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    The weekend before the Fourth of July, my husband and I wanted to throw a clothing-optional pool party for all of our friends. Seeing as we lived in an apartment with no pool, we rented a nearby Airbnb with a private backyard which was perfect for our intended purpose. 

    On the morning of the party, Rodney and I went to the Airbnb to rearrange the furniture and to make sure all easily-breakable objects were safely tucked away. However, it was proving to be a bit more work than we anticipated.

    "I still need to drive to the store and pick up some more booze," Rodney noted. "We should've planned this a bit better."

    "Don't worry. My brother will be here soon and he'll help with some of the work," I said as I moved a glass table out of the way.

    "Oh, Charles is coming?" my husband asked.

    "Yeah, didn't I tell you I invited him to the party?"

    "Is Brett coming as well?" 

    "Nope, he's working this weekend," I said, disappointed that Brett couldn't attend our party. He would've been VERY popular with all of our friends!

    "Does your brother know about you fucking Brett on Father's Day?" Rodney asked next.

    "I'm not sure. I'll talk to him about it today," I replied.

    Just then, as if he knew we were talking about him, a knock at the door announced Charles's arrival. I let him in, impressed by the form-fitting blue shirt and white shorts he was wearing.

    "A new outfit?" I asked my brother, who was normally a baggy T-shirt and cargo shorts type of guy. 

    "Yeah. I saw an ad for this brand on your blog a while ago so I ordered some of their stuff," Charles said.

    "Aww. I didn't know you read my blog. You should've told me, I would've gotten you those clothes for free," I said.

    "Hey Charles," Rodney chimed in, giving my brother a hug. "Listen, while you guys are doing this, I'll run to the store and get the stuff we need. I'll be back as soon as I can."

    "Don't worry. We still have a couple of hours before the guests start to arrive," I told Rodney, giving him a goodbye kiss as he left the house. Then, I turned to my brother and said, "You're gonna be moving furniture in your new clothes? That shirt's mighty tight on you. It might rip."

    "Yeah, I didn't think about that. Guess I better take my clothes off," Charles said, getting down to his underwear… which to my surprise was a white-and-blue jockstrap.

    "You're wearing a jock?!" I noted in amusement.

    "Yeah. Saw that on your blog as well," Charles replied with a wink, adjusting his bulge in his jock, which didn't leave much to the imagination. When he turned around, I got to see his hairy ass, which looked amazing pushed up by the straps of the jock.

    "Here, help me move this white couch," I said. "I don't want anyone spilling their drinks on it."
   "Why did you rent a house with such expensive furniture if you're gonna be throwing a party in it?" Charles asked.

    "We picked this place because the backyard's perfect for a naked pool party. But obviously, people are gonna be coming inside to use the bathroom and stuff, so we don't want them damaging anything."

    Moving furniture around meant lots of squatting and bending down, which gave me ample opportunities to stare at my nearly-naked brother's hole. After about half an hour, we'd done the bulk of the work, so we took a break and headed outside. 

    "Did Brett tell you about Father's Day?" I asked Charles as we sat by the edge of the pool with our feet in the water.

    "You mean, that you fucked him on Father's Day? Yeah, he told me," Charles nodded and smiled.

    "You fucked him on Father's Day as well," I pointed out, adjusting my growing cock in my shorts.

    "That was his goal, apparently: getting fucked by both of his fathers," Charles said with a smirk. 

    Looking down, I saw that my brother seemed to be sporting a semi as well. I stood up and took off my sweaty T-shirt and shorts. I towered over Charles, and stepped closer to him. My dick hovered right in front of my big brother's face, getting harder with each second. Charles's eyes darted from my face to my cock as he licked his lips. I didn't even have to ask – all on his own initiative, my brother took my dick into his mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop.

    After a few licks, Charles got to his knees so he could get a better position to slurp on my pole. I sighed with content while he got to work. It was amazing how good he'd become at sucking dick after not that much practice. He still coughed and gagged when he tried to deepthroat me, but I was still impressed by his enthusiasm and overall skills.

    When my brother looked up at me to check if I was enjoying his blowjob, I noticed a devilish gleam in his eyes. Then, he suddenly grabbed me by the hips and pushed me into the pool. As I was falling, I managed to hold onto his arms and dragged him into the pool with me. We started play-fighting in the water, trying to dunk one another. It felt like we were mischievous teen brothers all over again – only this time we were boned up as we fooled around in the pool. 

    After a while, I managed to get my brother pinned against the wall of the pool and I leaned in to kiss him. He returned the kiss, shamelessly shoving his tongue in my mouth. While we made out, Charles tweaked my nipples just hard enough for me to feel both pleasure and pain. I reached underwater and grabbed his thighs, getting him to wrap his legs around my waist. I could feel his hard cock against my stomach through the pouch of his jockstrap. My own cock was wedged between my brother's asscheeks, rubbing against his hairy hole.

    We broke apart from our kiss and started giggling like two boys. He released me from between his legs and we waded over to the ladder to climb out of the pool. I grabbed two towels that were folded on a lounge chair and I handed him one. 

    "I'll get you back for pushing me in the pool," I threatened him playfully while toweling my naked body.

    "Oh really? How so?" my brother asked with a raised eyebrow.

