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    "Babe, we can't show up to the party in jockstraps. That's ridiculous."

    "No, it's not!" Juan insisted. "It's hot. And it's not like that's the only thing we'll be wearing. We'll wear our hockey uniforms. Well, for the most part."

    My boyfriend was trying to convince me to go to our first college Halloween party dressed as "bottomless hockey players." He wanted to wear our jerseys, shoulder pads, helmets, and hockey sticks. But on the bottom, Juan was suggesting wearing jockstraps and sneakers – nothing else. Now, we were in our dorm room, lying in bed naked and having this discussion for the fourth time.

    "Listen, if this was one of my Uncle Austin's parties, with a bunch of gay men competing who can wear the least amount of clothing, that would be a different story. But this is just a college party with other students. We can't go naked," I noted.

    "We won't be naked – we'll be wearing underwear," Juan argued.

    "Underwear that leaves our asses exposed!"

    "Ain't nothing wrong with showing off a little asscheek. Plus, the party's off campus, so who cares? What are people gonna do, call the police?" Juan said.

    The party we were planning on attending was taking place at an apartment that a few of the older hockey players shared. They were friends of ours, so we knew they wouldn't kick us out. In fact, they would probably agree with Juan and think that our outfits are hilarious.

    "C'mooon. Don't you wanna show off this booty?" Juan kept tempting me. He squeezed my ass, giving it a thorough kneading which made my cock twitch. I'd always had thick quads and large glutes, but lately they were bigger than ever! I felt quite proud of that, especially now that I was beginning to bottom.

    Thanks to my Uncle Austin's help, I had officially managed to take a dick up my ass a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect way to lose my anal virginity: getting fucked by Juan in Austin's bed, while Austin was getting nailed by his husband next to me. As weird as it may sound, I was thrilled that I was able to hold my biological father's hand while I was getting fucked for the first time. It made the whole thing even more special, and I knew that moment would remain deeply engraved in my memory for the rest of my life.

    "Okay, fine," I finally cracked and agreed with Juan's proposal. "But you owe me one."

    "I owe you one?" he chuckled. "What would you like me to do?"

    "I'm sure I can think of something," I teased with a smirk. 

    I hate to admit it, but Juan was right. Our costumes were a huge hit at the party. I think every single member on the hockey team slapped my ass at least once; or in some cases, dozens of times, repeatedly, after getting a bit tipsy. I enjoyed showing off like this, both because I was proud of my legs and ass… but also because I found it arousing. And the fact that I also had Juan's ass to stare at wasn't helping my horniness. It was becoming a problem: if I popped a boner here, I wouldn't be able to hide it from everyone at the party, since I was wearing nothing but a white jock. There was only one thing to do…

    "Remember how you owe me a favor?" I whispered in Juan's ear. With our backs to the wall, I let my right hand drop down and slide in his exposed ass crack. "I'm ready to collect. Let's sneak off to one of the bedrooms. I wanna fuck you."

    We did our best to sneak away, though one of our teammates saw us and winked at me. He could probably tell why we were headed upstairs. It was great they were all so accepting of us. Thirty seconds later, Juan and I were locked in one of the bedrooms, making out and tearing off what little clothing we had on. Pretty soon I had him on all fours on the mattress and I was bent over at the waist to eat his ass. 

    The bed was low enough that when I stood up straight, Juan's hole was perfectly at dick-height. I lubed up my cock with some spit and shoved my meat inside my boyfriend's ass with one hard thrust. Given the loud music and general noise of the party, Juan didn't even have to bother stifling his groans with a pillow. To the same rhythm as the thumping hiphop, I fucked him raw on our teammate's bed. It didn't take me long before I was breeding him. For the rest of the night Juan walked around the party with a smug grin knowing he was loaded with my jizz in a room full of our friends.

    After a few more drinks at the party, we stumbled into an Uber and made it back to our dorm. We were both pleasantly tipsy as we walked across campus, laughing at all the other students and rating their costumes. It was nice walking arm-in-arm, though I couldn't help fingering Juan's cummy hole when no one was looking.

    While drinking water and having some snacks in our room, I received a text from my Uncle Austin: "Looking good in your costume!" He must've seen the photos I put up on my Instagram story. Sure enough, I noticed he responded with the flame emoji to each one. Juan was squatting in one of the photos and I could almost see his hole. Hopefully my account wouldn't be banned come morning. I'd amassed a good amount of followers, now that I was posting muscle thirst traps daily. 

    I lay on our bed wearing just the jockstrap from earlier. I started to type out a reply but got distracted by a horny Juan, who had crawled between my legs and fished my cock out from the underwear pouch. He then tried to coax my dick back to life using his mouth, of which he was very successful.

    "Thanks. What are you up to?" I texted Austin back as Juan started slurping on my cock, tasting my precum.

