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    Father's Day was even better now that I had two dads. Tonight, my father Charles and I had plans to go see a baseball game. But this morning, I was driving down to Minneapolis to spend some time with Uncle Austin – my other dad. And I had a special surprise for him.

    "Open up," I said instead of a hello as soon as Austin answered the door to his apartment.

    "It's open, what do you mean?" he said, holding the door for me.

    "I mean: open your mouth," I said, placing my thumb in his mouth and prying his jaw open. I quickly closed the door, pushed Austin down to his knees, and pulled down the basketball shorts that I was freeballing in. I turned around, placing my exposed ass in his face. Then, I grabbed hold of my cheeks, spread them open, and pushed a load of cum out of my hole and straight into Austin's mouth.

    "Mmm. Juan's?" Uncle Austin asked after lapping up the jizz.

    "Nope. Your brother's," I said, turning around to get a good look at the shocked expression on my uncle's face.

    "Wait. Charles fucked you?" Austin asked. "When?!"

    "The first time? A couple of days ago. But most recently, this morning," I said. "I've been driving with his load up my ass for over an hour. That's why I couldn't wait to feed it to you before it leaked out."

    "My brother – YOUR DAD – fucked you a couple of days ago, and you waited until now to tell me?!" Austin said, still down on his knees in front of me.

    "Well, I wanted to tell you in person. And I wanted to do it on Father's Day. So: Happy Father's Day!" I said with a smile. 

    "Happy Father's Day indeed," Austin said, still looking bewildered. "So your father fucked you on Father's Day."

    "One of my fathers fucked me on Father's Day," I corrected him. "I'm hoping the second one might do the same."

    "So that's why you wanted to come here. When I said we should meet for lunch at a restaurant, you insisted on meeting at the apartment," Austin concluded. "You want me to pick up where my brother left off and fuck your hole," he continued, placing his hand on my taint and slowly sliding his fingers upward, toward my leaky hole, massaging my cum-lubed sphincter.

    "Indeed," I nodded, looking down at Austin's handsome face and my growing cock, which was only getting harder now that my biological dad was playing with my asshole. "But first you gotta earn it."

    "And how do I do that?" he asked with a satisfied grin on his face.

    "Like this," I said, prying his jaw open one more time and shoving my now-rock-hard cock in his mouth. "C'mon, suck my cock, Dad."

    Austin obeyed and took my cock into his warm mouth. Even catching him off-guard like this, the man was like a professional cocksucker. I leaned back against the closed door, looking down and admiring my father's handsome face as he bobbed up and down my shaft while maintaining eye contact with me. While he worked, he pulled my shorts all the way down and massaged my bare thighs. I noticed him kept trying to reach for my ass, but I was pressed up against the door, so I moved forward. As I'd guessed, his fingers immediately delved between my asscheeks. There was still some of my other dad's cum leaking from my hole, which Austin fingered in and out. The fact that he was playing with his own brother's jizz made my cock even harder, causing it to shoot out a few ropes of precum down Austin's throat.

    I spread my stance a little wider to give him better access to my freshly-fucked hole. I ended up holding onto his ears so I could guide him up and down my pole at a pace that felt best for me. I used his mouth like a fleshlight, knowing full well he could deepthroat me without worrying about choking or gagging. I started thrusting in and out of his mouth, bucking my hips forward and backward. As I did this, Austin shoved two fingers into my ass, which only made me fuck his face even harder. 

    When Austin managed to push a third finger into my hole, I almost came down his throat, but stopped myself before it happened. I held his head down on my cock, not moving. His nose was buried in my trimmed pubes. I could feel him breathing through his nostrils, inhaling my musk. He even managed to squeeze his throat muscles, constricting around my cock.

    "C'mon, let's go to your bed," I ordered, helping Austin to his feet.

    My father led me by the hand, down the short hallway leading to his bedroom. As soon as we crossed the doorway, he spun around and tore my shirt off over my head. Within seconds, his lips were on mine and as we kissed I started taking off his pants. I wasn't at all surprised to find he was also going commando. We broke apart briefly in order to get his shirt off before resuming our makeout session.

    Soon, I backed him toward his bed, pushing him roughly onto the mattress. Even though I was looking to get fucked today, I still felt dominant. I got onto the bed, kissing up my father's calf and then along the inner side of his thigh. My face brushed up against his ballsack, followed by his rock-hard dick. I could feel his sticky precum on my cheek. I didn't stop there and I kept going, kissing up his tight stomach and toned chest. 

    When I straddled Austin's chest, I slapped my fat cock across his face and used the head to smear my precum along his lips. He opened his mouth and sucked on the tip, then further down the shaft. I reached back and stroked his dick, rubbing his precum all over the head, already anticipating using it as lube.

