathroom, when I heard someone walking in my son's room. I walked toward Brett's bedroom, peeked in, and saw my brother Austin admiring the hockey trophies and medals that adorned the wall.

    "Oh, hey," he said when he saw me. "Sorry, I just wanted to come see this room one last time before Brett moves out, in case you decide to do something else with it."

    "Are you kidding? This room is staying exactly as it is, like a time capsule," I assured my brother. "I want Brett to know he always has a home here, even after he leaves."

    "He's moving out already, can you believe it?" Austin said, and he looked just as emotional as I felt.

    "I know. But you'll be seeing even more of him after he moves to the city," I noted. "Unlike me."

    "Ah, you know you can always drive down and stay with us, right? The guest room's all yours," Austin offered with a smile.

    "Thanks, bro," I smiled back. "You've been real generous when it comes to Brett. From the very beginning. Literally."

    "Yeah, well, I'm just glad things are back to normal. It's been a rough few months," Austin said. "We never wanted him to find the truth out by accident, and I feel like it's my fault he did."

    "C'mon Austin, we've been through this. I could also say it was my fault for waiting 18 years and pushing it back for so long. But guilt won't make anything better. Brett's okay, and he loves both of us."

    I walked over and placed a hand on my brother's back, guiding us both toward Brett's bed. We sat down and I moved my hand to place it on Austin's knee this time, giving him what I hoped was a comforting squeeze.

    "I have something to tell you," I said. "A few days ago, Brett and I were talking about you and… and he sorta let it slip and he called you his dad. Then he went red and started apologizing, but I told him… I told him I don't have a problem with it."

    "You don't?" my brother asked, looking shocked.

    "No. We can both be his dads, each in our own way. That is, if that's something you'd like."

    My brother smiled even wider and nodded his head.

    "I would," he said. "Brett and I have grown quite close, and I can't wait to have him living in Minneapolis."

    "I'm sure you'll take good care of our boy. But listen, I came upstairs cuz I needed to piss, and my bladder's bursting by this point," I laughed, patting my brother's knee and standing up. On my way out of Brett's bedroom, I almost tripped on a jockstrap lying discarded on the floor. I picked it up, tossed it in a pile of dirty clothes, and said to my brother, "Maybe you'll have better luck teaching him how to be tidy."

    I left my younger brother in my son's room and headed towards my own bedroom which had an attached bathroom. I often tended to end up there during parties as it was quiet and sometimes, I just needed a moment to myself.    It was such a force of habit that I didn't even close the door all the way and left it slightly ajar. 

    I unleashed a forceful jet of piss, pent up from the many beverages I'd already had this evening. After what seemed like several minutes, I finished and shook off the last few drops before flushing. My hand lingered on my flaccid shaft. Without even really thinking about it, I gave myself a few strokes and realized I was actually kind of horny. 

    Figuring I had the space to myself, I decided I could jack off before going back down to the party. I set the toilet seat down and sat on it, letting my pants and boxers fall to the floor around my ankles. I closed my eyes and thought about the last time I fucked my wife, getting fully erect in the process. It was a such a hot fuck, too: she let me try anal for the first time. Her ass was so fucking tight, I had only lasted a few minutes.

    My reminiscing of sex with my wife had my hard-on raging. I was amassing quite a bit of precum, which I used to lube my hand. I reached down with my free hand and tugged on my ballsack while working my shaft with the other. I hoped she would let me do it again soon. I was so caught up in my impromptu jerk off session… that I didn't even notice the door swing wide. 

    "Oh, shit! Sorry bro!" Austin exclaimed as I jumped up and tried to pull on my pants. "I thought you went back downstairs. I was gonna take a piss."

    "Go for it," I said, feeling my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

    My cock had gone half limp and I was finally able to stuff it back into my underwear and pants. It wasn't like my brother and I had never seen each other naked before, but that was a long time ago when we were growing up. Now fully dressed, I stood in front of the sink and started to wash my hands. I was able to see my brother in the mirror's reflection, as he unashamedly whipped out his cock to start pissing. 

    My younger brother's dick was bigger than I expected, definitely having grown since we were younger. It was also evident he was immaculate in manscaping as he had impeccably trimmed pubic hair and his balls were completely smooth. What really struck me was that it was almost an exact replica of Brett's! I didn't know why I was so surprised by that; if anything, it made complete sense. 

    I kept watching even as my brother finished up and started to shake off the last few droplets. Mesmerized, I continued to observe, realizing Brett's dick was even bigger than Austin's, and definitely bigger than mine. I had a flashback to a few weeks ago, when Brett walked in on me in the bathroom to take a shower and I got to see him naked. I had gotten a good glimpse of his penis, and it was indeed incredibly similar to Austin's. I even remembered how my son gave me a hug from behind, with both of us naked. I could still feel how his cock seemed to perfectly nestle in between my asscheeks. I swore I felt it twitch, even.

    Austin flushed the toilet and I quickly averted my gaze. From the corner of my eye, I could see he was doing exactly what I had done just moments ago. Austin just stood there, slowly stroking his cock instead of zipping up. 

    "I didn't mean to interrupt," Austin said suddenly, making eye contact with me in the mirror while casually rubbing his dick. "Looked like you were in the middle of something before I came in."

    "Uh... I– I was," I admitted.

    "D'you wanna pick back up?" he offered.

    At the same time, we turned to face each other. By now, my brother's cock was fully boned up. We made direct eye contact and he licked his lips before glancing down to my crotch. I was nervous as I hadn't really done anything like this before – not since we were teens. It was a boy scout camping trip and the two of us shared a tent. We were young enough a stiff breeze was all it took to get us hard. Every night that week, he and I jerked off side-by-side in our separate sleeping bags without ever addressing it. 

    I noticed I was still semi-hard, and my cock was starting to grow again. I unzipped my pants and stood over the toilet bowl next to my brother. I fished my cock back out of my boxers through the slit in the front and I started slowly jerking off at the same pace as Austin. We looked at each other and grinned, finally taking some ease in the moment. 

    Our eyes both wandered down and we checked out each other's rock-hard dicks. I watched as a thick trickle of precum seeped from my brother's cock and dripped down into the water. Compared to my 6.5", it seemed like my brother was sporting 7.5" of wood. Seeing Austin's up close like this made me wonder what Brett's tool looked like when he was hard. Did he go over the 8" mark? 

    In an effort to make this moment feel "less gay," I started to picture fucking my wife's ass, but for some reason it only made think of Austin's ass. Was it smooth, like his balls; or furry, like mine? From what I'd overheard in past conversations, I knew he was the receiver and Rodney was the giver. Was my brother's hole just as tight as my wife's? From the revealing clothing Rodney wore, I always got the impression he was majorly hung. Probably a big part of the reason why my brother wanted to marry him, no doubt. 

    Austin's moaning right next to me broke me out of that train of thought. His eyes were scrunched tight… and he suddenly started shooting thick ropes of cum into the toilet. His load was so big, some even dripped down his shaft and onto his fingers. Seeing my brother's explosive orgasm pushed me over the edge and I too erupted. I was jerking so aggressively, I accidentally got some of my cum on my brother's hand! A few seconds later, as our orgasms subsided, we both chuckled. Austin brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean while looking at my eyes. Without blinking, I watched as my brother licked his hand clean, swallowing both of our loads.

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