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    I was woken up by a thumping noise next to my bed. I opened my eyes and found myself faced with an eight-inch erect penis pointing straight at me. My son Brett was naked and hard as a rock, as was to be expected from a teen boy first thing in the morning. He had just jumped down from the top bunk and his boner was swinging up and down, merely a couple of feet from my face.

    "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you up," Brett said when he saw that I'd opened my eyes.

    "That's okay," I told him with a smile. My son smiled back and turned around, giving me a view of his muscular glutes next. He walked to the small bathroom and I heard him taking a piss with the door open. Across from me, my brother Austin was waking up in his own bottom bunk.

    "Morning. How'd you sleep?" he asked me yawningly.

    "Like a baby," I replied. I watched Austin get out of bed, his cock also completely boned up, probably just half an inch smaller than Brett's. I felt a bit self-conscious, realizing they're both bigger than me. At 6.5 inches, I knew I was slightly larger than average and I was perfectly happy with that. Still, I couldn't measure up to my brother; or to Brett, who'd inherited his biological father's endowment.

    "We should get something to eat," my brother suggested while scratching his balls.

    As soon as he heard the mention of food, Brett practically sprinted into the room.

    "Yeah, I'm fuckin' starving," he said, his cock still mostly hard. As he and Austin stood side-by-side, I noticed how much they looked alike now that they were both fully grown men. 

    We got dressed, checked out of the campground, and drove to the same diner where we had dinner last night. After a large breakfast, we drove to the border, and then a further 45 minutes to a city in Canada called Thunder Bay. We got to our hotel room, which thankfully had no bunk beds. Instead, there were two queen-size beds in the room.

    "If you want you can get a bed on your own, and Austin and I will share," I offered to my son.

    "We can decide tonight. Whatever," Brett shrugged. "No big deal."

    That evening, for the first time in my life, I went to a bar with my son. The first place we went to was a sports bar playing hockey, much to Brett's delight. Afterward, we went hopping through several different bars, some of them fancier than others. By the end of the night, we were all quite tipsy. Surprisingly, Brett proved to be the most responsible drinker in the group. He drank plenty of water, and urged my brother and me to do the same.

    During the cab ride back to the hotel, Austin sat in the front and flirted with the driver, who was either gay or just very open to having men flirt with him. At one point, my brother asked him if he knew where we could score some weed. The cab driver pulled some of his personal stash out of his pocket and offered it to Austin for free. Before going upstairs, Brett, Austin, and I stood in the parking lot and smoked a couple of joints. I felt like I was 19 again, and doing this with my son and my brother felt extra special.

    Up in the room, I went to take a shower to hopefully wash away the smell of weed before bed. I left the bathroom door open in case my brother or Brett needed to piss while I was in the shower, where I did my usual routine of shampooing my hair and washing my face. I grabbed the bar of soap and started lathering up my chest, but my hands kept going back to my crotch. 

    For some reason, I felt the need to take extra time washing my cock. I set the bar of soap down after I had plenty of suds. I stroked my shaft up and down before rolling my balls between my fingers. I then scrubbed my taint, before reaching back and washing between my asscheeks. My fingertips grazed against my hole. It must have been the booze and weed, but I felt drawn to this sensitive area of my body. I toyed with my tight asshole, finding the experience rather enjoyable.

    I lost track of time, exploring my body and playing with myself, but I finally turned off the water. I dried off, leaving the towel to hang and deciding to stay naked. When I walked into the room I was shocked to see porn playing on the television. It was gay porn, featuring two men fucking with full force. The guy giving was younger, probably only a few years older than Brett. The man receiving was closer to my age. It was an unexpected dynamic: an older man getting fucked by a guy young enough to be his son. But that wasn't the craziest part.

    Austin and Brett were lying on separate beds in the room, completely naked. They either didn't see me or they were ignoring me while stroking their hard cocks, their eyes glued to the screen. I cleared my throat and their gazes shifted to me… but their hands kept going. 

    "Oh, hey. You don't mind, do ya, bro?" Austin asked with a cocky smirk. "We thought about voting on what to put on TV, but we figured we'd win anyway. Why don't you join us?"

    I was completely speechless. My brother's invitation hung in the air and I had no idea how to respond. My dick was still semi-hard from playing in the shower, and the sexual energy in the room only made it grow harder. I'd never watched gay porn, but as my eyes lingered on the television, I began to sport a full-on erection.