    "Think there's more of my other dad's cum in my ass?" I asked coyly and Austin nodded in response, my dick still in his mouth.
   I spun around and spread my asscheeks before firmly planting my ass on my biological father's face. He pulled down on my thighs, and started invading my hole with his tongue. I pushed out, feeling more of Charles's jizz ooze out of my hole directly into his younger brother's mouth. Austin greedily lapped up the cum, swallowing every drop he could get.

    When he was done, Austin slapped my ass, leaving a satisfying sting. He pushed me forward while sliding out from under me. I lost my balance, promptly landing on all fours. Before I knew it, Austin was behind me, caressing my ass and spitting onto his cock. He dragged the tip across my hole, teasing me and saying,

    "I think this ass is ready for another load."

    Without another word, Austin shoved his cock inside my ass. He penetrated me easily, lubed with his saliva and whatever was left over from my dad's load. As soon as he was inside me I felt complete again. As wrong as it was, I loved being fucked by my dads. I fell forward, resting my face and the top of my torso against the bed while reaching back to spread my asscheeks for Austin. I wanted him to be able to see his cock drive in and out of my hole.

    "That's right, son, open that ass for me," he moaned, holding tightly onto my waist.

    Austin started pumping in and out, feeling no resistance since his brother had already loosened me up this morning. Each time he pressed against my prostate, my eyes practically rolled to the back of my head, and another spurt of precum oozed onto the sheets. When Austin realized how easily I was taking his cock, he started thrusting faster and harder, causing the entire bed to shake.

    "Damn, Brett. You're just like me, taking cock like a champ," he praised me.

    Next, my father bent down to kiss my back in a soothing gesture. At the same time, he wrapped his arms around my torso and pulled me up, holding me tightly against his chest. He turned my head so we could kiss as he continued ramming his pole deep inside me. 

    "Lie on your back, son. I wanna look you in the eyes while I fuck you," he whispered in my ear.

    He pulled out of me so I could get into position and I lay on my back, my head on the pillows. Austin took one of them and placed it under my hips to prop my ass up. Then, he got in between my legs, and I exposed my hole by holding onto the back of my thighs. While maintaining intense eye contact, he slowly penetrated me again. He definitely took his time, as if he wanted me to feel every inch of his dick sinking inside me.

    "You feel so good inside me, Dad," I moaned once he bottomed out.

    Austin didn't say anything but the warmth of his eyes and his smile told me everything I needed to know. He fucked me slower this time around, gentler. Now that he could see my face, it was like he was looking for any sign of discomfort from me, but I was loving the feeling of his dick. I pulled him tightly to my chest and he kissed my neck. My cock was grinding against his abs, giving so much friction I thought I might cum.

    "Fuck, son, I need to feel you, too," Austin said, suddenly lifting himself off of me. 

     He pulled his prick out of me and spat in his hand. He stroked me for a few seconds before straddling my waist and quickly impaling himself on my cock. My dick was instantly surrounded by tight warmth from his ass. I reached up and tweaked my dad's nipples as he started riding me, his own cock bouncing and spraying precum all over my stomach.

    As good of a cocksucker he was, my dad was an even better bottom. Even though he easily took my entire cock in his ass, he was still able to clench and grip my shaft tightly. He moved himself into a low squat so he could really work my pole. I was already so overwhelmed by getting fucked by both of my fathers today that I knew I wasn't going to last long. Austin was slamming his ass up and down, milking my cock with his sphincter. 

    I was just about to tell him I was cumming, but my orgasm came first. I groaned as I flooded his guts, splattering his insides with his grandchildren. Austin smirked smugly, proud of himself for achieving a load from me so quickly. If I hadn't been so worked up from the day's events, I might've been ashamed I didn't last so long. 

    "C'mon, flip over. My turn to breed you," Austin ordered.

    He helped me over onto my stomach, and I repositioned the pillow so it could again support my ass. I'd barely gotten into position when I felt Austin's cock at my entrance. My father sank his cock into me and I felt complete once more. He immediately started pounding me, causing both of us to practically bounce on the mattress. I could even feel my load, which was now dripping out of his ass, down his balls, and onto my taint. I felt his weight on top of me and his hot breath against my neck.

    "I love you, son," he whispered in my ear.

    "I love you, too, Dad," I responded.

    "Can I cum in you?"

    "Do it, Dad. Breed me!"

    With that, my own biological father shot his load inside me, filling me with my brothers and sisters. He lay heavily on top of me as his dick pulsed, shooting rope after rope of hot semen. At that moment, I was the luckiest guy on earth, having been bred by both of my dads on the same day. Austin rolled to the side, turning me with him and spooning me, leaving his dick inside me as it went soft.

    "Happy Father's Day, Dad," I whispered as he held me tight and kissed my neck.

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