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    As an only child, I was fairly close to my parents. For the most part, they were very understanding and I felt free to talk to them about most issues. However, the first person to find out I was gay wasn't my dad nor my mom; it was my Uncle Austin.

    When I was 13 and in the midst of puberty, I did something really stupid: I snuck into my uncle's room and snooped through his underwear drawer. I was in Minneapolis with my parents to watch a hockey game, and after it was over we'd dropped by Uncle Austin's apartment to say hi. While the three adults were catching up in the kitchen, I went to use the bathroom. When I was done, instead of returning to the kitchen, I decided to creep into Uncle Austin's bedroom. The door was wide open and the temptation was too big. Besides, I had an agenda. Unfortunately for me, I would be caught right in the middle of it.

    "Hey. What're you doing here?" Uncle Austin's voice startled me from behind about a minute after I'd entered the room. I was confident I'd be able to hear someone approaching, but since he wasn't wearing any shoes I guess his socked footsteps were too quiet. 

    "Uhhh… I was just… looking for something," I mumbled dumbly. FUCK!

    "In my underwear drawer? What were you looking for?" Uncle Austin asked. His voice was calm and perfectly reasonable, but in my mind it felt like he was yelling at me at the top of his lungs. My heart beat fast with anxiety and my mind raced to come up with an excuse.

    "I was looking foooor…" I stalled, trying to come up with something, anything! What could I be looking for in someone's underwear drawer?!

    "Brett, here's the deal," Uncle Austin said coolly, closing the bedroom room and taking a seat on the bed. He patted the empty space next to him, inviting me to sit down and he added, "I promise not to get upset, if you promise to tell me the truth about what you're doing here."

    I put down the red jockstrap and the black pair of boxer briefs that I was holding, and I went to sit next to my uncle.

    "Honestly… I really like your underwear so I… I wanted some of it for myself so… I was gonna steal a pair. I'm so sorry!" I apologized immediately.

    "Okay. Wow. Let's start from the beginning," Uncle Austin looked taken aback. "You said you liked my underwear. How do you even know what my underwear looks like?"

    Even though I spent the night at my uncle's apartment every now and then, he didn't normally walk around in his underwear in front of me. This being Minnesota, it was usually too cold, plus I guess he was trying to be modest.

    "I've seen it on your Instagram," I admitted.

    "Whoa! I didn't even know you were on Instagram!" Uncle Austin said.

    "Yeah, since recently. But I don't have my real name on there."

    Even if I did, I doubt my uncle would've noticed my account. He had tens of thousands of followers, mostly because he loved posting shirtless photos of himself, many of them in his underwear, of which he seemed to own hundreds of pairs.

    "Okay, we'll circle back to Instagram later," he said. "Now, why did you want to steal some of my underwear?"

    "Like I said, I like them, and… and I wanted something nicer to wear… if I go on a date or something," I admitted, looking down at the floor.

    "Okay. I didn't know you were dating, but that makes sense," my uncle continued to talk very calmly. "Have you talked to your parents about it? Do they know whatever girl you're interested in?"

    "We've kinda talked about dating and… sex and stuff," I said. Then, since we were going the honesty route, I decided to go all the way. "And Uncle Austin… I'm not into girls. Like, I like guys."

    Of all the things, I could tell this was the biggest surprise for my uncle. He was fairly flamboyant and worked as an interior designer, so with him people just assumed he was gay. Me, on the other hand, I played hockey and usually expressed interest in "typical boys' stuff," so I guess people didn't expect that of me. Uncle Austin did his best to hide the shock on his face as he said,

    "That's great! I mean, not that it's great in and of itself, whether you like guys or girls that's perfectly fine. I mean, it's great that you would come out to me. And you know you can always come talk to me, about this or anything. And not just me, your parents will be perfectly fine with it. And I'm sure at your school… I mean, these days it ain't like it used to be, so I hope people at school will be cool –"

    For the first time since getting caught snooping, I no longer felt anxious and afraid. Instead, I was amused, and I burst out laughing. 

    "I'm rambling, aren't I?" my uncle laughed along.

    "Kinda," I nodded.

