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    With my upcoming wedding, summer went by in a blur. My fiancé and I made a last-minute decision to have our bachelor party in LA. Organizing everything in such a short amount of time was stressful, but it turned out to be a lot of fun, thanks to our family, friends, and fuck buddies who were in attendance. 

    Then as soon as we got back from California, it was time to make the final preparations for the wedding. Thankfully, one of my friends was an experienced wedding planner, and he made sure everything went by smoothly. I was now a married man! Rodney and I decided to postpone the honeymoon for a few months, but we did enjoy a week-long staycation, where we fucked multiple times daily and went out to some of our favorite restaurants and clubs around the city.

    By now, pretty much everyone in my life knew that Brett was my biological son. It felt good not to have that secret looming over my wedding. Then, right after my nuptials, Brett packed all his stuff and moved to Minneapolis for his freshman year at the University of Minnesota. He and his boyfriend Juan even managed to get a dorm room just for the two of them.

    After his first week of classes, I invited Brett out for lunch. I picked him up at the dorms and drove us to a restaurant where Brett ordered half the menu.

    "This is so much better than the cafeteria food," he said. "Plus, I need to bulk up for the beginning of hockey season."

    "How's school? And what's it like living with Juan?" I asked.

    "School's fine. First-semester classes are basically just the same stuff we learned in high school. And living with Juan is great! We literally spend all our free time in our room having sex."

    "Ha. That's what Rod and I did right after the wedding," I admitted.

    "Like father, like son," Brett said with a smirk before stuffing more fries in his mouth.

    These days, Brett went back and forth between referring to me as his uncle and his father. When we were around other people, he always spoke of me as his uncle. But when we were alone, he frequently called me "Dad." When I was younger and I agreed to donate my sperm, I never envisioned this. I always thought that the child, even after learning the truth, would continue to think of me as his or her uncle. But now, I couldn't help but feel like Brett was my son. 

    "After we're done with lunch, why don't I take you shopping?" I suggested. "I'm sure you could use some things for your dorm room."

    "Oh my God, I really could. I actually have a list on my phone. Thanks so much, Dad."

    "Don't mention it. Son," I added with a smile, looking fondly at the handsome teenager across from me.

    Brett and I spent the next couple of hours shopping at various stores to gather all the items on his list. This was mostly dorm things, some school supplies, and lots of snacks. Even though it was just "normal" activities, it still felt special to spend this time with my son. We got back to his dorm to unload everything. His room was surprisingly tidy-ish, which I suspect was Juan's doing. 

    The boys had done a bit of rearranging to make it look less like a typical dorm. They'd pushed the two twin beds together to make it one big bed and their desks were side-by-side. Even though it was cleaner than Brett's room at home, it still had the feel of two teenage athletes. The laundry hamper was completely full, packed to the brim with what I imagined to be a load of sweaty workout clothes and used jockstraps as they prepped for their first season of college-level hockey. I also noticed many of the sports posters that had adorned Brett's walls had made their way to campus.

    Once I got a lay of the room, the next thing that hit me was the smell. At first, it reminded me of his room at home – teenage musk and sweat, not unlike a locker room. The other distinguishable smell was that of sex. I could only imagine how much fucking these two teens had gotten up to in their first weeks here on campus. It also made me wonder if they'd found any like-minded teammates or other freshmen to join them as their fuck buddies. If not yet, I had a feeling it was only a matter of time before it happened.

    I dropped the shopping bags off to one side and I sat on the bed. It wasn't until later that I realized I was sitting on a suspicious-looking towel.

    "Careful, we've been using that towel as our cum rag," Brett said to me with a chuckle while depositing the food in the mini fridge that was in the room. "I wouldn't want you to stain your pants." 

    "Oh, I can smell it," I admitted. Feeling bold, I brought the towel to my face. At first I was just fooling around, but then I realized I was intoxicated by the scent of the fresh cum from the two teenagers. The cloth smelled pungently of jizz and balls. It was glorious.

    "Does smelling cum always have that effect on you?" Brett asked, pointing out my growing bulge. Truthfully, I was already semi-hard thinking about all the sex that had happened on this bed.

    "You caught me," I said, casually rubbing my growing bulge right in front of my son.

    "So, umm… Should we add two more fresh loads to it?" Brett suddenly suggested, revealing his tented gym shorts.

    Without another word, I began unzipping my pants and pulling out my now-fully-hard cock as Brett did the same, his shorts falling to the floor. He joined me on the bed, sitting directly next to me. We started out just jerking ourselves off, eyeing each other's meat. As many times as I'd already seen it, I was still impressed by my son's dick. While not quite as big as my husband's, Brett still had a sizable tool. My heart started racing, thumping faster and faster with each stroke of my manhood.

    Brett and I looked at each other, and without even thinking about it or saying it out loud, our hands swapped places. He grabbed my cock just as I grabbed his. Father and son, side-by-side, sat in a dorm room, jerking each other off while the son's boyfriend was at the library. Brett bit his lower lip as he focused on my cock, alternating slow strokes with hard squeezes, milking out my precum. 

    "Uncle Austin... Dad... Do you think I can... Do you think I can suck your dick?" Brett asked out of the blue. 

    I was completely shocked, my mouth gaping. I couldn't believe what he just asked me. My hormones told me to accept, but could I really let my own son suck my dick?! I looked into his eyes to check if he was joking, but all I saw was a pleading expression and a hunger for cock. I didn't know what to say, so I just nodded in agreement.

    Brett went down to his knees in front of me. He put both hands on my thighs and then slowly leaned in. While keeping eye contact, he tenderly licked my shaft, starting at the base and working his way up to the sensitive head. His touch sent shivers all across my body. He used one hand to lift my rod, gaining access to my nuts. He started licking my balls aggressively, as if trying to clean away the sweat from the day. He even went further down, kissing my hairy taint and licking his tongue from the bottom of my nutsack almost to my ass.

    As he licked back up, Brett stopped at my balls again. He took them into his mouth one at a time and then tried both. He looked up at me again with a smile… before finally putting his mouth onto my throbbing boner. My own son had my dick in his mouth and I loved it! He swallowed again, this time allowing my dick to push past his gag reflex and slide down his throat. I couldn't believe I was thinking this, but my son's mouth felt fucking amazing.

    I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I could barely breathe. Brett slurped and slobbered on my cock like it was his job. Even though I knew him to be a top, my son was a natural cocksucker. It felt like he was making love to my dick. I ran my fingers through his hair, caressing the back of his head in both gratitude and encouragement.

    Next, I stood up, keeping one hand on the back of Brett's head, helping to guide his pace as he bobbed up and down on my throbbing meat. With my free hand, I grabbed the cum rag from the bed, holding it to my face again. I even managed to find the damp spot where either his or Juan's load had landed earlier. I suckled on the cloth, instantly recognizing the salty taste of cum. I couldn't tell whose it was, but deep down I hoped it was Brett's cum I was savoring. I inhaled deeply as I hungrily sucked the cum out of the towel. 

    A burning built up in my nuts and before I could stop myself, I grunted, shooting my load down Brett's cocksucking throat. My son swallowed it all greedily, his hand jerking himself furiously while I fed him his little brothers and sisters. Brett kept nursing on my dick, making sure to get every last drop. 

    Even after he was done, Brett continued to kiss on my cockhead gently. Suddenly, without warning, the door swung open and Juan walked into the room, carrying his backpack. He raised an eyebrow at the scene in front of him and smirked before speaking.

    "Well, well, well... what do we have here?" he asked with a sly grin on his face.

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