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    A week before Christmas, Brett turned 19. As much as I wanted to throw him a big party to celebrate his last birthday as a teenager, Brett was simply too busy for that. It was his first finals week in college, and he had to maintain a decent GPA to keep his hockey scholarship. I'm sure he and Juan celebrated by having a lot of sex in their dorm room in between studying for exams. Meanwhile, my brother Charles and I were organizing a surprise for "our" son. (In a way, wasn't Brett a son to both of us?)

    "Good morning, son. Get up and pack a bag. We're going to Canada," Charles said as we burst into Brett's childhood bedroom unannounced. It was the first week of January by now, and Brett was home for winter break. My brother and I had walked in on him sleeping in the nude, his teenage cock pointing up at the ceiling, hard in all of its morning glory.

    "Uh, what the hell?" Brett mumbled, instinctively covering up his boner with the duvet. When he saw that the intruders were Charles and I, Brett let his dick pop out again. He knew there was no need to be modest in front of his father and me.

    "We're going to Canada for a few days," I explained, lifting the blinds to let some light into the room, which reeked of musky male pheromones in the best way possible. "Now that you're 19 you can legally drink there, so we're taking you out to celebrate."

    "What? How are we getting there?" Brett asked, still groggy – and still bricked up to the max.

    "We're driving. But we're making a pit stop on the way," Charles said, sitting down on Brett's bed and patting the teen's bare leg. "C'mon, get up, get dressed, and get your passport."

    Brett stood up, his erection wagging in his father's face for several seconds. I noticed that my brother didn't look away; he pretty much stared at Brett's boner the entire time. This was the first time we would be spending time together, just the three of us, ever since that fateful day when Brett walked in on me giving my brother a handjob. I for one had a very good feeling about this trip.

    Half an hour later, we were in Charles's truck. Brett sat in the back, talking to his boyfriend on the phone and letting him know he's being "kidnapped" and taken across the border.

    "We're not going to Canada until tomorrow, though," Charles said. "We're stopping near Duluth first."

    "Why, what's in Duluth?" Brett asked.

    "A camping ground where your uncle and I used to go when we were boy scouts," Charles replied.

    "Oh God, we're not going camping in this weather, are we?" Brett said.

    "Don't worry, we're not gonna be sleeping in a tent," I explained. "The place also has cozy little cabins, right on the lake. It's absolutely gorgeous out there."

    It had been thirty years since I'd visited that part of the woods, but as soon as we arrived all the memories came flooding back. Walking around, I could actually point out the exact tree next to which my brother and I would pitch our tent. We used to come here in the summer, so the place looked a bit different now that it was winter. Other than that, nothing else had changed.

    "Is this where you and Dad… jerked off for the first time?" Brett asked me as I showed him around the woods.

    "You mean, when we would jack off while sharing a tent? Yeah, it was right by that tree over there," I pointed. "I don't know if it was the first time for your father, I doubt it. But the very first time I ever jerked off was actually at this campground."

    "Really?!" Brett smiled in amusement.

    "Yeah. This kid named Vaughn taught me. He was a year older. We were hiking, we got separated from the rest of the group, and he was like, 'Do you wanna see this really cool thing I can do?' I actually found him on Facebook a few years ago. I wasn't surprised to see he turned out to be gay as well."

    We spent the afternoon exploring the area and hiking the snowy nature trails. Afterward, we found a nearby diner to sate our ravenous stomachs. Brett ate almost as much as my brother and I did put together. Once back at the cabin, we played rock-paper-scissors to decide who would have to sleep on the top of either of the two bunk beds we had to share. Brett lost, which seemed fitting as the youngest, and he chose to sleep above Charles.

    Given we were all fairly sweaty from the day's activities, we took turns showering. Brett took a shower first, stripping completely naked in front of us with zero qualms, before sauntering into the bathroom with a towel over his shoulder. While he showered, I too stripped down to just my underwear as the stove heating the small cabin was already making the single room stuffy and hot. Charles busied himself with making the beds.

    Brett was quick and returned to the main room soon, still with the towel over his shoulder but dripping wet this time. I offered my brother the shower next, and Charles accepted, taking off his clothes. As Brett toweled off, his father got naked right next to him. Eventually, they both faced me, equally nude. Seeing them side-by-side like this was the first time I'd ever seen my brother and Brett naked at the same time. 

    Brett was as muscular as ever from his hockey workouts, while Charles had a decent dad-bod. They each had hairy chests, though Charles's hair was getting more and more salt-and-pepper, while Brett's was dark brown. I couldn't help it and my cock responded by slowly growing semi-hard. Both of them noticed it right away, making the atmosphere somewhat tense between us, but I merely smiled and shrugged. 