    Rather than say anything else, my uncle just leaned over and gave me a big tight hug. I hugged him back, and we remained that way for half a minute, sharing the best embrace of my life. Finally, Uncle Austin let go and said,

    "So here's what we're gonna do. Number one: you're gonna tell your parents you're on Instagram."

    "Okay, I promise! I can do it in front of you if you want," I offered.

    "Fine. Number two: you're never gonna think about stealing anything from me again," he wagged his index finger scoldingly. "But, tonight, for your honesty, you can pick ONE pair of underwear" – he held that same finger up steady – "and you can keep it."

    "Really?! And you're not gonna tell my parents I was going through your stuff like a creep?" I asked excitedly.

    "No. I'll be our little secret," Uncle Austin promised.

    I jumped up and nearly ran back to the underwear drawer eagerly. There, I picked up the red jock I'd been holding earlier.

    "A jockstrap?" my uncle asked with his eyebrows lifted.

    "Yeah. I mean, I have a dozen of them for hockey, but they're not like this," I said.

    "I bet. Those are quite sexy," my uncle chuckled. Just a week ago, he'd posted a photo wearing this same pair, which left very little to the imagination and probably pushed the limits of what Instagram allowed. To date, it was my uncle's most liked photo.

    With my new gift in my pocket, we went back to the kitchen. There, I looked at my mom and dad and I told them,

    "So, Uncle Austin and I were just talking about dating and stuff… and I wanted you guys to know that I'm gay."

    After coming out to my parents, I did the same at school, except there was no big announcement there. As I moved from middle school to high school, I just told friends when it got brought up in conversation. Like my uncle had hoped, most people were "cool" with it, and those who weren't never confronted me about it. 

    There were a few other openly gay or bi guys at school, and at the risk of sounding cocky I was probably the most popular of them. I hooked up with a few of them in my freshman year, eventually trading handjobs and blowjobs. But it wasn't until my sophomore year that I began dating Juan Rodriguez, who was on the hockey team just like me. We had a lot of things in common, sex of course being one of them. It took us a while to get into the swing of things, but once we got started we couldn't stop. I've completely lost track of the amount of times we'd fucked in the past two years.

    Since hockey season didn't start until November, Juan and I both played football at the beginning of the school year. Neither of us was an excellent football player, but we did okay. One Wednesday evening after practice, we got in my car and made out for a full five minutes, making my cock chub up and stir in my shorts. I was wearing a pair of tight gym shorts that barely covered my thighs, and an old football jersey from middle school that looked like a crop top. Given we'd just showered, I hadn't even bothered with underwear. Juan had his hands all over my abs and then squeezed my thighs, moving his fingers closer to my crotch. 

    "Wanna come over to my place?" I spoke finally, inviting my boyfriend over for what would surely lead to more sex at my house.

    "I can't, not tonight," he said gruntingly. "I gotta get home. But while we're here, I have a few more minutes."

    We both looked around and noticed the parking lot was mostly empty. It seemed a few stragglers were hanging out just outside the locker room, but not close enough they would see us. It was late enough the sun was already quickly setting, but not so late that the tall lamps were turned on. Other student athletes were piling into cars in groups, but our end of the lot was already empty. I shrugged and smirked as my boyfriend reached over to cup my growing bulge through my gym shorts. Then, he snaked a hand up one of the legs and pulled out my cock. 

    "While I go down, why don't you finish up that story you were telling me the other day? The one with your Uncle Austin," Juan suggested before locking lips again while he slowly jerked my meat, trying to get me even harder. 

    The combination of his tongue wrestling with mine, his firm grip on my dick, and the thrill of potentially getting caught had me quivering in pleasure. Being out in the open seemed to have a similar effect on Juan, who was practically sucking my tongue into his mouth. With our eyes closed, the thought of our teammates watching us while totally unaware made my cock grow firmer in Juan's hand. I had one hand holding onto the back of his head. I broke our kiss to pull his head down towards my crotch. I couldn't wait any longer and although the risk was thrilling, I didn't want us to actually get caught. Juan easily took half my length into his eager mouth. I definitely had a big dick for a guy my age, but after two years of practice, my boyfriend was an expert at downing it. 