    "Come sit with me, Dad," Brett offered, patting the empty space on the bed next to him.

    The weed was really hitting by now. My body felt like it moved all on its own as my feet walked toward bed. Silently, I lay down next to my naked son. The three of us jerked off as the porn scene continued. I tried to focus on what was happening on screen, but I kept spying on my son and brother out of the corner of my eyes. Once again, I was impressed by the stature of my son's big cock. On the TV, a third guy appeared, also looking to be close to Brett's age. The two younger actors then proceeded to spit-roast the older man. I looked over to my brother, who seemed to be practically drooling now.

    "Uncle Austin, can you do what you did last night?" Brett asked out of the blue. "Cuz it felt really good. Didn't it, Dad?"

    All day I'd been repressing the memory of what happened last night when my brother gave me and my son simultaneous handjobs before going to sleep. I knew this shouldn't be happening, not amongst family members, but there was no denying how much I enjoyed the orgasm that my brother milked out of me. I'd also be lying to myself if I said I didn't want it to happen again.

    "Yes," I quietly agreed. 

    Austin put on a coy grin and practically jumped from his bed to ours. He knelt facing us, with one knee between Brett's legs and his other between mine. Doing so brought my thigh pressed up tightly against my son's. Austin quickly grabbed our dicks, one in each hand, looking eager. 

    I exhaled in pleasure as my brother proceeded to jerk us off, just like he'd done last night. He squeezed my prick tightly while stroking up and down, stopping to use his thumb to swirl my precum around the tip, and I noticed he was doing the same exact thing to my son. The porn kept playing on the TV but I wasn't paying attention anymore. I was fully enthralled watching my brother jerk me off. I couldn't say why, but it felt so incredibly erotic sharing this experience with him and my son.

    After a while, Austin repositioned himself. He moved our legs apart so he could put his knees together between me and Brett. I then watched, as if in slow motion, as my brother bent at the waist… and slipped Brett's cock into his mouth! 

    My jaw dropped. I almost busted my nut, seeing my brother start to blow my teenage son! My toes curled and my head whirled with emotions: disbelief, horniness, confusion. Before I could react, Austin swiveled and took my dick in his mouth next. My own brother was sucking my cock! Holy shit, this was insane,

    "Oh my God," I gasped, unable to stay silent any longer. 

    I looked at Brett and we made eye contact. My son smirked and nodded as if telling me this was perfectly fine. His eyes then flashed back down to my crotch, almost glistening while he watched his uncle blowing me. I could tell Brett was as turned on as I was.

    Just as I was reaching climax, my brother pulled off my cock and switched back to Brett. Austin's hand wrapped tightly around my cock again, stroking in time with him bobbing up and down my son's shaft with his talented mouth. I soon came to realize I was in the capable hands of a cock expert. Each time my brother had his mouth back on my tool, it felt like I was experiencing the world's best blowjob. He deepthroated me easily while still managing to play with my balls and continuing to jerk off Brett. I was impressed by Austin's dexterity, and grateful that I got to enjoy this sort of treatment.

    When my brother swapped back to sucking Brett, my son held onto the back of Austin's head. He started thrusting his hips upwards, fucking his uncle's face aggressively. Brett groaned, and I knew instantly that my son was cumming down my brother's throat. Just the sight of that nearly sent me over the edge. Without swallowing, my brother switched to me again. I could feel the warm mixture of spit and cum – my son's cum! – in my brother's mouth. It even frothed white on my shaft as he sucked me. At that point, I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot my own load down my brother's throat.

    Completely spent, I just lay there with my eyes closed. I couldn't believe what just happened. I just got blown by my brother! He swallowed my son's load as well as my own!! I expected to wake up and realize I was dreaming. This was certainly just a drunk hallucination. 

    I opened my eyes and saw my son smiling at me. Austin was lying next to us. We were all naked. My cock was still hard. This was real.

    Brett reached for his phone to turn off the porn, and then shut off the television. He switched the lights off, and leaned over to give me a goodnight kiss on the lips. Next, he kissed his uncle, and said with a chuckle, "You taste like cum. Good night, Uncle Austin. Good night, Dad. I love you."

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