    "I was out with a friend. I'm actually driving by your dorm right now," Uncle Austin responded. I looked down at Juan deepthroating my cock and I smiled.

    "Wanna drop by? 😉" I offered to Austin, letting my hormones take over.

    "Sure, be there in a few."

    True to his word, Uncle Austin texted that he was outside. I buzzed him in and a moment later he was knocking at the door. Juan begrudgingly let my cock go and I got up. I opened the door, fully aware my erection was on full display, to let Uncle Austin in. He eyed my nude frame and waved to Juan, who had taken off his jockstrap and was lying on the bed. 

    "C'mon in," I said to Austin, closing the door behind him before someone else could see me bricked up. Then, I lay back down on the bed, making room for Uncle Austin to sit or lie next to me. Juan went immediately back to work servicing my cock, even making eye contact with Austin as he did so. Uncle Austin and I chatted briefly about the party and how we'd fucked in our teammate's bedroom. 

    "Oh?! Was it you that got fucked? Or is Juan still the bottom?" Austin inquired curiously.

    "No, I fucked Juan. Though, we've been flip-fucking pretty much every day for the past couple of weeks," I explained, and Austin nodded approvingly. "I swear to God it's the best sex we've ever had. And I have you to thank for that," I told my uncle.

    "You should see how easily he can take a dick these days," Juan chimed in, smiling at Austin. Then, Juan turned to me and said, "C'mon, let's show him." 

    My boyfriend pulled me off the bed and flipped me around before I could even say anything. He grabbed the lube we had on one of the desks and slicked up his cock. He stepped up behind me and carefully slid his cock into my ass while kissing my neck. By now, I could take him easily, but it was still a shock each time he stretched my hole. Right there in the middle of the room, standing up in front of a fully dressed Austin, Juan began to fuck my hole.

    If Uncle Austin was surprised to see all this happen, he didn't show it. Instead, he too got off the bed and walked in front of me. Wordlessly he pulled my head to his and started to kiss me while my boyfriend fucked me from behind. Somehow the kiss seemed even more intense than the one we shared when we got fucked side-by-side. 

    While Uncle Austin and I kissed, he began rubbing his hands all over my naked body. He started with the top of my shoulders, moving down to my biceps and triceps. His touch was part caress and part squeezing my muscles. His hands moved over to my pecs and he ran his fingers through my chest hair before gently squeezing my nipples. He then trailed down my abs and along my obliques, moving back behind me until he had a firm grip on each of my asscheeks. I could feel him pull them apart, making it easier for Juan to go even deeper inside me.

    All of it – the kissing, the touching, the fucking – was making me incredibly horny. I was hard as a rock and my dick was bouncing with each thrust from Juan so that I was dripping a puddle of precum onto the floor. Austin definitely noticed as he let go of one asscheek to grab onto my cock. Without breaking our kiss, he started jerking me off. Pretty soon his hand was coated in my sticky precum.

    "Does that feel good?" Austin whispered in my ear loud enough only for me to hear.

    "Uh huh," I whimpered back, unable to use my words from the combination of pleasure I was receiving.

    Uncle Austin dropped to his knees and kept working my cock. He alternated hands, using a circular motion while tugging on my balls and pressing my taint, before simply holding my cock in a fist and letting the motions of the fucking create friction. I had my eyes closed, enjoying all the sensations. Next thing I knew, my cock felt wet... and warm. I looked down and moaned loudly. There, on his knees, was my biological father taking my cock into his mouth, while I was getting fucked by my boyfriend.

    It felt fucking amazing! Austin had a lot more experience than either me or Juan, and his mouth felt sooo good. He was able to deepthroat me easily, swallowing me to the hilt in one gulp. It was like he had no gag reflex whatsoever.

    This was definitely a first for me: getting fucked and having my dick sucked at the same time. Without thinking, I put my hands on the back of my father's head and proceeded to face-fuck him. Each time I pulled out of his mouth, I was pushing my ass backward to meet Juan's hips. Austin had both around my thighs to steady himself and to try and get my cock as far down his gullet as possible. My uncle – my dad – took my cock down his throat each time I shoved it back in without any gagging or choking. He was a blowjob pro!

    I felt the tension in my balls start to build and my knees began to shake. Juan continuously ramming my prostate while Austin hoovered on my meat was an unbeatable force. I stopped moving and pulled on the back of Austin's head just in time for me to splatter the back of his throat with my cum. Seconds later, Juan was grunting loudly and I felt him deposit his jizz up my ass at the same time as my father was swallowing my load.

    "I gotta say, I've swallowed a lot of jizz in my life," Austin said after he was done guzzling my load, "but yours is possibly the most delicious."

    "Aww, you gon make me blush," I said, looking down at him as Juan pulled out of my ass.

    "Well if you like it so much, I've got some more for you," Juan said to Austin. Then, my boyfriend spread his asscheeks open and turned around, letting Austin swallow my cum straight out of his ass.

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