    "Well, I already told you how I walked up to my uncle's bedroom in the middle of the night," I said as Juan slurped hungrily on my cock. "He had his back turned to me as he bounced up and down on his fiancé's huge dick. Uncle Austin's hole looked like it was gonna split in half, but he was sliding up and down so easy. His hole must be so loose from all the times Rodney's fucked him. Oh fuck, your mouth feels amazing!"

    My boyfriend moaned on my cock. He was probably imagining my uncle's sloppy hole getting impaled by Rodney's hung meat. I continued my story.

    "Uncle Austin was bouncing on that massive dick so aggressively he was covered in sweat. I watched it trickle down his back and in between his asscheeks. The bedside lamp had them lit perfectly. My uncle has such a huge fucking ass, it's no wonder he's such a good bottom. Mmm, fuck yes, swallow my cock, baby. Play with my balls."

    Juan took my ballsack into one of his hands and massaged it while his head bobbed up and down over my hard cock.

    "They still didn't see me cuz it was so dark in the hallway," I said, doing my best to speak normally while fucking my boyfriend's face. "That's when Rodney started smacking my uncle's ass. You should've seen how that made his cheeks jiggle. Then, he reached up with one hand and started choking him! I ain't gonna lie, I was freaked out at first, kinda scared even. Rodney was choking him enough I could see the veins bulge in his neck. At the same time, Rodney's saying things like 'You've got such a hungry hole' and calling my uncle a 'slut for dick.' Even the tone of his voice changed, it got more aggressive. I almost barged in the room to help my uncle, but I realized Uncle Austin was getting off on being called names."

    Then, I decided to try some of that out on my boyfriend as well. 

    "You're just like my uncle, ain't ya?" I growled at Juan while pulling on his hair. "You're such a fucking slut for my big dick. I'm fucking your mouth just like Rodney was fucking Uncle Austin."

    Juan moaned even louder on my cock. He gagged, but kept trying to swallow me down to my balls. 

    "Fuck man, you got me so hard. Just as hard as I was that night. I knew I shouldn't be creeping on my own uncle, but I couldn't look away. It made my cock as hard as a rock. I knew I shouldn't have, but I started stroking it through my underwear. They just looked so fucking sexy, fucking like wild animals. They got into doggy-style position and Rodney was hammering Uncle Austin's ass while he moaned into a pillow. I couldn't stop myself, so I pulled down my underwear and started jacking off while watching them. I could tell Rodney was getting close, as he started fucking my uncle faster and faster. I could see Uncle Austin's arm jerking himself. Then, they both yelled and came at the same time. Rodney dumped his load up my uncle's ass and Uncle Austin must've cum on the sheets, but I couldn't see. I wouldn't be surprised if they woke up their neighbors being so loud. Fuck, I'm getting close, too."

    Juan had one hand wrapped around my dick while his head bobbed and swirled faster and faster. 

    "I kept jerking off and shot my load in my underwear. Then, just as I was cumming, Rodney looked at the doorway. For a split second I thought we made eye contact, but I ducked to the side. I don't think he saw me, cuz he didn't confront me or anything. He just pulled his dick out my uncle's ass and bent down to rim Uncle Austin. He could probably taste his own load leaking out. Oh, fuck! Oh fuck, yes baby! Swallow my fucking load!!" I cried as I shot my spunk down Juan's throat.

    My boyfriend sat up and pulled the back of my neck to kiss me. He used his tongue to push what was left of my jizz into my mouth. We shared the salty sweetness, snowballing back and forth… until a loud knocking on the driver's-side window made us both jump.

    "Shit, it's Coach," I said, quickly hiding my softening dick and opening the window.

    "What the hell are you two doing?" Coach Kovach asked sternly. He knew Juan and I were a couple, so he probably had a pretty good idea of what we were doing alone in my car. Coach often came off as a hard-ass, but I knew he cared for us like we were his own sons. "Go on and get home!" he said strictly.

    "Yes, Coach," I said, stifling a laugh and putting the car in drive so I could finally take my boyfriend home. 

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