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Previously on My Uncle and My Dad's Secret:

    Brett gets very intimate with his gay uncle Austin – but he is shocked to learn that Austin is his biological dad. That brings the two even closer together, leading to Brett fucking Austin one night. Also there: Austin's brother Charles – the man who raised Brett – who is also starting to experiment with kinky fun amongst men.



    On the last day of school, my boyfriend Juan and I packed our bags with a good amount of disappointment hanging in the air. Although we were thrilled to be done with classes and finals, we were also sad we'd no longer be roommates, at least for the next three and a half months. In the fall, we had plans to move back into the dorms; but during the summer we'd be staying with our parents.

    "Did you find a summer job yet, babe?" I asked Juan.

    "Yeah, I'll be helping at my mom's store," he said unenthusiastically. "Not as fun as your job."

    This summer, I'd be working at a summer camp close to my parents' house, coaching kids at various sports. I expected it to be fun, and since I'd only be working two weeks a month, I'd have the rest of the time to just kick back and enjoy the summer. 

    "Are you gonna see your Uncle Austin?" my boyfriend asked.

    "Yeah, I'm sure I will. He'll probably come visit in two weeks for Memorial Day," I said.

    "Maybe we can all… get together," Juan suggested with a smirk on his face, and I knew exactly what he meant. Ever since my boyfriend learned that I'd fucked Austin, he wanted to watch me do it again. "You actually fucked your biological dad. That's crazy hot," Juan kept reminding me. I had nothing to say to that, other than give Juan as many details as possible of the night when my dad and I spit-roasted Uncle Austin.

    Unfortunately, after that one night, I hadn't hooked up with Austin again. Even though we were in the same city, I was busy with hockey and final exams. I often fantasized about fucking Austin's ass – especially when I was thrusting inside Juan's hole. My boyfriend knew about my incestuous fantasies and he actively encouraged them, even going as far as to buy the same cologne Uncle Austin used. 

    "And when we get together… will your father come as well? Your father Charles, I mean," Juan asked, packing the last of his items in the suitcase.

    "Oh, I'm sure we'll get him to cum," I replied teasingly. "Don't worry, babe. You'll get a chance to watch me hook up with my uncle AND my dad this summer. I promise," I added, pulling Juan in for a passionate kiss and then bending him down to fuck him one last time as freshmen in our shared dorm room. 

    Two weeks later, my parents' next-door neighbors were going away for Memorial Day weekend, and they needed somebody to watch over their house and walk their dog. This worked out perfectly for Uncle Austin and his husband, who volunteered to house-sit in exchange for a free place to stay. On Friday morning, I got the keys from the neighbors, said goodbye to them, and waited around at their house for Austin and Rodney to arrive. Half an hour later, my uncle pulled into the driveway. 

    "Hey. Where's Rodney?" I asked, welcoming my uncle into the house, together with the neighbors' dog who was excited to make a new friend.

    "He'll be here tomorrow. He's seeing a client today," my uncle said. "But I'm sure we can have fun on our own."

    "We won't be on our own for too long. Dad and Juan are arriving soon," I told Austin, who was already standing right in front of me, our noses nearly touching. 

    "Well then, I better go shower and make myself presentable," Austin said, bringing his lips even closer to mine. We stood like that for a couple of seconds, able to feel each other's breaths on our faces, until we fell into a passionate kiss and then headed upstairs to the neighbors' master bathroom, which featured a shower large enough for two.

    Once upstairs in the bathroom, my uncle and I tore at each other's clothes, getting completely naked in seconds. Austin got the shower going while I found some fresh towels. A minute later, the water was hot, and steam was filling the room. We got in the shower and continued our passionate makeout session.

    As the water washed over us, our bodies pressed tightly together, we started grinding our cocks. We got some soap between us and started lathering each other, making sure to clean every inch of our bodies. With sudsy hands, I reached down behind my uncle, slipping my fingers along his crack before playing with his hole. Austin moaned in my mouth, arching his back so that his hole pressed against my forefinger. 

    In a flash, I spun him around and pressed him against the tiled wall of the shower. I pushed his legs apart, spreading them wide. Then, I stepped back to admire his amazing ass and smooth hole. This man was my biological father, and here I was, inspecting and teasing his asshole. I stepped closer behind him, holding his hands over his head, while I gently bit at his neck, causing him to arch his back. This time, his ass was grinding against my throbbing cock. I was already so horny I wanted to fuck him immediately. At the same time, I'd made a promise to Juan, and I wanted him to be present when I fucked Austin.

    Thankfully, I wouldn't need to wait long. The doorbell rang downstairs, and I knew that my boyfriend had arrived. Things were about to get good…



    I rang the doorbell a couple of times and when no one answered I began to wonder if I was standing in front of the right house. Yeah, Brett's parents' house was right next door, and I recognized Austin's car parked in the driveway. This had to be it. Then why was no one answering the door? 

