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    From the moment my brother Austin agreed to be our sperm donor, I knew that my relationship with him would take on a whole new dimension. For eighteen years, we kept the secret about Brett's true paternity; but now that everything was out in the open, I felt even closer to Austin than ever. My son knew that Austin and I were both his dads, in a way. Even now, I didn't know how to thank Austin for all he'd done, helping me not only conceive Brett, but raise him as well.

    And what a man Brett was shaping out to be. Now that he was back home for the summer, I beamed with pride every time I saw how handsome and confident he was. His hockey team didn't win the championship this year, but they got darn close, in large part thanks to my son's prowess. I could actually see him going pro after college, then maybe becoming a coach someday. Whatever Brett chose to do, I knew he would excel at it.

    On Memorial Day, our whole family got together for a large barbecue at our house. As much as I enjoyed it, I also felt overwhelmed by hosting so many people. Then, only a couple of days later, I got a surprise call from Austin.

    "Hey bro, what's up?" he asked. "You got any plans this weekend?"

    "Not really, just recovering from all the craziness last weekend. Why?" I asked.

    "I was wondering if you might want to go camping. Like we did when we were younger," Austin suggested.

    "Really? This weekend?" I said, slightly taken aback by this spontaneous invitation.

    "Yeah, just for one night. It'll be fun. C'mon, what do you say?" Austin continued enthusiastically.

    "I guess. I just gotta find all my camping equipment," I said.

    "Perfect. I'll pick you up early on Saturday morning," my brother said, and I could tell he was smiling even over the phone.

    I never knew Austin to be an early riser, so I was surprised to see him looking so fresh at 6 AM on Saturday. I got in his car, and as soon as I realized we were driving in the direction of Duluth, I had a strong suspicion about our final destination.

    "Are we going to…?"

    "The same place where we camped as kids, yes," Austin answered my question without even waiting for me to finish it. "When we spent a night there with Brett last winter it made me want to come back in the summer."

    "Too bad Brett's working and he couldn't join us," I said.

    "Yeah. But also… I kinda like that it's just the two of us," Austin said, smiling at me from behind the steering wheel. "Just like back in the old days, you know?"

    I knew exactly what "days" my brother was referring to – the days of our youth when we would masturbate together in our tent, pretending to ignore each other. If those two boys only knew how much they would experience together.

    We arrived at the campground and began to set up our tent. On one side, our neighbors were a family with two sons who looked to be Brett's age. On the other side, there was a group of four young frat guys. "Which one do you think is the hottest?" my brother asked me teasingly.

    "Oh shush!" I said… before adding, "The shirtless one in the red shorts."

    I raised my eyebrow at Austin when I realized he'd only brought one queen-sized air mattress for the two of us. We would at least have our own sleeping bags. After the mattress finished inflating, we went off to explore the area just like we used to decades ago as scouts. On a gorgeous weekend like this there were plenty of other campers, but the farther we hiked the quieter it became. After a mile or two, we found a deserted area by the lake with a small beach.

    "What do you say bro, feelin' adventurous?" Austin asked as he started taking off his shirt. I had to admit the water looked very refreshing. When he started to pull down his shorts, I realized what he meant by adventurous. "C'mon in!" he yelled, running into the water butt naked.

    I was hesitant for a moment. I looked around to double check no one was around before joining my brother by ditching my clothes and skinny dipping. Just like we were kids again, we wrestled in the water with plenty of grab-ass and play-fighting. I was happy to be able to let loose like this and have some good quality time with my brother. By the time we got back to camp, the sun was already setting.

    We sat around our fire, enjoying the sandwiches we'd brought with us. We split a six pack of beer while reminiscing about childhood, both ours and Brett's. We chatted and laughed for hours as the flames dwindled, and we finally retired for the night.

    Inside the tent, we rolled out our sleeping bags right next to each other on the air mattress and started getting undressed. I could already feel the tension in the air as we got naked in this cozy space, bumping into each other as each article of clothing was discarded. Even though it had been hot during the day, the weather was now cooler and perfect for lying naked on top of our sleeping bags in the nude. 

    As we got comfortable and turned off the electric lantern we'd been using for light, I started to wonder if we would end up jerking off together side-by-side just like we did when we were younger. My brother, however, seemed to have something else in mind. As soon as we were both lying down, he rolled over on top of me and planted a soft kiss on my lips. It was short but sweet, and before I knew it, Austin was sitting upright and straddling my waist.

    "You know, last weekend, when you sucked my dick while Brett was fucking me – that was the most intense orgasm I've ever had," Austin whispered. 

    With other people camping so close to us, I was glad that my brother was keeping his voice down. However, the riskiness was what made this even more exciting. That, coupled with my brother grinding his ass on my crotch, was causing my dick to start chubbing up.

    "I still can't believe I sucked your cock," I responded quietly while placing my hands on Austin's hips. "It was... Fuck, it was so good. Getting to taste your sperm. The sperm that made our son."