    Charles cleared his throat and excused himself to the bathroom. Brett kept looking at my growing boner with a smirk, almost like he was tempted to do something really inappropriate and risky, considering his father was here. Finally, I was able to get clean after Charles was finished. I came back out completely naked and got immediately into bed. From what I could tell, Brett and Charles were naked in their beds as well. 

    The heat from the stove made it impossible to use the comforter, so I pushed it back. The room was dark, but the fire from the stove gave just enough ambient light. Seeing my brother and nephew naked together was still fresh in my head and I couldn't shake it. My started growing hard again, and I knew I had to jerk off or I wasn't going to get any sleep.

    I slowly started stroking, but every movement seemed to make the rickety bunk bed squeak. I did my best to stay still, but it was impossible. I paused for a moment to listen for either of my roommates, hoping they'd fallen asleep already. Brett sounded like he was softly snoring already. I thought Charles might be doing the same… but instead, I heard similar squeaking noises coming from his bottom bunk. I looked over and sure enough, my brother was doing the exact same thing I was: jerking off while trying to stay as silent as he could. It felt like we were boy scouts all over again!

    As if sensing my stare, Charles looked over at me and smiled. I held my finger up to my mouth to shush him and I started jerking off again. My big brother followed suit and began fisting his boner as well. I could almost giggle at the situation we found ourselves in. Two adults trying to be as quiet as possible while encouraging each other to jerk off, all while Brett – our teen son – slept soundly in the same room. I was tempted to go give my brother another handjob, but I was distracted from that thought when I heard Brett's voice say,

    "Are you two doing what I think you're doing?"

    Charles froze, and I chuckled.

    "Yes," I replied simply, realizing we could no longer hide this from Brett.

    Suddenly, Brett hopped down from his top bunk. He looked at my cock and then at his father's. With the soft light in the room, I could tell his teen prick was hard as a rock as well. Then, Brett sat on his dad's bed and without another word started jacking off as well. After a brief pause, my brother continued stroking. I let out a loud moan as I stroked my meat. There was no need for silence and secrecy anymore. 

    I licked my lips as I looked back and forth between Brett and Charles, my eyes glued to their dicks. Brett was clearly dripping precum already. I tried to see if Charles was doing the same, but now he was in Brett's shadow, and I couldn't see quite as clearly. It felt so incredibly pervy jerking off with my brother and Brett… but I loved it! I could've shot then and there, but I wanted to up the excitement a bit and see how far I could push this.

    I was too horny to stay in my bunk any longer. I got up and walked over to the other two. Charles was lying on his back with Brett sitting next to him, right by his thighs. I dropped to my knees and reached for both of their pricks simultaneously. Brett let it happen but I had to move Charles's hand away so I could start stroking them both at the same time. 

    I could see the shocked look on my brother's face, which didn't surprise me. After all, Charles had no idea this wasn't the first time I was touching Brett's dick. To Brett and me, this was just another one of our pervy sexcapades; but to my brother this was all new. Charles looked absolutely flabbergasted as he watched me give my biological son a handjob. Still, my brother did nothing to stop me. If anything, as I held Charles's cock in my right hand, it felt like he was throbbing even harder.

    I proceeded to jack off father and son, side-by-side. It felt so incredibly hot crossing this boundary with my brother, and I was loving every minute of it. Brett's cock was noticeably bigger than my brother's, but both of them were equally sexy to me. I even noticed Brett resting his hand on Charle's hairy thigh, squeezing his quad from time to time. Seeing that father-son contact sent a spurt of precum drooling from my cock and onto the floor.

    "Fuck, Uncle Austin, that feels so fucking good," Brett groaned, and I noticed it caused my brother's balls to tighten upon hearing the words.

    Brett's hand was now traveling up and down his father's thigh, caressing his leg. Charles couldn't tell, but Brett was also using his bare foot to rub my balls and cock. It was driving me wild!

    "What do you think, Dad? Isn't Uncle Austin good at this?" Brett asked Charles.

    "He sure is, son," Charles groaned as I rubbed his precum all over his cockhead. "Fuck. He's gonna me cum."

    "Mmm! Me, too, dad. C'mon, make us cum, Uncle Austin," Brett urged.

    I gave both their cocks a tight squeeze… and they shot their loads simultaneously, covering my hands and wrists. Still stimulated by my nephew's foot, I came handsfree when I felt Brett tease my hole with his big toe. Finally, once we were all done cumming, I licked all the jizz off my hands, enjoying their unique tastes.

    "Good night, boys," I said as I retreated to my bunk, excited to see what the rest of our trip had in store.

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