    Just then, I saw Charles come out of his house and walk toward me. He gave me a friendly hug and tried opening the front door, which was unlocked.

    "Brett? Austin? Are you guys here?" Charles shouted as we entered the house.

    "Yeah, we were just in the shower," Brett's voice bellowed from upstairs. "We'll be right down."

    "Well then," Charles said as he sat down on the couch, "how's your summer so far, Juan?"

    "Uhh, it's going okay," I said, taking a seat next to Charles and feeling slightly awkward. I'd always had a crush on my boyfriend's dad, especially now that I knew he was into having fun with guys. I wanted to make a move on him but I didn't want to push it, since Charles was still fairly new to this.

    Luckily for me, Brett and Austin did an excellent job at breaking the ice when they showed up fully nude, with both of their dicks rock hard and bobbing up and down while they descended the stairs. Charles and I stared at them, and I couldn't help but notice the genetic resemblance between the two naked men.

    "Sorry to keep you waiting," my boyfriend said as he kissed me. "We were taking a shower and we… got busy."

    "Did you fuck?" I asked without beating around the bush. 

    "No. Not yet," Brett said with a smirk, as he stroked his cock with one hand and grabbed Austin's ass with the other.

    Without hesitation, Austin bent forward a bit, allowing Brett to position himself behind him. They were both standing in front of Charles and me, giving us a prime view of the action. I noticed Charles's bulge growing in his shorts, and I placed my hand on his bare knee. We made eye contact for a moment, silently encouraging each other to take our clothes off. I watched with lust as the older man got rid of his shoes, socks, T-shirt, and shorts, finally pulling down his boxers and revealing a hairy hard dick which looked to be 6.5".

    "You look amazing, Mr. Thompson," I said in admiration of his furry dad bod. He was no model by any stretch, but that's what made him even more attractive to me.

    "I've told you to call me Charles," he said, stroking his cock as he watched me dispose of all my clothes.

    "How about I call you 'Dad'?" I suggested, leaning in for a kiss, which Charles reciprocated with surprising passion. It felt so kinky to be kissing my boyfriend's dad, but that was hardly the perviest thing happening in the room. After all, right in front of us, Brett was fucking his biological father.

    "Fuck yeah," my boyfriend moaned, thrusting back-and-forth in Austin's ass.

    "They look so hot," I whispered to Charles, wrapping my hand around his boner.

    "You like watching my son fuck my brother?" Charles asked me, returning the favor and grabbing my dick.

    For several minutes, he and I sat on the couch and jerked each other off, watching Brett fuck Austin like a pro. I felt so happy I'd stumbled upon this family, full of men who were constantly pushing the limits. With every thrust, Brett seemed to fuck Austin more and more aggressively, so much so that they were moving forward, closer and closer to Charles and me, until Austin's hard dick was swinging right in front of our faces, spraying us with precum.

    I used my free hand to grab hold of Austin's boner, and I held it in front of Charles's face. "Taste it," I suggested, eager to see this sexy daddy suck his own brother's cock. It was an extreme request, but I knew Charles had already given a blowjob to Brett. Would he be down to give one to Austin?

    Charles licked his lips nervously, waiting a few seconds… before finally leaning forward and placing his brother's prick in his mouth. I almost blew my load, thrilled by what I was seeing. Austin was one lucky motherfucker: getting fucked by his son while getting sucked by his own brother. Holy shit!

    All four of us were connected to one another. Brett's cock kept drilling Austin's hole, Austin was fucking Charles's face, and Charles and I were jerking each other off. After a while, Charles pulled his brother's dick out of his mouth and offered to share it with me. Rather than suck Austin on my own, I pushed Charles's head forward so that he and I were both sucking Austin's dick at the same time. I never thought I'd be in a position like this with two brothers, and I knew this was a moment I would remember forever.

    "Do you like his dick, Dad?" Brett asked Charles.

    "Mhm," Charles nodded, making eye contact with his son over Austin's shoulder. 

    "You guys are gonna make me cum," Austin moaned, his eyes shut in what must've felt like utter ecstasy.

    "Here, take it," I said to Charles, handing him his brother's dick fully. "I wanna watch you swallow your brother's load," I admitted.

    Charles smiled and accepted my challenge. We continued to jerk each other off as Austin's yells of "Fuck! Fuck!! Fuck!!!" began to fill the room. I noticed his balls tightening, which meant he was discharging his seed right down his older brother's gullet. Charles and I both gripped each other's cocks more firmly, simultaneously milking out a load from one another.

    "Fuck yeah, you guys," Brett said to all of us, his face scrunching into an expression I knew all too well. My boyfriend was breeding his biological father's ass right in front of me. 

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