    I couldn't believe I spoke those words. It wasn't like me to be so dirty, but I didn't regret the kinky statement. Even though it was dark, I could see that my brother had the biggest smile on his face. Fuck, he was so handsome. I was grateful that Brett had inherited his good looks. 

    "Yeah," Austin moaned, squeezing my hairy pecs. "It was amazing feeling you suck my cock. And so… I was wondering... Maybe you'd like to fuck my ass?"

    A moment of silence followed.

    "Are you serious?" I finally asked, stunned by his request. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest – and my cock growing fully hard between my brother's asscheeks.

    "Yeah. That's why I brought us here," Austin admitted, using his right hand to reach back and play with my boner. "I wanted our first time to be here, somewhere that was special to the two of us."

    "Yes. Yes, I want to fuck you," I agreed, my own face breaking into a huge grin.

    My brother leaned down to kiss me again. This time, I parted my lips and we let our tongues collide. After a couple of minutes, he broke away only to slide down my torso until his face brushed up against my cock, which was smearing my brother's cheek with my precum. Austin began stroking my hard-on gently while licking my nutsack, preferring to start things slowly. He licked from my taint, along the underside of my balls, and finally up my shaft. Then, he softly kissed the tip of my cock before taking it into his mouth, steadily swallowing every inch of me.

    Even though we both wanted to fuck, I would've been a happy man just enjoying my brother's mouth. He was an expert cocksucker, able to easily deepthroat me and bring me to the edge. He even knew to press one hand on my taint, sliding his thumb just under my sack and using his index finger to push against my asshole. When he did this, both my hands went to his head, grabbing fistfuls of his hair, never wanting this to end.

    Using his free hand, Austin managed to dexterously fish out a travel-sized bottle of lube from his backpack. I only knew he'd retrieved it when I heard the bottle squirt. I watched hungrily as my brother worked the lube into his hole, getting himself ready to take my fraternal cock. Something came over me and I wanted to immediately bend him over and shove my prick inside him, just like I'd watched my son do last weekend. 

    I started to move but Austin stopped me firmly with his hand to my chest. He tsked and once again straddled my waist so I couldn't get up. My cock slid between his lubed-up asscheeks, making me desperate to get to his hole. My brother could tell how horny I was, and he just grinned teasingly as he slowly gyrated his hips in a way that made the tip of my cock rub against his pucker.

    "Fuuuck, Austin, I need you, now," I begged, fighting to keep my voice down. 

    My brother chuckled at my plea. He spread his asscheeks with one hand while using the other to guide my dick to his hole. He lifted upward just enough that when he sat back down, my cock sank deep inside him without any resistance. The sudden warmth and tightness surrounding my meat made me gasp. It felt similar to fucking a woman, and yet completely different at the same time. And just like that, on the same campground that we frequented as boys, I was fucking my younger brother.

    As the initial shock of our fraternal fuck faded, pure instinct took over. I wanted to grab onto my brother's hips and start pounding upward into him – which I did, doing my best not to make too much noise. I held on tightly and began thrusting, but couldn't quite get the powerful pumps I wanted since we were on an air mattress. I didn't let that stop me and I slammed my hips against Austin's ass powerfully, making slapping noises that would be unmistakable to anyone nearby. 

    Again, my brother calmed my movements by pressing firmly on my chest. He took over, rocking up and down with his knees and arching his back to hit the perfect angle that made my cock rub against his prostate. I knew he was hitting the right spot as I could feel his sticky precum pooling onto my stomach. It made me incredibly happy to know that he was enjoying our fuck session just as much as I was.

    After a good fifteen minutes of my brother riding me while I jerked him off, I managed to roll us over to the other side of the air mattress so I could be the one on top. My brother wrapped his legs tightly around my waist and pulled my chest down to his, giving me a passionate kiss while we resumed fucking. 

    The combination of the air mattress and the need to stay quiet meant I couldn't go full throttle like I intended. Instead, I fucked into my brother slowly and sensually. I couldn't fuck him fast, so I made sure to push in firmly and deep. I wanted him to feel every inch of my cock inside him as much as possible. In return, my brother clawed at my back as if he was worried I'd get up and leave. 

    Slowly and steadily, I penetrated Austin until I couldn't hold back my orgasm any longer. Our mouths glued together muffled our mutual moaning. One swift thrust later… and I was depositing my seed inside my little brother. 

    "Mmm," I moaned as I bred Austin's ass. I could feel wad after wad of my warm jizz shooting inside him. A few seconds later, as soon as I finished cumming, I bent down and took Austin's cock into my mouth just in time for him to feed me his own load. 

    Finally, we both lay down panting. Facing each other, I gave Austin a kiss.

    "I can taste my cum in your mouth," he said. "But I wish I could taste your load as well."

    I got an idea. Bringing my face down to my brother's ass, I spread his legs open and pressed my tongue against his hole. Austin got the message, and he pushed out the cum I'd deposited inside him mere moments ago. Then, lying back next to Austin, I gave him another kiss and I spat out my jizz into his mouth, feeding him like a baby bird.

    "Yum!" my brother said, swallowing my load and falling asleep in my arms. 

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