    "Like this," I replied, quickly sitting down on an empty chair and pulling my brother with me. Then, I made him bend over my lap with his ass up. I started to spank him, lightly at first, but the smacks got harder – just like our father occasionally did when we were naughty as kids. After one particularly hard slap that must've stung, my brother finally cried uncle, asking me to stop, though he was still laughing.

    Then, the spanking turned into caressing Charle's fuzzy ass. The tight, waterlogged jockstrap was still hugging his firm cheeks. I had to admit, my older brother's ass looked amazing in this kind of underwear. I couldn't stop myself and my fingers delved into his crack, and I began to toy with his hole.

    "Go for it," my brother whispered. I wasn't sure what he meant, but then he told me clearly: "Fuck me."

    I froze as soon as I heard those words. As I was getting over my shock, my brother stood up, pulling me up with him. We were standing face-to-face, and his somber expressions revealed he was being serious. I couldn't believe my own big brother was asking me to take his anal virginity. And I wanted to do it, too. I looked down at his throbbing cock, which was fully visible through the transparent, wet fabric of the jock. Not only was Charles serious, but it looked like the idea of getting fucked was making him hard as a rock. I kissed him on the lips, letting him know how honored I was to be his first.

    "Wait right here," I told him.

    I dashed inside to the living room and grabbed a bottle of lube I'd packed in my bag. I sprinted back outside to the patio to find my brother on all fours on the lounge chair, waiting for me. I stood behind him, his tight hole winking at me. I squirted some lube onto my fingers, before rubbing it onto his pucker. God, he already looked so breedable. 

    I knew this was Charles's first time, so I started by gently pushing my index finger inside him. He hissed through his teeth, but eventually started to relax. I didn't move. I simply waited, letting him get used to the sensation. He was taking to it surprisingly well for a first timer. After a few minutes, he was even starting to push back, trying to get my finger deeper inside.

    "I'm gonna try and put the tip in now," I announced, rubbing more of the lube up and down my shaft. "When I do, it'll hurt for a minute, but just try and push out, and breathe through it, okay?"

    Charles nodded, and I pushed the head of my cock against his sphincter. I reminded him to take a deep breath. When he did, I pushed harder, and the tip sank inside my brother's virgin hole. He groaned in pain and his whole body tensed. He reached back, pushing against my hip to get me to stop.

    "Just relax," I encouraged, holding my dick with one hand while using the other to stroke his back.

    When I felt him loosen a little, I pushed in again, getting about half my length inside him. I was having a flashback to Father's Day, when I fucked Brett for the first time. It felt similar, but Charles was much tighter than Brett.

    "You're doing amazing, bro. I'm almost all the way in," I whispered. I finally bottomed out, my hips resting against Charle's ass. "There, you did it! How does it feel?"

    "Holy shit," my sibling gasped, his ass clenching and unclenching. "It's... weird, but I like it."

    I chuckled quietly. I knew he was going to love it once I started hitting his prostate. I pulled out a few inches before I sank back fully inside him. Charles grunted, his virgin hole still getting used to being filled up by a hard cock – his brother's hard cock, of all people!

    As a few minutes passed, my brother seemed to be adjusting more to the new sensations and he started rocking forward and backward on his hands and knees. I was happy to let him go at his own pace. He started slowly, moaning quietly. As he got more used to it, he picked up his speed, setting a rhythm that was making us both feel good. I used my hands to keep his asscheeks spread and watched as my own brother fucked himself on my cock.

    "Okay, now you do it," Charles suddenly said, stopping his motions. "C'mon bro, fuck me."

    I didn't need any convincing from him. I held onto his hips and put one foot up on the chair. I began thrusting, slowly, hyperaware of my brother as I didn't want to hurt him. His grunts softened to moans of pleasure and I knew I was finally hitting that special spot. His hole loosened for me more and more with each thrust. Eventually, we got to a point I didn't have to hold back and was full-on fucking my brother.

    "Oh, my God! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

    My brother repeated the phrase over and over again as I continued to take his virginity. He even reached down to fish his cock out from the jockstrap pouch, stroking himself furiously while I fucked him raw. 

    "Fuck, you feel so good. I could cum already," Charles cried out.

    "Don't cum yet! Here, I want you to ride me," I ordered, pulling out of him and moving him off the chair.

    Then, I took his spot and lay back. I held my dick straight up as Charles squatted over me with his legs on either side of the chair. He skewered himself on my dick while facing me and then started bouncing up and down. His hole and legs were definitely gonna be sore tomorrow. 

    Watching my hairy older brother fuck himself on my cock was one the hottest images I'd ever seen. He still had the jockstrap on which made him look even sexier. His own dick was bouncing wildly, sending precum all over my chest and stomach. I reached forward and started jerking him off.

    "Cum for me now, bro. I want you to cum all over me!" I said.

    With that, my big brother erupted in my hand, showering me with his seed. My chest was covered in his jizz and I rubbed it all over my pecs with my other hand. My brother, meanwhile, kept fucking himself on my cock. I held onto his hips and started pumping upward to meet his ass. He clenched his hole tightly and I could no longer hold back, crying out as I dumped my load deep inside him. 

    Finally, Charles slowed down and sat on my lap before bending down and kissing me, with my cock still lodged in his ass. 

    "Wow. Phew!" he exhaled and smiled. "I bet Brett's gonna be jealous he didn't get to see that."

    "Well then, I'll have to breed you in front of him next," I suggested with a smirk.

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